I'm in love with her, Cred Forums, but at the same time, I'm stronger than her. I will never be her husbanbdo...

I'm in love with her, Cred Forums, but at the same time, I'm stronger than her. I will never be her husbanbdo, unless she need it. Cheers. However, as amazing as Rem is, I would only defend her if she needs my body to block all magic. I would die for her, literally. Any way, any day. I will die for you, Rem. Please know this.

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Lost to Emilia

deal with it

Truth be told, I can get genuinely wield a sword, and, I will wield it to protect you with my life. I will die for you, Rem. I know you would hate me for saying they, but it's true.

I would die for Rem. I would easily displacey life for hers. And I don't care if she wants me to die for her; I would, and will die for her...

>I would die for her
That's nothing special.
Did she?

I'm flattered that you think so highly of my wife.

Just wait till next season to get a better waifu

>seasonal waifu fags

I've already got a waifu, but I definitely recognize that Rem's pretty amazing. It's only seasonal because the show literally just aired, but she's definitely a keeper.

I remember a section of arc 4 where Spbro translated a part that said Subaru love Rem as much as Emilia. Anyone saved it?


I will die for Rem.

I want to sacrifice myself for Rem. I will. I promise

I'd destory the entire universe for Rem

I like Rem.

I love Limmy's Show

So would I.

What is that a map of?

Rem is a johhny old hunk of shit, she a garbage can.

I want to gently penetrate Rem while running my fingers across the smooth surface of her horn

Why did Emilia win?

No, fuck off.
Re;Zero also had pretty low tier girls, so nobody will ever have them as waifu a few months later.

Looks like Minecraft.

>I would die for her, literally.
Prove it now.