Does SHAFT know the concept of staying on-model?

Does SHAFT know the concept of staying on-model?

he looks a bit older in araragi under the bridge


It's called giving animators creative freedom, something very few studios ever do.

>implying shaft even has models


Araragi never being on-model is basically tradition at this point.

I laughed

Does kyoanus know the concept of creativity?


>having autism so severe you cannot identify characters if they are ever off-model

Sounds like suffering.

Where are the fangs?

The shots with his mouth open are from before he was vamped

SHAFT has perfected Hideaki Anno's budget skills. They can make anime with just using stills, photographies and reusing animation.

I feel like I'm watching Evangelion and Kare Kano when I'm watching SHAFT, it's as budgety as it can be!

I don't get it, what's wrong with any of these?
Literally the only difference is the hair, and that's because of wind.

Just curious, is Kare Kano worth watching just for le teeth girl?

currently watching it, i'm enjoying it a lot

>implying staying off model is a bad thing

there's nothing really wrong with this, by definition most anime is "off model"

It's pretty fun, but I've just watched the first three episodes.

No, that's why it's so good.

Venusian > vampire

that's teenage shinobu

why is his nose so shiny

moisturizer, light reflection

SHAFTfags never fail to come up with the most bizarre ways to defend this studios' glaring flaws.

do you think araragi carries moisturizer with him wherever he goes

Probably, or maybe from Shinobu sitting on his face all the time?

Looks same to me.

How else does he make nearly every girl in his life so wet?

>something very few studios ever do.
I wonder why

too afraid to experiment

ex. kyoani

Re:Fags never fail to recognize their own overrated status.

Have they ever?

>I like stiff animation
Just read the manga.

>1 year later
>no one talks about Re:Zero

Shaft is just an above average studio, don't expect much from them.

wtf i hate shaft now

>People are legitimately defending this under the excuse of creative freedom, even though they don't have the slightest clue about what that even means

Sasuga Shaft-fags

Who are you quoting?

Is the Monogatari franchise the epitome of forced animation?

Fuck off with your forced reply

Shitty bait, monogatari doesn't have animation at all!

No, but that isn't a bad thing.
Like the color schemes in jojo.

>movie looks significantly worse than the show
>every series of monogatari looks worse than the last

What is happening to Shaft?

They showed Kizu III PV at Madogatari

Koe no Katachi is about to pass Kizu 1 gross in less than 3 weeks. It'll most likely gross 1.2 billion in the same trimeframe Kizu 1 had. I guess this is a win for KinoAni but sadly it seems unlikely that it'll do more than all 3 Kizu movies combined.

You're just going blind from all the blur kyoani uses in their shows

>I guess this is a win for KinoAni
Can't count as a win since it's only one part of Kizu

is middle right a reference to a Western band member? not even joking, anyone know?

Well none of Kizu movies will gross more than KnK.

who cares, most of us will just download the bds anyways

> 60 min films


stupid sexy araragi.

Never wanted to go gay for an anime character before. But for Araragi, I totally would give him a wraparound while plugging his pooper shooter.



Does SHAFT know how to be creative?

Literally everything they've done lately has Bake recycled direction

>movies with A-list VAs, A-list animators, directors and staff on payroll for 5 years doing nothing but preparing for the movie, media blitz up the ass.
Yeah the movies were costly to make no matter how you look at it. Meanwhile KnK:
>3 month project
>VAs by Lantis(interconnected with Kyoto on the board level)
>Inhouse animators with Studio Blue helping
>5 tv ads in the week leading up to the release
>Great limited release success

I still can't believe they pulled it off in 3 months.

Shinbou has used the same kind of visual direction ever since ~2004. He has not made anything new ever since then.
Cross that second sentence out.
He has never invented anything new. All of his style has been copied over from Dezaki.

It helps when you have an already synergized staff working on a single project with editing and sound done offsite.

Does it matter when it sells like hotcakes?

it results to shitty adaptations


but monogatari doesn't have any animation

I think this movie is just a troll

But it doesn't anymore. The sales are taking a nosedive. The pt1 BDs sold less than the Gundam movie recap BDs.

I'm thinking the exact same thing

I fail to see what's wrong with that. He looks great.

They're after the Studio 4C audience.

Those don't look bad at all. Only the left picture in the middle looks pretty un-Araragi which I can forgive because he looks pretty gorgeous there.

that's just how he looks when his hair is not covering his eye.

You're reaching.

How can someone be so fucking blind, the movie looked way better than every other Monogatari Season

You are not alone my friend

reaching what?