Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Arc 4: Eternal Contract

TLs are starting tomorrow, props to TLchicken.
TLbro made a +220 page summary covering 20% of Arc 4.

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Why is Emilia so shit?

She ruined the entire series!

lets start with this

Greed X Greed

Anyhow, does anyone think there's a chance for NTR mindbreak doujins with the Gluttony trio, where they make people forget all about their love interest? If so, how much does that thought make you want to vomit in your mouth?

First for Dark Lord
What events do you think will happen that will push Subaru to this?

>+220 page summary
Updated pastebin links where?

I will fight you until you accept that the only logical conclusion of the series is Dark Pope, not dark lord.

Short Stories (right after second arc):
-Withdraw symptoms:
-Subaru's drug scamble:
-How to be a King:

Arc 3 post ep. 25 contents

Arc 4 hybrid summary-translation of the first 20 chapters. It's 80,000 word with tons of translated parts, so you can try to endure the summary portions.!VNdzDYYK!nK9fNU3LeprlZSbRAnlsRg

"What if" stories, Natsuki Rem:

It amazes me that my crappy Sauron memeboy edit is still being spread around like this. I have achieved immortality.


Why not both?

Technically a Dark Lord is a Dark Pope, as he is the emissary of darkness.

Why is the silver haired girl wearing a Rem mask?

My dick trembles

Because she's jealous.

So judging from the WN translations. Things just keep on getting worse for Subaru.

What's your honest opinion: Will there be a S2 to the anime or is it over?

Nah. They get better and then they get worse. I hear he only died three times in Arc 5, and those were all to Sirius. Of course, he starts dying again a lot in Arc 6.

Finding that Rem can't be healed. Finding that to heal Rem he has to embrace all that dark shit. Using his gained Authorities too much.

Oh definitely. I'm surprised he is even able to put on a fake smile considering all of the shit he has been/going through.

>Arc 4
Beako best girl.

Arc 4 was pretty bad as well, didn't he die dozens upon dozens of times?

We will get Attack on Titan treatment. But it is because there isn't any source material. WN are honestly just general sketches, so I wouldn't use them for the anime. I do think there will be a S2, just don't fucking wait for it anytime soon.


I'm crashing this ship

Probably over looking at how the ending played out
it served its purpose and made money
there isn't 0 chance for a new season, but I wouldn't bet on it

I remember when edits on Cred Forums meant something


Glad that based Otto is sticking around.

>Beako best girl.

Ram has always been the best girl since her very first scene.

> I wouldn't use them for the anime

Nobody would use them, there has never been a WN anime adaptation as far as I know. Also, the anime purpose is to boost LN sales, no LN no anime at all.

Ok, that made me laugh.

Too fucking lazy to do anything decent. Kinda like Subaru.

You are a faggot, I suppose

Ram is top tier, but Beako is most best.

I'm calling the police I suppose

I've got a question for any WNfags who might be here.

Any of you know what Aldebaran is up to after Arc 5?

>First he loses his comrades, Julius, Otto, Wilhelm etc.
>Second he begins to lose his adoptive daughterus, Meili, Annerose then Beatrice and Petra
>Third he loses his pillars who are Emilia and lastly the one who heals his wounds and covers his weaknesses Rem.

His world crumbles from then on.

>Implying it won't just be an "if" chapter

Nope. He's probably up to some real shady shit though.

Better than nothing.

"If" chapter or not I'd like to see it happen in some shape or form. But if it does happen. I am ready to sip a cup of "I fucking called it"

Are there any interesting fights in arcs 4-6?

Rem sort of represents his commitment to being a hero. If he ever abandoned or betrayed her, that's what he'd be selling out.

Oh, and I also made that edit too. Truly, I have finally made my mark on the world.
Elsa comes back in Arc 4, Arc 5 has all of the remaining Bishops introduce themselves and do battle with various parties, and Arc 6 is still very early in.

>Subaru becomes Dark Lord through despair
It fits

Arc 4 Subaru talk with all of the Witches and goes through trials made by them.

Arc 5 is an all out crusade lead by Subaru against five, FIVE archbishops.

Arc 6 is him trying to complete, escape and/or capture a magical tower called The tower of Pleiades aka "Subaru tower"

So yes.

Real talk. Who's got the biggest dick on them?

The clown
And it makes me hate him even more

Can someone please upload it to another place?

Al, obviously. So manly yet so composed, such confidence can be justified only by a very big dick.

Rosewaal the literal wifebeater.

He has the biggest dick and IS the biggest dick in the entire series. Still waiting for somebody to castrate him so he won't get Ram pregnant.

>Ram has always been the best girl since her very first scene.
Why do people like Ram? She's not clever or fun, she's a cunt and a trifle to be around. Are there really people who want to be talked down to by a dumb, useless little trollop who is infatuated with clowncock?

That's why she is the last one to go. Because without Rem, Subaru has no reason to be a hero anymore. Or at least no longer has the drive to be.

You dare diss Nee-sama you shitter?

She is a great person. She just needs to have her sister back in her life.

Roswaals got more important shit going on

Pretty sure Teppei-chan intended to fuck over Rem all along given she's named after a type of sleep and he put her in a coma

Its still a possibility and its making me squirm in pain.

not to mention she is fine with the wife beater even if he doesnt love her

Tappei throws Rem under the bus almost as much as Subaru compared to other characters.

Its as if those two are born to suffer.

I'm curious about Roswaal's background and intentions besides slaying the dragon and Ram's puss


Subaru should have killed him when he had the chance.

Just the expressions that Subaru uses with her and their original meaning is enough to see that.

all for his greedy waifu thats literality his only reasons

>Ram's puss

To create a perfect body he can body-snatch for Echidna.

>slaying the dragon

Revenge for sealing Echidna

>Or at least no longer has the drive to be.

I don't want to start a waifuwar again, I really want just to talk about the series, and I have no idea how people can say that when his drive derivated from Emilia during the whole series, and he made it explicit constantly.
Rem gave him the strenght to start from zero after getting beyond destroyed by the events, but the source of his drive has always been Emilia.
Hope that some people won't use my post as an excuse for shitposting.

Subaru Kun~ Subaru Kun~ Subaru Kuuun!~

A heartwarming series, he said.

>We will be able to cuck the clown in the new game
Thank god

I wonder how Roswall would feel if he found out Subaru drank out of his waifu

Didn't try to attack Roswaal for saying something about Rem and then got blown up?

>She's not clever or fun

But she's.

>She is a great person. She just needs to have her sister back in her life.
No, she isn't. The only time I recall she wasn't acting like a wry bitch was near the end of arc 2 when she was thankful for all Subaru had done, then she went right back to being a fucking trifle to be around. She is nearly useless and yet still has the gall to talk down to people like she has any actual worth whatsoever, incapable of showing respect when she isn't all that respectable herself in the first place.
Seriously, why? Why does she have fans? How do they find such an insufferable cunt tolerable? Do they simply enjoy being around insufferable cunts?

But I'm not? I'm literally taking this from the actual source.

>Subaru already made up his mind to continue his fight, when Rem rejected his offer to run away from everything. To remain as Rem's hero, he cannot run away from anything.


>[Subaru: I can show you my weak side. I can also show you fragile side. I can show you the side of me that is a helpless, little rascal too. ——But, one side that I can never show is a side of me that gives up.]

>Rem had said once before, that Subaru is a hero. Natsuki Subaru had decided once before, that he would be Rem’s hero.

That is Subaru's literal reason for pushing forward through hardships. If Rem is no longer with him, he would give up. Like when he nearly did in "From Zero" or episode 18.

Ram is better than her sister, but she doesn't get the love she deserves.

Roswal looks fairly handsome without the makeup and he does pour his life straight into her hole on a regular basis

>Emilia suffering
Is it wrong that I like this?

Considering she has the longest stick in the series other than Priscilla. Nah, everyone needs a healthy dose of suffering.

>So he is quite literally becoming the black swordsman.
He uses a whip.

Name ONE positive thing that Ram has said

Where's the link to the 220 page summary?


What could happen to make Priscilla suffer? Kill her Shota?

Put her in a most degrading position. Take away her idea that things will go her way

You are right but wrong at the same time user, I'll take a gander at this as well.

His motivation and source of determination is Emilia, aka "the hand that pulls him forward" but Rem on the other hand is his emotional pillar and engine to get him through anything as well as his drive to push himself/improve himself, aka "the blue light that gently pushes his back forward".

Your trolling aside, Ram is one of the very few girls who's fun and awesome. Aside from Beatrice, Ram is the only other who have a certain level of banter with Subaru that's prickly as it is sincerely adorable. BARUSU.

>generally just goes overboard with every single thing she says, distorting whatever criticism she could have given into meaninglessness
>can't even get Subaru's name right even after he's long surpassed her in all of accomplishment, rank, and power
You know what, maybe I was wrong. Maybe she's not a bitch. Maybe she's just a complete retard incapable of doing anything right.
There's some honesty for you.

>He uses a whip

So literally pic related

Here you go. It's hardly a summary at all.!VNdzDYYK!nK9fNU3LeprlZSbRAnlsRg

Anyhow, I've heard the LN version is probably going to be shortened a lot. I wonder what will be lost in the transition? Hopefully it won't be any of the few Rem scenes it features. Those are sparse enough already.

ONE and done.

Sure. When he gets to that point. We still have yet to see how Greed will manifest inside of him.

>fun and awesome
>just like the latest tsuntsun trash saying something haughty or rude with no karma to curve back on her dumb ass and narratively smash her teeth in forthcoming
Well then every time I've had fun it was awful. Betty is comparatively fine. You can tell she cares and she does plenty of legitimately helpful things. Ram is just practically dead weight and a cunt on top of it. Seriously, you find this shit adorable?

Any good covers, niggers?

I can only figure people like Ram's personality from the Re:Petit shorts or something. She seems kind of insufferable in arc 4 without Rem. Her character arc seems like a doujin parody or something.

I don't understand what has gotten you so mad over Ram but I'm assuming is arc 4. Don't worry user, despite having Stockholm Syndrome and having absolute shit taste in men, she redeems herself in arc 6.

You can't even get mad at Ram for getting Stockholm in arc 4. I'm pretty sure the mana-transfer is the equivalent to an addictive narcotic.

Even then all of the hate towards Ram can all be directed towards the clown as he is the source of all of this fuckery. Seriously, fuck that clown, his comeuppance can't arrive soon enough.

Can someone post the part with Subaru killing himself when he see's coma Rem? the "All he saw was hell".

There are a couple of anons who are doing chello and violin stuff.

Sexy best girl for your troubles.

Any links, kind user?

Is this nigga up to anything in the WN? He seemed like such a bro

Well, there's also the fact that her history was rewritten in an unbalanced manner. Getting erased doesn't make it like you never existed. Ram would have two horns if that were the case. It seems more like there's just a hole where that person once was, which gets filled by whatever is handy.

Ram forgot Rem, so the only remaining target of her focus was entirely Roswaal. If Rem were to be remembered, Ram's devotion would become a little less insane.

For you. A lot of the banters she dishes out is amusing and just adorable since she's sincere and just being herself, but it's not actually serious. It's not your cup of tea, so leave it at that.

But you're clinically dumb to say Ram doesn't care underneath all the sarcasm.She already showed that she does back when Subaru helped her saved Rem and Subaru wouldn't have be able to do it without Rem's help either. Also in arc 4, it's as Subaru put it as, she went out of her way to warned Subaru ahead of time in spite of the supposedly betrayal on Subaru's part.

>—When he arrived in the Capital, he found Rem after the attack, and when he knew all was lost, without a shred of hesitation, Subaru stabbed a dagger into his own throat.

>What he felt at that moment, he could no longer remember. Everything had turned out so perfectly, so perfect beyond everyone’s expectations — But the truth is, throwing it all away in that instant, none of it mattered to him.

>If he lost Rem, if it meant walking into a future without her, no matter how many times he must endure that pain, he will —— Only this, Subaru clearly remembers.

>Penetrating his throat, in blood, pain, searing heat, and loss, he lost all consciousness.
>When he woke, what he saw was Rem lying in a bed.

>The save point had moved forward. The place of return had changed. Subaru saw hell, and only hell.


No, what you forget is that part about being hero has always being indissolubly liked to his usual and omnipresent drive to help Emilia. That's the kind of hero that Rem resurrected. It's not a case that, right before Subaru asking Rem to run away with him he, Rem said something like "I'm sure you are going to propose an idea to save Emilia" , because that's also the kind of hero that Rem loves.

I seriously think that most of the complains about Emilia really derives from misintepretations, the ending of the anime is very satisfying if you pay attention to Subaru's actions.

>If Rem is no longer with him, he would give up.

that's pure nonsense and your personal interpretetion.

>emotional pillar

That's a perfect description. He would be more fragile without Rem around for sure. That doesn't mean that he would stop being a hero like the other user was saying, it would be harder.
I obviously agree about the rest as well.

Nobody doing covers yet but they are making sheets for it.

Other than him having some sort of fling with the witch. No one knows. Yet.

I think he is going to play a key part in the ending.

For the third wave, the mist created an illusion of a shadowy figure wearing a shadowy dress, which Al was unable to bring himself to harm even though he tried some 100,000,000 million times. Unable to do anything, he was gripped with fear, and tried to retreat as it attempted to touch him lovingly with its fingers. Fortunately, Priscilla destroyed it with her Yang Sword, yet this caused him to be filled with rage, though she easily dealt with him by smacking his helmet with her sword. Although he was still scared somewhat, he was relieved that the shadowy figure was fake

A matter of time, then. Thanks.

>That doesn't mean that he would stop being a hero like the other user was saying

Yes, but do you honestly think that once he falls down and Rem is no longer there, that Subaru by himself he would get back up?

She is what is covering up his weaknesses user, because once he throws everything away he will no longer be a hero, he'll end up like Rosewaal, or something much worse.

Ram in Re:Petit was so annoying I stopped watching them. If anything, she's worse there than in the actual show.
No, I never really enjoyed her presence in the first place, but I thought it was appropriate throughout arc 2 because her bouts of skepticism and annoyance were based on the legitimate gripe that Subaru was genuinely a pissant. I thought she was going to lighten the fuck up after the end of arc 2, but no, she's back to being rather bitchy. Come arc 4, you can't entirely blame her because Rem being erased would substantially change her perception of Subaru (though she's still a bitch). No, it was actually arc 6 where, after Subaru has basically entirely surpassed her in every way within the Emilia camp and she's -still a bitch- that I basically decided "wow, fuck Ram. The only characterization we get from her is being a huge dumb bitch." And I still can't fathom why she has fans.

speaking of which.

Why is Ram hornless even though Rem never existed? Does she have 2 horn scars now?

I'm happy that I'm not the only Ramfag on this board. It has been really lonely.

>Ram is one of the very few girls who's fun and awesome.

Pretty much. Also, Ram and Subaru have great chemistry, they almost look like brother and sister. It's the most entertaining duo of the show.

>pure nonsense and your personal interpretetion.

Ouch. Say what you must but that is his primary drive, he states over and over again in the series as well, that he is staying strong and being a hero for Rem. But wants to bring a future Emilia can smile in, to stop her tragic fate.

So yes, he would give up being a hero once Rem is gone. But that doesn't necessarily mean that he NEEDS to be a hero in order to be with or save Emilia.

I can't ever see Ram and Barusu being a pair romantically but they are totally BFF material.

Ram really deserves more love.

Not sure unless Meili and Ram team up together.

I also forgot to add, hence why he will become a dark lord once Rem is gone. See what I'm sayin?

That was the point I was making. Being erased doesn't mean the world is the same as if Rem never existed. It's more that evidence of her existence has been shoddily cut out and painted over. Ram still only has one horn, because she's still a twin. She's just a twin without a twin. It's like a terrible half-assed retcon of reality which leaves everything inconsistent when you start thinking about it.

If someone's mother was eaten, I don't think it would erase their existence. They would just find a shitty explanation for why they never knew their mother, until they realized it made no fucking sense at all. Ram thinks Subaru somehow dealt with half of the dogs, but she'd realize that was impossible for someone like him if she thought about it for half a second.

>She is what is covering up his weaknesses user, because once he throws everything away he will no longer be a hero, he'll end up like Rosewaal, or something much worse.

I'll add to this user's statement as well.

>He owned this determined expression, indicating he was ready to throw something away, that he would only show to Emilia. He owned this faithful expression, that made it seem as if he would be able to entrust his life, that he would only show to Beatrice. And then he owned this expression that exposed his weaknesses which he so often tried to conceal, the expression that he would only show to Rem.


>Even if she knew about Subaru’s weakness, if he could just combine it with Rem’s faith that she would give in response to his efforts to be strong in front of her, Subaru could live on without hiding the truth that he was weak. He could not show it in front of Emilia; he could not show it in front of Beatrice; he could not show it in front of anyone else. Subaru could only show this weak side of him-the side of him that believed he had to be strong no matter what-to Rem and only Rem.

>[Subaru: Thus, my weaknesses belong to Rem. She would thoroughly cover up my weaknesses, and because of that I will cling on to her, but nothing beyond that, because giving up is the sole thing I cannot do.]

Take note that he is ready to throw something away when it comes to Emilia, but if he does he will end up like Rosewaal, as stated.

>Roswaal starts burning the rabbits that start appearing in the sanctuary for a while, until he just gives up on his life and lets himself get eaten by the rabbits before telling Subaru that he should live for a single person and forget about everything else, and that if he does that he'd become like him.

>Otto: “I just nodded as you casually passed by something that should truly be delved into deeper, but... what? Natsuki-san, you took the TRIAL as well?”
>Subaru: “Uh, yeah, yes, I have taken it. A friend signed me up for it so had no choice.”
>Otto: “It's clearly impossible that you would have friends, please be more serious, Natsuki-san.”
>Subaru: “You know, there's things that're okay and not okay to say to people!”

The interactions between these two are golden.

I acknowledge Ram cares, it just never seems like it under the unending mountain of bullshit. Which is why I cannot fathom why people like her. The sort of cunt who expresses affection by being a pill frankly deserves a burly, abusive cock like Roswaal's because at least he can set her bitch-ass straight.

They are both the weakest in the series respectively. They are also the best of bros.

>Take note that he is ready to throw something away when it comes to Emilia, but if he does he will end up like Rosewaal, as stated.
That's the reason I made my big post about Subaru and the Sins in the previous thread. Subaru seems like he's going to go through a trial for every Sin, where he learns to express it in a more positive manner. The first was Sloth, where he resolved not to give up and learned to rely upon and use others properly. The second was Greed, where he found a solution in which he didn't need to sacrifice anyone or himself for anyone else. He found the option where he didn't need to choose between one or another, or to take everyone's hardships upon himself.

He also becomes good friends with Beatrice as well.

I wonder what Wrath, Lust and Gluttony are going to be like. How would he be able to adapt those as his own? How would those manifest do you think?


I won't deny this
can someone explain to me why she loves the clown?
is it Stockholm Syndrome?

Ram doesn't know what Clown did, so not really. Clown took her in and took care of her, so she just came to really like him.


Legit stockholm syndrome.

If only that was changed to sister-in-law.

Because to be honest with you, she sounds a lot like what a sister-in-law would sound like.

Oh user, but she does. That's what's so fucked about it. He even insults her saying how lucky she was to be forced into a contract to a man who has destroyed her village.

Doesn't she know about Rosewall's Gospel. Some user told me that Ram and Rosewall have a bet to see if things deviate from the gospel and they do so Ram wins

The Horn is like a second clit for demons.

Pouring mana into the hole is like a girl masturbating with a showerhead.

I have a feeling lust will be about the polygamy thing he was trying to make

>she sounds a lot like what a sister-in-law would sound like

She actually does

>Look closely, Rem. In the end, this is all Barusu amounts to. A fickle, intolerant man who can’t grant Rem even a single wish…. This king selection game has made that painfully clear.

>they waited six months to watch this show
>while I marathoned it yesterday without a hinch


I think polygamy is what Gluttony would be, right? Since Lust seems to be attraction or the want to be attracted to.

Wrath well, that's obvious if Subaru continues being triggered when people insult his waifu.

Seems like there will be some huge revisions in arc 4.

The end of Arc 3 already saw a ton of shit getting chucked out.

hmm yeah it makes sense for that to be gluttony and lust will probably be the trail to make him really fucking angry

I heard he straight up attacked people for badmouthing Rem later on

>That's the kind of hero that Rem resurrected

You've got it all wrong user

Subaru was never a hero before episode 18, he only has qualities of a hero, or a somewhat fake hero as he was driven by the selfish desire to distract himself, even stating that's what Wilhelm saw through him perfectly. But he became a real hero past episode 18, even hinting at it when he said that he became a "slightly better man".

Tappei should really reduce Arc 4 in order to fit both Arc 4 and 5 in one season.

But I wonder how the powers would manifest into given that.

oh yeah defiantly the witch of lust mimicked as rem appearance and everything he wanted to beat the shit out of her

I'm pretty upset after finding out what they took out of the anime. I guess they could only make Rem so best

Wasn't there a story where Rem cuts Subaru's hair?

Why do Subaru and Beatrice form a contract? And how does their relationship develop passed episode 25? I never read anything really from the LN or WN

Subaru fucks her tight loli pussy, I suppose

It's a bit of that mixed with memory discrepancies. Roswaal probably took pretty good care of both Ram and Rem and gave them both a good education, so she was probably grateful that he took care of Rem even when she wasn't necessary to his plans. With Rem gone, some of those good feelings would still remain. They'd just be unexplained.
She actually does. She knows all about his Gospel, what he's doing for Echidna, and how he let their village be destroyed.
Wrath will probably be about learning to focus it productively, instead of tearing himself apart with impotent rage or lashing out everyone around him. Which is how he generally acts whenever the subject of Rem comes up. The Bishop of Wrath, Sirius, has already been defeated in physical combat and is awaiting proper interrogation and she claims she's willing to help against Gluttony. She also says she wants to help Betelgeuse reemerge from inside Subaru. Given her powers of emotional manipulation, the true battle with her isn't going to be a physical one. Especially since Sirius will take out everyone around her if she's killed, unless she consents to being killed for some reason.

If he manages to get a hold of his Wrath, his heart will finally be prepared to handle whatever emotional torture Ley, Roy, and Louis have in store for him. As for Gluttony, we have to look at what Gluttony is gluttonous for. Passions, memories, and achievements. Maybe companionship too, in Louis's case as the "mother" of the bunch. Who knows how that will go?

As for Lust? Lust wants everyone to adore her as her twisted slaves, so it'll probably be reflected in Subaru's need to be loved. Among other things. This isn't about losing his Sins or giving them up, it's about how he expresses them.
Oh yes. In the WN, he actually gives Rem the full credit for saving him from being a total piece of garbage.

What we got was already enough for her to become best girl 5 times over so I'm okay with that.

but I did wish they kept the faked death scene and subaru's confession instead of that half assed "by your side" nonsense.

>She knows what he did
>Has a bet with Roswaal about his plan
Why does this make Ram actually more interesting?

They needed to close all ends because they were not expecting a season 2. Also due to time constraints.

They form a contract around the time the White Rabbit attack and some heavy Subaru x Beatrice development regarding the Forbidden Archive and Beatrice's version of the gospel.

Also Subaru and Beatrice have a father/daughter relationship going on right now. Subaru being the embarrassing dad and Beatrice as the disgruntled daughter. Now that I think of it, considering how many daughterus such as Annerose, Meili and Peta as well with Subaru acting as an adoptive father. Tappei is setting us up for something tragic and painful isn't he?

>Yes, but do you honestly think that once he falls down and Rem is no longer there, that Subaru by himself he would get back up?

It depends on the context. The context of episode 18 was already beyond terrible, both because of the context itself and because Subaru wasn't mature enough to handle it. For the rest, without Rem the "not heroic end" would be more likely but not certain.

That was an interesting reading, thank you.

>Subaru was never a hero before episode 18, he only has qualities of a hero, or a somewhat fake hero

Sorry user, can't agree with when the most heroic thing he has done was at the end of episode 7.
What the other user posted was very interesting, but this interpretation is simply forced.

>he became a "slightly better man".

The thing that really changed was his maturity, (so, yeah, he litterally became a better "man") but not his heroism. What he did later wasn't more eroic than pre-ep. 18 Subaru.

>Tappei is setting us up for something tragic and painful isn't he?

Remember user, Tappei only gives, he only gives to take.

>Why does this make Ram actually more interesting?
The bet is that if the Gospel ever proves to be truly false, Roswaal will become her slave. Until then, she's basically his slave. Oh, and she threw his Gospel into a fire, which is why he almost ended up killing her.

You think she's masturbated to thoughts of Subaru at least once?

He won't kill of the children right? Even he isn't that sadistic. You can only take away so much from one man.

well he did say in a Q&A that he will make beatrice very happy

Episode 7 was a pretty bad thing to do. He just threw away his life. Throwing away a life and risking your life to achieve are two different things.

Probably. Considering how lewd that girl actually is.

>Emilia: “You love her, don't you?”
Subaru: “Love her, love her a lot. I love her as much as I love you, Emilia-tan.”
Emilia: “Saying this is a bit, but... Subaru, are you a cheater?”
Subaru: “I was planning to keep relatively to one path, but I don't think a guy who could receive so
much devotion and not have their heart moved'd have blood or tears in them to shed anymore.”
Subaru recalled the loop of the past several days, and all the uncompensated love Rem had given
him over that time. Receive all that, and how could a heart not be stirred?

Moving on up in the ranks I see.

I mean he killed off children during the first time Subaru went into the village during the witch cult attack

>Tappei is setting us up for something tragic and painful isn't he?

Damn right he is.

I think that's a misunderstanding. Tappei writes what he likes, and when he writes a tragedy he writes it to be tragic. As he said himself, causing pain is only one way he has fun. There are many other ways to have fun as well. For instance, he wrote Natsuki Rem to hurt people, but that was only one of the reasons he wrote it.
She touches his lips while he sleeps, tried to roofie him once, and even hoped she could have an excuse to strip in front of him during the King's game. There's even a scene in the manga where she blushes while thinking of how Subaru could have sexually assaulted her in her sleep.

She's almost certainly masturbated to him.

> He just threw away his life.

No, not really, that's the opposite especially the whole scene made it clear how genuine his motivations were.

> Throwing away a life and risking your life

there was nothing he could risk his life for, Rem was already dead.

Anime only fag here.
I'm drawing some serious parallel from Beetlejuice's last words with Subaru's situation.
His words were along the lines of "Even if you've forgotten that you saved me, I will never forget!" or something directed to Satella when she rejected when he tried to possess Subaru.
Reminds me of Subaru when he feel indebted to Emilia when she first helped him an then she forgotten because the timeline resets when Subaru dies for the first time.
Are they the same person/fragmented pieces of a being or something?

>tried to roofie him once
nigga what

I heard Betelgeuse had something with one of the witches or some shit? Is this true?

>“They really are… completely normal beans.”

>“Yeah, that they are. What, did you think when I said “beans,“ I was somehow hinting something more naughty and erotic? Man, my dear wife might seem calm and level-headed, but she’s actually pretty active and aggressive afterall.”

>“Rem simply doesn’t hesitate with giving and receiving love. Furthermore, when it comes to embarrassing displays of affection, Rem thinks Subaru-kun is just as guilty.”

She definitely masturbated to him at least once if this is what AU Rem is like.

>There's even a scene in the manga where she blushes while thinking of how Subaru could have sexually assaulted her in her sleep.
We will never have a lewd blue oni fapping to thoughts of us molesting them in their sleep.

Yeah, but cultists killing off the children when you knew it was going to reset wasn't very tragic.

What would be dark is like, Subaru himself choosing to kill off children who regard him as their fatheru with no reset, for his own gain.

No but they parallel each other in a way. Subaru and Betelgeuse, I have my own headcanon I won't confess to but if Emilia is Satella my theory just might be viable and possibly canon.

It's what I said. I guess it's more accurate to say that it's a fruit that releases inhibitions and puts people to sleep.
>“I’m not even going to ask what you planned to do after making me honest and putting me to sleep…. Well, at least now I see why you kept the game going.”

But Satella seems to have some deeper connection to Subaru.

My theory is that Sabaru doesn't really have that strong of feelings to Emilia. The thing that keeps him chasing after her has something to do with both of their connections to the witch.

>The Q&As were legit
>54. Among the cast, Rem loves Subaru the most. (obvious.jpg)

So Rem is Satella confirmed?

huh didnt read that short story yet jesus christ try to make him go to sleep and do things to him

Huh? It's a truth serum.

Rem was never jealous

oh I thought it was a sleeping drink since seeing the greentext

He forgot to add that the side-effects of the truth serum makes the drinker extremely drowsy.

>We will never have a lewd blue oni fapping to thoughts of us molesting them in their sleep.
What if she molests you in your sleep?
When people say Rem is lewd, they mean it. Her love is actually rather creepy when you see more of how she acts, but at least she's not playing coy or trying some kind of tsundere act.
It's both. It makes you "honest" before putting you to sleep shortly afterward.

>Subaru himself choosing to kill off children who regard him as their fatheru with no reset, for his own gain

Is, is Subaru even capable of doing such a thing?

I see she takes after her sister Ram.

I enjoy how whenever Rem tries to comfort Subaru about things they come out as deadpan insults.

>Tfw Satella was once an unwanted Oni twin who turned herself into an elf out of envy.

Not deadpan insults, sweetly spoken deadpan insults.

>“It’s okay. Subaru-kun should use the methods Subaru-kun believes in. Even if Rem views Subaru-kun’s technique as irrational, and it seems illogical next to basic cooking theory, and honestly Rem does think Subaru-kun’s cooking is inexcusable to the eggs. That’s just how Subaru-kun lives his life.”

>“So it’s finally come, the unintended criticisms that stab like knives to the heart! And you even take a stab at my way of life!? I don’t wanna be judged like this just for trying to make goddamn mayonnaise!”

If only we got more of this in the series.

Only way I see this possible is in that IF story where Subaru becomes super meticulous and kills himself if anything was just slightly off.

>Is, is Subaru even capable of doing such a thing?
Probably not, unless the whole "his soul is merging with the Bishops" thing Sirius says is correct, which it's hinted to be, and the corruption and madness of the Sins consumes more of his being.
The two sisters have their similarities. They've both got this weird obsessive love and pretty decent bantz. The anime just doesn't really show how much Rem still teases Subaru.
They are deadpan insults, only delivered with love. Rem's humor has always been deadpan insults. She does the same thing with Rigel in the Natsuki Rem chapters, and it's clear she's deliberately bullying him.

You never know user. Anything is possible right now.

The real question is if Tappei is capable of doing such a thing?

Pretty much everyone of those jokes is her way of saying how she's well aware of his faults but still loves him, isn't it?

Calling it Satella has 3 personalities.

Satella A (encouraging/stern)
Satella B (selfless/filled with guilt)
Witch of Envy(Crazy Bitch)

『Are you going to let it end like this?』

――Of course, not.

Somehow, he had immediately answered to the question.
The beginning and the end, the things he seek to accomplish and the things he used to see, he didn't remember any of those.
He didn't understand anything. Everything was filled with things he didn't comprehend, but somehow his inner emotions had refused to accept staying that way.

It won't end here. It can't end here. Nothing is over yet. I won't let it end.

『What do you want to do?』

I want to do something. I will do something. Doing something was―

"What I had to do."

His voice flowed out.
He realized his feet were on the ground. The sensation of his extremities were back, as he finally understands who he was.
He still couldn’t remember the things he left behind. However, he finally remembered he had to continue running, that he had a place he had to run to.

『We can't meet yet.』

"I knowray

He didn't understand anything, but that one thing.
The boy starts running after turning his back to the voice in the shadows and holding the impulse of wanting to reach out to her.
An overwhelming regret would probably stop him forever if he were to stop just once. That's why he doesn't turn back. He doesn't point his consciousness towards that direction. He now leaves her, he now leaves her behind, going far away, far away――but one day, he would definitely hold her hand once again.

『I love you.』

The voice grows distant and the dark world starts collapsing as if being teared off.
In front of him, a bright light dot in the pitch-dark world, the end of the interminable abyss becomes visible.

Running, running, running and approaching it. Finally, after having reached that place―


At last, Natsuki Subaru feels the lovely voice call his name―

>Satella A (encouraging/stern)
>Satella B (selfless/filled with guilt)
>Witch of Envy(Crazy Bitch)
So, Rem, Emilia, and the madness of the Sins?

Time to go down the rabbit hole boys

Was Rem still going to kill him here? Like even without evidence of a any wrongdoing, even if they're getting along, even if it will piss off Emilia or make her lose faith in Roswaal, she decides to kill him because he smells like the Witch?

Yeap, if anything her deadpan insults are what debunks alot of peoples assumptions that Rem's devotion is blind love. As it seems that she had a pretty clear vision of Subaru even all the way back in arc 2.

Is Satella the true silver haired heroine of the series?

Still no news on season two?

That's what I've been trying to say for so long but couldn't find the right words. With how it was cut off now, I just can't fathom Satella in the future volumes.

Satella B

[Satella : Don't get hurt, think yourself more precious.]
[Subaru : You gave me the power of Return by Death. This power makes me hurt myself to advance.]
[Satella : I love you. So, you, you should love yourself.]
[Subaru : If I don't have this power, I am left with nothing! You should know, too! I don't have any power! Knowledge, skill, power, nothing! Only thing I have is Return by Death! Then, only thing I could use is my own life!]
[Satella : Don't be sad.]
[Subaru : I have already experienced every death. I am okay with that! If I am the only one suffering, I am okay with it!]
[Satella : Don't be in pain.]
[Subaru : If I suffer the most, experience the most, and protect everyone, nobody has to feel pain except me. I don't want anything more than that!]
[Satella : Don't cry.]

[Satella : I love you, because you gave me light, because you took my hand and taught me of the outside world. Because in the night I was trembling in loneliness, you stayed by my side and held my hand. Because you kissed the lonely me, telling me I wasn't alone. I received a lot of things from you. So, I love you, because you gave me everything.]

The mayo was after the mansion arc, when Rem already started liking him.

If you are talking about the hairdresser one Rem didn't kill him that loop. He died through his sleep that loop.

Also, Subaru kept his promise.



Subaru bows his head to each Witch, and walks toward Satella, giving her hand.

[Subaru : I don't know you, I don't understand why you love me, and why you thinks I helped you. But, 'Return by Death' you gave me definitely helped. I depended fully on it and came here.]
[Subaru : You meant Return by Death is only one of options available to me? Don't fully depend on it and love myself more, is what you're talking about? I can't simply decide on, but it is you who made me fearful of death. So, I will try to love myself little more.]
[Satella : Are you okay?]
[Subaru : It's easier than dying.]

Satella grabs his hand, and the world falls apart leaving only two, which reveals Satella's face.

[Satella : Don't think alone. Think it with the people who love you. Resist with people who won't let you die and people who you want to protect. Even when you can't reach the future, die with the fear of death. Don't forgot there's people who feel sad for your death.]

Satella he finally saw has silver hair and purple eyes with tear.

[Satella : Then, someday, you must come to kill me.]

Satella is gone, and Subaru talks to himself just before returning to real world.

[Subaru : I will definitely save you.]

This is the time Satella lines up with Emilia's personality and appearance.

At least in a bad end, I could see it happening. Look at how broken Subaru and Emilia got when he contracted with Echidna.
Picture a bad end where he gets a lot more broken, and is willing to do or sacrifice anything at that point... which isn't really hugely out of character for him.
I sort of doubt it's a story where he becomes Dark Lord in the main continuity, though.

Not him but the question for me is, who would he be sacrificing them for?

That reminds me of the scene in which Subaru asks Emilia to insult him, but most of them end up just being compliments.
She never killed him in that loop, but she'd probably have killed him if he did something strange.
>It won't end here. It can't end here. Nothing is over yet. I won't let it end.
Yeah, this does remind me of the lesson he picked up from Rem about not giving up.
Does this Satella call him Subaru-kun?

I don't think she even called him by his name in Echidna's tea party.

Are these part of the official manga or Doujins?

>Subaru asks Emilia to insult him, but most of them end up just being compliments.

Really does speak volumes huh?

This user is official manga
This user is doujins

He's deliberately committed suicide twice to save Rem. A warped version of his desire to save the girl -- either Emilia or Rem -- only sacrificing someone else's life instead of his own, isn't too far-fetched if his moral compass breaks I think. But again, the narrative seems to be moving towards him reducing or correcting his flaws, so I doubt that would happen under normal circumstances.

I think Subaru would only be able to sacrifice others like that if he literally stopped being the Subaru we knew. Which is to say, either those locked up Satella-related memories were released, or the Sins and the Bishops he's absorbed grow to the point where they outweigh his original identity. At that point, he's pretty much no longer Subaru.
I like posting doujin bits I think are funny.
There's a reason why Subaru says Rem is the one person who is the hardest on him in the world, rather than Emilia. Emilia comes across as this half-hearted tsundere type during the parts of Arc 4 I've seen.

>liked Ram
>can't deal with the fact that she forgives that fucking clown even though he had a hand in her entire clan's death
I want to like her, but knowing how brainwashed she is just makes me think less of her.

>mfw I just finished marathoning it just to avoid possible spoilers but get spoiled anyways

On the plus side, she's grown attached to the blue-haired girl who looks like her, and she thinks Subaru should really be paying that girl a lot more attention if he really loves her. She's a good sister.

You've come to the wrong thread friend.

This is literally shown in the anime, and isn't even a spoiler. It's just subtle.

Just watched the anime, where do I start on the light novel (or other equivalent) to continue where the anime left off?

Is there anything that shows the difference between the anime adaptation an the LN?

Also, I'm pretty mad he said he loved someone else to best girl, who basically told him she'd let him fuck her rawdog.

Click here Read the translationchicken shit
Then the arc 4 hybrid summary-translation

Left out changed scenes

Scenes after the last episode


>The bet is that if the Gospel ever proves to be truly false, Roswaal will become her slave. Until then, she's basically his slave.
That's neat and pretty twisted. So is the whole Roswaal-sama affection just her playing around or is legit?

>Also, I'm pretty mad he said he loved someone else to best girl, who basically told him she'd let him fuck her rawdog.
Then I know what might make you madder, and something you'll probably have to read before you can pick things up where the anime left off. Scenes were changed.

Then this will pick up from where the anime left off:

From there, do what he said.

Its legit.

Rosewaal started thrashing and breaking stuff in his room when Subaru started deviating from the gospel. Rem's influence on Subaru seems to have caused the deviations.

>So is the whole Roswaal-sama affection just her playing around or is legit?
She loves him. For whatever twisted fucking reason, she loves him and wants to save him from his obsessions. This is apparently just how Oni Maids are, or maybe just those particular twins.

Thanks. Have some best girl butt as compensation.

Rosewaal still deserves to die at some point though.

Well I'm not arguing with that.

>Rosewaal still deserves to die at some point though.
What? So he can be reborn as a cute half-oni maid this time? Roswaal M Mathers?

His body-snatching abilities don't work that way user.

Are you saying you really don't want to see Roswaal M Mathers?
That's strange.

>Rigel gets bullied by his own parents.
>His parents teach his little sister to bully him.
Does anyone else think that's a little fucked up? He's just a kid and gets ostracized by the other children for being half-oni anyway.

If Roswaal Mathers body-snatches a dead corpse then yes.

>ostracized by the other children for being half-oni anyway

Actually, its literally the opposite of what's happening. But his more human qualities like his dad's eyes that get him in trouble.


>“Do you, do you think we teased him a bit too much?”
>“Nah, in terms of mother-and-son conversations, that was par for the course. Even though he acts like that, at his core, he at least doesn’t hate it. That brat, he really is just like how I was as a kid. I can basically see right through him.”


>[Well I don’t like it. Getting scolded by my little sister would ruin my dignity.]
>[Ha! The moment someone fools around with me, they have no dignity to ruin. Yes, yes, I can see it... you will adore your little sister and spoil her far too much, to the point where she’s scolding and spanking you without reserve. That will be your future!]
>[Don’t push some weird future onto me just because you like getting scolded and spanked! There’s no way I’ll be like that!]

He is a closet masochist for verbal abuse. Just like his dad.

OH! You just reminded me. You're supposed to read this one after you finish the Dragon Carriage scene. Just in case your heart doesn't hurt enough.
I guess it'd be better if their daughter was the first Roswaal not to be a Mathers for generations.

My opinion of Tappei just declined enormously.

Wait, fuck. The first Mathers not to be a Roswaal. I should get to sleep.

It happens.

But once you read the content of the AU chapters especially "Natsuki Rigel" it really does tear your heart open a little bit. Because in the end, its downright bittersweet.

You haven't read the AU chapters haven't you?

No, I honestly feel better about the misery Subaru is subjected to now. Honestly, I never cared to the degree some of the dudes crying about their comatose waifu did, it's just a well delivered story even if I can detach myself from it very easily. But fucking masochist protagonist meme (god damn it) makes me glad this series is racing towards an inescapable tragedy. Fucking nips and their predilections, I swear.

I skimmed one of the earliest translated ones once. Thought it was a little fucked up back then too, but was caught in the "aawww isn't Rem kawaii" tornado. But other user is right, I recall that in hindsight, which is why I didn't bring it up back then.

Well different strokes for different folks I guess.
But you need to consider him asking for insults and criticisms is probably what keeps his pride in check. Plus the fact that he wanted his own father to do so as to not end up like him.

Where did you see that?

We can you tell us what is wrong with the stuff they are saying to their son?

If anything its just lighthearted teasing.


No, it's not quite that anymore. I just hate that character trait in male protagonists in general because it's so fucking widespread throughout anime/LNs/WNs/VNs and so utterly needless.

Now that I think about it, Rigel wasn't particularly bright either and just brought a lot of shit upon himself (I mean, still a fucking child, but not a very smart one, clearly), so I'm off that.

It's ironic, though.
>Tappei Nagatsuki and Natsume Akatsuki (writer of Konosuba) are friends.
>Tappei is a professed sadist.
>Natsume is a professed masochist.
>Tappei writes a closet maso MC who exists to get his anus wrecked.
>Natsume writes a based MC leaning towards S who basically has to herd his party of assorted hyper-optimized misfit girls.
Though it's not like fucking Kazuma is particularly idealized. Whatever, irony is irony.

I guess some people don't enjoy being teased to this degree do they?

You have forgive Rigel some. Since half of his genes are Subaru.

Now that the dust has settled

The show is a solid 9.3/10

>closet masochist for verbal abuse

Now that's wrong because if teasing your son and him having fun with it is closet masochist then what Ram says to Subaru are Rosewaal-tier abusive.

But while we are on the subject of "verbal abuse" or "punishment" or whatnot I'll give an anectdote of Subaru:

>Immediately, he heard a phrase telling him to face his past, and ended up in his room in Japan. After interacting with his parents for a while, he decided to go to school for the first time in a while, where he encountered Echidna wearing his school's female uniform. Subaru went over the details with her, thanking her for letting him tell his parents what he wanted to say, even if they were fake, before leaving the trial. Once he left, Echidna turned her attention to the teacher's stand, where Satella was standing. Satella was annoyed that Echidna had toyed with his feelings, which she claimed were only hers, causing her to try and absorb her, nonetheless Echidna calmly dealt with her by summoning Sekhmet to push her back into the darkness.
>They were respected members of their community especially his dad. Subaru did not meet with the same expectations as his dad plus his personality as you can still see was pretty bad and didn't have many friends. It got worse to where Subaru lied to say he was ok and started to shut himself out further. And you know what really hurt his heart? He wanted to be punished by his parents when he was shutting himself. They didn't notice. It hurt his pride and as you saw, episode 1.

So not really a closet masochist but he just wanted someone to tell him to stop being a shit. As well as give him criticisms to keep himself in check.

Anyone waiting for rabbits?

What about the spanking?

It is a life he threw away. All because he gained strength after feeling acknowledged. Don't sound all romantic. There's a difference between holding a knife on your own and someone else doing that for you. It is a life he should not have thrown away for his own accord. He should have used it at the very least until the end.

I'm scared of vampire bunnies, user.

>[Your mother also doesn’t like your “Yeah but”s either. Also, what you said just now was mistaken.]
>She mercilessly scolds the stammering Rigel. She then turns to Spica, who has finally calmed down, and smiles briefly.
>[Your mother does not spank your father. Your father is always your mother’s number one favorite person after all.]
>Blushing, she makes a remark even more embarrassing than crying in public.

A joke. Subaru wanted to embarrass Rigel, but got both parties instead.

I believe Elsa can help you with that user

oh yeah user she makes everything feel so much more secure alright

Of course she does user, she'll make all the pain go away eventually after you get used to it for a long time

I can feel all the security in my stomach.

Suburu turning down Rem doesn't make any sense to me. From what I've observed he has every reason to love Rem and literally ZERO reasons to love Emshittia.

I refuse to continue watching or caring about this forced story continuation shit.

It doesn't make sense to us either, it is what it is.

Rem has a high chance of being endgame though and that's pretty much the only reason why people are still observing this series.

thanks for your input. Bye.


>it is what it is.
It honestly feels like the writer wrote himself into a corner and just made a complete 180 because he realized his mistake too late. It's just shit.

It's exact;y what it is.

It's Tappei's most fatal flaw in this series, by far. He already had Emilia in mind to win from the start but he accidentally wrote up a better character and love interest and before he realized it, she was already taking up the readers' hearts.

You know, it wouldn't be that bad if Emilia was somehow made into a more enjoyable character, but her base traits prevent her from doing so.

Unless he is Pride, then his mad love makes sense.

I'm pretty sure he planned it from the start but sure.

>he planned his shit writing from the start
That only makes it worse.

>Let my words carry you: JUSTICE is a TEACHER. In your PUNISHMENT, gain STRENGTH. Through your PUNISHMENT, achieve PERFECTION.

How so? Also, its quite odd to give a character a ball and chain as a weapon isn't it?


but what can change the nature of a Ram?

>quite odd to give a character a ball and chain as a weapon isn't it
You mean a mace? Not really.

A good and thorough dicking.

A mace has a handle and shaft

I'm pretty sure what you are looking for is flail, or morning star.

I don't really believe in him but its worth a try

so we all share to same opinion

He's talking about the poetical meaning of "Ball and Chain"

>A thousand deaths, and you recover from each. Not so the mind, the mind is much more fragile. Its scars run deep and do not heal. The brain is encased in a hard bone shell, difficult to breach, but with no defense against that which eats at it from within.


No wonder why I was saying why the hell did these two instances feel so different. And I meant excluding Subaru's reciprocation of love.

I know that but that's just grasping at straws.

Delete this.

This photo is now a mark of spfag's faggotry.

>tfw spfag ruined echidna as well
Fucking emiliafags.

>Want to find out what happen after the end of anime
>Read Interlude 1 on carriage
>tfw the ending isn't as surprising as it could have if its animated
This is why I hate reading LN/WN. The lack of visual and non-existent of audio format make this medium less engaging than anime.

>still adding shit to names
Same Yahari poster?

Shittymelia is better f4m

>still using normalfag twitter nigger speak

Abuse return by death and you get brain cancer I see.

>being this triggered
lmao are emtards this autistic

You guys are taking a wrong look at this. Subaru has a reason to love Emilia. She first acknowledged him and gave him a sense of purpose in the world like a protagonist and his heroine.

The reason that made Rem loves Subaru come from the actions of Subaru that stems from his love to Emilia. I'm actually glad that he turned her down. I'm not an EMTfag or anything but I think it would make him an indecisive faggot if he decided to return Rem's feeling.


Is this acceptable then?

Some user posted it earlier but this is entirely why the series is shit. Subaru is a memeboy with no compelling reasons to love shittymelia except for the fact that he's a loser trying to live in that world like an anime protagonist.

It's a Planescape: Torment quote. Some of the previous posts have quoted it as well.



>Subaru is a memeboy with no compelling reasons to love shittymelia
Did you even watch the fucking first episode?
Nice trip, btw.

You could argue a difference in scale, but his reasoning for loving Emilia is basically the same reason Rem loves him. And the same reason Satella loves him.

>Did you even watch the fucking first episode?
>gets transported
>"ohh so this must mean that i'm in another world??????"
>literally first thing he does is try to do some super power bullshit but instead makes himself look like a retard
I'm pretty sure he said something to the extent that Emilia is destined to be his lover just like in his chinese cartoons, but I can't be assed to look it up.
>nice trip

>I'm pretty sure he said something to the extent that Emilia is destined to be his lover just like in his chinese cartoons, but I can't be assed to look it up.
Yeah, you clearly didn't watch it.

You clearly didn't if you're trying to deny this well established fact of Subaru's character.

In order to save Rem he has to sacrifice something else, possibly killing like Otto or something from abuse of Authority powers. Due to sunk cost fallacy he continues to defend Rem against almost everyone else, turning them away from him while driving him deeper down a dark path.

That's why they're going to be enemies in the end

Probably, because Tappei is a hack that's all about DESPAIR and SUFFERING to cover up the rest of his shitty writing.

>went through this whole thread
>no earbite.gif
Fucking plz user

I told you the fucking reason you little bitch. If anyone really knows Subaru's character, you would know exactly that he wants acknowledgement, expectation, purpose from others and their views of him.

I'm watching through this shit and I can't possibly be the only one that wants to punch the mc in the face.

You are not. Plenty of people in-universe get in on that action as well.


i wanna see emt's reaction to subaru dying

I just wanted to see Puck's reaction to Subaru confessing.

He's kind of laying low, being a shady little shit.

I only really know of the artwork.

Do the novels ever have others from the modern world like Subaru or explain why he was taken to that world?
One of my biggest peeves about this genre is when a work doesn't have other real world people or explain how they got there.

What's funny about that is that Balrogs aren't only spirits of fire, but spirits of fire and shadow/darkness.

You have no idea. The knight dude is also summoned. The anime cut it out. Also, in Kararagi, some dude with a kansai dialect was also summoned, thus the accent and japanese culture became mixed. And yes, there is a reason why Subaru is summoned but it is pretty ambiguous. That's all I can say.

That sounds pretty cool. I'm a kind of upset they cut out the knight guy also being summoned.

Nice. I like Oswald even more now.

Remfag here. You are obsessed to a point where you could be called a completely delusional madman. It absolutely does make sense that Subaru loves Emilia for reasons that I will not repeat because they were already stated and you haven't refuted even one. If you think this series is shit, stop watching it and cease shitposting in threads, thank you.

Look up when that episode aired, then go to the archive and search for re:zero threads on that day. You're welcome.

Does Subaru ever get really fucked save point? Like those game where you can save anywhere and you save right before dying?


Yes, right after where the anime stops.
There is another "Who's Rem?" moment when he is talking to Emilia. When he sees her lying in bed being comatose, he takes a dagger to the throat, only to notice that his savepoint is right next to the comatose Rem's bed.

>He should have used it at the very least until the end.

The end had alreday happened. Rem was dead.

>All because he gained strength after feeling acknowledged.

Just like that strenght that Rem supposedly gave him to become a hero. Which actually was simply and plainly his highest point of acknowledged.

>It is a life he threw away.

Dude, Taking that sentence out of context tro try to prove an incredibly inconsistent point is useless. That act is as genuine as his later arc of heroism, and also much more heroic.

I wanna fuck a Ferri

I'm not talking about Rem's fucking death. Get that through your damn thick skull. I'm talking about how HE THREW AWAY HIS DAMN LIFE. In episode 7, he only gained strength to kill himself from feeling acknowledged. He wanted to be the hero. Subaru killed himself for himself. There's no honest feelings there. He gained strength and purpose from remembering and that just came from within himself. He killed himself for himself. Not really for anyone else no matter how much you think that Subaru is an all great person. Fuck that notion. He's self-centered, obnoxious to where he desire attention, wants to be seen as great and is willing to find anything to make a half-assed effort to make for himself. He desires expectations, acknowledgement, purpose from people to where he is desperate. That comes from a damn low self-esteem. But before you try and say something else, I never said he's a bad character. From the second half, he reflected within himself and continued to make mistakes and realizes his own flaws that got him this far. And with episode 18, he got what he really wanted, expectations. And from there, Subaru became earnest and striving to better himself as a person. And no, this did not come before. This does not apply to episode 7, this was not in any way considered earnest or good. This was trying to make a reason for himself and being the fucking hero that he's not. Plus, look what I said before, I said he should NOT have suicided. And that is because I know what happens after that. The moment you try to justify yourself, "Oh, it was to save others!" that is inexcusable. It has been show in the series later that an act like that can never be justified. Don't make another excuse here. There's not really any genuine intention. Wake up and smell the coffee. Suicide to achieve something should never be rewarded. Risking your life to achieve something is a actual wager.

>Ferris: “Yes, Ferri-chan is a man in soul and body both.”

Thank God Ferris isn't trans, so now tumblr can shut up about it.

Post more Betelgeuse for my folder

Me too. Also Mega-Puck

volkswagen betel

>I'm not talking about Rem's fucking death.

I know, and that's the problem, you are ignoring it. Talking about "He should have used it at the very least until the end", "Risking your life to achieve something is a actual wager" in that context doesn't make any sense.

>He wanted to be the hero.

You are trying to make it sound like it was narcisism and self satisfaction, that was ep 13 in which he clearly just thought about himself while only making trouble for Emilia.
In ep. 7 he had a concrete objective, and the motivation was that he loved them that much, not that heroism would have make him feel more satisfied. The fact that their affection wasn't a lie just ignited his reaction. He really didn't want to die, he even said that to Beako before jumping, and you are conveniently ignoring it.

> I never said he's a bad character.

Never thought that, we are clearly just discussing about his personality.

>and with episode 18, he got what he really wanted, expectations.

Glad that we agree.

>And from there, Subaru became earnest and striving to better himself as a person.
>And no, this did not come before.

I wrote that he became a more mature man as well. We disagree about what part of him changed. His change was related to his fuck up in episodes 13,16,17, you are putting in it things that have nothing to do with it.

> Suicide to achieve something should never be rewarded.

That's your main bias that fucks up your consideration I guess, which is nonsesical when in that case it was rewarded. But what do you think, that post ep 18 Subaru wouldn't have done that, or he would have done it for a different motivation? It would have been the same, just even less insecure.
It's just that you can't accept this kind of act can also be heroic in a context in which it isn't an ABUSE by any means and the motivations are clearly genuine
The fact that you have such a beyond ideal absolute and idea of heroism, worse than Shiro's, doesn't help as well


When does Subaru make Beako "really really happy"

Did I miss something on how Emilia does not remember anything regarding Satella at the end of arc 3 or it will be explained later on?

Handy exploitable for you

She only nicknamed herself that in life 1, none of the others


But she knew what does Satella and Witch of Envy mean when Subaru call her that name in life 3 IIRC and hence why she was upset.

At the end of arc 3 it seemed that she is totally dumbfounded to the idea of Witch of Envy. Even Subaru recall what I just mentioned previously and find it strange.

whats wrong with jpg
its a cap of a lossy mp4. nothing would be gained by using png.

Cute cinnamon bun

>nice trip?

Lurk more

Radio show for ep25 just finished airing, and they are still gonna continue it next week. Thoughts?

They are going to take a break next week and continue on 10/10, but by the sound of it, they have no intention of stopping the radio show for some reason.

It's going to be about "TV Anime's Sequel' is in the Novels".

where the fuck is ep26

Holy shit, is that from ep25?

In the novels

Its from the radio show talking about ep 25.

Read the post above yours.

Its possible they are just keeping the radio show going so they can advertise LN10 coming out in Oct. But that would mean Emilia's CV and the guest of the week will have to read the LN to have something to talk about, which seems unlikely.

Glad that jap people like it that much.

>But that would mean Emilia's CV and the guest of the week will have to read the LN to have something to talk about, which seems unlikely.

You know, as unlikely as it sounds, that's a good idea.

Oh no! You've just been hurt, and now Emilia is ready to flip out and freeze the place.

What will you do?

If I kiss her would puck behead me?

kill her for laughs, since I'll die anyway

Remfags BTFO

Spoil it for me anons: why the fuck is Rem comatose? She's transporting the dead whale back, and that's all I know.

Re:Zero Otome VN when

It's translated, just read it.


Original source:

>I'm not an EMTfag or anything but I think it would make him an indecisive faggot if he decided to return Rem's feeling.
He decided to return Rem's feelings in the novel. Subaru is an indecisive faggot and always has been. He seems to love them in different ways, but both of those ways seem to be romantic.


>I'm actually glad that he turned her down.
He just said that he loves Emilia, he didn't say the she don't likes Rem.

No, he's right about ep 18, he rejected rem and rem even joked about it. The rest came later.

Anyone care to help with this line?

she know, arc 4 final revolves around having a pact that transformed into love with the years.

Right now I'm waiting on how LN will change things from the WN. His attitude towards Rem seems more familial than what he has for Emilia, and we already have Q&As from the Author that say Rem is the type of girl Subaru would have ended up marrying if he hadn't been isekai'd. I guess I'd say that his thoughts towards her make me think of a man and his wife at times.

On the other hand, Emilia is something more like the girl of his dreams. She's someone he's crazy about and he wants to pursue and chase after. A Princess and her Knight, maybe. I don't know.
He's right that Subaru didn't say he didn't like Rem. I don't actually feel too sure when Subaru started developing feelings for Rem, but he couldn't keep ignoring it after From Zero. There are earlier parts in the WN where he starts missing Rem when she went shopping for a few hours.
>Gratitude and some words of thanks were all he sought, unintentionally Rem’s image came to mind. That blue-haired girl was probably on a shopping tour right around now, they’d only been apart for a few hours but how much he missed her. I want to be healed by Rem!

They're the same when the only way to achieve what you want is to use your life. Martyr's are a thing, you know. Maybe you should read some world or even local history. I'm sure your country has had at least 1.

>I don't actually feel too sure when Subaru started developing feelings for Rem
I think he already had it, when he came to her at the night.

>He's right that Subaru didn't say he didn't like Rem.

I know, I meant that was proper rejection, subaru didn't just say or think "I love Emilia (but let's see if there is enough place for you as well)", rem herself got how serious he was. He wasn't acting like an indecisive faggot at that point, that's what I wanted yo say. Obviously what you wrote is true as well.

Nobody is translating it, animation announcement possibly never...

Please at least turn it into a manga.

No. Where are you getting this from? Emilia was confused because they were talking about bishops and the (emphasis on THE) witch, while, from what she knew and what Puck supposedly told her, there are several witches. She probably wasn't told about the bishops.

Nah, that was a destroyed man who was searching some relief, there wasn't a romantic feel and intent for sure, even when the whale killed her he kept running to try to save Emilia, with all the obvious consequences. Episode 18 was the first huge change of direction, but it wasn't enough.

re:zero is shallow and for plebs, go frick yourselves the lot of you

Well, we know he viewed her as a source of comfort and gratitude back then, and we've also known he was attracted to her from the very moment he saw her and started making dumb pervy comments. I'm more wondering when he started to like her as something a little more than that, which is hard to tell since he seems to make an active effort to block off those thoughts in some of the chapters I've seen. He didn't want to think about back then, and the Arc 4 translations make it sound like he never wanted to allow anyone equal standing to Emilia in his heart. His feelings for Rem seem to be something he reluctantly comes to accept, because he can't deny them any longer.
True. Subaru hadn't come to terms with his feelings for Rem at that point, so it'd have been wrong to lead her on.

No u

>Nobody is translating it

A guy is translating the things related to Wilhelm, maybe he will translate the rest of the crush camp extra material after that.

I preferred him being an indecisive faggot in the LN over him being a callous faggot in the anime who shrugged off that confession like it was nothing.

Link? I think I'm going to go beg

No way that was in the manga

It's in the manga.
If he doesn't mind, I'd really like to see Al's sidestories translated.

Do you play as FemSubaru?

Who else would you be?

Why is it strange that a seiyuu would read the original material? Rie Takahashi at least read and enjoyed Konosuba while voicing Megumin and that's significantly bawdier and weirder than Re:Zero. Unless they're an idol and like half of everything they do is bullshit, you'd think a professional voice actor for azn cartoons would be the slightest bit interested in the field in which they're immersing their life. Well, then again, seiyuu do make an astounding amount of money compared to the West, so there is some greater degree of incentive.

Unrelated example, but Jouji Nakata is actually a fan of Kinoko Nasu's works and that's why he keeps showing up whenever he's called to voice in TM's adaptations.

So, what other characters would we fit in? All of the other Bishops with Al as a secret character?

Three-way mindbreak with Gluttony when?



Maybe some vanilla routes with Julius and Reinhardt


Being honest and resolute it's the opposite of being a faggot user, especially when things are related to love.
But the most important thing is that even Rem herself started smiling and joking because hearing that meant the resolute and spirited Subaru she loved was finally back, I think that's the best way to enjoy that scene.

She also started crying right afterward.

>"After the battle against the hakugei, its head was severed and returned to the capitol, along with the wounded and Rem. They were attacked by the Archbishops of Sin."
Disclaimer: My Japanese is shit, shiiiiiiiiit

Both Julius and Reinhardt at once? Because Julius is gay.

Its better than nothing, the fact that someone actually helped is good, thanks

We don't know Julius is gay. Other than his general demeanor of foppishness, there's like one scene in an EX volume which could indicate any of multiple things, one of which might be attraction to Reinhard. But who the fuck knows for sure, really?

Julius is a homosexual.

>“By the way, I don’t think I’ve heard anything about you, Julius.”

>“Unfortunately, I haven’t lived a life that’s particularly worth asking about. As far as I can remember, my life has been thoroughly dull. It would put you to sleep.”

>“Phooey. If you don’t want to talk about it, then I won’t pry… but that reminds me. You’ve known Reinhard for a long time, right? You get along with him better than nyather people.”

>“Reinhard, huh? I’ve known him for as long as you’ve known the prince.”

>As soon as Reinhard’s name came up, Julius’s expression changed in a flash. He started stroking his forelock, a faraway look in his eyes. It seemed as if he was lost in his recollections.

>“I suppose it’s been about ten years since we first met. But we only started being close friends when we both became knights. I wasn’t blessed with fond memories as you were with the prince.”

>“So you only knew each other by face because you both came from noble families?”

>“Not quite. I knew him, but I don’t know if he knew me. He was always special to me, so I’m happy that we became friends.”

>“Special, huh?”

>There didn’t appear to be any malice or ulterior motives hidden in Julius’s feelings of friendship towards Reinhard. But whether it was mere friendship was somewhat difficult for Ferris to discern. There was something else there, too. Something inexplicable.

>But Ferris didn’t know Julius well enough to put his finger on it.

Sure we can, if that doesn't work, we can just turn him into a girl too

Well, there aren't allowed to be any real competitors for Emilia's heart. The closest it gets is Regulus, and Regulus is such a shit that only a blind retard could possibly overlook how shallow and twisted his idea of love is.

Julius is a friend of Emilia's who kissed her hand. Therefore he must be a total faggot to maintain her purity.

user, the point was that you should also consider Subaru more like Rem herself did instead of taking scene in such a remcentric way.

There is no way right?

Actually, I just realized that I didn't really need that line but instead needed this one:
If you're willing to translate it then i'd be really grateful, I need to sleep now so i'll say thanks in advance if you do do it

Taking that* scene


Best Girl confirmed

That's exactly the scene I'm thinking of. This could apply to any number of feelings, one of which is attraction - I never denied that. It might even fit into Re:Zero's theme of unrequited love. But at the end of the day, it's just not said what the deal is and Tappei could take it in numerous directions. He's not the sort of author you can trust unless it's an established, pinned down fact of the story and would cause internal inconsistency if expectations were betrayed.

>page summary instead of translation
Don't give up. Maybe someday someone will finally translate Arc 4. In 2032

It will take about 2 years with TranslationChicken's speed

>—The situation that Rem, Crusch and her people underwent is extremely simple: a simultaneous attack by the Sin Bishops of the Witch Cult, and two of them appearing simultaneously tells it all.
It's a pretty weird line all around, honestly.

Trying to simplify it and make it less awkward to read:
>- the situation is that two Archbishops of Sin revealed themselves and attacked Rem and Crusch.
Again, my Japanese is shiiiiiiiiiit.

Oh damn, before I fully went to sleep, user helps me
Thank you

>Hearing that, Subaru judged that he should end the conversation about here. After a moment of thought, Subaru quietly held his hand out to Ferris.

>Ferris: “Nywhat?”

>Subaru: “Just, I feel like I haven't thanked you properly for all the help you've given me. There's healing my body, and, straight-up, if you weren't around for the White Whale and SLOTH, there's lots of places where things wouldn't have gone right at all. ...And, I'm grateful to you for Rem.”

>Ferris: “...I dyon't think you're being mean or sarcastic, but that's all it turned into.

>Subaru: “That's me activating my skill, KUUKI YOMENAI. Please put up with it.”

>He said the words with honest feelings of thanks, but they did not please Ferris. But at least the feeling itself got through. Ferris grasped Subaru's outstretched hand, and firmly completed the handshake. While feeling Ferris' palm,

>Subaru: “Thin fingers, tiny hands. Rugged, manly fingers... was the development I was expecting, but it didn't happen.”

>Ferris: “This perfectly dressed-up adorable Ferri-chan couldn't pyossibly show everyone such a disappointing development. Nyot a single unwanted hair or patch of rough skin, entirely natural.”


That's not a bad argument in a meta sense. It's certainly the sort of thing otaku would keep track of.
Incidentally, the implication's potential also made me wonder if one of the reasons Julius saved Subaru from offending the knights at the expense of his own honor was because it was like rescuing a kawaii damsel except they're both dudes so it's okay to rough each other up a little. Which leads me to the depressing conclusion that if Julius is in fact gay, he's always getting cucked by the hets.

>Ferris proudly raised his ungrasped hand and flashed a glimpse of the pale legs beneath his skirt, boldly exposing the inviting beauty of slender, womanly legs. Subaru's shoulders drooped in dejection,

>Subaru: “But, he's a guy.”

>Ferris: “Yes, Ferri-chan is a man in soul and body both.”

>Subaru: “If you're that proud about it, what's with the outfit. What about this is a guy?”

>Delicate clothes on men was impermissible—was not how antiquated Subaru's thinking was, but he could at least tell that Ferris' behaviour plummeted far along a path antithetical to masculinity.

>Ferris placed his finger to his lips at Subaru's question, and while seductively waving his hips,

>Ferris: “'Cause Crusch-sama said this outfit suits Ferri-chan soo weeell. That a visage that makes his soul shine brighter suits him. —All Ferri-chan's doing is responding to Crusch-sama's words with full devotion.”

>Subaru: “But that's something...”

>That the present Crusch wouldn't know, was how Subaru was going to continue before he stopped himself.

>Ferris would already know that without Subaru having to say it. Purposefully voicing it would only hurt, but more importantly, it was preposterous to speak as if it was something bad done to Subaru himself in front of Ferris.

>If people talking about Rem as if they knew her irritated himself, then that meant Ferris definitely didn't want to hear those words from Subaru.


>“—I wonder what will happen to the Karsten clan now.”


>Abruptly, those words hammered on Subaru's eardrums.

>Quiet, cold, an intonation with emotions frozen. The question of 'Who was that?' carried enough strength that even though he heard the voice come from right in front of him, Subaru was slow to put it together.

>His head drooped, Ferris' bangs prevented his expression from showing through.

>Keeping that posture, Ferris' grip on Subaru's hand strengthened.

>Ferris: “Crusch-sama alone absolutely will I protect.”

>Subaru: “Fe-Ferris?”

>Ferris: “Soooo!”

>Ferris' voice suddenly bounced back up and he raised his head. His eyes housed the same mischievous look as always, and as if that second of transformation was a lie,

>Ferris: “You hafta keep your promise too, Subaru-kyun! Don't, and I'll make the mana inside you go crazy 'till you go insane and die!”

>Subaru: “Don't say that while smiling! Also don't threaten partners in your ally!”

>Ferris: “But more than a threat, it's a death sentence?”

>Subaru: “That's worse! Geez.”

>Ferris: “You hafta keep your promise too, Subaru-kyun! Don't, and I'll make the mana inside you go crazy 'till you go insane and die!”
Uh, what illness did Fourier die from again?

Not that at least

I know of at least one other guy who wants to help TLchicken with Arc 4. He says he sent a message to him about it. If the other translators who are working on the earlier Arcs can catch up, they might be able to do a collaboration of some sort.
The idea of Subaru having zero competitors and trying to keep it that way is actually brought up in Arc 4. He even spergs out a bit at the thought of letting someone like Otto talk to Emilia alone. That's why I think he's Envy/Jealousy, not Pride. But yeah, Julius is probably being cucked by Felt.

The way all of the royals died, I'd say Volcanica activated their kill switch and turned the dragon blood in their veins to poison. That way everyone would be forced to follow the prophecy and start the Candidate Election as foretold.

The best part is that S2 is going to have the Memilia pose too.

Was it Dragon AIDS or just an unknown disease?

It's more a summary-translation hybrid.

>Incidentally, the implication's potential also made me wonder if one of the reasons Julius saved Subaru from offending the knights at the expense of his own honor was because it was like rescuing a kawaii damsel except they're both dudes so it's okay to rough each other up a little.

Holy shit.

No one knows, but it only affected the royal line. In short, the only people who died of it had dragon blood. This was an event the dragon herself predicted, so it's not too hard to guess that Volcanica literally just made it happen using her connection to the royal family.

Also explains his so called "friendship" with Ferris and how he could be friendly to Emilia

>Also explains his so called "friendship" with Ferris


Felt lived though, so it had to be targeted in a way that would miss an unknown.

I was actually considering mentioning in that post how it's interesting that, in a series full of unrequited love and multiple characters getting cucked, Subaru has pretty much entirely avoided it.
In any case, Subaru could very well be Pride simply by virtue of the fact that the other sins are said to be born of Pride - you need to lack humility and a realistic perception of oneself to succumb to the irrational selfishness that the sins represent, in other words. Pride being the root of sin is why it's represented by Lucifer, the highest satan. Considering how one of the core themes of Re:Zero's structure is Subaru struggling with and sublimating his own seven sins, it does fit that he would be Pride, from which the other sins derive.
It's also interesting to note that narcissism doesn't preclude extremely low self-esteem, too: you can be a grandiose narcissist who genuinely believes their own hype such that they possess delusional self-importance or a vulnerable narcissist who over-compensates for low self-esteem and a deep-seated sense of shame as a coping mechanism to deal with neglect in their past... like Subaru does.
But it wouldn't be surprising if Subaru was Envy, considering his relation to Satella.

Perhaps as a bastard, her blood wasn't incestous enough to be affected.

Should I photoshop a Sauron helmet onto her too?

Speaking of Emilia, there's one thing I've been having trouble articulating about her. Reading her scenes and hearing about her character almost makes me feel like someone is describing their rather particular fetish to me, and not a fetish I share. Though "fetish" might not be the right word.
The Dragon didn't want to kill Felt, since she's going to be one of the candidates. I assume Volcanica could choose who she killed and who she spared.

Felt may have not been unknown and the curse passing over her was intentional to fit the prophecy.


Well, I'm biased towards Al being Pride, since he follows the candidate associated most with that Sin. In that case, Subaru's role in following Emilia would link him more closely to Envy.
>in a series full of unrequited love and multiple characters getting cucked, Subaru has pretty much entirely avoided it.
It's a shame, isn't it? Rather, the opposite is closer to happening. Everyone loves and is devoted to him, and he's got several little girls crushing on him. Including Emilia.

>Should I photoshop a Sauron helmet onto her too?
That or shop Lúthien onto her.

Reminder that Felt and Fourier are siblings

>I don't know you, I don't understand why you love me, and why you thinks I helped you.
Gee. Why does that sound so familiar?

>you will never have your loli harem

>Just take go ahead, taking your time, slow as you want. The day you fall in love with me is coming.

Just had a thought. If the theme of Re:Zero is love, does that mean all of the Bishops are going to also reflect some expression of love? There's Betelgeuse and his worshipful love of Satella, Regulus and his shallow love for cute pure girls, and Sirius's devotion and admiration for Betelgeuse.

How would the other Sins express their love? Does the Gluttony Trio have a close familial bond? Lust strikes me more as who wants to force others to adore her, going by her description, but we'll see how that turns out.

Regulus, Capella, and Sirius all have clear ethos on love that they go on for paragraphs about at at least one point. Gluttonies haven't really but maybe they're lategame.

There's also the little tidbit of the archbishops names being stars while Subaru is a constellation, and that constellation being a gathering of Seven stars, no less.

I'd be fine with Al being Pride... although we know multiple people can share the same Authority which manifests in different-but-similar ways and Subaru and Al possess a similar expression of power (redoing until they succeed), so what if they're both Pride? But it's also possible they're both Envy.
Consider the following: Vainglory and Acedia, historical members of the deadly sins, both have an associated witch (Pandora) and warlock (Hector) respectively. Both sins were considered redundant with other sins (Vainglory with Pride and Envy, Acedia with Sloth) and thus folded into those sins.

Acedia produces a force field around Hector that makes absolutely everything slam to the ground as if by gravity. Magic, people, and everything else gets crushed. It's like an incredibly strong, forceful, all-encompassing, but blunt and much less versatile version of Sloth. Whereas the user of Sloth can slothfully entrust everything to the Unseen Hands (which themselves are force fields shaped like limbs), Acedia forces everyone around Hector to be incapable of movement and thus inactive, impressing "sloth" upon others (with minimum effort, in fact). Through this we can see that these two extra sins have some parallels to their "official" counterpart.


Would you a FemSubaru?

Can you give me a vague summary of each?

So thematically, the true story being that Subaru and Emilia are endlessly looping round each other and gathering up Sins and Witch powers for love would be the most fitting direction the plot can take?

Vainglory can rewrite the current circumstances to be in Pandora's favor at will, the limitations of which have not entirely been explored. She can't control people with this power, but she can change the direction a situation is heading, which switches the positions where people presently are, whether something has been done by someone or not, and also memories - what a person believes to have occurred to them.
Viewed broadly, you might say she's accomplishing the same thing as Subaru or Al is with a reset: the situation is overwritten with a new possibility. The difference is that Subaru and Al actively work within a timeline to realize the new possibility and thus have comparatively fine control over how it goes, while Pandora simply warps the present circumstances to be favorable to her - it's unknown how in control of the changes she actually is and how within the realm of reasonable possibility the altered circumstances must be.
Vainglory was viewed as a form of Pride by a pope, but as a specific sin it was also the progenitor of Envy in particular, so if we're meant to draw a connection to Subaru and Al here, they could very well be either Pride or Envy going by Pandora's association with Vainglory.
Interestingly enough, Pandora appears to be the leader of the Witch Cult.

>It's a shame, isn't it?
I can't say it is, really. NTR is gross.

>That I like you, and view you sexually, and want to help you are all completely true facts. It's okay to believe in that.
Smooth operator

>Ram and Rosewall have a bet

>She knows what he did
nope as well
stop believing everything you read

Reminder that Emilia hasn't told Subaru about what she saw during the Third Trial.

Just going off memory but
Gist of Regulus is only looks matter, if everyone's treated equally then that's a proper marriage and being a harem doesn't conflict with the concept of a proper marriage, more focused on the family unit side of love and effectively shitting all over it. Capella has a rant about how the only real aspect of love is hardcore animal planet pure bestial fucking and everything people say about love that isn't about the fucking is just BS window dressing to the real action which is the fucking. Sirius is all about the kiznaiver mind meld empathy becoming one stuff while also being a crazy stalker.

>I can't say it is, really. NTR is gross.
If it's actual NTR, then yes.

>Capella has a rant about how the only real aspect of love is hardcore animal planet pure bestial fucking and everything people say about love that isn't about the fucking is just BS window dressing to the real action which is the fucking.
She sounds like a really lovely woman.

She might also be a dude in actuality.

In WN it was revealed that he also was summoned from Earth 18 years before Subaru

Really? I joked about that in another thread, and I know she's an extreme shapeshifter, but is that actually implied?

Also, does anyone know what Al is currently up to after Arc 5?

Capella's great, I want her to show up again soon. Though shame she gets no fanart for obvious reasons.

No, not in particular. It's just a possibility. Capella doesn't have any attachment to a specific form, apparently, but if nothing else than Capella being her real name and her preference for female forms would indicate it's most probably she did start out a female.
But you never know with the archbishops until they're dead.

Insufficiently bishounen?

Capella can be as bishounen as she fucking wants. Case in point, a drawing of Capella.

i hope there wil be a second season and Satella will make her appearance, she's basically an evil version of Emiria, can you even imagine that?


So, no fanart because she can literally be anyone and everything.

I fucking adore reading this part

>In WN

it's not just WN material anymore, that was all in the manga and in the LN.

>she's basically an evil version of Emiria, can you even imagine that?

I can't, she's too sweet.

Now imagine if Emilia gets in full dark lady mode and Rem after waking up gets her old aggressive oni personality back for some magic bishop reasons. Now imagine Subaru's face. What does it look like?


I want my Rem-imitating, short-haired, vacant-eyed, perfect submissive doll AU Emilia permanently. The image just instantly turned my dick into diamonds. That sublime level of waifu is so intense it's dangerous.

Fuck off cancer.

So what do you think that Emilia would do when told how lewd Rem is?

she would be even lewder

I like this AU.

>souless Emilia.

But her cute soul is the most delicious part.

Honestly, Emilia trying to be lewd would be very funny.


>Subaru saw hell, and only hell.

wait, so manga already catched up anime's end and went further?

He has killed them before. He might kill them again, permanently. Which is would hate/love happen.

Love it because it strokes my tragedy boner but hate it because I'm emotionally invested in the series.

no he meant that all the detail the anime skipped is in the manga and LN the manga still way behind

It depends on how and when she's told.

If you just mentioned offhand early on, "Ah, Rem used to take every opportunity to smell my used clothing, I sure do miss her," she'd probably wonder to herself, "I-is the smell really that appealing...? Right, it must be, because, because...! It's the scent of the man I'm in love with! It's undignified, and a tad shameful, b-but..." and then she'd make a point of getting caught leaning over the laundry by you while she's deeply inhaling the essence of your boxers and then awkwardly explain what she was up to. Or maybe something more like "Ah, Rem used to take every opportunity to shove my face into her chest. Those were the days!" She'd definitely do that, pleading with you to feel the same joy. If you come on to her and she draws into herself, unable to respond to your lustful advances, you can just whisper, "Rem would have let me take her and loved every moment of it, you know," and she'd tremblingly welcome you into her embrace.

Of course, after a certain period of time down that Echidna contract route, after the point where she's incapable of doing anything without consulting you first, pretty much anything you ask her to do will probably compel her to go the extra mile, be even lewder, and elicit a response like:
"See, Subaru? I'm doing it just like you said that girl did. This makes you happy, right? I know you can't forget about her, but maybe, just maybe I'm good enough to be her substitute right? You always try to smile for me, but I know it hurts, and you get mad whenever she gets brought up, so... You can focus on me instead and take your mind off her, even if it's just for a little bit. I love you, after all, so if I can be of any use, I'll do it, I will! So, so..."

Ahhh, I'm not usually a waifufag and I tend to err more towards liking Rem as a character, but god damn, this version of EMT is just too perfect for my dick.

No, the first cut part about Al was right before the candidate meeting, the second one when Subaru tries to get Priscilla's help.

Subaru can also go into Dark Lord Mode and they can all be edgy together.

So much more entertaining than the real Emilia.

>"I-is the smell really that appealing...? Right, it must be, because, because...! It's the scent of the man I'm in love with! It's undignified, and a tad shameful, b-but..."

>emt's* fw

I could've sworn I saw a screencap of Felix looking smug and dignified somewhere around here.

Am I going insane?

I wouldn't say Emilia as she is fails to be entertaining. She gets the screen-time she needs to shine in Arc 4. But I would agree that broken doll AU Emilia is just an explosive sensory overload of all the best traits of both heroines dialed up to an extreme, unstable level. Codependent bonds this ferociously strong are my fucking fetish.

I had a lot of fun every time Subaru interacted with her in arc 2. Thankfully the manga also had some little scenes that were cut in the anime.

> Felix looking smug and dignified

Did that ever happen?

F-fund this.

This, and I don't get how people can overlook this. It honestly must be deliberate. There are parallels to him causing a ruckus and making Emilia look bad to a point where an angry knight forgets the etiquette and beats the shit out of Subaru. There, he also proclaimed that it was for the sake of somebody else. Emilia sees through this bullshit and calls him out on it, a rejection which drives him into self-pity and a false pride, even deeper than he already is. He later reflects upon this and apologizes to Emilia because he realized that he did that for himself and nobody else. It's the very same thing with the suicide, only that nobody remembered that because it didn't happen in the optimal timeline, so it isn't ever brought up again.

Found it. Right after Subaru gets defensive about using Emilia's cloak.

> There are parallels to him causing a ruckus and making Emilia look bad to a point where an angry knight forgets the etiquette and beats the shit out of Subaru
>I don't get how people can overlook this.

I mentioned ep. 13 when I replyied to him (see ).

>It's the very same thing with the suicide

There are only reasons to think that it was an opposite case. The other user disagrees because of his personal beliefs, but it seems that in your case you don't remember that episode or you are doing a blind generalization.

How so? Pretty sure Subaru didn't think of killing himself until AFTER they started suspecting him of having to do something with that. He did not want to be seen as a murderer and lose his home and the one he loves, so he kills himself to un-fuck the situation. Him saying that he's going to save Rem is just him trying to make a good impression. I'm not saying that he did it ENTIRELY for those reasons, mind you, but they were definitely and without a shred of doubt dare, and in my opinion the stronger deciding factors for Subaru, whether conscious or unconscious (people with low self esteem do tend to lie to themselves about their motives and reasons in order to look less like a selfish fuck, which is often associated with being a shitty human being).

>. He did not want to be seen as a murderer and lose his home and the one he loves, so he kills himself to un-fuck the situation.

LOL. So the issue was that you don't remember it at all. Read the manga if you have enough time, it's an amazing adaptation, better than the anime. Sadly, the other two re:0 manga aren't as good as arc 2 manga.

Well shit, if I'm wrong I will drop the point. I don't even know what the original accusation was, I just felt like chiming in on the discussion.

The accusation was that he knew something relevant about Rem's death, I think you already remember that more or less correctly. The problem si that you forgot everything about Subaru's motivations.

Yeah, could be true, it's been a while since that episode aired and I didn't pay a lot of attention to detail since it was kind of obvious what would happen.

Everyone should take into account the actual practical advantages and disadvantages to Subaru committing suicide to intentionally reset a loop.
-The advantage is immediately restarting from the previous checkpoint to avoid some sort of tragedy or failure, generally an otherwise unfixable and intolerable one.
-The sole disadvantage has thus far only been demonstrated in the Echidna contract AU, where making a habit of ending his own life causes Subaru to lose sight of his own life's value and he willingly kills himself over trifles. Perhaps because he is somewhat fragile at heart, this drastically alters Subaru's mentality, causes him to become paranoid and fix problems that aren't necessarily there, and ironically causes him to narrow the scope of what he's willing to protect.
Now consider how Subaru's suicidal self-sacrifice is treated in Arc 2 - it eventually leads to his success during that arc. Tappei doesn't shy away from smashing his MC with the full weight of his karma when he feels Subaru has made a poor moral or emotional choice, as he quickly demonstrated in Arc 3, so why is the suicide in Arc 2 treated as acceptable - even heroic - while the choice of "abusing" shinimodori by suiciding to fix every little difficulty is relegated to a bad end? It's fairly apparent that Tappei is drawing a line in the sand here between what's an acceptable usage of a powerful advantage to earn a good ending and what's depending on it to an extent that's harmful to the human psyche - or at least Subaru's psyche.
So the only reason not to kill yourself whenever you want to redo something in this scenario is fear of the potential long-term effects having infinite do-overs for everything (as long as you're willing to kill yourself) will have on your perception of yourself and reality. There is otherwise nothing wrong with killing yourself to reset the loop if it's necessary to avoid an intolerable scenario.

There's was one thing I said in that regard. A life is a life. You would do well to love yourself and others. A life that was lost cannot be justified in any way through thoughts, reasoning, or anything emotional. You cannot put life on a scale. No matter how the situation is.

>"There will definitely be hardships.

I think I understand the differences in situations. Subaru shouldn't kill himself if he doesn't have to, but some things are worth dying for regardless of whether or not you can return by death. There were points Subaru was going to kill himself when he genuinely did not need to, just to escape something that made him uncomfortable.

I don't think Subaru learned to never kill himself, but to treat each one of his lives with respect. The problem in the AU is that the things he was dying for weren't worth it, regardless of how many lives he had. Something as simple as knowledge, or exploiting every possibility until he can force something to happen, isn't a good reason to give up your life. Saving the life of another is quite a different matter. Most people see being willing to sacrifice yourself to save another as part of what makes a hero, but there's a difference between being a hero and being borderline suicidal.

>He killed himself for himself.

Not going to disagree with that but it wasn't fully just that. The route he took, he actively didn't "FIX" anything. He was basically holed up in Beatrice' realm and survived.

He was hurting from being rejected and doubted by the Rem. Because in all honesty, his first loop would've been smooth had he not been bitten by the Ulgarm. Not to mention when he noticed that Rem and Ram do try to comfort him when he was having nightmares.

To say that there was no justification for his suicide completely disregards the fact that he has the power to turn it around. He took a gamble since he never knows what will come next and if he will still wake up.

What I'm saying here is that even though he is a selfish bastard who has a hero complex, but that doesn't mean that he didn't have a sincere motive to it. Even the humiliating duel, he wanted to be useful to Emilia and take as much of the burden away from her. His ego going rampant is another separate thing.

Good post. Thanks for summarizing a big part of the matter so well.

That's your belief and all, and it justifies why you see his act of heroism with that kind of very peculiar perspective. But that user explained as cleary as possible why that perspective doesn't make any sense in the series.

Shiro, get the out, go to bang a Saber clone.

>There's was one thing I said in that regard. A life is a life.
Actually, I found your particular reasoning puerile and shortsighted, which is why I was apt to say even with regards to the AU "it may just be because Subaru is personally fragile that he's lost sight of the value of persevering in a loop where a mistake was made."
>A life that was lost cannot be justified in any way through thoughts, reasoning, or anything emotional.
Good thing he's not losing his life then, huh? If he's retaining continuity of consciousness and returning to the checkpoint with his memory intact, then he essentially never died. As far as Subaru is concerned, the previous loop is relegated to a very detailed precognitive vision which he can now act upon. You can hardly call it death at that point so much as pain, so killing himself is more like inflicting extreme but entirely temporary self-harm to trigger a reset. So the only real expense paid is a small span of suffering; it's not even like Subaru's efforts in the previous loops are wasted since now he has a better grasp of the situation and can use his newfound knowledge to craft a more desirable scenario.
>You cannot put life on a scale. No matter how the situation is.
You sure can, but that's a digression from the actual context of the conversation. The values you cite have no bearing on shinimodori's functions in the first place.

>Not going to disagree with that

But about ep. 7 you should. You guys keep forgetting how much he didn't want to die in that episode. Only the revelation that the love he received from them was genuine and not a lie like Rem said, made him defeat his own instinct, instinct that was fucking strong.

While in episode 13 he just wanted to be Emilia's most important support. Because of his ego he wanted that position in such a dumb and unresonable way. Totally different contexts.

This is precisely right, granted you mean 'some things are worth dying for regardless of whether or not you can return by death' in the sense that some things are worth risking your life for no matter what. Blindly sacrificing yourself without shinimodori would be, uh, foolish, though - I'm pretty sure that's not what you meant.

> 'some things are worth dying for regardless of whether or not you can return by death' in the sense that some things are worth risking your life for no matter what.

user, maybe, just maybe, 'some things are worth dying for" just means 'some things are worth dying for".

>Blindly sacrificing yourself

Good thing that case was the opposite of a blind sacrifice.

Wrong, that is not love. Subaru only felt a reason to kill himself. IT WAS FOR HIMSELF. RE-WATCH EPISODE 7. Look at why he was crying. Listen and read every single word. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. He did not feel it from them and when he did, he killed himself from that moment of strength he felt from WHAT HE HIMSELF VALUES AND NOT THEM. HE IS BEING A HERO FOR HIMSELF.

>Good thing that case was the opposite of a blind sacrifice.
Yes it was. But if shinimodori wasn't there, it would've been. That's my point.
>'some things are worth dying for regardless of whether or not you can return by death'
'cause, see, if Rem's coma is worth killing oneself over without shinimodori, then the only result is . So it's kind of outside the matter of whether Subaru killing himself to reset a loop is justifiable and advantageous at any point. A better example (and I thought this was the kind of heroic act you were referring to) would be how Subaru was fully willing to risk his life to save Emilia from the explosion even if he died in the process.
That's all I was getting at. I'm not the "hurrdurr suicide is always wrong even when it's not even really suicide" guy.

What the fuck is even being argued right now.

>Yes it was.
I mean "yes it was the opposite of a blind sacrifice," just for clarity's sake.

Did anyone translate what Tappei said yesterday? He promised to go on a spiel the week after episode 25 aired.

user, chill out and then reread all the arc.


My fucking ass. Rem and Ram gave him tons of things, he listed them when Rem killed him.
Read that fucking list. That list is made by the reasons why he killed himself for them. They give him so much thinsg and love and that was enough to make defeat his own instinct. Stop rewriting a whole arc just to make it suit your own ludicrous moral values.

>He did not feel it from them and when he did, he killed himself from that moment of strength he felt from WHAT HE HIMSELF VALUES AND NOT THEM. HE IS BEING A HERO FOR HIMSELF.

You are getting simply crazy now.

So we're back on the "Subaru is just being selfish and only did x for himself" train, or?

I have no clue

user's brain is probably trembling.

>But if shinimodori wasn't there, it would've been. That's my point

That's not even a point. It's an obvious thing that has nothing to do with this discussion.

> A better example (and I thought this was the kind of heroic act you were referring to) would be how Subaru was fully willing to risk his life to save Emilia from the explosion

No, not really, I liked that part, but it wasn't anything special for Subaru's standard. It was "just" risking his life for the person he love, which is what he as done since the first episode, at that point it was just a natural thing for him.
While in episode 7 he fought and won against his own instinct and destroyed his body to save a person that gave him many things, but that also killed him.

So Ley has whip marks all over his body. And Subaru uses a whip for a weapon. Just how triggered is Ley going to be once Subaru fights him?

I laughed heartily.

>He uses Beatrice's Yin magic and embeds dark crystal magic to his whip

Just as equally triggered when Ley uses Rem's memories, voice and emotions during their battle.

What about based shamac. Why only I remember it.

Because he can't use it anymore. His managate is fucked remember?

gate collapsed , if subaru goes full falled Maiar and got some fiery dark being form that mean tappei is bring up some real Tolkien shit in his Wn, and i'm not going to lie...i find it a clichè

Well, I believed that it would have fixed itself soon or later, he even used it against Julius while the gate was already damaged. What a waste of potential.

isn't it permanently broken though(or eventually becomes permanent in later arcs?)

Nah, he fucked it beyond repair. That or it will take a loong time for it to come back. But Tappei hinted that his managate will be repaired later on in the series.

Chicken did chapter 4 apparently:

Not sure if this is an entire chapter though.

Are we letting the thread die?

Arc 4 i meant.

Nice, even if it's very short.

>Patrasche allowed him to pet her.


>In comparison, only losing a portion of her mercenaries and supply trains, Anastasia’s forces are almost completely intact. And even though she wasn’t the main player in either battle, her forces made tremendous contributions with minimal losses, a highly profitable investment.

Fucking Anastasia, I hope she and Priscilla will destroy each other.

Should i make another thread?

>That's not even a point. It's an obvious thing that has nothing to do with this discussion.
It absolutely was. The point of this discussion was the utility and morality of Subaru killing himself and nothing less.
>some things are worth dying for regardless of whether or not you can return by death
So this statement of yours means either:
-some thing are just worth killing yourself over even without return by death
-some things are worth risking or paying your life for even without return by death
All I asserted in was 'as long as you mean the latter, which I suppose you do, then that's all precisely correct'. That's all I was saying. The entire deal with this was the clause "even without return by death," so yeah, in that case, Subaru betting his life on being able to escape the explosion to save Emilia is -absolutely- a better example than either time Subaru has committed suicide with consideration to the clause "even without return by death."

>While in episode 7 he fought and won against his own instinct and destroyed his body to save a person that gave him many things, but that also killed him.
Now if you're actually asserting "Subaru killing himself permanently if it meant Rem's revival" here, then you've completely transformed the context of the decision being made because shinimodori isn't truly suicide in the first place, given Subaru's continued consciousness and memory. That's not the message Tappei is delivering.

Subaru reminds me a lot of Okabe Rintaro. I hope he too gets his happy ending after a lot of suffering.

I'm not saying that it was reckless and uncalled for. It's not purely driven by his ego as he said. To say that killing himself was not an act of heroism just because most of his flaws were revealed later was wrong. But at the same time it was also not completely uncalled for since he questions his motives and what drives him.

Yeah go ahead.

So, what are the topics today, meine Freunde?

i just don't think you can repair your gate once collapsed