Who was best girl of the season? For me it was Usami-chan

Who was best girl of the season? For me it was Usami-chan

Colle-chan is the cutest though

I'd say Moeka> Usami = Imari > Colette

Hold the fucking phone, this got an anime?
How far did they go?

I'd say Usamin as well.

which usami-chan are we talking anout?


oh, you mean that show that no one watched. gotcha.

For me it's Kotori. Prime breeding material. Wierd ass fetishes. Has a lust for her sensei's cock. Fucking amazing.

Should be everyone's best girl

Not even top 5 girls from her show.

Colette or You.


Oh fuck, I completely forgot about this series, because the male lead was so insufferable.

Did it ever get good?


I vote Mizuki

Impure bitch!

Either Kotori or Usami were best girls in this season.

This one. Cinnamon roll too pure for existence.

Who is that notRam? Does she comes up later in the WN?


100% Usami

Top four in no particular order:

Kotori Iida, Amaama to Inazuma
Aoba Suzukaze, New Game
Mizuki Usami, Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
Futaba "Teko" Ooki, Amanchu!

My wife Usami is so cute

Usami is shit. Best girl of the season is Teko (Dotty) from Amanchu

Nene or Usami definitely.

Most retarded and annoying character ever made.
We can eliminate those two options for now.

Nigga you what, that makes everyone but New game characters sluts since they crave the dick.


This fatty


Usami is too cute for her shit show.

Worst New Game.

There was a show worth watching this season?

when the hell did that happen?

Who's that?

It followed the source material pretty well, but mixed up some of the jokes and added a little bit of filler.
Never got into Prez's past or really anything beyond that.
I absolutely love the manga, and I thought they did a pretty sweet job with the adaptation

she's not even the best girl in her show

Hajime or yukina were my favs


Ryuko-chan is best girl of ALL the seasons! ALL!

In no particular order, best girls from the only shows that were worth watching:

Konobi: Colette-chan
New Game: Hajime-chan
Amanchu: Futaba Ooki
Amaama: Kojika Shinobu
Time Travel Shoujo: Waka
Ange Vierge: Fuck that, whole cast.
LLS: Hanamaru-chan
Prillya Drei: (best first appearance) Bea-ko

Cake of the season: Yumeko-sensei
Milf of the season: Usamom

Overall, this was a great harvest of girls from a rather hollow season.

Usami. That such a plain character design was able to elicit so much moe was a miracle of the universe.

was my favorite character design of the season though

There is only one choice

Pretty good season for girls desu

Momo-kun and Kurihara-san are both best girls of the season.

>trash should be everyone's favorite
Yeah, kill yourself my man.


No man, you are too good for anything from this season. Please don't waste your precious time with these threads, you are far too good for them.

>Prez's past
Who the fuck was that braids girl that showed up in the last 2 episodes?

not this season desu