Macross Delta 26 - End

>>[160928] マクロスΔ ワルキューレ 2ndアルバム「Walküre Trap!」[FLAC+CUE+BK]


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1st for worst macross


Fuck the shalala parts.

I'm not gonna miss you user.

Which Macross is worse, Cred Forumsfag?


SDF 8/10
Plus 9/10
7 7/10
Zero 6/10
Frontier 8/10
Delta 7/10

I don't think any Macross is bad. Except 2.

Album 1>Album 2

II and Zero. It's only slightly better than Zero only because of HayaFre. Zero still has amazing dogfights that have aged really well.

>Not even a good rendition of DYRL.
Truly worst macross.

I'm so happy that all of my girl survived. Walkure will die fags btfo.


Absolute 5 >> Everysong.
Still made they didn't play in the final episode.

Everyone knew she would live. Not a single person thought she would die. Delta isn't the kind of show to do that. The preview gave it away too, as if it wasn't already obvious.

Zero still had based Roy Focker, even if so briefly so that automatically makes it better than Dullta. I agree that II is the worst though.

The upcoming HayaFre doujin and wedding art will be glorious.


I'm looking forward to the novel. Hayate's father complex is a hilarious shit.

no sky end?

Is Delta shit?
What were the things you liked about Delta?

No, as you can see.

Best girl won reminder.

We got cockpit/fly away end.

Hayate was more a man than Alto would ever be. He confessed his love when he was hooked to a galactic hivemind.

One can only imagine how he felt in scenes from episode 16 or 17 when he truly began fagging over her.

He fucking confessed in front of everyone. What a man.

>Shipping in first place.
Well, I guess it's a given in the franchise, but still cancerous.

>all those butthurt NUNSfags hating on the show because NUNShitters didn't have a comeback
>all those butthurt Miragefags shitting on Hayate and calling him "blank self insert" because he didn't want to fuck Mirage

Freyja have surpassed every Macross heroine who came before her. Based Kawamori.

Are you a satelite employee?

my heartboner isn't going to survive all the HayaFre art

Xaos must have gotten a fuckton of new research data thanks to all this. What if they discover a lifespan fix?

too bad this shit goes downhill towards the end

To be fair, Sheryl blocked Alto's confession with a kiss. Though Hayate didn't say any stupid shit like Alto did in the end so yeah, Hayate knows how to confess to and reject a bitch.

How can anyone like NUNS?

Heinz' gonna negotiate with Xaos. So I foresee a mutual beneficial deal.

What went wrong?

>Better than Sheryl
Not even a Frontierfag, but get the fuck out.

>windemere is safe as long as they get to fuck his boipussy raw every jellyfish festival

Search your feelings, you know this to be true.

Macross is a romance anime.

Everything minus a couple of songs.


Eh, Freyja is second best girl. Sheryl is just that good. But I still like HayaFre better than AltoSheryl.

I'm halfway through Macross 7. Who won the Basarabowl?

The shalala parts butchered what was an otherwise acceptable version.

JUNNA's singing was an interesting contrast. Her voice is so strong.

I really hope we get more official HayaFre art like how Alto and Sheryl did.


I'll respect your opinion. But at least we can agree on Hayate x Freya > *

Macross is a space opera with romantic, militaristic and musical elements, so when the only thing people hightlight when they talk about the series is a run of the mill romance, you know either something went wrong or It's just a coping mechanism.

how the fuck gamlin won. He hates basara so much

I'm a Freyjafag but I think Sheryl is better because of sexual appeal and strong passion. Freyja is a pure one so she doesn't has a great charisma like Sheryl did. fucking kawamori

He listened to his song duh

Didn't Frontier only have trianglefags talking about it? The triangle drama was it's major selling point along with the music.

Alto/Sheryl had an adult vibe which was nice, but most of the appeal came from Sheryl I have to admit.

HayaFre developed better. The unmei feeling really is there.

>15 IPs

>all he had to do was release the full recording of this
Fucking Kawamori.

Freyja is the cute type, but she's quite sexy too. And she was always about passion that she chases and gives it her all since day 1.

I think Sheryl was a stronger character from start to finish (her singing voice also blows Freyja out of the milky way). Never really cared about romance in macross aside for MisaxHikaru and MiliaxMax by the way.

A shit. Misa deserved so much better, it would be laughable if it weren't so sad. Why does such a best girl have such shit taste in men?

I really enjoyed the kaname parts of their cover

The viewer did.

He was just tsundere.

No, seriously. Basara doesn't end up with any girl and in the sequel, he flies away with Gamlin. That's the end. Mylene Jenius is such a failure that she lost in the triangle she was the center; Mirage got it off easy.

I love Kaname

I wished we got some more good official art like frontier. Majio's art is great but I like Risa Ebata's style better.

In Dynamite 7 Gamlin went searching for Basara who ran off to sing to everyone and everything, while, Mylene nearly got raped by a lesbian.

Delta is just an idolshit show with the Macross title slapped on it.

To be fair, there were already 3 threads with over 100 unique IPs.

Misa/Mylene/Rankafag here. I love Freyja and I feeling compelled to agree. At the least, Freyja is my current favorite.

I dropped it at like ep. 16. Nice to see that Freyja won but what else happened?
Did Windniggers die? Was Lady M revealed? Did Messer make a comeback as a robocop?
Someone spoil me pretty please.

>Did Windniggers die?


The entire staff is behind them that they completely disregarded Delta Platoon

>thinks romance/shipping wasn't half the reason why MF was as big as it was

This is an unpopular opinion, but undecisive as he was abot his love life Hikaru was a really solid character, he went through a lot of character growth and even displayed commanding officer abilities that I don't recall seeing in any other protagonist in the franchise. Plus their romance is DYRL is much more palatable if you're into that.

> Did Windniggers die?
Only Roid and Keith.

> Was Lady M revealed?

> Did Messer make a comeback as a robocop?
He appeared in Kaname's flashback.

Man, I remember saying way back in the starting weeks that Kawamori would have Freyja win this time around since Sheryl had won in Frontier. I'm glad that came true.

Macross Delta makes IBO, A/Z and Reconguista look like absolute masterpieces.

>this episode

>Kawamori giving the losers a pity win in the form of Freyja
>after 30 years and never again

>Liking oldhags

What you're forgetting is that Sheryl motherfuckin' Nome is an integral part of said shiping, so of course that's gonna be way more interesting than Dullta romance.

Freyja is better than all of the Macross losers though.

The fuck is wrong with IBO?

Wooah, wooah. Taking it a bit too far there, /m/aggot.

Eh I don't mind Hikaru as a "character" but as a romantic partner he is shit and not fit to lick her boots. DYRL was better I agree but DYRL Misa is not the Misa I love best and want to protect.

OK, I hate delta but even I wouldn't go so far, at most I'd say they look competent by comparison.

Why would that make it more interesting if she does all the work and Alto does so little? HayaFre is annoyingly pure yes, but Hayate actually does shit to win Freyja's heart. Freyja gave Hayate a reason to enjoy life so the two deserve each other.

Hi, Miragefag.

>Lady M was hinted to be someone from Megaroad 01 (they contacted the galaxy again after Frontier)
>Var is consequence of Vajra fucking off to another galaxy so fold bacteria are attached to humanoids
>Messer never returned, but he won the Kanamebowl
>Bogue falls for Reina
>Mikumo is an artificial lifeform who is truly 3 years old; she's a clone of the Star Singer that was the priestess left to Windermere by Protoculture. She gets kidnapped and gets a Giant Ranka Plot because Roid uses her.
>Qassim, Hayate and Freyja bond a bit. Qassim dies in combat because of some of Roid's experiments fuck him up. Hayate's fairly shaken (he tried to save him)
>Freyja songs were starting to fuck up with Hayate but that got solved
>Hayate's dad dropped the bomb in Windermere, but actually it was the NUNS remote controlling his VF while he was trying to disobey orders and escape to a faraway place
>there was some boring infiltration plots that didn't amount to shit but got Mikumo captured
>NUNS were evil and got BTFO before the ending


Well, different priorities then. Misa was great in both, but I agree the bulk of her development was exclusive to the tv anime.

>Roid becomes Ikari Gendo and tries to do Instrumentality so they can have "eternal peace" (trapping people in their mind and best memories)
>Heinz and Freyja get the doom flakes, but neither die (they weren't healed either, they just didn't die)
>Heinz finally orders his Knights against Roid, and decides to end the war (plans to negotiate with Xaos)
>Berger was just a merchant
>Hayate confesses to Freyja when all Galaxy can hear him
>Freyja breaks the Instrumentality Network shit with her PIKA RUNNEEE and sings to free Mikumo
>Keith kills Roid and holds him, doing an hero to blow up the star shrine and save the galaxy. He tells Roid what mattered wasn't eternity, it was the moments that short lived made things worthwhile. That was the point of living
>Bogue saves Reina and Makina
>Chuck's sister is alive. Mercat mentor is also alive
>Mirage learned to ride the wind by recalling her childhood thanks to Roid's system (Thanks Roid!)

I think I summed what matters

And Qassim.

>ITT butthurt miragefags so mad they are now even dumber than greco shitposters who "can't understand the show"
Really miragefags at least the greco shitposters show that they are retarded and now you're beating them at their own game.

im guessing we will be getting a movie for the Lady M plot

jesus what a terrible and unfulfilling ending.

She has never been important so I don't care about her.

>Delta defense force so mad that no one likes his shitshow

>Hur, everyone who dislikes this piece of turd is a shipper.
Shipperfags are truly cancerous.

>more interesting
Nah. Hayate and Freyja have adorable and good interactions. Their relationship has its bumps along the road, but it's steady. Progressing romance that builds and builds, the kind where you can see that there's sparks between them admits the banters and exchanges during their intimate moments with each other, and that the climax will come. You know it's coming, but the how is in part what Delta does better. The romantic climax is just delivered in spectacularly fashion that quells all doubts of them being perfect for each other. To top it off, Freyja is like a battle waifu, so together with Hayate they kick ass during the eleven hour of awesomeness.

>Complaining about shippers in Macross

>Did Windniggers die?
NUNShitters got BTFO by dimensional weapons they were carrying. Does this count?

As for Winfags: some died, some survived. Qassim got developed as someone who was about to ragequit the knights and sympathized with Freyja, also Hayate who got to hear his backstory. They remained enemies but on a "nothing personal way." One of Roid's experiments fuck him up and causes him to flakes away. He dies in a battle against Hayate to Hayate's desperation who futilely tries to save him. It was pretty sad.
Keith becomes the hero who saved the Galaxy (with Freyja) by taking down Roid after he went batshit on him. He made clear for ages he wanted this shit to end and didn't agree about the conflict. He becomes softer and softer in general in the second cour progresses. He even looks terrible sad when NUNS genocide happens.
The rest lived. Herman too.

>Was Lady M revealed?
Hinted to be Minmay, Misa or someone from that ship.

>Did Messer make a comeback as a robocop?
He's remembered by Kaname all the time.

>Mirage learned to ride the wind by recalling her childhood thanks to Roid's system
>Mirage gits gud by remembering her pure childish love for flying without the worries of family pressure and duty to weigh her down
This would have been a good subplot and saved her from being an entirely pathetic extra. Why was it shoved in an already rushed finale?

so the protoculture actually did successfully make a vajra imitation network and this episode of delta was when it was finally activated

what actually happened to the protoculture anyway?

>The fuck is wrong with IBO?

Being worse than Reconguista, BF2 and AGE.

AGE is like the weakest Gundam entry and is more comparable to Macross Delta. ZZ and Destiny are literally kino.

Ending made sense when all second cour was built up for Freyja to finally persuade Heinz to stop and Keith to finally off Roid. Last one was stressed so much that every episode featured Keith suspicious of Roid and warning/threatening him.

It was annoying that Qassim and Keith who went through legitimate character development and were against the galactic conquest had to die while Bogue or the Twins survived for doing a turn at last moment. Herman was ok. He even tried to encourage Mirage to fly free earlier.

I remember making this poll thinking there would at least be ONE good episode. Who would have thought there would be NONE.

Because Windermere solved everything, including Mirage's flying woes.

Doesn't matter, a win is a win. I remember some of Miragefags said this before.

Oh I forgot

>Roid killed King Gramia

The non Windermere characters did fuck all. Except Mikumo who was an honorary Windermere character anyway.

I'd hit 9/10 to frontier..

I think worst is zero..

Ikr? based roy rules..

As a miragefag I'm so butthurt.. jesus..

Alto is Vajra now..

nope.. really not.. Based sheryl > Millia > Emilia > mylene > lynn > ...... claudia > .......... freyja

yep, I agreee with this one here..

Even though I'm a Miragefag, I knew it all along also.. I had made the same prediction user..

1000 times lynn than freyja..

Too much

Jesus user, what can I say?, on one hand I'm glad you found something you like about this garbage show that you're so enthusiastic about. But on the other I felt like I read something straight out of tumblr and I puked a bit, not gonna lie. Also don't care much for shipping but sheryls is a better character than Alto/Hayate/Freyja put together, so that's what I was getting at.


So seriously how did Makina ever think Kaname was into Arad?

Bridge bunnies red herring.

What's the point of Chaos then? You can literally write them off the story and it would not matter.

What was the point of Windermere being the antagonist for a good 3/4 of the show when the writers have forced them to be the good guys in the last episode? Shouldn't Delta be just about Windermere then and not the other way around?

>Did Windniggers die?

>What's the point of Chaos then? You can literally write them off the story and it would not matter.
They stayed true to what they are - a shit squad.

>7 for macross 7
That's intentional

They're only shit because the other side has plot armor too.

the zents went apeshit and made them extinct iirc

Oh, I have to correct myself.. it was not Emilia, it was Sivil...

The point of Chaos is Walkure. Walkure was still important and instrumental because of Mikumo and Freyja mostly. The pilots were just fucking useless. And the second cour had three focus, Windermere characters, Mikumo and the triangle.

Now we know why Keith is a manga mc and Freyja is another. They were the two who saved the galaxy. Freyja broke the mind control Network and Keith defeated Roid.

>so the protoculture actually did successfully make a vajra imitation network and this episode of delta was when it was finally activated

And the ones who were left in charge of that were the Windies. The control system needed runes to work. Roid was actually Right. Kek.

Too bad Keith didn't give a shit about that Protoculture bullshit.

>being aversive as hell to romantic shipping and discussion in Macross threads
Are you a masochist?

>Keith ded
>Heinz is already a crusty old man at the age of like 9
Well there goes the royal family

>implying I'm not a Sherylfag who was routing for Freyja

Heinz is fine. The flakes aren't on his face. He'll just fuck someone when he turns ten.

It was already hinted back then.

Hoina and Hayate will start a new dynasty

>watch IBO, Schwarzsmarken and Delta this year
>have low expectations for IBO and was fine with Schwarzsmarken
>have high hopes for Delta
>Delta turned out to be the shittiest

Was Kawamori drunk when he wrote this show?

I think this post just gave me cancer. What's with this unholy love affair with completely pointless ellipses?

>Rankashitter still pretending to be a Sherylfriend

So when are we getting a Freyja/Kumo version of Hametsu no Junjou?

Please user. Bogue saving WALKURE REEEE was amusing. Chuck and Arad were as useless as always.

Delta is way more entertaining than IBO



and they say NUNS got BTFO...kek makes you really think who won long-term

You have Ragna, Voldor, Al-Shahal and other planets who are greasing their axes and sharpening their pikes now that they've been freed from mind control

Since Windermere has no more ace even cat daddy can solo all of them

Kumokumo solo ver already out on walkure trap album, but walkure hametsu no junjou > solo ver kumokumo

I would have wanted Mikumo with Keith. Now Mikumo will be doomed to be alone or get a lesser guy.

Not him, but you a shit. Ranka was best girl.

NUNShitter stop being so salty.

Shouldn't a Rankashitter like you be celebrating at a Freyja win?

I mean Minmayfags, Mylenefags, Maofags are partying all over Japan

Rankashitters win this time though.

>Implying I'm not
Enjoy yourself, faggot.

>implying Reina's shitty suki yo, Kaname's second rate Kumo impression, and Makina's Makina don't bring the song down
Should've just had the album versions be like the tv show performance

My favorite girls except for Mao won every Macross.


Pretty good record.

>this mad
Delicious Miragefag tears.

Cry more for me.

i'm listening to hametsu no junjou atm, kumokumo solo ver is lacking something, so walkure ver > kumokumo solo

I'm kinda mad that the album just has the solo. I wanted to buy Attack and Trap for autistic collection pleasure but now I technically need the second OP single too to get all group songs in physical media form.

Since the series itself didn't have the greatest reception, we could talk about something else. What was your favorite song from the series?

And more specifically now that it's out, from Walkure Trap?

Did heinz die or not? I thought he was in the same place with roid and keith.

Also it's obvious that Mao can't win because she's too young for Shin.

if the windies had the star singer way back when, why didn't they activate it until now?

because it would have only affected vajra and other windies then? average humans didn't have fold receptors until the vajra left the fold bacteria behind.


He's a walking corpse at this point

>no more strategist/advisor
>no more ace pilot
>can't use mind control anymore

Why does it enrage Miragefags so much if you like Freyja and Sheryl? I don't understand.

well Ikenai Borderline hooked me up to this series, and then we have Run ga Pikatto, Giraffe Blues, also hametsu no junjou, and lastly God Bless You

I think you mean disgust.

>there are """people""" like this right now who are celebrating that finally after 30 years

He was in the Sigur Valens while Keith and Roid were in the...other circular thing.

>too young
Nonsense. I mean, Frejya is barely 3 years older.


Replace Minmay with Misa and you'll have my list.

Best-selling Macross ever.

Shin's fucking 18 years old user.

Yes, and?

Nah Windies are fine. Other planets will know the truth now and Heinz has no intention of conquering so they're gonna be autonomous again. Windies will probably still make war reparations but everyone knows the galaxy has been saved by Windies turning against their own, after being manipulated into it by Roid. Also they must have felt Heinz' sincerity through the mindmeld. Meanwhile NUNS reputation is completely shat upon with no redeeming factors.

Hands down Ikenai Borderline. Hametsu no Junjou would have been my favorite Trap song if it hadn't been just the solo there, so it ended up being a tie between Onyanoko Girl and Absolute 5.
An interview with Kawamori Shouji
From Sheryl ~Kiss in the Galaxy~ volume 4

>Genius couples simply don’t work out.
>Genius couples simply don’t work out.
>Genius couples simply don’t work out.
>Genius couples simply don’t work out.
>Genius couples simply don’t work out.


In show I think Cosmic Movement was the best performance. If we're talking album versions though I think GIRI GIRI AI still takes it. I wore that one out for a good month or two.

I think the music was just enough to save this show from being a complete disaster, but the music would have been even more enjoyable if it was attached to a good show.

Greatest apply love story ever told.

18 going out with 11 is not normal for me.


Rune ga Pikatto Hikattara was very catchy and the animation for the ED went along with it nicely.

I'd probably say Ikenai Borderline as well, the amount of hype it built for the series at the start while generally being a fantastic song push it to first place.

I think a lot of Walkure Trap songs would be more well received if they actually used them more often. Listening to the album now, there's a number of tracks that were shafted despite being excellent. Was Onyanoko Girl even used beyond that short scene between Freyja and Hayate's discussion about his mother?

I will never forget my light or anyone else.

Messer, you're dead, you have to let go, and move on already


Is there any female character who can beat the likes of Sheryl?

Not as far as I remember, but to be fair Onyanoko Girl is a solo song and those really don't have their reasons to be sung outside of their character specific moments or concerts anyway. And Makina neither has the voice nor needed shinpiness to break randomly into songs either.

Delta has the best macross soundtrack of all time objectively. You're pretty much telling everyone you know absolutely nothing about music or are just a stupid nostalgiafag if you state otherwise.

i only like God Bless You from walkure trap album, Onyanoko Gril is kinda meh for me, dunno i might have to try to listen to it several times 1st till i like it i guess

and as far as i can remember, only this Girl

>people not liking songs because they didn't appear in the anime enough
please tell me no one is actually this autistic

NUNS can still use Roid's betrayal as an example of Windies' distrust and as a tool to excuse them from their wrong doings from the past. Moreover, they can literally come up with an issue such as the 'star song incident' for negotiation purposes because Windies are not going to get over it.

>Delta has the best macross soundtrack of all time objectively.

Another OTP


Rank the mou hitoribotchi janai line

Mikumo > Freyja > Kaname >>> *

>the series itself didn't have the greatest reception
didn't it top the season in sales

what is a clover rune?

ost is shit, but insert songs are good

Zettai Reido θ Novatic

Kek no one's gonna listen to what NUNS has to say anymore knowing everything's been fucking lies. Meanwhile they have firsthand knowledge that whatever they've done in the war, Windies are gonna try to fix everything from now on.

It's right there if you're just talking about the main vocal selection, but Plus and Frontier wreck it in terms of BGM, and 7 had the Music Selection From Galaxy Network Chart album which was probably the coolest concept in the Macross Universe that I can think of.

>ost is shit, but insert songs are good
how does that sentence make any sense at all

The opposite, some people are discussing their favorite performances as well, which a less than twenty second cut of a song isn't going to do much justice. In terms of the show itself, Walkure Trap songs may as well be nonexistent. I'm sure there's a bunch of fond attachments for songs like Ikenai Borderline from the preview / first episode too. They would have got more mileage in that sense.

Last I checked it was doing pretty well in sales but if Cred Forums and Japanese Twitter reception is anything to go by, it dipped heavily. Especially for episode 20 to 25.

Here have more OTP.

Haters gonna hate, but Delta is the best installment in the franchise. I had my initial doubts with the whole pop idol squad premise, but the right touches of Deculture and usual Macross fare made the series to turn out wonderfully awesome.

Oh, and when I say dipped heavily, I'm not speaking specifically to sales. Just general reception.

Though if we're talking about Cred Forums, the general consensus (or vocal consensus) seems to be everything after 13 was a shit circus. 20 is what stood out most to me, what with the animation and putting Freyja into the music concentration camp.

That was OK I guess.

It's not bad, and I enjoyed it, somewhat, but it definitely doesn't come close to being great.

Rune pika beam! and of course ikenai borderline. Absolute 5 for the best in the 2nd album, not fleshed out in the series though

>everything after 13 was a shit circus
I most agree, but I really Embracing Adrift. Something about the tone and general feel I just really enjoyed.

>everything after 13 was a shit circus
I mostly agree, but I really liked a few of those episdes. Embracing Adrift was a real standout for me; something about the tone and general feel I just really enjoyed.

So you are telling me that Windies have every means to be right and whatever they say carries more weight and justification than the NUNS? Do the Windies not know that the ones who are commiting those crimes are actually from a small branch out of the whole triangulum galactic government?

Making my way through first Macross, around 30 episodes in.

What do you believe is the peak of the multi-series?

No spoil pls

Thanks for the valuable input Satelite employee.

>Genius couples simply don’t work out.
Does Delta have genius couple?

Stop now, you'll never be happier than if you stop now.

Hell, if you've hit the timeskip, it might even be too late.

This series is shit and it only ever gets worse.

Yeah, I enjoyed 14 as well. Bringing back the hope to the people while still having character interactions interspersed throughout. Having Walkure perform NEO STREAM was good too, though I can't help but laugh at how they changed Makina's solo line at the beginning for whatever reason.

Then there's 16. That episode speaks for itself. It wasn't a complete shit circus but everyone is lumping the entire second half together because it fell off heavily starting there. If the discussion about it meaning to be one cour and a movie is true, it makes me wonder how they would execute this content better in that format. Or if it would be changed altogether.

Kek nice projecting. I'm saying the public isn't going to keep trusting NUNS word because that's what happens when organizations are exposed to have done nothing but lie. It's called crying wolf.

On the other hand of course they'll believe the Windies because Heinz fucking broadcasted it in the galactic hivemind, they know it's sincere. No one said anything about justification except your retarded ass.

>Do the Windies not know that the ones who are commiting those crimes are actually from a small branch out of the whole triangulum galactic government?
An entirely unrelated topic. Maybe, maybe not, who cares, they just want a good future for MUH KAZE and MUH SORA.

tfw chinese subs is already available.

Definitely one of the worst.

>but insert songs are good

Kek no matter what you said the Windies are still wrong for waging a war with a galaxy through mind control.

BGM =/= Songs.

Never said otherwise, retard. Keep projecting.

Kek. You said it from you previous post. Seems you love beating around the bush with your projecting claims.

Any pics with the
>Freyja will lose. Freyjafags are delusional
memes? I remember some anons said they will make one.

It has an advantage in sales since it's an established franchise, but in terms of critical reception it's been pretty brutal. One summer anime poll I saw had it rated on par with Cheer Danshi.


So roid is actually planning to take a step further to surpass Vajra's mind control

Show me where I said it, dumbfuck. If you mean
>No one said anything about justification except your retarded ass.
Then you lack basic reading comprehension.



So I assume a kid like you will constantly post things which contains vulgarity. Kek go on kid.

Thank you too.

There was some interview from Kawamori about him saying that everything is so diversified nowadays that it's hard to make something that would appeal to people outside of a niche, so his answer was to toss in a bunch of elements together.

In retrospect, I think he was saying that he wanted to run two parallel stories together that appeal to separate audiences. The people who want (boring) plot intrigue can pay attention to the Windermere side, and the people who want to see a sappy romance can watch HayaFre, and the common point is that there is music.

In other words, this is yet another example of stupid ideas by Kawamori. In Nobunaga, he used tarot readings to determine how the story went. In Delta, he thought putting in a bunch of unrelated ideas was enough to make a story. People have said that Kawamori is an idea man, but this haphazard way of making shows is a clear case of him having no idea how to adapt to this decade.

Thanks for continually changing the topic instead of actually responding to the discussion, because you have no evidence to support your claims. :^)

In summary, NUNS are more fucked in this war than Windies, especially in the court of public opinion. This being unrelated to whether the Windies were in the wrong for declaring it or not, a completely other topic which I never touched upon but you just suddenly said I was telling you that and other such nonsense.

It felt good BTFOing you too.

>Thanks for continually changing the topic instead of actually responding to the discussion, because you have no evidence to support your claims. :^)
I have no intentions of discussing about it because i'm not even a NUNSfag, no point telling me about your summaries on how NUNS were wrong and stuff. So i'm playing around with you since you insisted. Have you not forgot that you are a kid? Yea, i playing with you kid.

movies will fix this

Can anyone explain how the heck did Mirage manage to ride the wind while Arad and Chuck did not?


>Seto:It's Keith!

Genius genes

even though she has no receptors and shouldn't be able to ride the wind in anyway.

Remembering her expectations free love for flying as a child, I guess? Or she just leeched off HayaFre's resonance as their eternal wingman?

With Delta coming to an end. I feel so empty now. I guess I'm gonna marathon some Macross series then.

I dont know about you guys but I feel as though this story isnt finished. Like I didnt mind the slow down after the fucking sick eps 13 but everything after that feels like it needed to be fkeshed out more with at least another 2 seasons to cover the proto culture, Mikuma, Freyja and Mirage backrounds along with Hayates as they do the wandering in space thing. This Nacross wasnt bad it just feels fucking unfinished how could the nips screw this up.

Subs in the next hour?

Delta as a whole was rather bland, even Hayaye and Freyja were kinda boring, characters acting cute and having every single romantic problem they face solved in five minutes is not particularly exciting to watch.

I think Mirage's case would be similar to how Alto ride the wind in space from the TV series. But IIRC Alto in the TV series was able to do that due to Sheryl resonating with him since he's wearing the fold quartz earring. Another way to explain it is that riding the wind does not necessarily have to work in conjunction with singing.

Chinese subs is already out.

So Delta is telling us that it's only possible for Ranka to win if Sheryl doesn't exist?

Alto in both TV and movie was able to do so thanks for FQ. Mirage has none of this.




pretty much yes.

>Alto in both TV and movie was able to do so thanks for FQ. Mirage has none of this
Do you even read my post? I literally said that afterwards.

More like if you keep Sheryl as an extremly one-dimensional clone without most of her personality.

But Mirage is the "Sheryl" love rival. Beyond that, we even have Mikumo.

>t. miragefag that only watched shitty SoL anime

>the "Sheryl" love rival
She's just 5% Millia and 95% cardboard cutout.

I liked Freyja but it feels like the entire point or the only point that Delta made by the last episode is that the younger girl can win.

What are we talking about here? Expy of Sheryl or the quota strong heroine who's the older girl with tits?

I like Wakure's DYRL although it sounded like a 90's boy band song

Pretty boy Luca is actually more likable and has actually more influence compared to that Ragnan who is Delta 3 (Snap, couldn't recall his name) as a secondary character in the story

Remember when we all thought it would have to be Freyja to confess because Hayate wouldn't do it?

And then Hayate went ahead and confessed while they were all hooked up to the galactic mind network. The whole Galaxy witnessed that love confession. That's my boy.

She would qualify if she was even a character.
Delta as a whole had like two-three characters that you could call characters, Mirage wasn't one, Hayate wasn't either.

you are a fucking retard

Freya is 10% Minmay, 10% Mao, 10% Mylene, 20% Sheryl, and 50% Ranka.

Luca was a shit. If he didn't want Alto in the squad he should have told him that to his face like Michel did. Instead he acts nice while secretly not wanting him. What a shit. I like Chuck more, even if he doesn't do anything.

What a man. Messer best boi though.

This went downhill pretty hard after episodes 16-17, but Hayate is still so much better than Alto.

This should've been longer, I hope the movies fixes it with better pacing and less meaningless scenes and characters.

user, what? Mirage isn't close to my favorite, but she certainly is one. She's behind Freyja in terms of development and characterization, but it's not to the point of insignificance.

Interesting blog, especially this entry:
The inner strength of Mirage Farina Jenius

>but Hayate is still so much better than Alto.
>no development
>shit pilot
>personality revolves around waifu and waifu only

Mirage still gets to be Hayates dance partner right? Hermann fucking lives. Hope he lives til 50

Mirage is nothing like Sheryl.

Still doesn't explain why she is able to ride the wind without fold quartz and song

When Hayate and Freyja get married, Freyja wants Mirage to be her Maid of Honor but Hayate wants Mirage to be his best man. They compromise and make her

I'm still mad that we didn't get solo wing Mirage.

I hope Kawamori says in an interview or something that Xaos found a cure for the lifespan or something. It sounds a lot like Sheryl's illness.

I can tell Chaos actually consists of multiple divisions akin to how SMS operates. It just so happens that the story of Delta takes place where Chaos Ragna Division is station at.

Hayate is quite different than who he was at the start of the series.

Some people pretend that Bellri and Aida didn't develop either.

Yeah he got worse

I just started Macross SDF and I like Misa a lot. Does she gets more focus later on?

Wait so Lady M was Minmay?

She has her own episode, in last 9 episodes she got shitting hard but still win the Hikarubowl.

I think I'm just glad that the fanart I have of those two didn't just end up becoming pointless

thats classified

yes, and it gets even sadder as it goes.

One thing that kept me invested onto Misa is that she constantly tries hard to prove herself worthy by putting a strong front, but actually deep inside her is just a simple girl who is yearning for someone's comfort due to the lost of her fiancee and many other related factors.

I just watched episode 7 and liked her whole mini story there.
>in last 9 episodes she got shitting hard but still win the Hikarubowl.
I know the spoiler happens and I am not fan of it. Hikaru is annoying.

Thanks. Glad to know she gets more focus and development. She made an impression to me because I though I would like Minmay but Misa is a nice surprise.

*I thought.

>implyig Alto had development

Me too.

Alto only got worse.

People only deny Hayate's development because he doesn't go MUH GENOCIDE like Alto.

>Implying he didn't
>implying he wasn't based from the start

He didn't.
He really wasn't.

There was nothing more to Hayate's development than going from doesn't like taking orders and liking Freyja's songs to doesn't like war and liking Freyja.

Some development.

>He didn't
>saying this in a Delta thread
Damn the irony

Yeah, to be honest SDF Hikaru doesn't deserve Misa but she love him so I'm ok with it.

>I though I would like Minmay but Misa is a nice surprise
The narrative and execution of the story is really good and the melodrama is what made the triangle more intense. It's as if you don't feel a single time is wasted in each of the episode.



SDF's Hikaru is indecisive and a jerk who does not deserve either of the women. You will know what I mean when you get to the SOL episodes. And it is thanks to those episodes that led me to root for Misa even more as I was watching. Her sacrifice for the relationship is great.

To be fair, even if he's a shit, he doesn't deserve as big of a shit as TV Minmey, she's relationship cancer.

She indirectly friend zoned hikaru several times before she became an idol. And poor thing is Hikaru persistently head over heels for her.

>Even Mercats are choose Freyja over Mirage
Punished Mirage: a girl denied of everything

He was a friendless bum with no passions or goals in the beginning. He turns into someone with a passion for flying and a goal that involves stopping a war. He didn't give a shit about anything when the show started. Now he clearly does.

How did Alto change from starting off as a hot headed faggot who already likes flyig and already disliking the Vajra race? Far as I know, the only thing Alto did worthwhile was fuck Sheryl.

Fuck off. Minmay was much better than him.

Yeah, I can't do something about it. I might start liking him later on as I am still in the first episodes so I am open to a positive change.

That's good to know. The story so far is nice. And your screencap makes me more excited about the relationships.

7 was a 5

Mirage really doesn't deserve this crap. They should have just made her a pro......but with glasses.

>I might start liking him later
Maybe no because SDF Hikaru was a cunt, he even ditched his date with Misa to go meet Minmay.

>passion for flying
That was established in episode 3 and didn't evolve any further.
>goal that involves stopping a war
How many times have we seen this now and why does this have to be treated as a goal?

Kawamori was going to make Mirage an ace but they already have Messer so the idea get axed.

I love Delta. It's a very flawed show, especially in its second half where the plot becomes a mess. But I love the characters of this Macross slightly more than any other, which makes up for it in my case. Not the best, but far far above the worst. I do hope we get a movie.

>That was established in episode 3 and didn't evolve any further.
He thought flying was a game at first but began taking things seriously when the Knights arrive and declare war. He becomes more dedicated to protecting Walkure and civilians as the war progresses. From the first episode his attitude even changes.
>How many times have we seen this now and why does this have to be treated as a goal?
Because if Hayate back on episode 1 or 2 was given this choice, he would have ran off.

Didn't even explain Alto's development.

Why is he like that? Does he get better in the movie?

Also, just watched the Minmay birthday episode and kek he knew about her bday days before but still forgot to get her a present when the day came and had to give her his medal.

I assume none will reach Hayate's "I can make it snow" present in Macross ever.

Only development Alto got was treating best girl VF-25 like shit in the first eps and treating it with more respect by the end. That's about it though. Oh yeah he fucked Sheryl too. Some development.

>Windy Snowniggers never got purged

This is the worst possible ending. NUNS could have saved them now they are are all doomed. Only the Megaroad can save them now from Applescum.

>I assume none will reach Hayate's "I can make it snow" present in Macross ever.

No Macross MC comes close to that level of sweetness. Sheryl(not even a pilot) almost did in Frontier by giving Alto the sky but it got forgotten thanks to Ranka's Seikan Hikou debut.

Well, because he has a huge crush on Minmay. DYRL Hikaru is much better, I recommend you to watch it.
>Also, just watched the Minmay birthday episode and kek he knew about her bday days before but still forgot to get her a present when the day came and had to give her his medal.
>I assume none will reach Hayate's "I can make it snow" present in Macross ever.
Sheryl's sky and Ranka's seikan hikou for Alto are great too.

Even though Delta was a bit of a mess in the second half, I still love it. What made Delta for me was the music and the characters.

Freyja with her passion to live life without regrets.
Hayate who found his purpose in life.
Mikumo who gained her humanity.
Kaname who stepped out of her shell and became a true caring leader.
Makina and Reina who love each other dearly.
Messer who fought his own battles for the sake of others.

I am sad to see Delta end. I enjoyed it and thought it was worth the watch, regardless of what others may say.

>I assume none will reach Hayate's "I can make it snow" present in Macross ever.
Well if you are a soldier with your hands full of duties, you won't actually have the leisure to pick a present for the person you liked. The thing about Delta is that our main casts live in a setting where wars are not as threatening at all, which pretty much proves that they actually have the time to go shopping and celebrating birthdays for people with ease without any worries.

I think user meant Male MC. So far the only decent male MC who actually treats his girl right is Hayate. The rest are pretty shitty in that regard.

Nah. All previous Male MCs were shit in the romance department, birthday present or not.

>I assume none will reach Hayate's "I can make it snow" present in Macross ever.
Well if you are a soldier with your hands full of duties, you won't actually have the leisure to pick a present for the person you liked. The thing about Delta is that our main casts live in a setting where wars are not threatening at all, which pretty much proves that they actually have the time to go shopping and celebrating birthdays for people with ease without any worries.

Hikaru was a soldier with time and he wasted it trying to use Max and Kakizaki to make himself look good instead of getting her a gift.

I will watch the movie once I finish with SDF, so around the weekend.
And I have heard about Sheryl/Ranka's present. I think a friend once linked me to a youtube video about it a few months ago before I start Delta.

I see he has time here and there to go out with other soldiers. I wasn't expecting anything big anyways. A jewellery as he planned to from what I saw, doesn't cost a lot and it wouldn't take him more than 5-8 minutes to buy it.

He also learned to enjoy crossdressing.

Yeah, Hayate best waifufag.

Oh, they're translating our discussion.

>He also learned to enjoy crossdressing.
My sides

Thank you, you just made my day.

The problem with Hayate is that his only focus is his girl, nothing else, which gets stale as fuck.

Yes, I agree

>Scum of illegal viewing really Do not only not complaining


Wasn't that only the movies? Alto is all around a better man in the movies.

Delta doesn't feel like Macross at all and if you took out the references to Sheryl/Ranka/Minmay/etc there would be little to even make the connection. Hell, they weren't even serious with the triangle.

It's a fine space mech idolshit show. It's a terrible macross.

This posts reeks of Cred Forums

Even though it was a flaming pile of shit.. I'm gonna be really sad it's gone.

What am I gonna do without my Hoina and Kumokumo, anons?

>>Scum of illegal viewing really Do not only not complaining

It's still a felony to utter the word "Macross" in the United States. I don't want Harmony Gold to rape me in prison.

It's a bad anime period, Macross or no Macross.

VF's, pineapple, singing in planes sadly can't get any less macross. State of the story or characters aside.

Subs when

If by unmei, you mean pure author fiat and plot contrivances, sure. Because quite frankly, the romance became the weakest part after they practically broke the narrative's back over its knee and shoved into our face how perfect the ship is suppose to be. I mean, fuck, even SI and Isekai wasn't as forceful as Delta when it came to this.

> Confessing to a cake
What a fag.

>doesn't like cake
Shit taste

She was literally so old she was frosting over.

The best girl will keep her shape long into your twilight years, which is why 3yrsold is best.

>One of my comments got translated

Feels ambivalent, man.

Well, have to agree with you.

Is it possible that Mirage doesn't actually exist and is merely a product of the hallucinations from a few?

Impossible. That would arguably make her more interesting/relevant that what we've actually gotten from her. And we can't have that now, can we?

what is this website for?

I think what annoyed me the most was the amount of time the last ep dedicated to the romance instead of, oh, the main plot. At one point I thought I was watching Aquarion. And I didn't expect this at all since Delta had been keeping romance in the background. Even Frontier, that was very romantic, didn't feature the main pairing this much in both of its final battles.

>yfw the sister was alive

>NUNS are more fucked
>implying it matters
They run the entire fucking universe and have a policy of cultural assimilation in regard to colony planets.
Even the Windies only got this far because they got technology from NUNS.

Basically, NUNS is beyond the concept of "defeat". Maybe a bit of slander. That's it.

Stop trying so hard. G-Reco is still much worse, it wasn't even enjoyable.

fuckin gg where is the subs

Fuck you, G-Reco is good and so is Delta.

Romance has always been the main focus in final battles really. SDF even focused first on Hikaru finding Misa before we see the Macross get shot down. Same thing here, Hayate rescues Freyja, then we get the Elysion kicking ass.

>shot down
shit done, sorry.

>Romance has always been the main focus in final battles really.
No. It was a part of them, but not the main focus by far. Usually final battles have focused mostly on understanding the enemy. But here we got a good chunk of minutos just for a confession that felt that had come from something as cheesy as Aquarion.

>Usually final battles have focused mostly on understanding the enemy
We kind of did didn't we? Heinz felt Freyja's presence and began singing to his knights. Knights begin assisting Delta to stop Roid and free the galaxy. We also get a few good minutes of Keith confronting Roid personally and then ending him on a pretty sad note.

I'm not impressed in how they translated my comments.

Well shit.

I fucking hate Satelight.

Which ones are yours?

This one
>  たった一人の少女がしか詳細に描写されていなくて本当に『ベストガール』と言えるのだろうか。

I wrote something like "If only one girl has any character development can you really say that a series has "best girl"?"

Hey, it took them 24 episodes to somehow hide that horrible planet texture when taking off and landing on planets.

I enjoyed Reco more than I enjoyed Delta

Didn't Kaname and Mikumo have some decent development though? Even if that's not the case, I'd still say Freyja is best girl. She's nearly impossible to hate or dislike.

Haven't watch this in a while, but did they bring back the dancing robot fighting?

Haha, nope.

I found two of mine where I was making fun of Mirage. My only real complaint is that they made "a Chihaya -smiling is too much work- character" into "a troublesome character with a Chihaya smile" though. Now I'm left wondering if Chihaya smile is actually a meme over there.

No actually, but they at least brought back Hayate and Mirage team up again. Also battroid mode makes a nice return. We even get a battroid sword fight.

My opinion is that due to how underwhelming everything became, even when Freyja won, it feels like she lost. (Or rather, everyone had lost. Because seriously, how did the series became so 'meh' after such a strong first half?)

I will rate this for its three important elements.

Love Triangle: 6/10 At least we got a confession. Mirage was not fully developed so it really didn't seem like a competition. Freyja as a caracter was so pushed that many times we joked about watching macross freyja. (loli Freyja is a miracle of the universe)

Music: 8/10 The bad part is that the new songs weren't fully utilized in the second cour.

Mecha: 3/10 Fuck this shit. When the Inmelman dance was shown at the start I hoped for some new kind of battles but we were cock blocked. At least Zero had delicious mecha porn. This really pisses me off.

Second cour was a mistake. This shit should have been just 13 episodes + movie.

>tfw Sheryl is still best Macross girl.

Even when I didn't watch it, I still feel incredibly disappointed after reading that. It was such an interesting and unique concept, any reason why they would just drop it like that?

>how did the series became so 'meh' after such a strong first half?
The series was meant to be 13 eps plus a movie. Directly from Kawamori on the insert of one of the blurays.

I don't think Kaname had much development.

Aside from "Watched Messer die" (which the rest of the cast also did), did she have any scenes or development of her own?

Mikumo had plenty of lines and appearances but we still knew virtually nothing about her.

Oh my god, that explains everything. If they had done that, Delta would have been remembered as a classic instead of what we have gotten. Who's bright idea was to turn a movie into an entire cour?

Worse than Logos and Za Furu.

Bravo Kawamori.

Producers, who else.

Gengki no G is better than Frejya's Gengki pls.

>Elysion kicking ass.
Elysion scene is so mediocre that it does not have several deadalus launching missiles from Aether Attack.

>Mecha: 3/10
Thats way too high.
Not only there was no breakdancing mechs in the end, there was next to no missile spam, how is this Macross again?

I understand. The second cour was full of talking episodes and not enough mecha. At least In M7 we had Basara singing.

Delta's Macross Elysion has yet to reach this levels of OPness.

welp, too late to drop it now

>When the Inmelman dance was shown at the start I hoped for some new kind of battles but we were cock blocked.
The problem is that once the war started and the Knights showed a clear preference for dogfighting their enemies, the breakdancing robots had no reason to appear. If Delta had been a mostly fun series about Walkure and Delta fighting Var and, I don't know, stopping the humans from Extra who started spreading it in the first place we would have had tons of dancing robots. But that was not the case.

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that either Delta needed more eps and a better pace to tell the story it wanted to tell, or it just needed to focus on one simple story like Walküre vs. Var and leave Windermere vs. NUNS for another future Macross.

I find it amazing that both Cred Forums and /m/ agrees that Delta has turned to shit and both are extremely disappointed at it. Not even the shippers are even trying to defend it anymore. Just how bad did it get for that to have happened?

Disappointment of the season and worst mecha of the year.

Kawamori once said the dancing mechs drove the CG team nuts. I'm guessing they got too lazy to bring it back.

Disgusted that this is even a 50-50 split
Who voted disagree

subs when

Pretty sure some people here are from /m/. I've seen at least 3 posts here that were copied straight from /m/.

>you will never stroke mikumos soft smooth belly

What story did it want to tell? Because to me everything came out as being as simple and lame as fuck. This isn't storytelling, it's checking off items on a list.

And it was one of the best part of the first half. Shit's hard, but completely not doing it anymore, even for the final episode, is just one of the numerous stupid decisions they've made for this.

Mikumo solo version of Hametsu no Junjou was so shit. How disappointing.

Why did you post an image of some clouds, user? What does that have anything to do with your text?

She's only 3 you fucking pedo.

Freyja won? Good thing I didn't watch this shit then lamo.
Immature character won in a Macross show. When did it go so wrong

Fucking amazing show. Only people who hate it are Freyja haters / Miragefags.

>yfw gg don't sub the last episode as a final fuck you to us all

>Freyja as a caracter was so pushed that many times we joked about watching macross freyja

Well she is the main character, user. I don't think it's fair to even call this a triangle. They did say the triangle was broken for a reason. The real triangle was Keith/Roid/Heinz and that was pretty interesting. If you look at Hayate and Freyja's relationship alone without expecting a triangle, it was pretty sweet.

Like this guy

Yo Buddy. Still alive? And thanks friend. See you again

This show doesn't deserve to be subbed.

I don't even know anymore because it was kind of a mess, which is why I say it should have kept things simple and focused just on one storyline.

Merchant doesn't refer Basara as Mirage's uncle so it's safe to say he didn't end up with any loser Jenius girl.

Kawamori doesn't like them very much.

>muh second cour was meant to be a movie

And what a shit movie it would have been!

Everyone including chinks and nips are still questioning about burger and Madam. M after the show.

It's not even that, multiple plotline is fine, if they had actually done anything with it instead of wasting so much time on useless stuff. You could cut out 90% of the second cour and nothing would have changed.

They have the protagonist's approval and a whole show and media portraying NUNS as shits while Windies as tragic. Or did you forget that all Macrosses are fictionalization of historical events? In all of the Macross Delta material, NUNS are portrayed as evil. Do you think anyone bought NUNS excuses if the acceptable fictionalization is making them mustache twirling villains?

No that would mean they cut some content to make the movie different.

I bet Mikumo's skin feels soft like an infant's behind

dont be gay look at how soft it looks

Protoculture got their ass killed before they could enlighten their precious vajra wannabe.


No they didn't. The NUNS, you massive retard, are the military forces, which have nothing to do with this culture spreading. And they have been in fact portrayed as evil and villains for a long time in Macross.


But I dropped it after episode 11 because it was a sluggish borefest. And from what the reactions are, second half was even worse.

Do you like the sword fight?

Are the Miragefags the ones who hate the singing aspect of Macross and want a dogfighting waifu instead? Or is idolshit just that much of a turn off?

if you're asking about a parody of sword fight, then no

What did you mean by this?

I'm not saying she is bad, actually I like her. I was fearing a Ranka 2.0 but got someone totally different.

Shit that pisses me off about the ending:

>what will happen to the windniggers
>Lady M?
>What will happen to Mikumo?, she is a weapon after all.

At least merkat sensei is alive.

body piercing is not a sword fight

Not the same user and unrelated to the discussion but I wanted to ask about these very pretty Frontier scans some anons post here. Are they from magazines or from the studio directly? And if by the studio, will Delta get some too?

>what will happen to the windniggers
Heinz is gonna negotiate a ceasefire, which is what Chaos wanted.

>Lady M?
Isn't important

She's going to sing with Walkure. If someone bullies her, she has four protective mothers who will beat her ass and they can call Windies now for back up (because let's admit their delta pilots are useless fucks).

*their ass

>and they can call Windies now for back up (because let's admit their delta pilots are useless fucks).
If I were Xaos I'd ask Heinz to permit the new White Knight Squad to scort Walkure on their Var sorties. They would do a better job than Delta for sure.

>she has four protective mothers
For now.

Bogue will jump at the opportunity.

Still, the Lady M part had me interested.

By the way if Kawamori had gone and done this (withholding the movies):

M7 >TV
MΔ should had been an OVA.

But there are actually good people who would actually serve under the big bad galactic military. Not all soldiers in the NUNS are bad, only the top people in the military conspire everything. It has been awhile since we actually have protagonist of the series who is part of the NUNS.

>I dropped the show but still come to the threads to shitpost

Typical Miragefag.

I loled at him blushing

Delta would have been a good opportunity. Really, make the protagonist side be part of NUNS, more or less regular soldiers who are unaware of their higher-ups's lies and corruption and everything would be more dramatic and interesting.

>Bogue is better at protecting Walkure than killing them
>actually he does a better job than their actual protectors
They should fire Chuck and Arad and hire this guy instead.

Because the writing team forgot what they were originally planning to do halfway through the first cour

My favorite song is probably still neo stream. Ever since it started playing in episode 8 I liked it best.

wut? How is that a Miragefag thing?
I like both Sheryl and Freya, but I'm still a Miragefag so where does that leave us?

I can see Bogue and the twins doing it, Herman could send a single son.

Those soldiers are just fighting for their planets, not the NUNS as an intergalactic police force. They didn't give a rat'ass about other planets after theirs was liberated.

I want this too. It'd be nice to see art of Hayate and Freyja enjoying a peaceful life. Back to being the playful couple they are.

He's cuter too.

>Keith delivered the moral lesson against the big bad


Look at that, JUST LOOK AT THAT!
All those hopes and dreams, all that joy and they ended up making her an emotionally conflicted and depressed girl that couldn't even enjoy her flying.

If they had just added that bit op depth to Mirage at the begining and went with it, she would have contributed soo much more to the story and the triangle, because she would have been a more complete character. She never even needed to have had a real shot at winning the Hayatebowl, her arc could have just resolved with her finding her place and finally finding the joy in flying. Instead we get this little tease at the very end of what could have been.

Again, it's like they had all these ideas at the beginning of where the characters were going to go, char-arc wise and they just decided to drop it in flavor of boring infiltration episodes and a rushed conclusion to HayaFrey. the writing of Delta went nowhere.

This enraged me. I was one of the anons posting about how she couldn't possibly be alive and I still believe that it should not have been possible.

But there she was.

I expect some user ou there is laughing his ass of right now that he was right and I wasn't

What if the actual Mikumo looked like a child but they hired an older actress to play the part? It happens all the time.

That's the point. There are those who are actually fight for a good cause but have their fate entwined by those shady leaders. I do not sympathize Major Valak but to the soldiers of the 47th NUNS fleet.

So how do put Macross back on tracks after this shit?

We'll be lucky to get another OVA, even.

Did it bomb this hard?
I wanted an adaptation of The Ride if at all possible.

What is this shit? Why the fuck are they blushing?

Here we go, the updated version now that we have a clear winner.

Bogue actually had a good track record of nearly killing Walkure if not for bullshit last minute saves.

Everyone blushing looks weird


>Messer may have this kind of face too.
Can't wait.

Sheryl and Alto are still my favourite, if Hikaru wasn't such an awful person him and Misa would win, but alas.

Good comedy :^)

Freyja was pushed as a character more than Hayate was.

Yeah the action was terrible nothing but shooting down drones or disabling shots in the second cour and even the first cour lacked action.

Trying to portray a war with nothing but sissy slapping really doesn't work even if it isn't the main plot point it is the background for the plot so it's still important.

See this is the thing good CGI is hard but the results are usually worth it. The fact they skimped so hard on it shows they really didn't care about producing a good show and
just wanted to shovel something out quick.

That would have ment less time for "episodes of nothing" and you know actual effort.

Ah, it's a relationship system.

We need someone to add them here now

Did Isamu really win? Anyways it's nice that Mirage is the only one that doesn't look like a loser in the end

Most of them deserved to look like losers, especially Minmay and Milenne.

>it's nice that Mirage is the only one that doesn't look like a loser in the end
Yeah, it's a good thing that she smile in the end. Episode 16 was a heartbroken one.

She really didn't deserve the show to shit on her almost every time she was onscreen, considering her limited time.

>a rushed conclusion to HayaFrey
I didn't really feel it was bad as you say. As a shipperfag, I'm happy with their end despite no kissu. We should at least be thankful this is the first Macross ending since Plus not to end in ambiguity.

She knew Hayate was in love with Freyja probably even before they themselves realized so.

The PSP games also had a relationship system, but it seem that now there will be a visual representation of it with the characters blushing. In the past games the character would change what they say depending on the level of the affection gauge.

How to I transfer the flac files from vlc to my phone?

>Freyja is the only genki girl to win a Kawamori show
This isn't sasuga, this isn't sasuga at all!

I love Walkure's ver. of DYRL more than I expected to.

Now I understand why some people in my TL were enthusiastic about this.

Damn, I'm considering getting the game now too.

Oh man a Macross eroge?
Is it one of those games where you're like 'pimp manager' and you have to manage your hoes

No, it's a flight shootan game, the Frontier ones were really good

All of the songs on the new CD are great except for the birthday one that I always skip. MakiMaki definitely has the best track, though. Her little adlibs throughout the song as cute as fuck. THICC always wins.

Does this mean the player can be the insane shipper they always wanted to be and pair up characters as they please?

>not to end in ambiguity.
Frontier wasn't ambiguous as far as the couple went, it was extremely one sided and then Alto fucked Sheryl.
Sky end was basically 'I fucked Sheryl but I don't want to hurt ranka's feelings after the vajracaust'

I agree.

Only Makina's song and Hear The Universe are truly outstanding, in my opinion, though.

I'm genuinely interested in how Mirage's chemistry with past characters would be like.

Or you know people are just shitposting and being stupid as usual and just have nothing else to contribute

Maki would be great if she were actually THICC, like those early sketches. Unfortunately, she just has big boobs and an average anime girl body.

Trying to hard to shitpost. Why is Cred Forums so bad at its own natural state of affairs

Can I ship Bogue with everyone?

So many buzzwords holy shit.

Yes, you can even make characters from different eras like each other (Sara always ended up liking Max and Alto in my playthroughs because I used her support skill many times :P)

So Miragefags that wanted her to win or Aradfags can have their dream come true

I've been watching it the same way I watched Seven and enjoyed it so far in camp sort of way and a fair bit more than I expected to boot. It's definitely far from any sort of modern classic or masterpiece though that's for sure.

>Facts are shitposting now

>only able to meme

>losers can have their dream come true

Is Basara in the game? Is he considered a pilot or a singer?

Pretty sure a lot of it is just the standard shitposting that comes at the end of every iteration of Gundam, Macross etc. now that I've lost g since tuned out or learned to laugh at for what it is.

considering it mostly reads like textbook /m/ in this thread that's hardly surprising. There's a reason I'd rather post about mecha stuff on Cred Forums whenever possible than /m/ which is as whiny and prone to constant stupid meltdowns over its topic of choice as Cred Forums is over video games. Constant whining and freakouts, hiveminding and shitflinging get old really fucking fast.

Nope again just an idiot.

The losers side

Nice fucking speech dude

He can be both, you can play as him although he shoots speaker pods and he sings, or you can put him as support and he'll sing to boost you.

What about SDF?

>Bogue/every Walkure
I can milk his tsundere with every songtress. I want this game now.

Or you know cause that's one of the only topics dumb modern anime fans are able to comprehend. It'd be the same with just about any other show. Hell I remember people trying to start shipping wars with fucking Gundam 00 while dozens of other things were going on with the show that clearly took priority over some incidental possible love blooming on the battlefield stuff. It's called framing devices and god knows dumb anime fans need them since there's not much they do comprehend about anything anymore besides cute girls and shipping wars.

SDF's promotional poster was done before it was decided that there would suddenly be a triangle in the anime. I believe the triangle was put into production after a few episode into SDF airing so I'm not sure if the poster could apply seeing as all these poster with winners and loser had the triangle element since scripwriting.

Thanks bro, glad you liked it, you can follow my blog on

We have DYRL one but everyone already know that Minmay will lose.


Graph BTFO

Help a Freyjafag out. Where can I pre-order/order these figurines? I really want to get them.

I hate the fact that her role was created for the sake of losing the triangle despite how much potential she had as a character. Same for everyone except Freyja, and arguable Hayate. God damnit, I can't believe how pissed I am over so much squandered potential for the anime. I can only imagine how much more improved the movies will be if they ever fixed that.

>implying Mirage won't win the Mikumo

>He can be both
>Basara piloting
>Mikumo singing
The ultimate team

Wedding rings? Promise rings?

I wonder how many of the people talking shit about delta were miragefags who decided to shit on the show after knowing their girl lost. They need to release their anger on something right?

Macross HayaFrey.

Why not Mirage and Max??

>blaming Miragefags for the flop that is Delta

The people talking shit about Delta are the people who have watched Delta.

I'm not good at moonrunes but it look like Mikumo asked Walkure what is love. Don't know about the rings too.

To be honest Delta's ending was pretty lame, people who watch for plot and missile spamming can complain too. Well, at least my girl win.

It's a mix of idiotic miragefags, NUNSfags, salesfags and purists.

sky end really annoyed me. even as a rankafag, i'm ok that sheryl won, but sky end seems like a big fuck you to sheryl and ranka gets her hopes up for [reasons]. why can't alto/ranka/world just accept that in the end she's just an imouto character to alto?

>and arguable Hayate
Nah,. guy was one-dimensional waifufag, for a developed male character, you go with windnigger the dead.

>roid on winner's side
>keith on loser's side
u w0t m8?

Yeah, it's completely impossible to say the show is shit just because it's awful in areas such as action and character focus and development for characters not named Freyja or how the war plot and windermere side are fucking terrible.

It's impossible for eveyone to agree with this. Most people who hate on this show junp to extremes making it seem like the worst thing ever which is why I don't find them credible. Compared to people who like it and are willing to accept it is flawed, they're far more believable.

triangle wise dude

I need JUNNA to do some Edith Piaf covers.

Hayate had some development. Not a lot but still. He's the most likable MC too.

Is JUNNA even real? She keeps leaving me speechless with each new song.

I don't know what to do with my life>FRE FRE FRE
That was his development, being likeable doesn't mean he's a good character, I'd rather have someone unlikeable that goes through a ton of stuff like Hikaru than Hayate.

I like him, but I prefer Basara over him by far. And while Alto frustrated me a lot at times he turned out to be a very interesting character.

They're prize figures so you can't preorder.

>Only one character is given development
>Wonder why people don't like the anime

And from Delta I prefer Keith, Messer and even Bogue above Hayate as characters.

I think of Hayate as Freyja's love interest, since she's more of a MC than him by a mile.

Hikaru over Hayate? Hikaru destroys whatever development and progress he had by the end of SDF. Hayate learns to actually give a shit about something in life and doesn't ruin it either.

No argument there. Freyja stole the show. Hayate's a fleshed out boyfriend for her. Their relationship would be perfect if it wasn't so badly stalled in the second half of the show.

Subs are out. Not by gg though. Dunno if should trust it.

To me he had some development. Nothing great or unique, but I was fine with it and it did not annoy me.

>being likeable doesn't mean he's a good character, I'd rather have someone unlikeable that goes through a ton of stuff like Hikaru than Hayate.
That's up to the person. I can like both cases but it also depends on how the character progress and my appeal towards them. Each to their own at the end.

Basara had zero development and we still liked him despite his massive autism for singing. Why is it hard to like a pilot with decent development who's good at pleasing the girl we all cheer for?