What is your honest opinion on loli characters?

What is your honest opinion on loli characters?

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Little boys > Little girls.

Me taking the selfie


They can be really cute. I like Tsumugi because she's cute. Also Mari and Kaede from Yuru Yuri are very cute.

I like them smug.

How do you feel about these lolis?

I tolerate them because every show has to have one.

Pedo trash

Sluts all of them

Now that thinkig about it

What would happen if there was an anime about a world full of lolis making grown up things like adults do

But answering your question:
Lolis when it's with their family, it's really /c/ and warms my soul
But shotas are more cute but behead those who sexualize them with grown men older than them though

Just downloaded Takimichi's art books. Pure bliss.

I want to buy them but the naked lolis make me nervous

It depends on where you like, but it would probably be fine, there's nothing in there that's more than very mildly suggestive. Even the naked lolis aren't really sexual in nature.

then do the self check-out or find a register that's run by someone older and more decent

It's not that I'm scared of importing them, I just live with people and it'd be awkward to try and explain should someone look through them.

Cute butts.

Post your most bloodthirsty loli.


They've become so common that they lost all value.

I love them.

I would let Remilia-sama feed on me.

would grab

I feel that Hotarun is not a loli.

Still a cute and sexy kid. Would hug and fug.

lolis are like oranges, the juice is the best part

I agree, having the body of a grown woman doesn't make her any less likable, however, it does make her less of a loli.

This very image and edit almost tricked me into watching it.

You should anyway, it's a nice series to relax with.

Everything with a little of oppai is better.

It got even better when they ran out of lemon.

They're children.
Sometimes they're regular kids.
Sometimes they're sexy kids.
The end.


>Sometimes they're regular kids.
>Sometimes they're sexy kids.
I don't understand the difference.


little girls>shit>little boys

I'd say she's a case similar to Airi's - an unfortunate loli who grew up too much and too quickly. I still like to consider them lolis despite them not having the body type anymore but that's just because I like Airi, I guess I'm just being a selfish lolicon.

Take it to /y/ you dirty queers.

loli haet pizza

I will be masturbating to loli tonight.


I understand what you mean, maybe it's important to consider the personality of a loli and not just what they look like.


Oh shit! I got on the loli train!

Pull down your pants.


Anyone want to fap to loli with me?

>Anyone want to fap to loli
>with me?

No, I don't actually like loli.

Little boys dressed as and acting like little girls>Little girls>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Little boys

The cutest lolis ever are mai daughterus, of course.

Yama no Susume /trash/ circlejerk again?

They have sexy midriffs ripe for abuse.

It was fun the last time we had one.

Pandering bullshit to make sales

>umekko can't help but draw a loli rubbing herself against something

They're not very stealthy.

Holy fuck is that fanart from Recover the Restarts?

I haven't played that game in like 2 years. Is it finished yet?

You mean the only time we ever had one.

Wasn't sure if we had another and I had missed it or something. Fapping with friends is always the best.


No, it's official art from tozica, there seems to be enough content for several times the game already from tinsura's twitter ramblings, although his suicide attempt probably set that back that just hasn't been programmed in yet; another game, a rougelike this time, was published by the same person in early development too and just recently he started taking donations to help with game development.

what manga is this

Alex why did it drop my image?

I'm about to fap right now, but I don't understand how to fap with other people on the internet. Please elaborate. I'm erect. What next?

But that's an actual little girl.

Next you post images of your dick and naked anime girls while saying lewd things on the internet, but somewhere else that is not here.

You stroke your dick while conversing about lewd anime girls and the lewd things the two of you would do to them.


My God! There are very few instances where I'd choose the titty monster over the loli, but she is one of them.
My heart was unprepared for such perfection. She almost made me cheat on my waifu...


Sounds gay, but I'm fapping to your pictures if it makes you feel any better

In my top five loli artists.
I love the covers he does for Comic LO.


Of course it's gay, but that's part of the appeal.

She is very sequsi

>Sounds gay
You are on the internet user, everyone here is gay.

Fucking homos, no wonder you guys got associated with being loud and obnoxious.


Lovable & fertile

Loli ryonage sure is such a small tight-knit cabal, I wonder when nnS is going to actually do a game instead of just shitposting midriffs on twitter.


It really is the best

Vanilla best loli of all years.
The shining example of how to do a dandere but only in the game

It is indeed very good.

Nothing better than helping your friends ejaculate.
>tfw no one to sit next to and masturbate with while we look at lewd anime girls


Gay men = disgusting

gay lolis = pretty hot.

>sit next to
I can barely even handle doing it over the mic, being next to them would embarrass me to death

That's cute, user.

But that's part of the appeal, embarrassment is cute and hot.

Jesus fucking christ, someone saved it.

Can JCs be lolis too? If so Anita King is on my list.

lolis are messy eaters

It's really not though, I feel like I'm missing out because I'm too shy to ask other anons to do lewd stuff. The one time I did it was only because I was such a stupidly horny mess.

>he never masturbated with a friend

This world sadly doesn't have enough loli yuri in it.

Well, I just came, and even though I didn't finish with you guys, I've been starting off with Cred Forums more and more lately. Perhaps we will fap together someday.

JC are the best lolis.

That's okay, user. The more bold people like me just need to give you shy ones a little push.

Hope you felt good, user.

This is the truth.

You must force yourself to push past your inhibitions if you ever want to have fun in life user.

But user, that's wrong. It's only pedophilia if she's prepubescent.

i wish loli didn't exist

But user, most lolis are developing, it's hebe degenerate shit.

>focke wulf

God tier loli artist!

Pardon the sample. My loli folder is a mess.

Why was all the official YnS art so rapey? This and all those ones with Hinata molesting Aoi in her sleep.

But pre-pubescent lolis are the best. They're also anatomically perfect.

Pedo trash. Nothing wrong with little cute girls, but when your start sexualizing them, it's time to kill yourself.

I'm a girl btw.

>the old hag is buttmad she's no longer beautiful. Of course.

I was never beautiful.


Calling her a fujo would be an insult to fujos since most are lolicons/shotacons themselves. She's a normie.



Here's your consolation London.

>buttmad virgins can't recognize bait

Hint: no girl on the internet has said "btw I'm a girl" in the past 5 years

What's a kiboshi?

Not sure of the exact name but author is Onizuka Naoshi

It's the work of a somewhat strange translation.


It's the pinnacle of human evolution, in some million years humanity will evolve into lolis (and traps)

Artist is amagappa shoujogun | ame to toge

What are your predictions?

Voting will begin sometime in the next day or so.

i want them all dead

Azusa isn't really a loli not is she? I draw the line at JKs.

That Remilia image isn't very cute. You should use a cuter one. If you absolutely want to use an official sprite for her then you could use her portrait from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, it looks better.

Also is there a reason Flonne isn't on that list while Etna is? Same with Flan not being there while Remi is.

Flonne isn't really much of a loli, and doesn't she appear to age?

I guess the whole reason Flan isn't there is because we should be cautious about having multiple characters from the same franchise; otherwise the entire cast of Touhou could be on there. I already don't know how I feel about KnJ having 3, but I guess it is the Lolita of lolicon.

Group 9 because Matsuri!

Illya, Kuro and Miyu are all on there too.

I mean I prefer Remi over Flan too, but I still think both sisters should have a spot. I know that 2hu has many loli characters, but Remi, Suika and Flandre are pretty much the only ones that get posted regularly in these threads, so why have those 3 represent touhou?

>so why have those 3 represent touhou?

*so why don't we have those 3 represent touhou?

Where's Satoko?

>and doesn't she appear to age?

She does, but that's not an eternal loli chart.
I'd say Flonne looks more loli-ish than Hotaru does.

Group 0
Because Rika is in it.

I was about to say Remi and Flan are too similar, but if Illya and brown Illya are fair game then why not.
I support replacing Cirno with Suika, as popular as she is. I've never seen Cirno posted here. Maybe she lacks loli appeal.

I propose that the master list have a 2 character per franchise limit under normal circumstances. Very noteworthy series may have 3.

>female lolicons

Some of the best lolis come from female artists.


There's nothing wrong with /ll/

Yuzumori is too sensual, half the time i don't know whether to laugh or be overcome with quteness.

But user, female loli mangaka are the best, Bakaoudon is the best.

Shh, loli is digesting.

Please do not hurt the lolis.

Don't kid yourself.
If a loli ever got the chance she'd hurt you and everyone you ever cared about.

touch loli

Lolis wouldn't hurt anyone, they're pure and innocent.

It's us or them user.

They are horrible man-eating monsters user.

This is your body type now.

This is your dog now.

>meromeroudon's twitter account was suspended
Stop bullying the loli mangaka anons, first harassing PM's then mass flagging, why do you hate lolis so much to do this to their artists?

Shh. Koma-chan is sleeping.

>They are horrible man-eating monsters user.

Some of them are.

I sneak into her bed and prepare to spook her.


Are you saying you dont like age gap yuri?


If it involves lolis, I hate it vigorously.

For what possible reason?

Obviously because I'm an insecure faggot!
There is no reason, I dislike it irrationally.

This is my daughteru.

I wish to be and fuck one.

There is a serious lack of legal loli /ll/.

I feel we need more of them going into dangerous dungeons, fighting eldritch abominations.

Part 5 has only 2 of them. We need part 6 to be all lolis. Also I miss Mediko.

IS there anything new from Sekiya?

Shaman, Herbalist and Necromancer (who's more of a slightly older flattie, but I guess it depends on what you think). It sucks that this entry is Oppai Armpit Odyssey but Himukai focused all his lewd power on Necromancers so I guess that didn't leave enough flat for the rest of the cast. And both Brownie lolis are adorable too, hopefully we'll get plenty of doujins about them being used as onaholes.

Calling it now:





Mashiro(though I want Mirai)

Everyone is more likable than Victorique



Lotte or Miyu

Chloe or Yoshino(n)



DESU(for the memes)

Hotaru(sad, I'll be the only guy who likes Vivio)

Yotsuba(because if she doesn't win we all get banned)

Kuro(some people don't like Tsukiko and some can't even tell that Ed's a girl)

Why aren't there more slutty loli with belly piercings out there?