Yuri!!! on Ice

which yuri is best yuri

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I think I like Japan more but Russia is interesting. I want to know what his deal is.

Russian Yuri - he has the most potential forcmindbreak doujinshi

Victor is going to fuck the katsudon. Also what are the odds he has a terminal disease or something.

I like grumpy brats better than nerdy betas but Victor will be best boy and biggest slut.

Victor isn't a slut he just wants to get to know you

it'll probably just be retirement

Low, he probably just wants to retire before he declines, but at the same time wants to leave a longer legacy. A qt nip skater who idolizes him and can reproduce his routines perfectly must look like a godsend.

the japanese one is already better than the russian one even before he get training from the best ice skater on the planet.

don't really see where this anime goes after the first three episodes.

Yet japanese Yuri is close to retirement himself, it would make more sense to train the russian one


Grand Prix. Russian Yuri isn't his only competition, his biggest problem is that he's a complete choke. In a real event Yurio would dominate him effortlessly.

He doesn't get Victor's dick hard.

>showing nipples before coaching deal is finalized

Victor's smiles are unnerving. Like he's trying as hard as he can to be a normal goddamned person but can't.

I wanna see Yuuri and Victor fug

Patience user, the doujins will appear soon enough.

>Yuri!!! on Ice
>is yaoi anime

He probably hides the pain.

Russian Fairy

Cant wait for this slav anime.


Go back to your containment


The main concern are production issues. Seems MAPPA taken a piece too big they cant swallow.

Would be best if they`d just delay anime for another half year or season like Regalia, rather then deliver shit like WIT.

Beta Nip is going to have confidence beaten into him to stop being a choke artist.

In the purely biblical sense.

Pretty much this , I imagine the main aspect of Yuuri's training will be trying to get him used to pressure and crowds, not just building up his skill.

Doesn't matter if he can perfectly replicate Victors moves on his home rink with a friend watching, he needs to be able to do it with a medal on the line and in front of a huge crowd ((which Jurij can already do.))

>around 20 routines crafted
>1 cour show
Would be brilliant if MAPPA can pull this off.

I'm afraid of this.

This, if what the people who saw the pre-screening are saying is true, then the crew will have to work themselves ragged in order to get this done right.

What went wrong at the prescreening?

The problem is obviously that Yuuri can copy anything but doesn't mentally get involved in the choreography. Like that genius who can play anything in Shigatsu ha Kimi no Uso, but is described like a 'robot' who can only play 'mechanically', without putting his emotions or soul in it. I think after ep 3 we'll see Yuuri learn to do something else than copy people or offer 'academic' performances to the public.

Apparently the other scenes were incredibly well done so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Person there who was giving info said there was a fair bit of stand in animation, and that episode 3 had only just been 'finished'

Seems like finding Yuri's motivation would be part of the training, but I think the main block of it is more going to be focused on trying to get him over his inability to perform around lots of people and generally just his overwhelming nervousness fucking him over.

But Russian men aren't this attractive in real life

Curse you anime for giving me false hope once again

The right guy looks like Shinichi Izumi


I think the motivation is already here: it's to become as good as Victor. But then he focuses too much on the technical aspect of his performance and how people will compare them both, which means that he senses people's eyes on him, and thinks about it too much.
The only way for him to get over his 'inability to perform in public' would be make him forget that there are people around. Which means that he has to focus not only on the choreography, but also the story. To put his heart in it, to be himself with his own feelings instead of trying to copy someone's 'version' of a story.

Victor is based on Plushenko. He might be not the worlds best super model, but he has a great charisma.

And Yuri is based on a girl.

I think the only real problem with his motivations at this point is that they're weak, but from the pre-screening description we can tell that he feels like he would have been able to convey the 'all encompassing' love routine that was one of the choices Victor gave to him and other Yuri, but when he gets the Eros style routine he has trouble with it, and the only way he gets through it is by thinking about is love for Katsudon, which is, yeah, a pretty weak motivation, but it still wins out over the other Yuri.

Not unless Victor turns out to be a salty faggot and a professional shill for the regime.


>turns out to be a salty faggot

This salty user must know.


If you're asking about the 3DPD, they're probably talking about his breakdown after losing the gold medal to the US at Vancover 2010. Threw a massive bitchfit in the media and then decided to award himself a platinum medal (because obviously platinum beats gold) on his offical website as compensation.

I don't know anything about skating but this thread made me look Plushenko up and his sex bomb performance is hilarious, I'm okay with Victor being based on him

I'm more interested in how the show's going to pull off the performances Victor gave the Yuris. I'm not even sure how one can pull off sensuality on ice, let alone unconditional love.

And how does one skate well enough to make a man pregnant anyway?

I like the Russian one better, he's a qt
bishounen face, gopnick style, lol