The Great Isekai Tracksuit Buyout of 2016

What is it with isekai genre protagonists and tracksuits?

I've got a two blue ones and one grey one. I still haven't been carried away yet.

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It's the "I don't care" NEET uniform.

Tracksuits are the best clothes. I have no idea why anybody would hate on them.

Probably same reason Slavs wear them. Last a long time, good in most weather conditions, relatively cheap and durable, and comfy.

Easy to animate and it can easily be fit to any kind of climate.

Yato works his tracksuit like a true slav though.

Subaru and Kazuma are just half assing their look, with shitty two-toned tracksuits, and I don't think the ZnT dude is wearing an actual tracksuit.

the collars can make even the pathetic skinny fat virgin otaku who watch isekai garbage look /fa/

Isekai is actually a slav genre. Japanese took it from them, paying tribute to original creators by having included tracksuits.|1|0&order=rating_avg_down&SI=&LP=

Isekai Stories are actually made to prepare the audience for a Slav protagonist somewhen in the future.

I totally forget Saitou was member of the isekai club

Threadly reminder that Saitou would absolutely wreck both of those faggots.

/f/a/ here. I'll fuck with a track top or pants as separates but you never go full russian tuxedo.

Well yeah, he's competent. Kazuma is basically the smartest kid in a special ed classroom and Subaru is a colossal pussy. It wouldn't even be a challenge.

His super power is weapon competency he could beat Kirito, it's literally a fuck you I win for one on one fights.

Wasn't there an arc where he got beaten up because he relied on the auto-weapon proficiency and didn't actually know how to fight?

Who's the douchebag in the middle?

Magical Jesus Christ gary stu from Zero no Tsukaima

Tracksuits are great. Especially when worn by girls.

>Watch Seikon no Qwaser
>Sasha doesn't wear a tracksuit

They dropped the ball on that one

I want to cosplay as an unemployed Slav someday

Some guys can't afford to wear anything else.

Sure, when he died the contract was severed and he lost the buff. At least that's what I remember.

I'm unironically considering buying Subaru tracksuit.

Its the "i got transported to another world" uniform

»147694565 (OP)
>Is that track suit the latest NEET fashion?

>The best MCs are actually slavs in disguise

>This explains Kazumas brown hair and green eyes as well as his drinking habits.

whats the show the guy on the left is from


Casual Reminder that Naruto is responsible for this.

Since when is Qwaser an Isekai series.

It's been years but I don't remember that happening at all


Zero no Tsukaima was the first isekai ever, right?

actual slav reporting in
i wear tracksuits and i've been transported between worlds many times, it always happens when i drink too much after work

By current standards, yes.

Pretty sure there were lots of them before that.
Twelve kingdoms is one of them.

Vision of Escaflowne

I was thinking slav protag and not isekai

Ah, fair play then.


There's clearly a Slavic conspiracy within all of anime

Saito you stupid dog; quit hanging around those losers and pay attention to me.

Unfortunate it isn't in fashion elsewhere.

tracksuits are pretty popular in scotland

>Implying Kazuma couldn't just steal Delflinger and render Saitou helpless.

Wtf no

Saito is the best by far.

it's probably the best outfit to wear in a fantasy setting

Derf is an anti-magic sword though.

Except for when he's not. Like when he got blasted out of Saito's hand by lightning that one time.

You're doing it wrong, OP.

First, you wear the tracksuit.

Then, you kill yourself.

Then, you get spirited away to a world where cute, hot and cutehot anime waifus lust after your dick and you cannot do wrong ever.

You know what to do.

Yato's smelly tracksuit is on a different level.

>tfw no anime about slav being transported into fantasy world

where can you buy one?

Saito's tracksuit remains inexplicably spotless despite the fact that he has sustained a cavalcade of injuries including but not limited to being impaled straight through the chest by magic ice spears. Twice.

I remember Zero. Thinking about it now, it was terrible. Why did I ever think it was good.

>My friendship with Yuuji is over now Kazuma is my new friend

do slavs wear them to escape their reality too?


There is literally nothing comfier a man can wear than tracksuit.
t. Slav

Own like 5 of them. Im pretty pissed, because since i got promotion recently, i can't wear it in work anymore

We use wódka for that.

cyka blyat

It just hit me. I know a guy who wear adidas tracksuit and cowboy boots all year long.

>you cannot do wrong ever
Have you even met Scumzuma?

I can't compliment you on your wit without sounding sarcastic so just accept this.

His new life has worked out for him, so far.

I admit he's the odd one out. I just really wanted to sell OP on the idea to kill himself.

The official neet uniform
It's comfy but i only wear it when doing sports

Who cares, he has the worst girls ever.

Dunbine aired in 83 and was isekai.

Don't you mean Best?

Can't vouch for the tracksuit but broken-in cowboy boots are the comfiest thing in the world.

Why not get a formal tracksuit?

Wasn't there also season 1 where he got beat up by the fencer guy who was properly trained? Granted, I'm pretty sure he didn't actual train in swordfighting until when you mentioned and just found some trick he could use or something to beat the fencer.