My Waifu

I am entranced by her beauty...

Lurk for 2 years before posting.

why is she so perfect

>age gap, she knew him when he was a child
>full on vanilla
>lots of lewd stuff like handholding
>non boring pretty good confession
>impregnation end
This was a great manga.

I agree. I'm glad the last few chapters took the focus off Inari to concentrate on the real waifu.

Also I liked how the typical yuri subplot was subverted.

The older brother was the real winner of the story, what a lucky guy

She's my waifu now, sorry OP.

Stop using the word waifu if you don't know what it means or where to use it.

Onii-chan! She's a deity!

its a drawing on paper user

>not impregnating your childhood deity

The only pair I cared about in this manga. They were both adorable dorks.

Define waifu.

How can you waifu somebody who already has a canon lover?

>You'll never play videogames with Uka-sama

reporting in

>a-user, we can't. my husbando will come home any minute.

But that's a gambling whore you posted, nothing alike.

Best romance
Guy was a bit too much of a tsundere though


>molesting a god in your bed while shes asleep

Don't act like you wouldn't

How even?