Dragon Ball Super

Pilaf Best Girl!

You dont even deserve a ( You )

I wanna see Mai with that DB make-up again

she looked like she sucks dick for money

I don't understand. How can you kill a kaoishin? Like, right after Zamasu killed him, he should wake back up with a halo on his head. Just a minor setback.

Nigga what part of god of destruction aren't you getting?

But Zamasu was just an apprentice and not even a god of destruction. Killing his master would lead to a hilarious situation where his master woke up and scolded him for putting a halo on top of his head.

Yeah, she used way too much make-up in the anime. But it looked good in the manga.

When goku was allowed to leave the afterlife it really ruined the impact of dying. He was only a mortal after all.

The kaio w/e's are supposed to be more important than regular schmucks.

Black is Goten

They just forgot.

Zangya is love
Zangya is life
Zangya is everything
Zangya is a miracle of the universe
Zangya might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out

They also killed the God of Destruction of Universe 10. Assuming it was a Whiz like servant Im sure Whiz-10 noticed God of Destruction 10 dying and someone using time magic to revive him. Both of them should be pretty pissed.

Too bad DBS is shit and no one will ever address

>Liking someone who had 5 minutes of screen time max

Eww, what is this? A genderbent Zamasu? :^)


So, will the universe tournament be the last arc in DBS?

But, Gowasu was the kaioshin of universe 10, Zamasu was just an apprentice.

Indeed. Gowasu died, hence the God of Destruction 10 died too for some seconds.

I dont think he would be happy to know someone did that to him.

The whole God hierarchy in DB is so fucked up, and it gets even more convoluted as it goes on, since most of it is made up on the fly.

this. How is eastern kai the equivalent of beerus?

From two threads ago, just catching up

>It's nobody's fault but Toriyama's that Gohan looks like a teenager in the Cell saga, but like an adult when he's in high school.

I don't know, when I was between 9-16 I went from 5' to 6, and now I'm 6'2. It's realistic.

Who cares? I want to know whether or not they're exploring every other universe first or not.

A big problem with the Universe 6/7 tournament is that we never got to see Universe 6 to begin with and they already jumped into its competition. We need some fucking Dragon Ball-like exploration if this series really hopes to beat GT.

So far the Black arc is doing a good job of exploration and storytelling but we need it to go deeper. I don't want the Universe 10 exploration to end at Gowasu's fucking front yard. It feels cheap as hell. A good analogy would be like the difference between Ocarina of Time's Hyrule Field and that small port of Hyrule in TWW that you cross to reach Ganon's Tower for like 2 minutes. The latter is what they're doing with these cross-universe arcs rather than having a satisfying exploration of each universe from U1 to U12. If DBS ends like that the whole thing would have been pointless.

It has the potential to last like 200 episodes right now and I'm afraid they'll fuck that up.

Eastern kaioshin was his original title
Just like how zamasu was originally a kaioh, eventually levelling up, east supreme kai is now just the supreme kai, since there's no others.
It seems this is the usual way for most universes, its just in 7, until buu came, the typucal kaioshin was the dai kaioshin (fst guy)
Its a LOT easier to imagjne that guy being beerus' equivalent.
The life forces are tied, but it's not biological. Its magical. Its entirely possible that buu absorbing the dai kaioshin didn't count as killing, so the link was transferred.
But yeah, they probably won't explain it.

Then this guy should be the supreme kai.

fuck off crossboarder. We don't play VIDEO GAMES around these parts.

>this series really hopes to beat GT
ayy lmao at this guy

>Goku's voice



I don't even go on Cred Forums, I just played OoT as did (probably) you.

GT has really nice ideas that were executed horribly. Exploring the universe for the dragon balls, the whole Truffles Saiyan hate thing, and the dragon saga where there were actual consequences for overusing the dragon balls. Too bad most of it kinda sucked. The whole SSJ4-Oozaru combo was nice too, but still felt kinda dumb for some reason.

Also the horrible designs in the characters and how much of a useless annoying little bitch Pan was.

>Vegeta's haircut/stache

As a spic I really hope they make a latin american dubbed version where this dumbass version of Goku at least gets his original manly voice instead of those grannie "hehes"

he would only notice him dying briefly, he won't notice that time has been reverted

Whis from future trunks also didn't care that Black was running around with no god of destruction

it's just a last man standing thing out of all the kaioshins

can't wait for the eventual dragon gods that rein over the gods

In episode 38, at about 17 minutes Hit asks Goku to transform, to which Goku says
>Oh, that drains my stamina real bad, so I'll do that later. I ain't figured out how to beat you yet, so i wanna buy as much time as i can.

So who do we reckon Goku Blacks identity will be revealed as?

It won't happen but;
It should be fucking Goten/Goku from another timeline or some shit

>Saiyans are known as a warrior race
>The average namakian is far stronger. Top-tier Namakian fighters vastly eclipse even the mightiest sayain royalty.

Explain this shit.

where did you read this?

he has god ki that is similar to zamasu, it has to be a different timeline zamasu who got goku's body someway

they zerg rush planets with oozaru form thanks to artificial moons

It's gonna be that faggot they sent to the Dead Zone

Oh no.. Now youve done it.

Has anyone made a KamiTube gif of Pilaf and Shu's scene?

if zamasu would have succeeded in killing gowasu dont u think zeno would have appeared

No since zeno didn't appear in future trunk's timeline

Whis also didn't care

It's Future Future Trunks who the grief of losing Mai made him insane. This is the reason Mai survived, he held back

Adult Mai*

I paraphrase Beerus here when I say, it's gods I don't gotta explain shit

The average saiyan with oozaru rapes the average namekian

The mightiest saiyan royalty that we know of is Vegeta who literally fights gods. The mightiest namekia is Piccolo who is not on Vegeta's level (unfortunately he is jobber level. I still wished he learned kaioken from King kai to help remain relevant. Shit he didn't do terrible against cell jr who was pretty fucking formidible)

this shit is funny
>everyone can learn kaioken but they don't
>every saiyan nowadays can do SSG ritual but they don't

a SSG gotenks would rekt shit

So any ideas on what Trunks' new super power will be?

I really hope it is something akin ot mystic form or ssb. He knows he has to constantly train as he is Universes' last hope, he has actually undertaken efforts to train, and he can already at least not get shitstopmed against zamasu and black.

Black is present Trunks, who is mad at Future Trunks for stealing Mai's heart. That's why he went to the future to ruin his life.

I don't think everyone can learn kaioken. It puts an incredible strain on the body and I may be mistaken but it requires a great deal of mental discipline. Piccolo however does have those things so he should have the ability to do it if trained. Combine that with his regeneration and he could abuse the fuck out of it. Wasted potential

The saiyan thing is strange, especially as its not clear that SSB needs the ritual at all. To be fair though I think Trunks will go SSB so at least one more person will have it

Black Best Girl.

SSB does not require the ritual, it requires to have attained SSG though. Sounds logic because you seem to need to unlock god ki.

if the future timeline of trunks has a different zamasu from the one that just died how does that zamasu even know who the fuck goku is when he died to androids? Is there another alternate universe goku out there somewhere wreaking havoc and zamasu in future trunks timeline is actually not a villain but the hero?

Reminder that the manga fucked up by allowing kaioshin to die
>Kaioshin dies
>Beerus disappears
>Whis reverts time
>teleports himself and Beerus to Kaioshin
>destroy dabura
But manga fags will still eat that shit up

I want to douse Zamasu in cum

But he is dead

Gowasu will be mindbroken by losing his pupil to a god of destruction and question why they are allowed to be so much stronger
He will then wish for power that rivals even GoDs and become Black

Nail was like 3 times as strong as Vegeta though

I thought it was implied the god ki could be unlocked through training under a god a la vegeta

This. Vegetas pride would never allow him to accept a free power up which is also why we won't see SSG Trunks.

mite b cool.

tired of the weird continuity breaks

In prime timeline (DBZ show timeline) Mai is wished back to a child by Pilaf in gang after DBZ and before Super. Ok.

So, in future trunks timeline how is Mai not an old lady? There is no way she was wished back to a child in this timeline, as the androids already killed Piccolo/Kami and the Dragon balls were destroyed.

This makes NO SENSE


can anyone explain this?

Read the manga

They wished their youth back just before Piccolo died.

There's a page about Bulma and Gohan trying to hijack their wish but getting there too late.


This retcon is so ridiculous that you can get cancer from it.

arent they too old in that

It's not even that bad. Beerus and Supreme Kai being tied is much worse.

I'm sure Toyotaro didn't feel like creating a new design for them just for that one panel.

>teleports himself
no he cannot. he may be the fastest but he don't have instant transmission like goku and the kais have. I doubt that he can travel from beerus' planet to earth within just 3 minutes.

I am the guy from and I agree. I can't believe how this got shoehorned in

Super bullshit

What the fuck did they mean when they said that Zamasu isn't from Kaishin?


you retard, Kaioshin and Beerus being dead in the future timeline will be addressed in the anime too as it's the main reason Black and Zamasu travelled to there

how is that a ''retcon'' and how is it ''bad''

Mai doesn't look that old. Pilaf and Shu do, but that's because Pilaf was over 50 when the wish was made and Shu is a dog and they age faster.

based fucking beerus

Where did the "SSJ Trunks is as strong as SSB" meme come from?

Geez dunno maybe from the time when he evenly fought with SSR Black and even survived his Kamehameha

So the Kaioshit in future trunks' timeline died sometime after Buu saga then?

I imagine Black kills Kaioshit in future timeline then, which eliminates Beerus and frees up Zatarain to come to that timeline

It was already established that they wished before Piccolo fused with Kami in the main timeline since they believed there was only one wish when they resurrected Frieza, given that timeframe it's not hard to imagine they wished before Piccolo was killed by the androids.

Any weebs translate this?

Specifically wondering what Goku is saying on his top panel

No Kaioshit died to Darbura in the anime too, they just haven't addressed it

Trunks would have reacted to seeing Kaioshin if that were the case

>The word "Zamasu" may have come from the Japanese verb ざます(zamasu) which translates as "to be, to exist".
>"to be, to exist".

wew laddy

I made this quick translation a while ago.

-1st page-

>Future Trunks' world
>When Trunks was a baby, the Earth fighters were desperately fighting the androids.
>In the meantime, Goku died of a heart disease.

Goku: Oh, I'm dead.

>Gohan left the battlefield in hopes of finding the Dragon Balls

Gohan: I have to find the Dragon Balls and save the planet before Piccolo-san is killed...
Bulma: Gohan! Come with me, quick!

Gohan: Looks like all the Dragon Balls are in the same place!
Bulma: Yes, and I have a bad feeling about this... We have no time to lose...

Gohan: The sky has turned dark! Oh no!

-2nd page-

Pilaf: Shenlong! Turn us into young people again, now!
Mai: Eh?
Shu: I heard there are some monsters near the southern city... I don't think it's time to make this kind of wish...

Bulma: You guys!! What are you doing?!?
Pilaf: *baby sounds* (W-we became too young!)
Mai and Shu: *baby sounds*

Shenlong: Your wish has been granted. Farewell.


>This is the first time Trunks and Mai have met

Pilaf: *baby sounds* (RUN!!)

>Black is present Trunks


Wow, thanks a lot. Srsly

Why did the Kaioshins fight against Buu instead of using their instant teleportation to get away and contact Beerus

> Whiz

I think this is cute

what does Cred Forums think?


kawaii ninja dogger \^w^/

Shu is adorable.

Trunks got a good kick in and slammed him into a wall, I wouldn't say that makes them evenly matched.
Trunks was also mostly unscathed before the kamehameha, Goku spent most of the time holding off Black.

Reminder that the ep files revealed that vegeta will reach SSB2 before goku

He'll still job, its in his genes.

It's the reanimated and indoctrinated corpse of Future Goku

But didn't the North, South and West Kaioshins die at the hands of Buu

>hey that battle with Black/Zamasu we had just a moment earlier that ended with us getting completly destroyed went pretty good didn't it?
>ye we had that, lets go again without any training it will for sure work out!

Are they retarded?


That's pretty much Saiyan mentality.
Keep throwing yourself at something and as long as it doesn't kill you it's fine.
It's the whole reason Zenkai boosts exist.

post yfw beerus caught zamasu's hand and deleted him.

Gowasu here, just uploaded some new videos to GodTube, check'em out!

God Prank Gone Wrong - Zamasu's Kitten Mitten
Universe 7 Earth Tea - Tea Review #300
Universe 7 Daifuku - Food Review #1
Lets Play The Sims 2 - Need a new roommate Part 172
Skittles - Candy Review #18
Android #20/Dr. Gero vs. Yamcha - Classic Laughs #20
Raditz vs. Goku and Piccolo - Classic Fights #160

So what exactly have we seen the gods of creation create? except for metal boxes.

comic relief

they probably just observe and give knowledge as they have shown

so the kaioshin do it at the highest level, then the kai take over, then the kami as the humans progress


seriously who the FUCK is black though?

how has it been this long and we still don't know?

inb4 next big episodes reveal is a total asspull.

>It's Zen-chan.

He's Goku. Simple as that. He's not a fake, he's not a clone, he's not Goten, he's not Zamasu/Gowasu. He's just Goku, he is legit Goku.

So you have a couple options.

1. Future Goku's dead body was brought back to life with the Super Dragon Balls and made evil
2. The Heart Virus doesn't actually kill you and makes you evil and Goku pissed off instead of 'dying' and just became evil
3. Goku was always evil and Kakarot and he's just been playing everybody this entire time. He was actually correct about his age at the start of Dragon Ball now thanks to Minus, which he shouldn't be correct about.
4. He's Goku's evil extracted.

Take your pic, but he's legit Goku.

he is just some alternate timeline version of zamasu with gokus body (probably the zamasu from future trunk's timeline), these are the facts we know

- is a kaioshin
- god ki similar to zamasu
- is a saiyan who looks like goku
- can use instant transmission like goku
- there was some dialogue where future zamasu said they were "allies"

That or Goten who Zamasu found then trained and made a wish to make him a kaioshin

Black then later went across the universe destroying humans, he probably went to yardrat where they thought him instant transmission again (since they thought it was just goku?)

Doesn't explain his similar god ki to zamasu

>Goku's evil

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Evil Ray has zero effect on him.

Zamasu is the Whis to his Beerus in the Future.
Because he's already evil.
Goku said in the preview that Black wasn't a fake him.

Goku wishes Zamasu back to life to fight him again and for some reason he receives gokus body

yea it isn't, since they thought zamasu just wished for a goku clone (i.e. fake him)

Who said that Black and Zamasu are from either the main timeline or trunks timeline

Goku says himself during the preview:

"And Black isn't me?! What does that mean?!"

>future monaka
>future goku
>universe 10 god
>zamasu from another timeline
>bob saget

pick your poison

well the manga already "spoiled" it

I pick Pilaf
He didn't leave Mai alive for no reason

He says fake me.

toriyama has totally checked out and doesn't know any of his own continuity or care, but if this show was better than this would be a very good point from wayback when.

yeah and honestly at this point i haven't heard any theories that sound plausable to explain all this shit. im seriously betting on toriyama pulling some shit out of his ass at this point, and even then it will probably contradict with the lore created in this arc alone, let alone all of dragon ball

wait seriously? then who the fuck is black?

Under the event that this is actually true, the most likely one would be 4.
They've already had the whole evil and good sides splitting apart plot point with Buu.
It wouldn't be much of a stretch for it to happen with the justification that Black's timeline got fucked and survived only to harbor his hatred of the world. Maybe they didn't help his spirit bomb because Hercule was too busy fucking around or something.

Toriyama isn't involved with the Anime at all
If you want a good conclusion read the Manga

but Goku has already been shown to HAVE no evil in him to extract. Even the tiniest bit would have made the Evil Ray work on him.

He's already 100% evil, he's just fucking with you user. Don't believe Goku's lies. The Evil Ray can't make someone pure evil more evil.

You're right, I just rewatched that part.


Well if he isn't a fake Goku (because that was too obvious), and he's still Goku, then Goku has some evil in him now. God Ki has corrupted him.

Warrior race = Likes to wage war

Doesn't mean they're going to be good at it. Namekians are peaceful, doesn't mean they're not strong.

nothing of Super was planned and you know it, just enjoy

That can be extended to the entirety of Dragon ball

Because Beerus was napping and didn't want to be disturbed.


why the FUCK isn't his nose colored

Why did Beerus say Black wouldn't be in the future, when he is in next weeks preview?


didn't goku getting hit on the head in DB make him into the dumbass he is now that granpa Gohan raised? M-maybe he's from the timeline where he didn't hit his head

Goku without head trauma

wow original

well, technically his plan would still work. he kills gowasu, gowasu is now dead so by default, he becomes supreme kai, he is now able to access and use the time rings, and then he gets his wishes.

gowasu would likely wake up and be too ignorant and naive to think zamasu killed him and instead just think maybe he choked on the food or something. even if he still had to go through the whole check-in process real quick and then yemma told him the truth, it's not like he'd be able to really stop zamasu by that point since he'd be long gone.

oh I mean they spoiled how Black went across different timelines and universes to find a place without a god of destruction

name on instance of that happening?

Also: nice number

Because Beerus thinks he's above time for some reason due to being a God.
Yeah because Black was original in the first place right?

I want them to win.

gowasu's talks on being a kaioshin to zamasu

how can they possibly lose with immortality?

Unless killing him in the past undoes that?

>Goku goes to namek
>Revives Kaioshin
>Beerus hakais both
>they eternally die again and again and again and again and again

oh but he didn't talk about kaios if that is what you mean

that was just my deduction with regard to hierarchy

>Wishes everyone back killed by black and android

>Trunks finally has a paradise

Do people actually age while they are dead

>Zamasu and Black eventually stopped thinking

black is hakaishin, zamasu is kaioshin.
kill black and bye bye zamasu

Black is immortal

you r real faggot

Not our fault you're retarded

linked TRL

No, he isn't.

Did you even watch the episode? Zamasu suggests that Black wish for immortality with the Super Dragon Balls, but warns him his fighting skills might get rusty if he does that.

Right now, Black is not immortal.

well it makes the most sense. Zamasu asked that faggot like "tell me everything about Goku", and we all know how that faggot starts with the most detailed shit.

And Goku was inherently evil and not retarded, it's just that brain injury that made him nice. So evil goku is still a battle maniac but he doesn't give a shit about justice, so he becomes super strong and eventually graduates to God of destruction, taking the job because then he can fight stronger opponents.

warp him to some rice cooker or something

No he's not retard

Why is Black Goku the best drawn and animated character on this show

Everyone else is either off model or straight up boring to look at

It's the hair, he has no highlights

>It's over Black

He's a fun character in almost every aspect.

It's the smug, people are drawn to his smug.

>fighting skills might get rusty
nah, he just said it wasn't enough that he gains immortality, no idea why

doesn't this exchange confirm he used the super dragon balls to get goku's body?

Goku Black is a Zamasu that gets Goku's body while the other gains immortality

someone pointed out black has ahoge in his super saiyan rose form you don't see on goku

Not quite even during the Recoome fight. After it, Vegeta was vastly stronger than Nail.

It's most likely to differentiate from the "good" goku's look like how kid trunks has different hair color to the adult one.

About to start the Buu saga for the first time, what am I in for lads?

So with Batman subs, it seems like Beerus just thinks black would be gone

Guess he doesn't know how timelines work


Piccolo and Gotenks' great interactions.

Or the Super Dragon balls are one hell of a dug and Zamasu must've done something after his talk with Zeno. who knows.

100% crazy

No wonder he seemed taller back then he wasn't even touching the damn ground.

I love Vados-chan!

manlets, when will they learn

Because some serious shit is going down.

Did everyone just forget that bit where we were told that Zen is gonna get involved in this arc? Odds are some real shit is gonna start going down next week.


When a God kills another god it's not the same as a mortal on mortal

That nigga is gone forever

I love Black, but I'm preparing myself to be bitterly disappointed with his identity and origin reveal next week.

He said word for word that he died during the battle against Dabura

Stop being retarded

>I have the high ground

I've stopped watching Super around episode 20. from the looks of things it had only gotten even more retarded since then. Fucking rainbow hair colors.

Because Beerus doesn't give a fuck and would probably tell them to just leave him alone and not get themselves killed


He didn't know about Beerus at the time since the old kai had to explain Beerus to him, and the real reason is he didn't exist at the time.

I just binged to 28. I'm wondering if there's anything fun to look forward to, or just more of the same.

>throwing a stinkbomb just to ship his Mai with Trunks
>not a retcon

You keep using that image, Don't think you know what it's or.

Episode 62 can't come soon enough it looks like heavy shit about to go down and why is Bulma coming along with? some Dark stuff incoming

>yfw Beerus HAKAIs

Trunks is not going Super Saiyan Blue.

> He didn't do the super saiyan god ritual
> Didn't train with Whis to obtain god ki

>B-but user he could train with Whis so he can reach this new level

Oh sure, completely shit on Goku and Vegeta considering how long it took them to reach this new level. Trunks does not have more potential than Goku and Vegeta.

>Trunks does not have more potential than Goku and Vegeta.
>what are half saiyans

1. Whis's teleportation has greater range that Goku's, but it takes longer. It takes 30 earth minutes to go from Beerus' domain to Earth

2. You are assuming that Whis would know whats going on with Buu on Earth.

He's the bastard child of Future Gohan and Bulma.

>not a retcon

Let me explain it for fuckers like you to get.

>17 & 18 getting online
>Pilaf collected balls and made a wish to be young again
>Goku & co fought and killed Cell
>Krillin collect balls, again, and made a wish for 18

You told me the whole Cell arc lasted for a whole fucking year? Damn, talk about a reign of terror.

Wouldnt Beerus still be connected to Fat Buu

He introduced himself as Son Goku so it's obviously not that. If it's Goku without head trauma he'd call himself Kakarot and he would also know how to use his body without having to go all masochist on Goku.

Its Pilaf

The green square.
It took Cell a while to make the cell games area.

>Damn, talk about a reign of terror.
It was easy to fix. Thanks to Trunks they are a bit more prepared for the threat before it ejaculated any further then it has to. It takea a year to deal with it at most with the Time Chamber and all.

>people still think that Zamasu and Future Zamasu are different people

niggas, they are both from the same timeline, the ''main'' one

the Zamasu in the future simply managed to go to the future timeline with the time rings because there's no god of destruction there, THE MANGA LITERALLY SPELLS IT OUT FOR YOU

& 18 getting online
>>Pilaf collected balls and made a wish to be young again
Powered up by Kami
>>Goku & co fought and killed Cell
>>Krillin collect balls, again, and made a wish for 18
Powered up by Dende

Because it's not utsukushi enough.

Too bad that Black is the one with the ring and the one deciding on the timeline

are you literally retarded?

did you forget that at one point during the Cell saga a new set of Dragon Balls is created?

I swear none of you niggers ever pays attention

however we know that Zamasu is controlling Black, the manga hasn't caught up there yet

It happened about the same time they they did in the main universe +/- a couple years.

No one said piccolo died immediately

>Pilaf collected balls and made a wish to be young again

But when they made that wish, they were turned into babies and unable to make another wish.

Wishes that are unused can be saved until the next summoning; in this case, the Dragon Balls would scatter around the world in the same way as if someone had spoken all the wishes but will remain as stones for only four months.

This is shown when Shenron is summoned to revive everyone who were killed by Majin Vegeta

zeno appeared when beerus and champa were fooling around in tournament dont u think he would have appeared if zamasu had succeeded in killing gowasu

Krillin's wish was on Dende's balls, the Pilaf gang's was on Kami's.

>a new set of dragon balls

Keep your shitty black balls out of this, GTfag

>creates a new set
Nigger, he uses the old shit, just powers it up again since Kami's gone

Black will be U7 Kaioshin who gets fed up with all the shit happening around him

and it still counts as a reset, how is that hard to understand?

A tournament generates more buzzes more than a tea party. Then again, I think Goku literally forgot about that panic button anyway.

gowasu dying doesnt seem fun
People overrate Zeno, he is just a dumb child

Ep 62: Trunks learning Big Bang Attack

Ep 63: Vegeta jobbing. And/or allowing the villain to transform or power-up further.

>Vegeta will tell everyone to hold hands to give Black double god ki

its not a PANIC button

>getting wasted by Black and his gay partner
>pressed button
>"Hey, Goku-dude. Wass- WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!>?"
>"Oh shit!"

It is though

Post that Wojak Gowasu

'cmon press it Goku you know you want to...

Zenos button will be pressed by accident and he gets killed by attack that caused it


>give it to Trunks and Goten
>they use it indiscriminately
>universe 7 erased

What if Black is from U6 Earth

I feel like Goku would accidentally fall on it, causing it to get pressed when Black knocks him down. Prompting Zeno to appear and see Black and Zamasu's actions.

How will Zeno react, Cred Forums?


>You had a twin??? Lets play!

yeah thats possible he can be kakarot fron U6

>Black is Goku's promised friend that will keep him accompanied forever

Sounds legit

Would it call Zeno, Future Zeno or both
>Zeno will become his own friend

>tfw your pupil is trying to kill you

>Black: Play? I'm not going to play with an useless Ali-
>Get blacked by Zeno
>Zeno: I said "let's play!".
>Zamasu: Do-Do you want tea after?

Pilaf really fucked up the future, with vegeta and the others dead, the androids would have moved on so when picolo and the rest were brought back to life Picolo could have gone to fuse with Kami and Vegeta would be stronger thanks to the zenkai boost.

Yeah, when Kamisama brougth back Shenlong at the end of the Piccolo Daimao arc, it counted as a reset for the countdown.

>zeno gets confused about which is the real Goku
>doesn't know which one to erase
>"the real Son Goku would know how to play fun games!"
>Goku and Black have to compete to entertain Zeno to survive

there is no Future Zeno

there's only one Zeno

and he's not gonna like all this split timelines business

Piccolo died right after they made their wish (look at the DBs falling to the ground as stones rather than flying away). I don't think they'd be able to make any wish that would help against the Androids.

Future Trunk's timeline is all but fucked. It has to be deleted. Only Trunks and Mai are coming back.

> Evil Galactic Emperor. Mutant with an abnormally strong power-level and the strongest mortal (at the time)
> Bio-Android with the DNA of the strongest warriors, including said Evil Emperor
> Chaotic djinn that draws it's strength from magic. Basically a force of nature that had existed since time immemorial.
> Resurrected and vastly stronger form of previously mentioned mutant emporer.
> Immortal god, and another immortal partner with seemingly unlimited potential. In possession of time-altering rings.

How do we raise the stakes after the Black/Zamasu Saga ends? Where do we go from here?

It seems that after the current arc, there's no way to make the next villain more powerful than the last...

Also I'd include Beerus, but he wasn't really a villain, as he became another Piccolo/Vegeta.

>Where do we go from here?
The multiverse tournament

>Zeno wants to erase the Future timeline
>Goku convinces him not to do it
>Zeno turns the Future timeline into Universe 13

Calling it

>It seems that after the current arc, there's no way to make the next villain more powerful than the last...
High Priest will represent Zeno

How does Cred Forums feel about Vegeta's seed?

What did she mean by this?

She must use that shota boy for pic related instead of Trunks

rest of the future soldiers were exhausted n were in no condition to fight

> Tournament arc

Right...but if that is anything like the previous one, there won't be a main villain.

She is the only able to protect the last reminding survivors but that will change quickly soon enough.

ask your mom lol

Yajirobe is useless

Yet she goes back to him every night

Looking at GT's path instead of DBS...how did we get from:

> Chaotic djinn that draws it's strength from magic. Basically a force of nature that had existed since time immemorial.


> A vengeful Tuffle. Possessed a Saiyan that couldn't beat Buu.
> Two Android 17s
> Evil Shenron (who even King Piccolo was able to kill)

Well.. yajirobe is useless, but seems to be immortal cause he ate senzu beans like wanko soba.


An evil mastermind from the race that is above gods. Over millenniums, he created a perfect scheme of killing King of All and taking his place.

Let's look at Goku's face

I hope in the finale they gather the dragon balls and wish for Goku to not be such a fucking Mary Sue anymore

>a main character
>not a mary sue
user... lol

This isn't canon and it never will be.

Perfect ending to the Zamasu saga. If he comes back, I am going to be very upset.

Super as a whole is just a giant tournament arc disguised as plot



I wonder if Mai remembers what it means when she sees kids with monkey tails. I'm sure she remembers what it did to Goku.

It's simple user, you create a villain that actually poses a threat to the whole multiverse

>If he comes back, I am going to be very upset.
since when were you under the impression that i was ever dead, "user-kun? "

who are these lonely broken fucks who take the time to draw SoL dragonball art


Removing Zamasu changes the future to one where Mai is dead, and future Trunks uses the time machine to ctrl-z Zamasu's undoing.

what if trunks' super power is him going oozaru even without a tail or moon?

Or he asks whis to make another Zamasu.

I'm gay, but not into bara, so most DB characters were not attractive to me. But Zamasu, holy shit, he makes me think of so many dirty things. I want to break his green boipucci badly

you know zamasu and black probably also cleansed other planets and universes of ningen and other gods in their timeline so next arc may have something to do with that?

Whats with his face

He's sad


It is canon (pic related).

And just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's not canon

Not against Goku. 3-0, when?

So Zen-chan?

I like where this arc is going so far but I think the end is nigh. Are you guys ready for the inevitable up and coming jobber?

So I just caught up in DBS after all this time travel Black goky and SSJ Rose shit Beerus just one shots the fucker?

Seeing Zamasu getting BTFO so fast and hard was extremely satisfying.

It was a nice change from the usual DBZ formula.

I thought it was long established that they are


Did you even see the next episode preview?

I need Hit to come back

I'm willing to bet that Black is the Goku from Future Trunks' timeline revived and convinced that Zamasu's plan is the best one.

now we know black isn't fake/clone goku but how do you explain black and zamasu having the same ki signature?

I just don't fucking get it, these two are basically the strongest beings in all 12 universes besides all-chan, why the fuck do they give one atom of a shit about the humans at all?

his time skip improved at such a ridiculous pace, he got it to like 10 seconds after less than 20 minutes of practice, idk how they're gonna keep it from being stupid

are you talking about beerus and whis? He still has duties as a god of destruction when he isn't sleeping. If you mean visit earth? They like the food

>Strongest beings in all 12 universes
>Gods of Destruction
>Their attendants
>Grand Priest
>Zeno's guards
Also did you even fucking watch the show to ask a question that stupid?

wait for episode 61, listen to Zamasu's "Ningen 0 Keikaku"

gettin pretty weeby in here dudes

I just don't see how anyone will defeat him, I don't see Goku pushing the Kaioken any further and fuck knows who else will be able to put up a fight (though I'd like to see how Buu would fare)

Oh no not this again.Dubfag?

as I have said, watch out for him as he will job hard in front of goku and vegeta who expects hit to breeze through his multiverse opponents.

>there is no Future Zeno
>there's only one Zeno

Fun headcanon, let's see how it works out for you.

talkin bout black and zamasu

isn't beerus confirmed dead in the future universe?

no need to be RUDE :^(

I'm sorry, what does it mean to "job"?

Yeah but what should they do? Get killed by someone stronger than Beerus?

zamasu and black want to exterminate all humans

That is their goal, it isn't to be the strongest only. You will find out later they went to different timelines to find one without beerus alive

Ha! He posted it again!

>Hit jobs to other universe character
>Goku or Vegeta then defeat that character

>these two are basically the strongest beings in all 12 universes besides all-chan

No they are not

Hell I bet Hit would wreck Black's ass

If he's a revive Goku, then there may have been a wish that linked thier ki so he could bypass doing the SSG ceremony and have very specific god ki.


>they went to different timelines to find one without beerus alive

So if "They" means Zamasu/Black, then there's a third entity responsible for killing Beerus. Otherwise they wouldn't need to search for said timeline, they'd just kill him themselves.

And at that point, I'm starting to buy in that Mirai Trunks' timeline is just fucked beyond repair and Zeno needs to break it off and make it Universe 13 or something.

i don't know but i want this arc to end as soon as possible

the multiverse tournament should show us how all the other gods of destruction look like

one of them must have a crazy guy with a broken ass power on their team

female cat god of destruction pls or bust

So... have they ever said what's going on in the 3rd timeline? You know; the one that Cell came from? Or even the 4th timeline; the one that 3rd Trunks built the time machine for anyway?

>i don't know but i want this arc to end as soon as possible
I am happy as long as they don't lose the next time they fight Black and Zamasu. Not sure if it's all the breaks, but it feels like the arc is dragging on. Probably the breaks though, I don't think this arc had that many episodes yet?

>but it feels like the arc is dragging on.

Welcome to the Dragon Ball anime.

>Tournament starts
>Hit, Black and SSB FTrunks all job right away to people from U1 and U12


The arc ends with episode 63 on Oct 30

Thanks,made me kek


It has been like 7 episodes
Your typical DBZ arc is around 100

that face at the end


why would black and F Trunks be in the current timeline tournament?


Why not

According to Wiki it has been twelve episodes now. And I am not comparing this to the standard DBZ set at all. The tournament arc also lasted 13 episodes or so, but I didn't feel it dragged on the same way I do now.

>Goku remembers the tournament
>Remembers they are down a member
>Asks Trunks if he wants to come along with Future Mai to watch

But I want Buu to fight so idk


If only

Gohan would just job right away
Same with everyone that's not named Goku

>Buu is too retarded
>Gohan is to much of a pansy to join
and there are down a member so i don't see why not it may serve as way for Future Trunks to get stronger along the way to become prepared if a Black 2.0 comes again in his timeline.

Gohan wanted to test his new powers!

The whole WHO IS BLACK thing is getting old especially since it doesnt affect the actual timeline in any way
Can we just get back to fights

Hypothetically, what if Bardock showed up at the tournament? Would he treat Goku well or beat him for not knowing him?

>10 000 PL shitter
>beating goku who has like 50 trillion in base form


You forgot the smut.

>Power levels meaning anything in Super

Toei was fucking with you, user.

Gohan is so pathetic. I know it's Toriyama and Toei's fault, but he's such a piece of fucking garbage as a character.

I'm having a really hard time imagining Sean doing Black's voice.. Nozowa is doing such a fantastic job being both evil and refined with his speech.

Reminder that Yamcha took Bulmas Virginity

Guess we'll have to wait for Xenoverse 2 to find out

Do you think all gods of destruction are animal-like? Will they keep Egyptian motive and give us falcon-man, ibis-man, crocodile-man etc.

>Vegeta getting Blacked again

"Ironic that I need a NINGEN to help me accomplish the Zero NINGEN Plan"

So Zamasu just confirmed Black isn't a god? How come his SS has rose-colered ki then?

Just one more episode until they finally reveal Black's identity...

Toriyama going back his comedic roots, and blood.

Lots and lots of blood

That would be pretty neat.

> Just one more episode until they finally reveal Black's identity...

Episode preview hinted that Black ISN'T Goku's copy, like Whis hypothesized

ningen help = Goku help

Black needs Goku to become stronger.

>Ammit as a God of Destruction
>Maat as his attendant

Zamasu said the quote. Not Black.


>those curves on mai

Does this mean they will most likely let them escape again to let black get stronger
>goku gets ass beat by black
>comes back stronger in tern black get stronger
>repeat process


you're welcome

Maybe Black should hate fuck him

I honestly hope it never gets dubbed. I still notice some asspain from the nostalgic faggots due to the voices changing in the Dragon Ball Kai dub.

Imagine how mad they'll get when they see what happened in DBS. Even the original voice cast won't save it.

why does it seem like super saiyan blue is weaker than the red haired one when goku first became a god. He even looked different and his blows were destroying the fabric of time and space before. After his hair turned blue he became significantly weaker, what the fuck is up with that?

Holy shit last episode was intense. I'm really happy with this arc so far.

Zamasu was an idiot if he thought he can take on Beerus...

>Powerful transformation is watered down after the first time

They've done this before, I'm not surprised. It's probably because they can't be bothered to show off all the effects of having that much power.

Dragon Ball GT did this as well

It's all about control. Remember when Super Saiyan level is able to blow up planets with ki blasts? Same thing it's about controlling the power to not let the surrounding landscape into dust when fighting.

> why does it seem like super saiyan blue is weaker than the red haired one

It's not...

SSB is basically SSG, but without the ritual.

> [chuckles] It's a little more complicated than that. You don't have the patience for the full story, so let's say I got a taste of something called Super Saiyan God, and now I've learned to tap into that power on my own.

I'm betting it's future Goku's body being possessed by an entity that Zamasu created.

We need an Cred Forums version of this pic.

Did Whis just use Clothes Beam?!

The whole thing is screwy.

At first it was seen that SSG was more powerful than SSB, which was just seen as tapping into its power.
Then retconned to SSB is more powerful than SSG making the form defunct.

Made worse by the manga giving goku the ability to turn red SSG if he wants but he barely uses it because SSB is stronger.

Fuck me.
Why not just have SSB be diluted SSG. Makes more sense considering SSG fucking almost shattered the universe.

Look at this pathetic ningen hanging out with gods. How disrespectful.

No wonder Zamasu is pissed.

>After his hair turned blue he became significantly weaker, what the fuck is up with that?
He didn't become weaker, you retard. It's literally explained to you how SSB is stronger.

it's even weirder how the SSG form supposedly "fused" with goku when it ran out, so it was just SSJ2 goku vs beerus.

Honestly the whole thing was screwy. They wanted to make base Goku so much stronger, but he's basically back to Buu saga level and his SSJ2 is equal with Trunks who's never had God ki.

Not to mention Vegeta hasn't used SSG yet has SSB.

but goku isn't a human

>That feel when I still don't fucking care what Sabat has to say about Stephanie Nadolny's Kid Goku and Gohan not sounding like "kids their age are supposed to sound"

She owned those characters in a way Colleen Clinkenbeard never, ever could. Especially whenever Gohan went Super Saiyan 2. And her Goku? Untouchable.

The only points I'll give to Colleen is that she does alright in bringing out Gohan's timid nature by always putting a slightly noticeable tremble in his dialogue. Otherwise, her fighting stuff is weak, and Gohan's transformation becomes a lot less powerful.

>At first it was seen that SSG was more powerful than SSB
SSG was never more powerful than SSB. Where the fuck are you getting this?
>Then retconned to SSB is more powerful than SSG making the form defunct.
SSB was never retconned into being more powerful, it was always more powerful. Who the fuck told you that SSG was stronger?

explained and what you can visually see are two different things retard

why is supreme kai cute?

It was established beforehand in the films that it was.

It was retconned with super mate. Sorry you can't pay attention.

TL;DR Resurrection F.

>tfw Super Saiyan God should have just been Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue been Super Saiyan God

if black senses ki shouldn't he of found yajirobe and killed everyone by now

What are the chances of Trunks becoming a main cast member?

I hope after this arc that cute time patrol loli picks him up and we get random side arcs of trunks adventures as a time cop

The canon literally contradicts whatever bullshit you're trying to pedal. It us outright stated how SSB is more powerful than SSG. There's fucking exposition on it. Stop being such an ADHD sperg.

But Toriyama got his face up from his coke binge and just went "SUPER SAIYAN GOD SUPER SAIYAN".
Jesus fuck that name could've only been born from brain damage.
Plot convenience. And maybe Yajirobe is so weak he can't be found by Black.


Are you retarded or something? Black and Zamasu have the same goal.

Goku helps Black, Black becomes stronger, Zamasu and a stronger Black accomplish the plan

>ssb is only a bit stronger than ss3 but has god ki which seems irrelevent against every opponent so far
>ssg made him so strong that after being incapacitated he instantly revived stronger than before over and over again almost like he was broly
>claim ssb is stronger yet vegeta the number one jobber has only been shown ssb but never a ssg

>It was established beforehand in the films that it was.
No, it wasn't. You're making shit up. But I'll bite. Where in the films is it suggested that SSG>SSB?

>ssb is only a bit stronger than ss3
You're literally talking out of your ass. Stop reaching.

> SSB was never retconned into being more powerful, it was always more powerful

> "The canon"

Although Toei's retelling of RoF may have screwed this up, "The canon" stated that SSG = SSB.


post yfw "Hakai"

I'll bite because some people are retarded enough to think that Zamasu always talks shit about humans.

"Ningen" as in "Mortals" not "Humans"


SSG has been shown to recover from injuries whils super cyan hasn't

I will spam this image to no end

>anime filler scene in a BoG version unsupervised by Toriyama

They should just make a spin off series about the future timeline.

>some people really think "Super Saiyan God" was (in any canon) stronger than "Super Saiyan God SUPER SAIYAN" (also know as Super Saiyan form of a saiyan which already has the power of Super Saiyan God)

mangafag please go


So, you're just ignoring the part where Goku states that SSB is SSG with the power of a Super Saiyan to suit your own retarded argument. SSB is stronger, dude. Stop trying to twist the facts to make it more convenient.

How do you apply this filter? Could you do it to the entire episode?

> Citing filler

>kill 18
>kill cell ez in his 2nd form
>revive 18 with the dragon balls
>she no longer has all the pointy metal bits

It's just some shitty tumblr gif filter.

I always figured that Super Saiyan Blue was meant to be a sort of mastery over the initial God transformation incorporated into your being, where from there further training in it would be based around controlling the God ki so as to contain snd concentrate the residual collateral destruction it gives off so naturally into a single point of impact.

Or at least that's what I got out of Goku's explaining to Hit how he got Kaio Ken to work with SSB, as well as when Vegeta one shots Cabba and Trunks upon turning Blue himself.

still looks better than the actual episode


I'm not "twisting" anything. That's the actual quote.

In Japanese, the quote is much more ambiguous.

Both, manga (DBSuper series) and anime (DBZ Battle of Gods film) versions was supervised by AT, that shitty anime version wasn't.
Who cares about manga? Anime Beerus saga isn't canon, is just bullshit


in japanese is a Super saiyan form of a saiyan who already obtained the SSG power

saiyan (with SSG power) becomes SS -> SSB

SSG becomes SS -> SSGSS

Akira Toriyama has created the storyboards for the anime. "Supervised" is a vague buzzword that you're throwing around when in reality neither form of media has been confirmed as the 'true' canon.

However, considering the manga is just promotional material, the anime is likely the true canonical product.

As I said, mangafag please go

What if years from now they make a Dragon Ball Super that's based off the manga?

We need a 80/90s washed out color filter.

> that's what I got out of Goku's explaining to Hit how he got Kaio Ken to work with SSB

Toriyama says he made SSB blue to express how “by overcoming a certain limit he (Goku) has become both strong and tranquil, able to keep his composure in a fight”.

It's also mentioned in the DBS anime that god ki has a "calm" nature.

SS1-3 is typically associated with rage, which is dangerious if combined with Kaioken.

But because SSB is instead tranquil and calm, it is able to be combined with Kaioken.

Super Kai is hoping for too much. It'd basically be the same thing it is now for the anime without the purple goop Vegeta and slightly better animation.

No hope for the old artstyle with some better exposition.

Is Xeno even canon anymore?

>Akira Toriyama has created the storyboards form manga and anime. Also supervised manga but I don't care also is promotional so isn't canon, even if is Akira who decides that
>retarded confirmed

No, I don't think it was canon to begin with

BUT the jumper Trunks has on under his time patrol coat looks a lot like the one Future Trunks wears in Super

he is small and pathetic

> saiyan (with SSG power) becomes SS -> SSB
> literally SSG becomes SS -> SSGSS
Okay, that makes sense.

Thus the "SSGSS" name, Beerus mentioning that Goku "absorbed" SSG, and the lack of SSG in the anime.

The dub makes it sound like Goku retrieving his SSG power by SS activation (rather than by ritual). Therefore "SSGSS" made sense for this too.

Agh...then why the fuck did Toyataro add a ritual-less SSG in the manga?

It was never canon. Thought it may become canon at this rate, there are some odd similarities with this time stuff and Xeno Trunks, and they do have the same sweater on too.

>Implying it was ever canon

I'm confused. They said that if a god dies then they're erased in all of space-time. If that's the case then why isnt Beerus or Supreme Kai dead? Aren't they dead in the future?

>tfw Beerus life are linked to Goku's

>Agh...then why the fuck did Toyataro add a ritual-less SSG in the manga?
He had the same thing in the movie, why do complainers constantly ignore this?

In the movie, he drops out of SSG and retains most of the power, enabling him to fight Beerus. But then Beerus still overpowers him, and he transforms back into SSG to counter Beerus' final attack. Toyo just has him learn to master this so he can do it on command.

SSB is described as turning SSJ with the power of SSG. Him being able to go god form doesn't contradict this at all. If you go SSJ while using god ki, you turn into SSB

Not that user, but you're throwing around the word "supervise" like it matters.

Toriyama himself said he wanted Toyataro to stop following his drafts exactly how it is, and to be more creative. He wanted Toyataro to throw in his own original ideas.

Toriyama seeing his storyboards, then giving him the "ok" doesn't mean it's canon. The manga was originally conceived as a promotional tool for the anime anyway.

What the fuck when you kill someone they don't disappear from existence? What the fuck toriyama you hack


In Super it was said that blue is stronger than Red

I'm pretty sure Beerus meant when a god kills a god, it's different

And a god didn't kill Future Kaioshin

That's what Beerus said. A gods death applies in all of space-time.

This includes timelines.

But obviously he's wrong since he's alive.

Because Beerus is stupid and doesn't realize he's not actually above timelines.

Actually he says: ''ironic how I need NINGEN POWER to help me accomplish the Zero NINGEN Plan''

Didn't Zamasu kill all the Kai's though?

So doesn't that mean in the present timeline every kai and god of destruction in every universe is dead? They didn't touch up on that.

Finally someone who understands this

Dragon Ball has a ton of stupid fans.

That's very different.

That was literally moments after the SSG Ritual "ran-out", but then Goku had some residual power left from said ritual and was able to use it when he became desperate.

In that same movie, Beerus said Goku absorbed SSG.

I mean, SS1 Goku was keeping up with Beerus towards the end, which alone should confirm that.

>anime says x
>x is wrong
>god people are so stupid!!
They're literally giving us false information. How is it wrong to question that, retard? Its called discussion.

Alright you do know that it was Dabura that killed Kibito in the future right? Kaioshin died from exhaustion. Neither were a death by a god so Beerus died ""naturally""

sissy! supreme kai is S I S S Y!

Maybe in Toei' version of RoF

Thus "filler" or not canon

Okay that explains why U7 is untouched but didn't Zamasu kill all the kais in every other universe?

They're both canon. They're both following the same essential plot with some slight variations, which Toriyama himself likes. They're essentially both canon.

I don't know why people get so pissy about the animu vs. mango argument. Some people like SSB Kaio-Ken better some people like FP SSJ2 F. Trunks better. Who cares? Just consider them both canon and that the small details don't really matter all that much.

DB/Z also diverged from the DB mango a bit at times as well.


all that's canon in Toriyama's head is his bank statements

>SSG's ki can heal wounds
>SSB's can't

explain this

Why don't interviewers ask Toriyama serious questions?
>hurr where's Videl's mom xD
>durr who's Ur fav character LOL


No, Beerus said X. Beerus is wrong. People can be wrong in anime. Just because someone says something they believe does not mean its a canon stated fact. For instance, Goku could say he killed Frieza. If Frieza shows back up, then Goku didn't kill Frieza, he was under the impression that he did, but he didn't actually. The same basic logic applies to Beerus. Beerus believes himself to be above timelines because he's a God. The preview shows us that this is not the case. Therefore Beerus is wrong.


There are two DBS's. And they're both canon.

- DB
- DB Kai
- Yo! Son Goku Returns!
- BoG (Movie)
- RoF (Movie)
- DBS Episodes 28+

- Jaco the Galactic Patrolman
- DB

But it sounded like Beerus was certain. You're telling me it was nothing but a mere guess?

so why are people calling Beerus a badass when he's more stupid than Yamcha?

in japan everyone is interviewed like they're the backstreet boys or some shit

so all the fans are wondering what your favorite color is...

Anime re-telling only. Was not in the original movie. Filler.

If only Universe 7 had a real Kaioshin

Supreme Kai is autistic
like me


Well I could be certain that I'm the King of Jupiter, doesn't make me the King of Jupiter.

As for Beerus' logic, its pure conjecture because he's so high of the hierarchy of Gods. He believes that when two of them interact that they are above the logic of space and time, most likely due to Whis and his short reversals of time helping to attribute this to his understanding.

You also have to take into consideration that Beerus wasn't even aware that separate timelines of Universe 7 even existed in the first place and that time travel of that scale was strictly forbidden, he likely has no real knowledge of how it particularly works compared to Whis', which is a straight reversal that stays on the same timeline, which is what he has personally experienced.

As for Beerus, he's able to actually get shit done when compared to Yamcha. Is he being uninformed and this attributing itself to his own stupidity, yes. Does he still get stuff done when he feels the need to, yes.

ITT people acting like any character introduced after the Cell saga isn't shitty filler

it's like a fucking pokemon game at this point with all the goofy bullshit

>Well I could be certain that I'm the King of Jupiter, doesn't make me the King of Jupiter.
Because you're a retard like Beerus? Its one thing to think something. Its another to spread false information like a retard without actually knowing.

Beerus is useless at this point.



inb4 gohan is filler

The characters all said he was wrong. Beerus said it flippantly like he didn't care because he's arrogant

What is context? Apparently the word is difficult to understand for you people


I thought we could take Beerus seriously. I saw him as a wise god. But apparently I was wrong and misguided.

He's just yamcha tier at this point.

Gowasu should go live in U7 with Shin, Kibito and the elder Kai.

In anime, SSB was stated as the SS form of a SSG. "Saiyan beyond god" is the true god form of a saiyan who learn how control his ki like a god. Red god is just a fake god, It's made artificially, the true saiyan god is a base god, and blue is his SS form
Base saiyan -> ritual (artificial method) -> SSG form (artificial god)
Base saiyan -> godly training -> Base god ("saiyan beyond god")
Base god ("saiyan beyond god") -> turns SS -> SSGSS form

Manga has not a "base god" (Goku only use godly ki using SSG or SSB), so SSG is the fake artificially god and SSB is the true god.
Base saiyan -> ritual (artificial method) -> SSG form (artificial god)
Base saiyan -> godly training -> SSB form

Since it seems that SSB isn't very stronger than SSG, manga version makes more sense. Fake and true god have a similar power, although true (blue) is stronger, instead a true god being similar to it SS form.

It was said in the movie, the marketing for the movie, and the manga.

>Because you're a retard like Beerus? Its one thing to think something. Its another to spread false information like a retard without actually knowing.
I think you missed the point entirely with why I said that user.

With that said, the majority of the rest of the cast seems painfully unaware of how time travel works too outside of F. Trunks. Even Bulma who created time travel and now understands how it works still refers to herself as the Future Her as though they were the same person beyond a technical level.

And Beerus is far from useless considering he still has a large part to play in the Universe and could just go to the Future if he was allowed and kill Black instantly. You can't just use Beerus to get out of every jam though, things would lose meaning at that point, its better to have him on the back-burner and to be lax about things.

I wish he would, since now he's gonna be alone :(

You guys are looking at this from the wrong angle

What if Zamasu's death was actually meant to happen? What if the Zamasu in the future actually did experience being destroyed by Beerus? What if the time paradox was not broken at all and everything is going exactly as it should?

Now this begs the question though: how did Zamasu come back to life? Could Black's real identity explain this?

It looks like next episode is gonna address this stuff so we just need to wait a few days.

He needs to find a new tea boy quickly.

Only in Toei's version of the movies. Not in the movies themselves.

This is the one area where Toyo fails. Look at this panel, Toriyama makes attacks look devastating. In the DBS manga, none of the hits look painful

how come the strongest races in the universe are all humanoid? is there a common ancestor among them?

Gohan is filler.

He's wiser about it in the manga. In both versions though he doesn't really give a shit about Trunks timeline and just wants to make sure Zamasu doesn't pull that bullshit in the present
So he said that to shut them up. You know he's wrong when even Goku is giving him the doubtful look

Isn't ZAMASU! immortal?

This last episode made me hype for XV2.

I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Are you retarded? It's stated in RoF. It's also stated in Toyo's manga

If he doesn't care then why did he care so much that Future Eastern Kai is dead?

It's canon. Still canon. It's just elsewhere in the Dragonball Universe.

I though it was a "God made man in his own image" sort of thing

Was there any alien that's not humanoid?

It's still annoying to hear that that useless midget fuck got him killed in one possible timeline. It means the same thing could happen in the present

>we find out saiyans and humans are actually somewhat closely related
aw yeah
galactic king

>Missing the point entirely
>implying the manga is anything but promotional

at this point I'm pretty sure you're just baiting so I'm not going to reply anymore. You have too much time on your hands, user.

It can't happen in the present though. Beerus is now aware that people fuck with the Kai's

I doubt he'd just let it go

This would make my day

this is true of the show as well. not that i expected anything better from what looks like early 200's flash animation

Convergent evolution. To become really strong you need to be pretty smart -> to develop your brain you need to at least able to use some instruments -> you need humanoid build for this.
Or maybe Kais just create all sentient races based on themselves.

>"implying the manga is anything but promotional"
>literally who

He's not letting it go. In both versions he immediately decides to investigate to make sure this Goku Black shit doesn't happen in the present

Obvious troll, stop replying to him

what if beerus is right about a god killing another means death to all timeline versions of the latter. what if future zamasu ain't really zamasu but he's someone else?

SSG healing wounds and recovering ki WAS filler though, he's right about that at least.

Well you're not wrong ... still my fave though

> It's stated in RoF

No it's not. At least in the canon version (the movies)

> Toyataro


Couldn't SSG absorb energy? I remember it in the movie, unsure if that happened in Super.

gohan is filler af

the neoteny of the franchise's new designs is off-putting

If only Trunks looked 32. He looks 17 in Super.

that weak shit would have been put down fast

Has anyone else already noticed that F.Zamasu has green Potara earrings that he shares with Goku Black?

He used to have red.


inb4 Z is filler

this would never happen. roshi and many others would shit on him

he loses all the time. never beat vegeta, gohan beat cell and you're dumb

Go make some more tea, fuck boy

he's still a mostly-empty self-insertion MC

Goku is a shit friend. Krillin has 18. He doesn't get to be sad.

>destroys them hurting funny goku
>realizes that earth is destroyed as fuck
>fixes shit up
>trunks gets to fuck gohan once again
>reveals the friend he promised to play with is ???
That part I haven't figured out yet. Probably some memeshit like monaka or buu

At this point they do it on purpose. This is not an omission or something like well, I think we have some better ideas and Gohan will have to wait a bit. No, they are directly fucking with its fanbase.

Why would they even point several times to his comeback and later pull this shit?

Not that I care, Gohan is a faggot anyways, but I see the creators having a pretty aggressive stance against gohanfags with all the bait.

And SSJ3 was supposed to make the whole universe and the Kaio world tremble and now its like nothing happens

Keep in mind he already achieved previously the ssj3 by the time he fought Buu so it was not a first time bleeding. And all the universe trembled.

You are reading too much into this. Blue is stronger than red. Doesnt matter what the FX were.

Pretty much this. Toei is doing this with Gohanfags as a joke.

I want to hakai Beerus's dick.