Is there any actual evidence that EoE was the original planned ending...

Is there any actual evidence that EoE was the original planned ending? That's what people often say but I read all the staff interviews available and none of them confirm this.

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It never was the planned ending, that much is obvious based on the scheduling of the original. It was a remake of the planned ending, which means it was extended and changed.

There are bits of EoE that you can actually see in 25/26, such as Ritsuko's fate.

EoE is not the end. Rebuilds are the continuation. 4.44 will be the end.


It's largely in line with what was previewed at the end of 24, though that doesn't necessarily mean that the very end of the movie lined up with what Anno had wanted 26 to be before the money dried up.

Hell, none of it might have been how Anno intended to end the series at the beginning.


literally in the first episode of Evangelion, Shinji saw Post Adam-Lilith merge Rei.

Unless 4.0 changes things, Rebuild is its own canon. Just like the manga adaptation, just like Girlfriend of Steel, just like fucking Apocalypse Academy.

This is the stupidest fucking theory, how can you think that 26 and One more final: I need you. occur at the same time? They are thematically completely different. It makes literally no sense.


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Shinji accepting himself and others != kimochii warui




Didn't Ishida confirm the sequel theory by confirming Kaworu timeloop theory?

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There are sketches of scenes from EoE that appear in the final episodes of the TV series. Like said they are both the canon ending just from different perspectives.

I was using it to refer to the scene, One more final: I need you is harder to type out.

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I'm not aware of any confirmation but the theory wasn't just about Rebuild Kaworu. It was about EVERY Kaworu.

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This. Anyone who disagrees is a stupid faggot who isn't able to realise simple hints.

>"Even if they talk about different things, the feelings Kaworu has for Ikari Shinji… they won’t change. I knew the world was different this time, but, on top of that, I was worried about how to best approach Ikari Shinji this time so that everyone would understand that. That was a high hurdle. I was thinking about how to handle it from the very beginning. How should Nagisa Kaworu be after he’s accumulated several different cycles in his past? And Eva itself has a very precise strike-zone, to get it just like it should be. I couldn’t lose sight of that."
>"The first two films in Rebuild were used to vividly remind the audience of specific scenes and nuances of the original TV series. No matter how many times it happens, it always ends the same way. It should have been different from the previous cycle, but the same mistakes are repeated once again. He has an unfortunate destiny. But, it’s like he switched tracks at a different point this time. It’s like he struggles against the flow [of his fate] and sacrifices himself so that Shinji can survive."
>The thing the rest of the cast was surprised about this time were the things that the director had revealed to me alone in the beginning, and how my role and what I knew sort of lined up neatly. On the other hand, I kept having, 'Ooh! You guys didn’t know that?’ moments. I had to be evasive with anyone looking for explanations up until now, and I guess I kind of miss the feeling of, 'oh too bad, they think it’s a rehash,’ and 'heh, they totally fell for it’ since that was kind of fun.

Akira Ishida pretty much outright confirmed it yeah

I would have agreed with you before 3.0 seemed to drop most of those plot threads.

Oops sorry for making that post so unreadable. You get the idea though

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Nothing was planned, not even episode 2. The show was written on the fly, from episode to episode, up until the movie.

That flies for individual scenes, dialogue, and especially the ending, but the plot was all decided in 1993.

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Anno says otherwise in the interview

>The impression of ‘Live’ concert that gives me the birth of Eva, was the team joining me in developing it, in the manner of an improvisation

>“Speaking of improvisation, when I added the ‘Human Complementation Project’ that appears in the second episode, and which was going to become the fulcrum/pivot of the plot, I still had no idea about what it was going to ‘complement’

> We only started working on the next script once the previous one was done.

What the source for your pic? do you have a translated one?

Everyone's character arc is the same in either ending. The specific events that occur may not have been planned but the plot was always shit anyways.

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It's from the packet Anno put together with Sadamoto and Yamashita to advertise to sponsors.

>Episode 16: In the heart of the enemy: Shinji is taken into an Angel and for the first time, communication is made. Part of the Angels' objective is brought to light.

>Episode 17: Asuka's 1st date: Asuka goes to an amusement park for the first time. Misato's past. A romance comedy.

>Episode 18: the choice of life: Shinji fights the Angel-controlled Eva unit-03 piloted by his friend. The choice Shinji makes.

>Episode 19: A man's battle: Asuka is heavily wounded protecting Shinji. Shinji tries to prove himself to her. The Evas' first aerial battle. Kaji's death.

>Episode 20: Nerv's birth: The Eva unit-05 is sent to Nerv from Germany. A story of what happened 15 years ago: The evaporation of the Dead sea, the creation of Nerv and the Evas. A story of Shinji's father.

>Episode 21: At least, like a human: An underwater battle around a sunken ship. Shinji receives a mental attack by an Angel. A story of Shinji's mother.

>Episode 22: The cat and the transfer student: The first humanoid Angel (child with a pet cat) Nerv's accidental allowing of the Angel's entry into the laboratory. Shinji's dilemma of fighting a humanoid Angel. The laboratory's greatest secret is shown.

The details are scant and fucky and the order jitters around but the beats of Eva's narrative are mostly there.

Both are garbage anyway.

TV ending > EoE


It means "having to do with the origin of something"

They just wanted to make a cool robot fighting story but halfway ran out of money and decided to go with bullshit in order to make flashy, poor quality shit without people complaining. Episode 16 was the end of evangelion

>we'll never see draft Kaworu animated

I've been this for a while and for this exact reason, I don't get why so many Eva fans have homed into this idea and latched on to it, clinging to the assumption that it just must be true.

One More Final is not comparable to the ending of the TV series. One More Final is, as its name suggests, and extra ending on top of what we had before; it is one more beyond.

Everything before One More Final matches up with the TV end, with the TV end showing the character's mindsets throughout and EoE showing the real world consequences. One More Final then adds on afterwards.

Both endings are good in their own way (as well as flawed in their own way) and I'm glad they both exist. The rebuilds are unwatchable shite.

As pointed out here already:

The overall story was decided at least since 1993, they even mention the First Ancestral Race in it.
The original ending was still different from what we got, but overall the concept was still there. It involved the last and strongest angel, which would be the 12th one, descending from the moon, third impact starts and it also mentions an "Ark" (Fuyutsuki addresses to the awakened Eva-01 furing EoE as an "Ark" too, but who knows how different the original "Ark" was going to be, or what it was).

So, to answer to OP, the exact EoE ending wasn't planned, but the overall scheme was. There would be an apocalyptic climax with a third impact and all that, but I guess the plot kept evolving and changing since 1993. For example making 17 angels instead of 12, etc.


pretty sure the intro had scenes you never saw until the movie

Yeah, there was always at least a strong concept of where they wanted to go, how they were getting there, what the tone was going to be.

>“Speaking of improvisation, when I added the ‘Human Complementation Project’ that appears in the second episode, and which was going to become the fulcrum/pivot of the plot, I still had no idea about what it was going to ‘complement’

And this is perfect because that's pretty much how it worked both in and out of universe. They dug up Adam and they were excited to do something huge with it but didn't have any particular idea of what until Gendo proposed the Instrumentality project.

The next episode preview from episode 24 has unfinished scenes from EoE.