How come every doujin artist end up drawing moeshit when they go pro?

How come every doujin artist end up drawing moeshit when they go pro?

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fuck you OP I like this manga.

because drawing cute girls is all they can do

but it would be 100x better if it was a h-manga

As it turns out, this is what they want to do, as a doujin artist porn is easier to sell

They don't? Are you telling me that Shokugeki, Air Gear, 3-gatsu no Lion, OPM, etc. are somehow "moeshit"?



Boku no Pico

Learn to Google.

So, what's this guy's porn name?

But I like this manga, I really ship senseixSuccubus.

>doujin artist goes pro
>uses the same girl from his porn as the main heroine of his moe series

please dont use racial slurs, this is a blue board.

Reminds me of the futa bike sluts or that loli who gets raped on her way to school.

More like ecchishit. They aren't creative or talented enough to draw something else.


>futa bike sluts

go on

>author used to do porn so the manga will be shit

Implying you mother fucker.

It's garbage, though.

Orimoto Mimana and Bakuon
I guessed it correctly. Could care more about he loli though

Wait, so Bakuon was a some artist turning a futa doujin into something commercial?

The author of bakuon used to draw porn

This shit is fucking terrible, like almost every other reincarnation LN adaptation.


this is the important question op, what was his name?

my interest in this series has increased 200%


The, Monsters are good and that is all that matters.

>Every other reincarnation
>The thing is literal time travel. They even straight up say it in the book.
Go be retarded somewhere else user.

I can't really call Demi-chan moeshit, to be honest.

It's more infodump the manga than that.

Kiyohiko Azuma done A lot of NGE stuff, never seen ant H-related stuff...

> The, Monsters are good
They really aren't.
>The thing is literal time travel
You're right, that was dumb of me. It's still no better. Also, learn how to type and use greentext properly, newfag-kun.

I fucking hate reincarnation shit when it serves no porpuse in the plot, like the MC creating earth artifacts on the usually medieval world by either using magic stuff or plain technology.


I have to agree with this ship. I hope it goes somewhere.

It's not reincarnation, that was me conflating concepts like a faggot. It's still terrible, though. MC is a wizard who gets really powerful and then finds out he can't be the arch-wizard or whatever of his color because he was predisposed to a different c, so he timetravels to when he was a kid to try and become the best at the color he was predisposed to. I dropped it three or four chapters in.

>I hate reincarnation shit when it serves no purpose in the plot.
user you're suppose to turn off your brain when that happens and enjoy the ride.

Thanks man.

> turn off your brain
Fuck off, nigger. I don't even require intellectualism or shit in my comics, because that'd be silly, but if I don't enjoy something because it's poorly-done schlock, then that's that, I can't consciously force myself to enjoy it. Instead, I drop the shit manga and go read a good manga.

And what anime was based on this?

MC originally made a name for himself as an old man, as a powerful wizard. Turns out however, he was just only slightly-above average due to new magic allowing people to find better wizards with better talents at magic than him.

His title gets revoked, as someone else takes it, and he wasted his whole life trying to get good, but never really reaching the top. He then time travels with the knowledge he has now in order to become good at magic.

no anime just manga for now

is not about turning off your brain, is about using a plot device for no actual reason more than to allow the endless legions of otakus a way to self insert, because it seem they cant enjoy a story withouth self inserting.

It's a non-H manga.

Damn, I'd read the doujin, but I didn't know the artist actually started doing manga.

The lazy fuck didn't even change the premise

Still waiting on that name, OP

What doujin is that?

This one was ridiculous as fuck

No, he just recycled one of his character designs.

Most of them draw moe even while they're doujin artists.

Because they've been writing shitty relationship one-shots with titties so writing shitty relationship serials with titties is the natural progression.

This is the most heartwarming horseshit I've ever read.

tomo {SPRAYED} when?

She's slutty in both though.

I don't remember reverse image searching being this utterly shit. What the fuck happened?

stop searching thumbnail for one
but I get that often even with full size image

Because moe is the name of the game. Drawing por is just a quick way to get into business.

user you were supposed to post an at least decent manga

The author of neko musume used to draw a lot of loli porn, the manga itself is one of the best moe slice of life out there.


damn, his style is fitting for a h.manga, boner-inducing. What was his porn name?

Dark Souls manga?

Dullahan a cute!

How about when they go from pro to doing porn again?

Is that from the GitS guy?


Masamune Shirow, yes. Since he's swiming in GitS money, he mostly just draws porn these days.

Succubus is easily the best part of this manga.
I just want to marry her.

Doujins of moeshit from ex H-artists by other H-artists when?

Serious question: can anyone name any case where an h-manga artist started doing hot-blooded shonen?

Does Shokugeki no Souma count as hot-blooded shounen?

what are editors

He's doing some serious manga now, right?

It's somehow both homosexual and ecchi-shit so no.

I was thinking of a more conventional battle manga, but yeah. Thanks.

I hope you aren't talking about that shitty harem.

Chio-chan is top qt, would read in both H and non H form

You know, it's been hinted that the plot will depend a lot on time travel already. Read the last chapter.

Every character is SO FUCKING ADORABLE

>tfw no nendos or plushies

More like hot boiled

Oh man, I gotta reread this now.