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Who's Bruce Faulconer?

>inb4 Kikuchi haters
Dubfags need not apply. The quality of the Jap ost aside, Faulconer's scroe has too big problems: it has no concept of silence (seriously why does music need to ALWAYS be playing) and it has too many tracks that try to play up the "edgy cool factor" of the series, which leads to the overall tone and characterization of scenes to be miscommunicated to the audience. Hence why (among other reasons) so many Americans have no idea what the series is supposed to be like.

let me guess, you find the english dub horrible and goku's japanese voice to be sublime

>Hence why (among other reasons) so many Americans have no idea what the series is supposed to be like

What's it supposed to be like?

i miss Yamamoto. Him and his plagiarizing ass ;(

He's got a point, the dub soundtrack never shuts the fuck up

I love both the kinkuchi and faulconer score

His too

Yamamoto and the video games certainly had an impact too. There was a lot of rock, but nowhere near the amount of synth Falcouner did.

No one ever complains about Kikuchi for DB though. Just Z, so I can't see anything other than nostalgia.

faulconer is not bad at all, but kikuchi captures the essence better. thus why, kai is the ultimate experience. nozawa is just not good as goku, i'm sorry.

I hope the english dub of Super have different music, the current music isn't that good.

>it has too many tracks that try to play up the "edgy cool factor" of the series, which leads to the overall tone and characterization of scenes to be miscommunicated to the audience

Eh, I only agree with this when it comes to Goku's character.

Otherwise, I find the complaints about the DBZ dub being too "edgy" to be misplaced. Dragonball became gradually more grimdark all on its own without any assistance from the dub. I mean, this is the series which had

- Cell jamming a spike in a man's spine and absorbing him while depicting the man literally melting into nothing with full detail
- Frieza committing genocide against an alien species, including a scene where we literally see a child get blown up by a ki blast
- Future Trunks coming from a war-torn world where most of the cast is dead, and he loses his mentor in a scene which is played completely straight with not a single bit of humor
- Buu filling up a man's stomach with his own body and making him explode
- Buu pushing the planet to near extinction

Dragonball stopped being cutesy light-hearted adventures a long time ago.

Let me guess, you find Faulconer to be hell f*ckin epic and Schemmel's Goku to be le so manly?

He had his moments.

>there are people on Cred Forums RIGHT NOW who think that japanese goku's voice is actually good and fitting

>not living in a country in which the dub didn't get shit music

If you watched the dub, you didn't watch Dragon Ball Z. It's that simple.

There's no character named Tien.

The music is not the demo button on a Casio keyboard.

Their parachutes did not open.

>there are plebs who don't

It's okay. I used to be a memelord who never watched the series in the actual order in its original language too.



>actually thinking that screechy grandma goku is fitting

My only complain about funimation dub Goku are his OOC lines.

Not an argument

Why the rest of the world can have the OST and Americans need to change it?

What about those fresh Deftones and Disturbed songs?

Americans are pathetic when it comes to anime.

Well, he's not. He has like 3 or 4 good songs and the rest is either really generic or really bad.

Yeah, you WOULD try and start shit, wouldn't you Kusaka?

She wasn't anywhere near as screechy back in the day. Go rewatch movie 12 and then Super back to back, it's a world of difference what 20 years does to your voice.

He isnt, only kids who saw dbz with funimation dub first think this is the best iteration of dbz.

It had nothing to do with that, it was to cheat their way out of paying for the original music.

Dub with Jap soundtrack is good

You are transported to a parallel universe where Goku was voiced by Shon Schemmeru and Masie Nozzle. Your mission; defend Grandma Goku.

That's even worse.

You get characters from what is basically an 80's American cartoon dub ala Thundercats or GI Joe, with music from what should be a parody of the wuxia genre. Shit just doesn't mix.

You either watch the kung fu epic, or you watch the so-bad-its-good cheese. Both are valid forms of enjoyment, but mixing them is just missing the point of both.

Unless you mix Faulconer with the jap voices, which sounds pretty cool to me.

He's no Shuki Levi, that's for sure.

The dub was decent, the soundtrack wasn't, so I agree.

>Watching the anime

You can set aside the differences in voices and still say the original japanese dub is superior. The funimation dub suffers from extremely poor quality acting and a badly translated script, and that's not even touching on the shit they added in afterwards.

Well I like his dbz soundtracks.

I actually really dislike a number of the tracks in Z while I rather like DB's ost generally. It's the same guy, but from my recollection Z lacks a lot of the high tempo tracks that were omnipresent during DB's more exciting moments, and those were crucial to elevating those fights to their fullest potential as a viewing experience. And considering Z is so much more focused on nonstop fighting, I honestly prefer Faulconer's stuff for Z as a result, since a large portion of his tracks are decently intense fight themes.


Kikuchi's is objectively and on every level better than Faulconer's BGM.

Dub is shit. Even after like 10 times its still toned down and edited. Roshi asks a girl for a kiss while in the sub he asks to motorboat their tits. Why does Funi still censor the dub on DVD?

Nah, trumpets are shit.

At least he doesn't use fucking slide whistles

All versions of the anime are shit


KYS, faggot.

French dub is the best (only the dub, not the french openings) especially for Vegeta

American dub vegeta sounds like shit and bruce faulconer musics are ridiculously bad

>grainy audio that sounds like it was recorded in the 1970s
>better than Falconer's tracks



This is cringy as fuck. Give me back my trumpets.

I thought Falconer was better.
Then I actually watched it with the original.


Honestly, the nonstop back and forth with 4 pieces of music bothers me more than the actual music in this scene.

regardless of any drama asociated with its creation, yamamoto's sound track beats out the other two.

>That fucking terrible image quality

I still can't believe enough people truly thought this was OK that it got all the way through the production-distribution pipeline and was released this way.

Funimation seemed to think

>how will the viewers not get bored if there isn't always some noise?

It's one thing if they just added music to silent scenes, but they even went as far as adding lines to the dialogue.

I especifically remember when Goku was fighting Android 19. At one point, Goku takes him down and out of nowhere, Gohan can be heard saying "way to go, dad" which made no sense, iirc. He was nowhere near the scene anymore, having left with Krillin to warn the others.

lol you amerifags have such shit taste. literally every other language dub has the japanese soundtrack because why the fuck wouldn't they? Bruce Faulconer's casio keyboard crap is garbage. He wasn't worked for Funimation since what 2003? Get the fuck over it hes never coming back

>tfw grew up with spanish dub
>tfw glorious ost was untouched
>tfw voice actors were good and didn't sound like they had throat cancer

Didn't the guy sue Funimation because he thought he was such an integral part of dbz's popularity. Then he didn't credit or have his performers paid royalties on the soundtrack release. I know that shouldn't affect my opinion of his work, but damn he seems like a real asshole

so a dub that left screams in japanese. referred to the saiyans as "warriors" and a good amount of editing in its original run was the best? Nah I dont think so. The kai dub pretty solid though

The thing I hate the most about the American dub is that they added lines of dialogue that were never there. Like when Gohan turned SS2, they had him go through a monologue before transforming.

>sub > dub meme
Look at Goku becoming SSJ in the dub, and even the kai dub. And then look at the sub version.

>even the kai dub

the kai dub is probably objectively the best in terms of voice acting since funimation went back years later with far more experience than they had when they originally did the lines and this time they stuck almost 100% to the original script.

all kai doesn't have his the music most people watching the dub wanted to hear. still, it's better than the OG dbz soundtrack.

and thankfully, the music isn't complete shit in super.

Actually I take it back, I had my nostalgia glasses stuck on. The dub was worse for many reasons, but I feel like the BF ost is good for certain scenes. Kai improved it by miles.

I always thought his shit was garbage ad edgy as fuck when growing up

Not an argument

Why do sub fags whine about Goku's funi voice when literally every single non-Jap dub also gave Goku a similarly "heroic" male voice?

the one who made OST/soudntrack for DBZ english version

the kai has shitty music, the voices are fine I forgot

Insulting the target audience's intelligence to satisfy censors who want to cover their asses from anal-retentive parents, i.e., the same BS Nintendo of America perpetrated until the 21st century.

And now it's the exact opposite with entertainment where music is made to be really ambient.

Nothing to discuss over facts.

You can remove "that" from the sentence.

Best thing to ever come out of mexico. Spanish anime. And respect for the source material. Also no censorship. Suck it muricans.

>contrarian hipsters and their "HURR JAP IS BETTER JUST BECAUSE JAP XDDD" while having no actual argument still trying to push their meme OST
>meanwhile Toei learns and makes DBS OST sound like Falcouner OST
I rather have no OST at all than listen to that shit original OST and those trash drums.

This is good OST

This is just trash

I cant watch this shit without faulconer

Does anybody actually argue this?

Sumitomo's Kai work was boring, and his synth tracks in Super are so bad.

Rock and Metal have been part of Dragon Ball since the mid-90s because of all of the fucking games.

The people who like that shit OST does. There is a reason why DBS doesn't use those boring trumpets. Even the SSJ transformation in RoF Mirai Trunks version used the superior DBS OST.

The original DBZ OST was just trash and this is coming from someone who watched DBZ with the original OST.

I rather listen to brass orchestra music over any of this forgettable generic synth shit any day.

>The people who like that shit OST does
I like the original OST, and that's because it's the kind of thing that goes with a wuxia/mystical kung fu epic, which is the genre that Dragon Ball is a parody of at its core.

>superior DBS OST
Oh this is bait. Nevermind.

That's right, he isn't. There's nothing to discuss.


GT had the best soundtrack
only good thing to come from Faulconer

I'm not american
Hell I'm not even a main english speaker
The jap version isn't better than the american version
Faulconer music is good
The music repartition in the jap version is good
The voice of either versions suck black dicks
DBZ anime in general was a mistake

Every pleb in this thread just disgust me because they are either patriotic jackass or weeb faggot goin back and forth in an eternal autistic rage
You can't take a step back and truly understand why something is good or bad

I like a lot of his tracks but felt half was unnecessary.

Poles had it rough: they had censored French dub which was then translated a second time to polish. It had strange, changed opening, but at least OST was untouched


>voice actors are loved the project
>recorded with all the cast of every chapter in stage, thing that even they miss now.
>an excelent and well selected cast of voices.
>clean voices over a well mixed audio. the sound its not like a cassette quality audio from other old anime. sounds magnificent unlike new digital recordings.

crisp clean

god bless 90's mexico dubs. also not mexican here

If only Spanish wasn't a disgusting sounding language.

Based Mario CastaƱeda is best Goku

I second this

>Faulconer's scroe has too big problems: it has no concept of silence (seriously why does music need to ALWAYS be playing)
I believe that's more of a problem of the director rather than Falconer,

They're both shit and Toriyama is the most overrated author in the industry. Dragonball's plot is generic by Japanese standards, Dragonball Z basically invented going from one fight to another with little to no plot between, the fights just aren't that good to justify doing this either as there is no variety in the combat, it is just flying punch rushing, teleportation and energy blasts. There is rarely deviation from this and when there is it is because they are fighting a one off alien with a gimmick. A gimmick I might add, that is overcome by somebody charging up like a phone. The characters all look the fucking same as well, Toriyama has like 3 fucking faces and he uses them exclusively whether he is doing manga or games.

It makes no fucking sense that he is as influential as he is. And speaking of that influence, he is also responsible for fight service even being a thing. Every single author that cites Toriyama as an influence at some point is just going from fight to fight pairing up protagonists with throwaway villains. It is awful and he will never stop because he is the Michael Bay of manga and people will never stop throwing money at him from recolouring his characters, calling it a power up and making yet another movie about it.


Pikkon's theme.

Japs, murrikans? Who cares? The true version of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z is the mexican one, putos.

I can appreciate the music in the Z dub, but it's just not my style. I liked it much better in Dragonball. Super is pretty lame though.

> it has no concept of silence
Fucking this and the worse thing is that in scenes like the fight in cell games, music randomly changed into some silly music once the camera showed Satan and co.
The only Dub DBZ ost that i prefer is in Broly movie cause of that sic pantera track.
In conclusion, as a musician, MUH Trumpets.

>Dragonball Z basically invented going from one fight to another with little to no plot between,
>I haven't read Fist of the North Star.

Z dub had better music and I can't even stand the dub voices. Fucking weeaboo losers.

Every dub Buu theme > sub themes and you're a fucking want if you even try to argue otherwise

All ssj themes are tied or better

Cell them is better

Frieza theme is better

Ginyu theme is shittons better than that lame pop song

The only issue is the lack of silence. It is a big issue. But that has nothing to do with the music itself.

>Dragonball Z basically invented going from one fight to another with little to no plot between


Fuller characters in the dub have better character themes than anyone in the sub and you weebs still try to act like your unfitting orchestral bullshit is better lmao. Say whatever you want, but I gladly welcome dbz as high octane testosterone filled action instead do the classical majestic shit you want it to be

This is really nice

SS3 theme was so hype, you forgot it accomplished nothing

Super would be great if it had dub music though instead of jpop insert songs


>Using a shit movie maker overlap job when we have people now properly mixing and isolating audio tracks.

What are you a fucking Asspie (Retard)

>I gladly welcome dbz as high octane testosterone filled action that Barry Watson wanted it to be instead of the classical majestic shit that it was written as
That's fine. You don't have to enjoy the actual material if you don't want to. Just man up and acknowledge that you have to watch the bastardization that you're incapable of outgrowing.

Yeah, I'll enjoy dbz for what it is while you try to act like it was some high class fancy shit. Fucking weeb loser.

LOL the original ost was made for the fucking movies anyway, it doesn't even fit the series. For Christ's sake the original ssj theme is just some random theme from the first movie. Original isn't always better.

>I'll enjoy dbz for what it is
But Faulconer's score wasn't in the actual anime, just Funimation's short lived fanfiction.

Reused isn't always worse.

Im convinced that shitty OST is why American Dragon Ball fans are such edgelords

So hypocritical lmfao

Not an argument.

I always thought Pikkon was awesome. Mainly because of the dub theme. Was that tournament even good or was it just the music that made it just not more shit filler?

Anyone like the Japanese voices and English voices equally (at least when it comes to Kai for the dub)? Because I can enjoy Sean and Masako.

Watch Kai.

Seriously, why does everyone forget Kai exists?

Dragon Ball never got a real uncut dub.

Both sides have excellent tracks, I just feel that the Japanese dub utilises the music a lot better. The Funi dub has a sometimes criminal habit of cutting and mashing different tracks together depending on what's going on in quick succession, as if it's doing its best to avoid any silent moment.

Because it's shit

>mexican dubs
>no censorship


um ok

You know, footage cuts aren't the only way of censorship...

This is my shit right here.

It's "Faulconer Productions" not Bruce Faulconer
Bruce wasn't the only one working on DBZ there were a bunch of others too

>Dragonball's plot is generic by Japanese standards
lol no

Because it doesn't have "MUH FAULCONER". And dubcucks are allergic to good acting.

Right, he's amazing.

>Seriously, why does everyone forget Kai exists?
Because it's shit

>shitty synth which was produced with a 300 dollar synthesizer
>better than Kikuchi's orchestral stuff

>Those dumbass added lines
So fucking cheesy

Yeah the dub version of that scene is horrible
Also why even use "SSJ" if you're a dubfag?

Holy fuck kill yourself
Literally just do it

I wish Yamamoto was never caught for plagiarism.

>There is a reason why DBS doesn't use those boring trumpets
Because it sucks?
Dragon Ball Super is literal cancer worse than GT

That's a filter to avoid copyright stupid

The metal soundtracks for the movies were really weird

Which was the movie which had Linkin Park music? Goddamn that was shitty

>unfitting orchestral bullshit
This is what dubfags actually believe

>synth tracks made using modern technology
>not being better than orchestral shit recorded with a audio technology from the 1960s

I honestly can't listen to the original. Way too fucking grainy.

The music was garbage lmao
I wanted to kill myself every time that stupid triumphant theme played in Kai

I bet you can't listen to 60s rock like Deep Purple, Hendrix, Black Sabbath either then

In which case you shouldn't talk about music you cuck

Best Dragon Ball theme:

Pick one.

The beginning of this one?

It was pretty bad but holy fuck did it make Vegeta's Final Flash GOAT

some of the tracks were pretty great but the actual placement of them left a lot to be desired

You posted the wrong song


Let's be honest, there is only one best Dragon Ball song.


>Fucking this and the worse thing is that in scenes like the fight in cell games, music randomly changed into some silly music once the camera showed Satan and co.

Did you fucking watch those youtube videos where the description just says FAGIMATION over and over?

That's not

The whole point of localizing a product is making it more appealing to the market you're trying to sell it too. Bruce Falcouner made a score that reflected what the American audience wanted out of DBZ: a bunch of cool guys fighting and his score focuses on highlighting that.
If I'm going to sell Hamlet in Thailand you better believe there's gonna be some stylistic differences, and changing the interpretation of the characters to better appeal to that culture may be necessary to make money. And all the changes that the dub made to the series, both technically and artistically were a success because dragon ball is a ridiculously profitable brand in the states.
He's not necessarily bad, nor is the dub: you just disagree with the vision.

>Bruce Falcouner made a score
It was Faulconer Productions not Bruce Faulconer alone

And before Faulconer it was Shuki Levy and some other compoers in the original Saban/Funimation/Ocean Dub

I wouldn't say his music is amazing or worth listening to on repeat, but it's a lot better than the OG 70's kung foo shit. The Dragonball OST fits, but Z worked well with that 90s rock and electro mix.


cleanest OST track 2k16

Game OST > Shit in the anime (sub/dub)


>Not liking the American version of Vegeta's theme

>not posting yamato's re-arrangements


>it has no concept of silence (seriously why does music need to ALWAYS be playing)
??? what does this have to do with music quality? that's sound direction.

Yeah no. His music was what elevated most of those moments to such memorable status. It's like fucking nothing whenever I have to watch those scenes with some other music.

Some are great especially the character themes but holy shit every episode has that "uuuuuu" tone in the dub.

>His music was what elevated most of those moments to such memorable status
>hurr DBZ wasn't big anywhere before Funimation butchered it
okay kid

>live in italy
>get the glorious japanese music track with the dub
>the dub is kind of bad but nobody cared

Cutting up someone else's creation for your own profit is a disgusting vision. Respect the original work or make something fucking new for once.

Fucking dubfags, you're the reason abortions like Warriors of the Wind are considered okay.

Do you think anyone actually thinks Goku should sound like a woman?

No i just watched the dub. The silly music changes are a problem in the whole series.

Why aren't these people banned already?

Because it's still not finished after all these years.

>mfw watching the Dragonbox version
>getting the original uncensored episodes in the best possible quality
>getting the dub
>getting the original OST

Why would anyone not do this?
It's objectively the best way you can watch DBZ.

tfw utsukushii raws will never be completed ;_;

Yes it is,you probably just forgot Kai Buu saga existed

Not with the dub though.


Of all the things to complain about....

The music was so damn good in the DBZ dub.

>shitty orchestra music with shit audio vs hip electronic music made with cutting edge technology that gets you PUMPED UP BRAH!

I remember thinking as a kid, "That's a weird name for an episode."

Music made it not shit. I could say the same for the Garlic Jr saga, and I'm a fucking japanese sub fanboy. The dub music does some things better, the japanese music does other things better. It's only a question of what you're looking for.

Anyone know what settings they use to rip the dvds? I have a complete dragonbox set myself and I'd like to back them up.

Worst bait I've seen in a while.

dude the song is not bad. but

not all the scene is an"heroic moment",
there's no concept of silence
the original music turns into a common battle theme.. your song is just changing the point of the scene.

also taco dub was better.

I agree

Oh don't fucking pretend to be all fucking classy and sophisticated. It's shit. Hot dogshit.

>only good thing to come from Faulconer
I probably couldn't stand hearing it in the anime but I do like the song a lot, mostly because it reminds me of the early 00's due to playing StepMania.

Best Cell theme is the original imo.
Then we have the idiots thinking it's a song by Kavinsky.

The shading in this gif never fails to make me hard

2 tone shadows are awesome.
Or is it called 3 layer shader?

Old anime (very rare nowadays) with three layers of light makes me hard.

>actual people who dislike orchestral music because "le pretentious sophistication"

Its not that one music is overall better than the other, its that falcouners fits DBZ style more.

DB is more lighthearted, not obsessed on power levels, a boys journey, so the orchestral stuff suites it better

DBZ has way mroe high octane fights, fast paced, full shounen, so faulconer suits it better

dude. it has just 1 layer of shade.

>no shadow
>light shadow
>darker shadow

murricans didn't get DB untill too late.

that's why your meme post makes sense.

look at that cell man. its just base color and shade.
there's no light aside the glow in his eyes

The eyes make me question my boner though

keeps reminding me of pic related

Americans are all blinded by nostalgia. Everyone else recognizes the fact that the American English dub is bland and soulless.

Not the same dude, but it has 2 layers close down to his chin, though in im mostly referring to the line work in his nose.

>Cutting up someone else's creation for your own profit is a disgusting vision. Respect the original work or make something fucking new for once.

Fucking weeb. Nips do that shit too. Hell Bakugan had a completely different score when it aired in Nipland as it was a dub original anime and Bakugan ended up even being even more poplar in Nipland because of it.

No need to discuss, you already said enough in your pic.

in my exprience, america ruins everything that was not created by them

Early DBZ had some real winners with the lines they spewed.

>Dragonball Z basically invented going from one fight to another with little to no plot between

>Dragonball Z basically invented

This is where I stop reading you. Dragon Ball didn't invent ANYTHING at all, everything Dragon Ball did was copying older hits.

>Fist of the North Star
>That copied everything from Ring ni Kakero and Kinnikuman


>there are people who prefer rock the dragon to cha-la

Spic Dub>Ocean Dub>Funi Dub

Sha-la head sha-la~

OG voices>some Dub>water Dub?>No-Fun Dub

>All these faggots talking about their shitty Nozawa, their gay sean schemmel and their shitty hiphop electronic music when the latin american dub has better voices AND ost

Me dan penita los amerifats tuvieron la desgracia de crecer escuchando el soundtrack de Bruce Faulconer, porque es una putrida mierda

I've watched db and dbz subbed too, and I still think the granny voice sucks donkey balls.

Stop being a weaboo brah.

>"Jus saiyan,dis is THE theme to Dragon Ball Z,not some boring Japanese words nobody knows,no hate "
>Niggers who watch Dragon Ball actually have "opinions" like this

Even the biggest weeb admits the orginal dub version of goku going ss3 is superior right?


We call those smart people

Posting superior version


>t. mexishit
fucking crossboarders

You goof! You're such a nut! Where did you come up with that!

>"Jus saiyan,dis is THE theme to Dragon Ball Z,not some boring Japanese words nobody knows,no hate "

america ruins everything with their shitty openings, I know some of them are funny buy, why dont they just translate it?




this guy is a bro. singing even today and making dubs for fun.


>I am the hope of the memeverse XD

>hating orchestral

So fucking hipster and edgy you bleed flannel out of your 'trendy' ear gauges

The original soundtrack has its merits, but I think for the Androids and Cell especially, spooky techno is much more fitting than low-fidelity trumpet/viola.

>characters can't be shown without grunting or having internal monologues
>music changes with the scene, changes any time something dramatic happens, retarded goofy music when comic relief characters are shown
>entire tone of the scene shifts from Cell and Goku being pretty much even to "GOKU'S GETTING PUSHED BACK YOU GUYS, CELL IS WINNING FUCK. COME ON GOKU YOU CAN DO IT."
>so much unnecessary extra dialogue

still can't believe people defend this trash. at least funimation got their shit together for kai. this shit right here is downright embarrassing though

No fucking clue.They did that with Makafushigi Adventure,so I have no idea why they had to produce a new song for Z.

Of the three versions, the Funi dub has the most heroic music. Goku's kinda struggling and wrecking the planet but whatever right?



The japshit music can never compare.

anyone have a webm of this?

Well, the Japanese version had no music when he fired that.



no. please kill yourself, stupid nigger

>a fucking loop of the music all the tiem
>the music make it lose the ambient.
>also krillin trying to sound funny.



>it's a Dragonball thread
>half the posts are Cred Forums unironically using "weeb" as an insult and filling their posts with "lol"s and "lmao"s
Every time

I remember once back in highschool this Asian kid was trying to explain it to this obese mulatto weeb who was going off on this loud angry rant in the middle of class to a group of people who don't even watch anime about how much he hates it when dubs change the op and ed songs.

dbz originated in america fuck off weeb

Only dumb weebs hate Faulconer. Some GOAT tracks desu famalam.

Not a weeb saw it in spanish first, YEARS ahead english dub is shit.

Wasn't Goku's voice actress literally one of the first in the industry?

yes, she is now over 500 years old

How much is that in human years?

Best villain. Best underlings.

Frieza was literally the high point of Z, everybody else can just go and stay go.

English is usually the dub people ever consider. Japan is the weird duck in a sense. That said hanks to Super a lot more dub fans now warmed up to Nozawa.

You know that English was one of the LAST languages that got a dub of the show, right?

I think the music worked when they were the more ambient tracks especially on Namek it made it feel more alien.

I think the japanese soundtrack is just ok in Z it soundsway better in dragonball since it fit that setting better. Over all Dragonball was just better in general and I think we can all agree on that at least

>He didn't watch the adventures of Zero and Lena

>the best thing Falcouner has done for DBZ was a theme for a minor character that gets about 3 plays total

>best composer
>got BTFO for plagiarism
>Every DVD release of Kai after 2011 replaced it with boring kikuchi score

wish he never got caught. It ruined the music in the budokai HD releases and future games would have probably actually had good music

That one was so obvious.


I thought the entire stratovarius album was more obvious once you hear it. the other songs seem like subtle homages by comparison:

I hope the dubbs get reanimated. The current one just isnt that good.

I want to say it's one of the Broly movies

just posting the best dragonball song of all time
dont mind me

Does anybody the the track that plays when Trunks kills King Cold? I can't find it anywhere


DBZ has been rescripted and redubbed so many times I lost count. The Kai dub is the most consistently good Every few years Funi re releases the series because guaranteed money.