Kirito goes into a coma because of the evil NSA.

The surviving Law guys try to train up a peasant army in preparation for the Chaos invasion (Chaos are led by the literal God of Darkness who is also an evil NSA agent who eats souls like rape).

They get rekt, but Kirito's harem save them with GM accounts and deebeezeee powerlevels.

NSA connect UW to the internet and get 50,000 American players to connect (it was advertized to them as a beta test for a new AO-rated VRMMO where you're allowed to slaughter anything and everything you like, with blood and guts), they mass murder UW residents and think it's hilarious.

To defeat them the main characters get 2,000 Japanese VRMMO players to connect. Despite the difference in numbers the Japanese are superior and win because Asian gamer damashii.

Then PoH (who is also an evil NSA agent) unleashes a zerg rush of Korean and Chinese gamers who were recruited by being told this is the a Korean VRMMO that's in beta test but evil Japanese hackers broke into the server, turned off pain dampening and are torturing their countrymen.

Even when some Japs who speak Korean try to explain the situation to them they don't listen because hurr japanese

The other NSA guys are surprised this works, they thought it wouldn't be worth it because they didn't think Japan is more different from Korea/China than European countries are from each other (hur)

Koreans and Chinese overwhelm Japs because this is every Jap's worst nightmare.

Kirito wakes up (thanks to the literal POWER OF LOVE from his entire harem) and wipes them all out in one attack though.

(Also PoH's motivation is that he's Korean and he hates Japanese so when he got stuck in SAO he decided to set up Laughing Coffin and have them and the clearers kill each other for shits and giggles because Nips killing each other is hilarious.)

Later Kirito and Asuna become gods because of x100000000000 acceleration.

The UWers travel to virtual planets with rocket dragons.

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>Main arc is over

Think he'll start putting out more than one Progressive volume a year?

Holy shit that's some nationalistic bullshit.

sounds like shit.



Sweet jesus, just burn it with fire.

>Even when some Japs who speak Korean try to explain the situation to them they don't listen because hurr japanese
>The other NSA guys are surprised this works, they thought it wouldn't be worth it because they didn't think Japan is more different from Korea/China than European countries are from each other (hur)
>Koreans and Chinese overwhelm Japs because this is every Jap's worst nightmare.
>Nakama power
This was hilarious, now I understand why some people prefer even narou trashfiction to SAO.

thanks for spoiling alicization you mother fucker
spoiler that shit

>already recongized Alicization's quality started sloping down beginning at vol 13 after vol 9-12 raised the bar for SAO novels sky high
>the quality freefalls to sea level with vol 14, long passing vol 7
>the quality hits the deepest depths of the world's ocean with vol 15
>see Asuna on vol 16 cover; orz
>see REEEfa and Shitnon on vol 17 cover, o__
>havent read vol 16 yet even though its been fully translated for five months
>read this post from the catalog

oh well

How could this hack of a writer did AW?


Is this actually what happens in the later SAO novels?

This is not some fanfiction shitpost?

It's a heavily skewed recap of the main plot points written in a misleading and hilarious manner.

It's not even skewed. This is basically what Kawahara wrote.

Alicization is literally Cred Forums: The LN



>you lived long enough to see SAO git gud
lmao hahahahaa

SAO new movie seemed decent
with new AR game




>triggered NSA apologist


its just boring because the NSA are already the real life bad guys

Making the villian the Americans instead of the negros or da jooz doesn't make a work any less obnoxious.

To be fair even in good stories the NSA is the go-to bad guys. Even in stories where the FBI and CIA are positively deplayed, the NSA is still fucking evil.

Even in stories written in America the NSA is fucking evil. No one likes the NSA, even America.

Better than the original.

I approve of this memeplot


Even Americans don't think the NSA are the good guys.

Doesn't stop them from funding them with their tax dollars.

Don't forget evil CIA is also the leader of Laughing Coffin and hates all Asians, and that he started killing people in-game because he hated japs.

One thing is completely correct: If I was a player who'd logged into an MMO, and I was informed that the NPCs I was killing and despoiling were - as far as the term applies - 'real people', with real thoughts and feelings and lives and emotions, I would kill and despoil all the harder.

I mean, holy shit, it's like a dream come true. You can finally play God. You can kill, and rape, and plunder, and loot - and it's not a game. The NPCs can feel real pain. It's the closest you can get to actually killing someone.

(Also, doesn't the bad guy log into the account of basically Sauron for the final battle?)

Well, as long it is not online.

No man, having it be an online game makes it all the better.

Just look at what Cred Forums's like. The fun of multiplayer games is about besting other people, or working out your darkest, most violent fantasies.

And knowing that somewhere, you were really hurting someone? Oh my God, sign me the fuck up. How many people would pay money to do this, just to get a sick rush of power? I know I would.

I mean, I assume you can only kill people. But in Alicization, you can kill AND rape AND despoil. You can be a blood-soaked heavy metal antihero if you want to, carving your way through every misanthropic 14-year-old's violent fantasies. More, you'll call them faggots and queers before killing them, or tell them how their momma sucked your cock last night.

So season 3 will not be dubbed will it? This will offend america.

so its basically CoD multiplayer irl

You're joking right ?

>offend america.

shitting on the NSA will just make them like it more

>once in a while
If I started to list anime in which Americans were the bad guys I'd hit the char limit.

Yes, exactly. Can you imagine how it'd feel? How amazing, how sublime? You'll rampage and kill and never stop.

You'll know then when some busty elf maiden is on her knees, begging "Please, please, PLEASE spare the children" and you're putting your gun barrel in her mouth, you know that she's not just a program (Okay, she's technically a program) she's a real person.

When your horde storms the last bastion of goodness and deceny, and the Queen offers you her body for mercy, and you laugh and throw her to the dogs? That's all real. It's for keeps.

When you see the terror in some novice knight's eyes as she fends off your sword blows, and she knows - just knows - that she's going to be raped and murdered in a matter of seconds, that her life as she knows it will end forever? That's real, too.

Now unleash an army of horny, violent, hormonal 14-year-olds all thinking the same thing, and they'll put the Mongol hordes to shame.

Well, as long we are allowed to hide our names, make private serves or prohibit normies.

Apparently, that's what happened in Alicization.

Basically, there were 'empty bodies' PCs could take over. The bad guy, some kind of evil American spec ops dude, logs in as the literal dark god of the 'evil' races. The en masse players have the bodies of summoned demons.

No, i mean, i would totally play it as long my powerlevel is not revealed to edia reportimng normies.

It reminds me of when i was a 11~14 year old and roleplayed as a dark emperor on roblox.

"Be my queen or i will kill all of your friends"

And she fucking did it.
Well, the dark sword was OP as shit, tho.

Good times

It's like ISIS except you're not around smelly goatfuckers and you don't have to worry about drone strikes.




YP, please release Progressive 4 early, thanks.

It's only good when I know there are people in real life that will suffer user. The pain threshold isn't cut off, so chopping apart scrubs that jump into a 'beta test' of a new game, only for them to realize the seriousness of it. I'd still end up slicing people, I'd be on the Japanese team with this one since there are more enemies.

Your targets are in poor taste since it's all expected to be fake.

Reminder that programs don't deserve human rights. They're not humans. Making them suffer and die is a game. They don't even exist when you turn off the electricity to the computer.

Fucking hell I remember roblox

to bad its gone to shit

Technically they have mass.

a few electrons worth of mass

Serina is lovely.

Good chuckle

Hello 13 year old edgelord

As a russian, I'm glad that for once we are not the bad guys. It's probably because russians are just too much shit at gaming, but still.

you hate yourselves and life in general

I need to write a story where the NSA are the good guys some day. Just to fuck with people.

Go with some absurd bullshit too like "The NSA's actual mission is to stop the Satanic Muslim Jewluminati from taking over American and using the nuclear arsenal from destroying the world."


Just today I was thinking about something similar, but for a game like SimCity or Black&White.
You would be able to ruin their lives of thousands and see them trying to somehow survive.

dwarf fortress is boring but it does that

But we're talking about having an actual human-level AI.

Any idea when part III of Mother's Rosario comes out?

Thought about buying the manga. Though the light novels are outdated correct? Would Progressive be the better choice than Aincrad?

Sure doesn't seem like you've only been watching anime for five years or anything.

Trump apologists would surely like that

Is there anyone here that wouldn't watch this? It looks fucking funny and the threads will surely be glorious


What a bumpy thread

Is Progressive just an updated version of Aincrad? They wouldn't do a progressive version for FD, GGO, and MR right?

Kirito is a literally a cheater. He import older games data, abuse gm authority which he shouldn't even have and torture a guy. Why is that allowed? Why no one punish him but everyone just praise him?

Which girl has the nicest rack?

But user if someone did that it would actually be a denunciation instead of fiction

Fucking pasta.

It's a pasta that's actually funny.
When is this getting another season again? I forget

2017. Alicization is going to be long.

Personally I hope the NSA intercepts, logs, decrypts and analyzes every communication ever made in human history.

Since when was it confirmed?

What if they're like, in the cloud, man.

user it's going to be adapted at la monogatari.
Put your seatbelts, the ride will be wild and will last at least 6 years, not counting that there's still more volumes coming out. Not counting the live action (actually a tv serie)

Is Cred Forums going to raid us when the series start airing?

...Until the game characters develop drones.

Hey, with a realistic enough physics engine, it's only a matter of time.

>implying we are not already here

Back up, a real life adaptation is in the works? They're not going to add changes due to America's sjws or femenists right?

I thought Kirito's story was over?

A western live action tv series, yeah.

Wont be long till some tumblrina tries to backlash about my diversity and gender fluids.

When did it stop being about video games?

How is Girls Ops?


Moeshit for first two volumes, third one might have some plot.


I want to save Yuuki from Aids.

Well, the NSA makes sense as a villain for an internet-based series, considering they're the villains in real life.

Funny how Obama is giving away the internet possibly next week.

she dead, man.

>There are people who unironically enjoy SAO

As if we have a choice

Technically speaking, we already gave away the internet twice when we exposed the internet to the world and when we disowned ICANN. If anyone is allowed to own the spare keys to the internet, its us.

Because hes the hero that Japan deserves.

Many sites will be censored or blocked.
I thought about ordering the manga,

>Many sites will be censored or blocked.

Trump will outlaw online porn anyway, so we're fucked either way.

Porn like streaming sites. Hentai is safe. And obama already is fucking the internet.

>I thought about ordering the manga,

>Every character becomes black
>That one black guy will be white

But Mother's Rosario