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Lets try to avoid talking about the quality of Part 5. It only brings the worst out of us.

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Jolyne's a perverted slut.


Johnny's a perverted slut.

SO begins with her getting caught masturbating.

Daily reminder


Josuke is pure like snow

He made jokes about fondling balls to his nephew and refused to enter a baby-shop because people would think he'd impregnated a girl. Not to mention his outfit features prominent nipple-zippers. He's a whore.

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Make sure to clean it after Abbacchio

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>mfw JJCA already reached High Voltage Part 1
>mfw 5 chapters left to go
>mfw they're doing Colored Part 8 next
>mfw they're already at My Name is Doppio Part 2

>not notorious B.I.G cock


Someone post "it"
the rohan/josuke webm

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i gotchu senpai

Gappy makes me happy

Im going to Cream all over you

Does anyone know what the moonrunes say at 00:40?

Gappy makes me happy

I'll bust your balls in a silent way

Gappy isn't happy


The superior german science make me proud

Shh, Gyro is sleeping

Gappy is a bigger meme character than Joseph and Dio at this point



Can we make something besides post our memes? like good theoryes ?



Post Kak


Flashback Man pulled an Anasui and he's Yasuho now

why can dio shoot lasers forom his eyeballs?

Why can't you?

>Not Yasuho's dad who is a rock human
>That's why Yasuho live with her milf

>All those stale memes


Let me get this straight, if Valentine cuts you with D4C -Love Train-(Even if it's a small cut) that one cut ends up moving to your heart?


Can MiH Pucci beat Valentine with D4C -Love Train-?


Probably not, no, but I doubt Valentine would be able to defeat him either.

Funny vorelentine

Ocean Man would be the name of jotaro's stand if it developed during his time as a marine biologist.

delet this


>Implying that Ocean Man isn't the actual name of his Purple Punch Ghost, and Star Platinum wasn't a shit name invented by a quack fortune teller

the Cred Forums jojo project is turning out better than real jojo

>Cid Vicius stand

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I'm so glad they accurately the Ancient Egyptians as black
Too bad Avvdol died though


I'm not surprised
There's nothing special or good about this series at the end of the day

>Time paradoxes

whoops, forgot to spoiler
pls no ban


>She got pushed off a cliff and then stopped by her own stand (it has an ability to repair mental damage to its user and acts on its own when it feels its user is getting too far gone) in a wrestling ring when she tried to pull a knife on them.

>Neither of which were a "fight" so anons complained and this is what I've come up with in response to it.


How meny benis have you bicked :DD

God Bless, user

Now can you make Young Joseph, Old Joseph, and Alzheimer's Joseph Orgy?

Are you that same guy who completely disregards every piece of good writing in the series and says it's just nothing more than a homoerotic shonen?

Better than Part 4 if you ask me


Some day when I hate myself enough I will draw Funny Valentine vore

>(it has an ability to repair mental damage to its user and acts on its own when it feels its user is getting too far gone)

Different guy but its just a slightly above average shonen and a wannabe seinen

Hol Horse is Mista's father

sad the gun is the only connection but ay

>a homoerotic shonen
I mean it is.

Also not him but the writing in Jojo is pretty weak when it comes to characters (mostly non-main characters I mean), but creative as fuck when it comes to weird ideas and action.

Araki uses the same tricks over and over, mostly making very disgusting annoying people everytime a background character is needed, in order to create conflict. Every person that isn't a Jojo or a friend is a fucking cartoony asshole with zero redeeming qualities to build up their imminent beat down. It gets predictable.

>tfw already posted all my memes

See y'all next thread


Don't forget to blow a Golden Wind in his face.

It says you're gay


Why does Araki keeps negating that he self inserted into Rohan? is he too ashamed?

Even the main characters are one dimensional people that you can summarize in one or two words

The universe in Part 6 was already resetonce and that explains Pucci's certain victory.
The only evidence is Annasui's random sex change.



was already reset once*

I mean, yes, but at least their personalities are different than "I'm an ass so I'm going to rape you and fill you with boogers" like every other character. Unless it's "I'm an ass so I'm going to rape you and fill you with boogers, but I had a sad moment before my death so every bad thing I did was justified, cry for me"

I forgot

If the universe was already reset then why did Pucci had to go through the process of getting MiH all over again from zero?


Are you reading the Russian bootleg version of JoJo, or something? You're not being accurate at all.

This is the ROAD ROLLER from Dio's world?
the 3D model looks like shit.

>Russian bootleg version
>We are never getting Slav Jojojs

the rape and boogers part is hyperbole but here, an example

I aint clicking that shit negro

He probably fucked it up in such a way that he had to have a do over. Like, for example Part 6's "good ending" if Giorno showed up.

Its clean, freindo, i just checked

If the Mario Kart Wii user shows up tell him to post here:
In what characters is he working or what he's changing, so we don't ended up modding the same character with different shit

I wish Diego would rape me and fill me with boogers

I wish Magenta Magenta did the same to me with his migraine affected nose

Gee user that's pretty weird and gross, why would you post that?

I have an idea - what if they put Stray Cat Part 6 (The scene where Hayato discovers Stray Cat) at the beginning of That's Not my Dad and have Stray Cat Episode be Part 1-5 and have That's Not My Dad before Cheap Trick

They could easily end Stray Cat at the end of the fight

Outside of Keicho, I think he's the only type of character that was like that
The rest of minor villains were pretty straight forward, tho some had better reasons to fight the heros than others


I dont remember Wham being like that
He was the typical proud warrior type of character, who value honor and a fair fight more than anything else

Giorno was the most boring JoJo. Even Johnatan had more character and charisma than him. Part 5 wouldn't be shit if Girno would be a cute girl. We'd get cute JoJo.
>Inb4 Joydyke
She looks like dyke and no amount of fanart will change it.

Giorno was boring and no amount of girl giorno will change it

yet he killed all those investigators but that was justified because he's supposed to be this honor guy
I felt nothing

a value equal to my repeating integers

The nazi dudes?
He doesnt have any value for lesser beings thats why he never noticed when he vaporized Caesar's friend by walking through him

Can we have one /jojo/ thread where people don't argue about the quality of VA? Get a grip guys.

>109 posts
>26 ids

good thread again with samefagging

is there a jojo protag who doesn't have daddy issues besides joseph and gappy

>what is people having discussion

George Joestar I


Jonathan's relationship with his dad was great for the most part.

Wouldn't Joseph have some of the biggest daddy-issues? He was way more of a delinquent than Jotaro and Josuke were, it had to be partially due to his lack of a father.

The SZS editor show an error when I try to put the new model into the SZS file
help me

You don't need to have daddy issues to be a delinquent.

>Kills Nazis
>Kills worst Brojo
>Has the best fight in the part on honorable terms and dies peacefully after bidding his worthy opponent farewell
Wamuu did nothing wrong. Boo fucking hoo so Mark had a fiance and Caesar was apparently a person with feelings, who gives a shit.

Then I dont understand what are you trying to get
Wham never got a scene of crying his eyes out over something bad that happend to him before he died, a la Keicho
He was defeated by Jospeh and they both shared their respects and then he died

so have i got this list right:
>part 1 is shit, we only read it cause beginning
>part 2 is shit so that we can fit in
>part 3 is shit cause most popular
>part 4 is shit cause filler
>part 5 is shit cause we dont like final fight and we have to overhype 6 and 7 at cost of 5
>part 6 is shit cause boring shit part excluding final fight
>part 7 is shit cause messy, boring and recycled story. also american overhype
>part 8 is shit cause harem shit and recycled characters

I just wanted to take a moment to share this SUPER CUTE 63'd Gappy. IMO she'd look the hottest of part 8 like that.

The fun fact is that every part can be seen as shit because Araki's style is to try different cast formulas each time when possible so the result is that each part attracts different groups of the anime community more than others, in general at least. The greater anime community being as shitty and petty as it is basically means that the lovers of each part have a nit to pick with the lovers of the other parts because teenagers don't have the emotional maturity to respect the opinion and artistic tastes of others.

Looks like her

Gappy and Jolyne are always the only ones where I see some effort put in in R63, they just give huge tits and moefied Jonathan,Joseph Jotaro and Josuke, and Giorno just gets moefied

But where is Rohan running over someone with ambulance. This isn't right.


That gappy doesn't say "gappy" to me. jus tlooks like some random chick in a sailor suit.

Jotaro and Johnny seem right though. Maybe also Joseph and Josuke.

The huge tits for Jonathan, Joseph, and Jotaro are to respect their bara roots of having ridiculously oversized pecs. Josuke gets moefied because a lady version of him would basically be a slut. Same with Giornio, except she'd be an emotionless husk that straight guys want to fuck instead of straight girls.

>Tfw you will never feel narancia's sweet supple skin under your callused fingers

anyone know any good methods of suicide?

>Part 3 and 5

I still think DIO is consistently the worst 63'd character.

Oddly enough, 63'd Pillar-Men are often surprisingly good, hardly anyone is stupid enough to try and make moe Wammu and ACDC.

You were supposed to use a Narancia pic
Man you sure got rusty Narancia fag

There's two girls in the main crew of p5 and the closest to a woman main character in p3 is the aborted romance with Anne.

read part 7 till end. will drag you to death.

>You were supposed to use a Narancia pic
I have no narancia pics, this is the first time i have posted about her.

Or 8
Both will bore you to tears

Have you even seen enough 63 Dio? It's fine for the most part.

>Josuke gets moefied because a lady version of him would basically be a slut
The fuck are you talking about? While Josuke wants a girlfriend and makes a couple of sex-jokes, sexuality's not a key theme of his character at all. 63-Josuke would be a sweet girl who'd try to play up her bad-girl image while still having a heart of gold.

Was that a doujin or something?

Polnareff has better tits than Trish thats a fact

Hol Horse would actually do this.

He loves his women, but he would never fuck with DIO.

Those types of girls tends to sleep around is what I'm getting at.

That pictures good but 90% of everything else is just some generic moe girl with big tits wearing DIO's clothing. It's even more unfitting than most 63 Jotaro content.

That Hol Horse is a girl too, user.

She's heterosexual.

Post Hol Horse Plz

oh shit, Hol already has such horrible hair i didn't even notice

And the stereotype for those types of boys is sleeping around too, but given that Josuke doesn't get any (nor is he aggressively motivated to try) it wouldn't be a core theme of his character regardless of what he had in his pants.

Well here's a Dio with smol tids

Post your lowest rez jojo image

>Giorno gets moefied because a lady version of him would basically be a slut,except she'd be an emotionless husk
Is Giorno just Jojos version of Ayanami Rei?
Because they are both empty dolls deprived of any basic emotions, well for the most part, Rei actually had some emotions from time to time

Last train home is underrated


That bitch stole Jonathan's tits.

Wait, a thought about 63'd Dio and Jonathan. Would it imply that Dio killed Jonathan and stole her body when she was knocked up with George? That's a lot darker than how it originally went down, fuck.


nah. shitty post.

That's the thing though, men usually have to pursue their hearts and passions while women can simply wait for men to send theirs and choose amongst the crowd. A lady Josuke wouldn't have to seek out men, men would seek her out. With her kind heart and caring alms, it'd make sense to me that she'd capitulate to a rather horny Okuyasu and give him a blowy or two.

you fuck

Please don't summon me.

if polnareff were a good swimmer would his name be poolnareff


Lets not discuss these tings.


I just got a good batch of him so if you enjoy, say so and I'll post a few more.

That one looks more like Kira honestly

Yes, but this.

Josuke doesn't really pursue women, though.


But girls seek Josuke out. Like the first (maybe second) time Jotaro meets him he's being chatted up by three clearly-interested schoolgirls who he refrains from having romantic or sexual encounters with. Romance and sex aren't important parts of Josuke's character.

And Okuyasu was whalloped soundly with the entire ugly tree as well as being pretty stupid, assuming he was a guy and Josuke was a girl I really doubt anything would happen.

Please do, user!

Okuyasu isn't ugly, he's just a tennis ball

I can see that too. They both have unbelievable amounts of power in them that's not realized right away. Also isn't Rei's someone important's daughter? I forget.

I honestly don't know whether Dio would be creepily obsessed with hers/Jonathan's shitspawn or whether she'd be the type to eat her own young

Probably a moot point though, there'd be no air-supply inside the coffin so a mortal baby would die minutes after birth anyway.

>Hol Horse gets teamed up with Alessi, has to '''take care of''' the kiddifed Crewsaders
>He does

If you haven't noticed the artist's signature, it's the same in both pics and will be the same in the others since I just copped them all from her. She draws a lot of Hol/Pol.


How often does Jotaro masturbate?

Lets not get started on Alessi. The JoJo fanart community loves and hates him for what he's done for Shota.

This is a very nice picture of knight-motif Polnareff showering a kneeling Hol horse with rose-petals and all but I can't take it seriously given that it's a depiction of these fucking characters

Anytime he sees a dolphin

Never. When he gets a boner he just glares at his cock till it shrivels up in terror.

The 'fan canon' is that they became friends after Egypt and Hol started helping Pol out after his little incident with Diavolo.

That makes no fucking sense, they hated each other. If they met after Vento Aureo I'd honestly be surprised and impressed if Hol didn't stomp on Turtle-Pol till he died.

His type of hate it's in "Joshu/Josuke" level, a bit more but not too much

Wouldn't Hol Horse just end up like Okuyasu's dad?

Poor guy.

no because he didn't have a flesh bud

That's fair, I guess. At least on Polnareff's side, he didn't kill Hol when he had the chance to in Egypt, and Hol wouldn't have bothered the Crewsaders again if DIO hadn't forced him to. Could be fun seeing them hang out I guess, their bickering in the Justice and Boingo arcs was great.

Hol Horse didn't have a fleshbud, hardly any of his men actually did. Hol definitely didn't given that he actively tried to backstab DIO.

IIRC it's because Hol Horse was originally meant to join the SDCs a la Polnareff and Kakyoin, but that was aborted for one reason or another. That fact along with his interactions with Polnareff was probably what made the HolPol ship a thing.

By the way, why is that? Hol Horse is the last person you would actually trust and that goes double for Dio, the guy even tried to kill him.

I don't particularly like the thought of them fucking, but the thought of them being has-been heroes/villains who sit around and reminisce about old times is kind of cool. Enemies > Neutral > Friends is always a good trope.


While I hate to quote Over Heaven for anything, it did make sense where it said that Flesh Buds made people weaker and less motivated, as their spirit wasn't in it.

He didn't have a flesh bud you twat

>Hol Horse: The Crusader

FYI but a ship doesn't have to be sexual. Ship just means the desire to pair two or more people into a relationship, and those can be sexual or just platonic. A good portion (not most) of the Jotakak ship, for example, is non-sexual and just a best friend or godfather type of deal.

Was he actually? Avdol was always supposed to come back, so Hol wouldn't have replaced him.

Oh god why is my taste so superior?

I'm pretty sure Avdol only came back because of fan backlash back when JoJo was in Shonen Jump. But I'm not gonna pretend I'm a mangaka historian or anything, just retelling things I've read elsewhere.

I remember in an interview Araki saying that he wanted to fake-kill Avdol to show how sudden a death could be for the cast, and was going to bring him back anyway. I'll try to find it, I'm pretty sure it's on the wiki.

I have returned from my ban to post more of Narancia.
I will fuck him in every way possible then cuddle with him.

>Tfw Google still recognizes it

Imagine being stuck in Mr President having to look up teenagers noses as their monstrously large faces peer down at you, must be intimidating as fuck. And it's Polnareff's life post-VA, poor fucker.

>mobileposters are real

wake me up


That reminds me of this picture of Polnareff's friends being assholes to him as spirits, making him suffer even longer.

From Volume 13 of Jojonium.
"I killed him once in India, because I'm always trying to keep readers from getting bored with the same pattern. I also wanted to add some reality to the story by having someone get sacrificed. I thought it'd be great to add in an episode where they lose a team member. I didn't intend to erase him forever, though.. But I thought it'd be too easy if he came back to life immediately, so I wanted to prepare a flashy comeback that readers would be able to accept. When I draw JoJo, I never plan out the small things. In the end, I managed to bring Avdol back just before they reached Egypt, but I never planned that beforehand. It was just an idea that came to me while drawing. Now that I think back on it, since I killed him once, I probably should have made him more important in the story."

Kakyoin was pretty motivated, motivated as far as to first fuck with Jotaro, give him a napkin with a threat announcing when he's going to kill him, then posses a teacher, stab someone who isn't your target, then try to guilt trip Jotaro when he punched the possessed, all the while acting smug as fuck and playing with an arbitrary puppet that has nothing to do with your actual stand power. That's some weird side effects or something?

Is Araki ever going to revisit this?
Like part 5 part 2.

Arahaki strikes again. Avdol's rezzing was one of the dumbest things he could've done IMO, not only in the why, but the how too. I wish I didn't read this truth so that I could pretend Araki at least had plans for Avdol to get replaced with Hol Horse but had to change them due to backlash, but oh well.

>I'M ON MY PC 24/7

I swear if you post that one more time I'll kill you.

Flesh-bud victims still have their personality intact (seen in Polnareff's politeness and pride, and Kakyoin's creepiness) but in both cases we saw, they eventually gave up and stopped trying to put up a fight, possibly because their conscious selves never genuinely wanted a fight to begin with. Polnareff nearly let himself burn alive, Kakyoin obediently held still when Jotaro told him to, whereas they fought to the last breath when they were thinking for themselves.

I don't leave it. I'm not a fucking normalfag.



Joubin is actually part 8's Kira because he has a collection of beetles instead of hands, did not have a good childhood, and is the guy with a young son

What if it's not Joubin?


Isn't that kinda racist? He likes gangsta rap, so they draw him black?

Oh, in the regard that they won't give a shit when they are defeated, yeah I guess that makes sense. Although, again, it's not like Hol Horse is fighter to the last breath, he still gives up and runs away when he is defeated, flesh bud wouldn't hurt a guy.

Stop now fucker.

The thing about Hol Horse joining the team is true but the reason is different.

From Volume 10 of Jojonium.

"When Kakyoin and Polnareff both appeared, they were under DIO's control, but I had planned for them to join the party. This wasn't the case with Hol Horse. But he ended up becoming an enemy character who made me feel that it might be okay to let him join the team. He's an outlaw gunman, an essential element of the Westerns I love, and he's got a unique atmosphere to him, so I thought it'd be a waste to get rid of him so soon. I also liked his personal philosophy of preferring to be #2 opposed to #1, which is similar to Kira Yoshikage from Part 4. I also drew him once with Jotaro and the others, as if he was part of the team, and I had him appear numerous times after the initial battle. But in the end, I decided that if he joined the group, it would ruin the balance. Character-wise, he's too similar to Polnareff in both looks and personality, and his Emperor ability would be hard to deal with. I also didn't put many limitations on the Emperor ability, in terms of range and bullet count. In Part 5, I only allowed Mista to fire 6 bullets at a time, but Hol Horse's bullets were also a part of his Stand... So as long as he was still conscious, it could fire as many bullets as he wanted. If I had gone any further with his ability, anything would have been possible. The way he aims and fires at his enemies is also too similar to Kakyoin's Emerald Splash. In the end, judging from the personality and Stand ability angles, I decided it would be better to leave Hol Horse as an enemy. And so, their next ally ended up not being human at all: a cute little dog named Iggy. Balance-wise, this was perfect."

White people can listen to gangster rap too.
Source: am white, enjoys gangster rap.

Joubin's son literally reveals info about his weaknesses to the protagonists like what happened to Kira

Yes, it may very well be not the real Joubin. Maybe the real Joubin actually died while young and the Higashikata's knowingly or unknowingly adopted a young rock human boy to take his place.

>Flashback Man is the real Joubin

To be fair to them, if Polnareff hadn't possessed the turtle then he'd have died without ever getting the chance to tell anyone about what the hell was going on with Diavolo and Requiem stands, which at best would've meant that Diavolo would have won and at worse would've meant that everything on the planet got fucked-up due to SCR switching everyone's souls with trans-dimensional beings.

I hate you araki.
I hate you.

Joshuu makes ME happy

Ok I'm contented by that a bit. In another news, it's not true that opposites attract in terms of personalities! So realistically, HolPol would actually make sense on that front.

No, man, this is cultural appropriation, this is racist, you white male.

Why? His reasoning for not making him an ally was pretty good. Are you just mad your headcanon is bullshit?


Go back to Cred Forums


You're not even posting shitty black narancia anymore.
This is just shit.


I wouldn't be that surprised if this were true

Did i tickle something of your, that you immediately brought up the Cred Forums boogeyman?

>Original Joubin contacts with Kira a few days before Damo
>Damo replaces the original joubin with a rockhuman and the real joubin is in new guinea are these part 1-7 63's?

>Johnny looks the same

It's obvious you're mad that people draw others with different skin tones than Araki drew them. If you're so offended by this, collect your feelings and share them with Cred Forums. This place is for /jojo/, not politics, so I won't digress more.


They tried to make Jotaro's design make more sense, and in the process fucked it up even more.

Just put him in a full girls' school uniform, for fuck's sake. Not a combination of both.

Not to mention Kira in part 4 has a very very different appearance compared to part 8's Kira.

It's like the role of part 4's Kira was given to a different being in the part 8 universe rather than its actual Kira because of how much things have diverged

So something like this, i.e. without the overcoat + chain?

Wouldn't it make more sense if fem-Jotaro modified her skirt to be longer? Apparently that's a way to rebel over there, and it's also fitting with Jotaro's theme of showing virtually no skin.

Yes. Same thing with Josuke. People also never change Male Jolyne's outfit, so he's basically just wearing a bra and pants.

Nice insinuations there, bud.
Why would I be mad at another wave of shitposting from yesterday? I was specifically joking about your (?) rap comment and then you immediately assumed: Cred Forums, GET OUT, what gives, who is offended here really? I think it's you.

Admittedly, Jolyne's outfit on a man doesn't look particularly out of place in the JoJo world. Look at what Annasui wears.

why didn't rohan just write "finds and defeats Kira" on a baby or something

>It's obvious you're mad that people draw others with different skin tones than Araki drew them.
He wasn't even the guy you originally replied to. I was the one who said that it's kinda racist to draw a character black because they like gangsta rap, and then you started talking about your musical taste.

I'll just spare you the effort and drop this, bud. If you won't grow up now, you'll still have tomorrow.

>finding logic in a kiddo shonen series.

Why he just didn't write "I'm god" on himself?

What kind of error my man? What are you trying to replace?

Why is she so perfect? Best Part 3 Girl

This femjohnny doesn't just look like Johnny but with mosquito tiddies. Better or worse 63?

leaked footage of Steel Ball Run adaptation

Oh, thank you for your mercy, how domineering of you, I wonder how you function in society if you actually get offended by buzzwords.

in ova she is perfect

Who is the most fuckable JoJo?

>I have no argument so i'll just make myself look better than you


DP giving us quality again .


Considerably worse, it's a painfully bland design.

Johnny because as a cripple he wouldn't be able to stop you

>Jonathan will never work in 63, he's the chivalric knight archetype
>Joseph could, but it works far better as male with pillarman
>Jotaro wouldn't be bad as a woman, especially since her BTFO ing DIO would clash with his old time value
>If Josuke was a women, i would definately want Kira to be a woman too
>Gio, literally wouldn't matter
>Joylne needs to be a girl
>Johnny - nah
>Gappy - hell no

So, Enya in the OVA is Nena?

Josuke. He can ravage you as much as he wants and all he needs to do is punch you to make you better again. In terms of giving the fuck, probably Jonathan if you want thickness, Joseph if you want to try new stuff, and Johnny if you just want to pop off with no consequences.

I smack my balls into face

Them 90s, I bet if they were to do Empress ark she would never became an ugly fat woman when she got defeated.

>Not "Yare yare babeh"
Apply yourself

Brother. I advise you to look up femJonathan. It's one of the more popular fanart things that happen. Whole doujins are written about it popular.

Invalid File
I'm replacing the model of the base blue kart for Toad

Jotaro. Cold tuna sex is the best.

Think about P1
It's a cliche story that plays to a standard.

Just because people thinking "Huge muscles = huge tits" doesn't mean it works. The way that works is 63Superman x Batman



the literal black sheep of that entire board. no one likes them and every time they post their cancer in other threads they get told to fuck off. i don't know why the mods allow it.

Wouldn't she have longer hair because of 1800s standards? She looks like regular Jonathan.

>What if Josuke had D4C?

It's not a standard that doesn't apply with the genders reversed. Femjonathan is usually portrayed overly motherly to mirror Jonathan's caring and gentle qualities that he showed in part 1. The ferocity he had in battle? She has in defending her friends and family. It works.

You think he didn't?

Women back then who wanted to pretend to be men cut their hair to fit the act so it's not improbable that a femjon would have short hair. Regardless, longer hair versions exist.

>if joseph was female she'd get shit for being a dirty cheater

Dirt cheats done dirty kids

To be fair, if Joseph were a woman then she'd get shit for knowing damn well that she had a son and abandoning the poor little bastard after he was born. Male Joseph can only really be forgiven for the Josuke shit because he honestly didn't know he had a kid, and as soon as he learned he had one he immediately tried to make amends.

I don't get why femJonathan would want to be a dude but I glad that long hair her exists

>It's not a standard that doesn't apply with the genders reversed.
The genders are not the same, thus it won't be

Females in that time would not do anything remotely what Jonathan does or IS. If anything the closest you'll ever get to a 63Jonathan is Brianne from GoT

P1 will never work 63'd
P2 could but shouldn't
P3, P4, P5, P6 all easily could be swapped
P7 wouldn't
P8 could, but ti would be shit

It's just an unlucky side effect of being a woman. If you cheat, you're a slut/whore, if a guy cheats, he's a stud/Joseph.

Biology's a bitch amirite
It's almost like its better for men to fuck, due to low cost, rather than women, 9+ months cost.

Except his wife busted his chops for cheating

Back then women weren't allowed to do a lot of things that women now can do and take for granted. There's a famous case of a German woman who cut her hair short, taped her tiddies back, and fashioned a leather penis to pee out of so that she could join an army and marry another woman. Who knows though, it's fanart canon.

nah she had white hairs

You forgot the hat faggot

>21 year old survey

Do you think he cried when he blew his load into another woman?

nena herself was may more bland looking

fuck forgot image

>Literal "It's 2016" arguement
Show me more recent proof of the opposite then

Oh let's not forget that it's over 50% divorce rate in America atm

I'm not giving shit to the jojo characters for that. I'm giving shit to the jojo fandom. Barely anyone gives a fuck about Suzi Q after part 2, with most of the fucks centered on part 3. Everything in relation to Joseph's infidelity though? Tomoko's stand is ass pheromones or some dumb shit like that.

Do you think Joseph yells "OOOOOH NOOOO" when he cums

>having to show proof of something you didn't claim
>nice switching goalposts pal

>I have proof
>hurr it's out of date user
But you won't show me more recent proof

He probably does when he probes his ass with Hermit Purple

The only proof I need to show you is the same image you posted. It's from a 21 year old survey, which is older than you. If you have more recent proof, pony it up, but no one serious takes old surveys as gospel because of how statistics change with time.

You don't have any proof
If it was SO out of date, it would be easy enough for you to counter me by a simple google

Back to your shed m8

Post canon cumdumps.

But since i'm better than you
I did the quick search

I just posted my proof. Go scroll up to read it. If you have nothing more to say, I'll save you the effort and drop this topic. If you won't grow up today, you'll still have tomorrow.

See above, that took me 30 secs to find
You have produced nothing "huurr its out of date" is not an argument

Cough it up or shut up

Joseph is the niggerest JoJo

Joseph is probably the closest to a black jojo we'll ever get. Think about it, his two best friends were Avdol and Smokey. You just get a feeling he has a big shlong.

Mariah was a cum magnet, so does that count?

He definitely fucked dozens of niggas behind Suzi's back.

So why isn't Giorno a girl?

Because Girl Giorno is as stupid and unnecessary as any genderbend.

He should have been.
At least his personality would be interesting on a girl and we'd have tiddy window.

Hey guys Gifman here taking edit request for anything.


>his personality would have been interesting on a girl

Would it?
A personality is a personality. if you are boring or undeveloped or underutilized, it doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl, it's still going to be a subpar character.

For instance, trish being a girl didn't save her from just being a walking plotpoint. Being a girl wouldn't save gio from being a quiet background asspull character who somehow always makes shit work.

End your life

Yes. making a full 10 minute Nutshack jojo edit.

Maybe he thinks that a girl being creepily determined and ambitious like Gio is somehow interesting or groundbreaking?

Fuck if I know. Girl Giorno would be shit on for the same reasons as boy Giorno, except she'd have more straight porn.

Which tutorial are you following?

Post the title of the live action porn adaption of your favorite parts

Part 1: Phantom Menstrual Blood
Part 4: My Diamond is unbreakable (call Rohan's Ambulance It's been 6 Hours)
Part 5: Vento Human Oreo

Part 6: My Stones Ocean (of cum)

Part 7: Steel Balls Run

How would the anime only audience recieved the existence of Giorno?

guy giving the box is diavolo
enya and dio get the box and nod
in the box instead of the chicken is the Arrow glowing

Would Dio be proud of Giorno?

starslut crusaders

He might be proud of gio's brutality and becoming a man of high position in a mob.

Might abhore his selective bleeding heartism though (muh children, muh drugs)

Part 2: Paddle Tendency

Only if he fucked beautiful black men.

On it.

>it's this guy again

A character doesn't have to be deep as fuck to be interesting and well-utilized. No matter what you really are cynical and an annoyance if you feel the need to keep bringing up things like this in a thread about a manga you yourself consider interesting and fun.

>haha man I love Jojo's but the characters and themes aren't really even there don't you think? haha

Joseph is widely considered in asshole for cheating, don't try to spin it where Joseph isn't a hilariously insensitive jackass who's a racist and spies on women naked.

What's his name again?

Joseph is a good boy. He dindu nuffin.

Dee Forcie

Unclean Actions Performed in Return for Small Sums of Monetary Recompense

Thirty Thieves and the Thunder Chief

Glow does not look good in gifs


Why is Star Platinum so fucking sexy?


Because she's Jotaro's spirit.

>Part 9 protagonist's Stand is Blackstar
>evolves into Blackstar Platinum in the final battle
>is literally the exact same thing except it can stop time as well
How would you feel?



Fuck you Arcadefag!!!

>That doujin with a God tier art style featuring Shotaro and Midler
>Midler has a dick

Fuck off, Japan

wait. who is arcadefag? is that some kind of request?

I'm not even gay but there's something about the way Araki draws males.

You dont know arcadefag?

This week my bois.

Because Araki wasn't thinking of girls at the time

Giorno's character is so utterly bland that nothing would be lost if he were genderbent. Also would match genders with Jolyne making them both the daughters of one of Shonen's most iconic enemies since Jotaro actually beat DIO

But hey, muh Son of God memes

Can DP afford that?

4 days before MA BOI

Post alien songs

No clue. We aren't getting a new ED regardless though.

>tell sjw joke
>Go back to pol

Fucking what? I admit that pol users sometimes don't know to keep boards separate but really? Racist and sjw jokes mean you are from pol now? Are you from tumblr?


Crazy D>>>Star plat

>crazy diamond
>sex appeal

One of their labels are Warner so there's a chance if that's how this music thing works.

> no ending
> because 7 chapters in one ep.

hi guys im here

Ok guys i can do around 4 requests for today if you guys have any ideas send them my way.

I don't believe this, user. I just can't believe you.

They'll probably cut the dice game to move it to HS Part 1. I just hope we get Great Days on alien. Probably on HS though

/jojo/ thread as shit as always.

But if Giorno was a girl, then Bruno becomes a sex offender, rapist and human scum by licking her? Everybody likes him, but not after this.

Fuck off, spider

Oh man she schlicked and wants to orgasm easily must be a slut oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

>Part 7 and 8 are just manga Rohan wrote based on the experiences of the Joestars

What is your opinion on this character?

What is happening to Jolyne in the background? Why does she look surprised?


He gave a pretty brutal and sudden death for Mountain Tim

It was pointed out to me that most Jojo protagonists die suddenly and violently, normally with very little if any time to give a dying speech to everyone else, and it's a great way to handle death, I think

cool mask, rest boring as part 7

What did Kenshiro do?

Instead of Iggy, SC gets Josuke. What changes ?

>Part 5 Part 2
>Kars gets King Crimson Requiem.

pls no

Also this part blew me away and I felt so stupid for not putting it together that the Saint's corpse was Jesus Christ. An actual "WHAT A TWIST" moment for me

nah, you are a complete retard.

You know Part 4's artstyle change is almost as drastic as Part 7's artstyle change

That's very rude and you have hurt my feelings. Please apologize to me right now


>joseph died off-manga
>jotaro had the most underwhelming death ever
>barely any meaningful jolynejotaro interactions
What's the point?

Those two parts have the most drastic artstyle change, at least. From giant muscle men to twinks, and from twinks to hyper detailed same-face supermodels

The point is realizing that life doesn't always give you healthy relationships and proper goodbyes. Just enjoy the rest of the journey.

Out of the way.
Rohan comin' through.

Can anyone make a webm or a gif from this scene?

Ding Dong Ditching Doings Done Dirtily

I miss the days when JoJo threads were once a month for the new JoJo chapter and never hit thread limit.

This anime is truly cancer. And Toonami will only make it worse

sorry m8.

Overall, David Production made a good anime.Objectively, a lot of the animation, direction, and music isn't terribly great, but I want to replace it in the context of a minor studio doing this job. It sorta evens out. It could have been better, but it would have been asking too much for DP. I can't say I love the anime though, it's a goodie, it's here to expose more the manga, which everyone should read.

To be frank, if the anime's cancelled, I wouldn't care much. Seeing the derailing that is DiU, I don't really want DP to continue adapting JJBA. JoJolion is scheduled for French publication soon anyway.



>Wanting the rohan running scene
>not wanting the goldmine that is webm related
Step it up, my Mangaka.

>Araki is Rohan and wrote Jojo by stealing face stories

But you already drew him out and told to suck dick, what's the point?

Oh, no, is this one of those forced baits now?

Hey guys how can my wife's son fix Part 4? Part 6 is such an asspull. There is literally no possible way Kira knew about Cinderella's salon. Why is Part 7 such a meme part? How do I pronounce Giorno? Shh, Gyro is sleeping. Why is Narancia so perfect? Araki is such a hack. Gay priest is here! How does King Crimson work? Araki forgot. Part 2 is the worst part. There is LITERALLY NOTHING in Jojo except fighting, any characterization and themes don't count. Now that I think about it DiU really is like Twin Peaks isn't it? Post female Jotaro. Part 3 is boring filler. DiU is full of QUALITY! Giorno should be a girl. How can Kira have FIVE STANDS? Jesus making stands is such lazy writing, space rocks was better. I'm evil? Gappy makes me happy!

delet this

I believe this

Well,time to reset

>He made jokes about fondling balls to his nephew
Who is older than he is
>refused to enter a baby-shop because people would think he'd impregnated a girl.
Because he isn't that type of a guy. Remember when Jotaro said they were going to hunting, Josuke thought they were talking about cruising for chicks, and he declined, saying he wasn't that type of guy and just wanted a nice relationship.

>four breasts

A friend of mine is convinced for some reason that Gold Experience heals, does anyone have the panel where Giorno straight up says that it doesn't heal?

He can't accept that Giorno just remaking body parts and them working perfectly is an asspull.

That is technically healing. Its main Schick is it making life out of nothing

Making perfect body parts out of memory and them just fitting perfectly without stitches is still a lot different than just creating a bug or a bird.

It only makes sort of sense when he was healing Mista after the White Album because he was technically turning bullets into tissue that they damaged.

Stando powa

I got you my nigga.

Now that the dust has settled, we can all agree that Mista is the best out of any character right?

He's close, but he's not better than the protagonist though.

Who would win in a fight, Okuyasu or Vanilla Ice?

It didn't work, he still says it's healing.

He says that Gold Experience heals the chunks around it, making it stitch to the body.

Which is never stated in the manga ever.

Your friend is a lost cause. Does he know about Kign Crimson yet?

The main thing I liked about him was he specifically asked if lucy could see his mask.

It's kind of neat knowing he only looks like a masked murdered if you are a stand user

Tell him to eat shit

The Hand is slow, and can only palm things into the void. Vanilla Ice could just set there wearing Cream like a full-bodied suit and Okuyasu wouldn't be able to touch him. If he spiraled in like he did with Polnareff, Okuyasu would be ended right there.

big bang would happen

I have to wonder, if giorno dies, do all the bodyparts he made revert?




Mista is the best part of Part 5


Yeah, he says that it's not painless healing but "healing" nonetheless.

>making it stitch to the body
I assume that's how it works too, it was retconned after the "suitcase - frog" transformation that it does in fact obey his will, I guess literally everything that GE brings to life is smart as fuck with no constraints, it's on a verge of being magic, I don't understand why frog was even made with free will, didn't Araki realize that he will have to do so contrived shit with living things from the get go?

I just realised.

That was the fucking turtle from the beginning of part 4, wasn't it?

How do you guys feel about Diego coming back with The World?

Personally it's pure fan service but since Dio is one of the most important characters in the entire manga, I'm glad he got a proper send-off as a villain instead of cut in half as an anti-hero. Overall Diego is one of my favorite characters in SBR because he's such a wildcard

It was pure fucking hype and entertainment, also that moment with Johnny's dad made me tear up. It was fun as hell and I didn't see it coming either, honestly, can't see why people hate it.

Giorno creating his eye and just popping back in and it working perfectly was an asspull, there's no two ways around it.

Giorno just does whatever it's needed for the plot, what a great protagonist.

Couldn't he make a hole to fit into Abbachio and bring him back like Zombie Bruno? Or even Narancia? Did he forget he could do that?

I unironically ship this

This must mean that each person has posted 4 times each.

hey that is pretty good.

It's really bad, while similar, Diego was his own character, he was not Dio Brando, him getting The World just made him less of a character, "He's not Dio without The World", well yeah, he's NOT DIO BRANDO, it's pointless fanservice for the sake of pointless fanservice.

Valentine is really hard to top, and Araki wasn't even trying.

Joshuu makes me H O R N Y

>tfw we will never have a JoJo dating sim

I can't say I didn't enjoy the story arc but overall I think there are ways it could have been done better:
>Funny Valentine could have summoned Diego w/The World earlier in the story. If we knew about Diego from another universe before the last stretch it wouldn't have felt like such an ass pull, and we could even have gotten a Diego vs Diego fight.
>The final show down with Funny Valentine shouldn't have happened until after the race (and the Diego encounter), meaning Valentine doesn't get shafted by a second final fight
>Diego should have survived the battle on the train and should have been the one Johnny fought in New York, rather than it being a different Diego.

Diego isn't original DIO, and I don't think there was a need to make them even more similar. Diego had a dignified ending that set him apart from DIO, and I feel like Diego w/The World undermined it.

Is Jojo AU after part 6?


Yes. The universe with Irene in it at the end of Part 6 isn't the Steel Ball Run universe, either.

>Couldn't he make a hole to fit into Abbachio and bring him back like Zombie Bruno?

Only Bruno was responsible for zombie Bruno, Giorno healed him but he was still dead, no pulse as he said, look at it as really strong will of the guy or rather "fate 'n shit".

>except she'd have more straight porn.
C'mon man

Edit this
So that Tommy is Joseph and Shadow Dio like in this scene



I don't remember, did Giorno at least TRY to save Abbacchio?

Name ONE good Giorno fight.

How much longer is JoJolion epxected to last? I'm at part 7 and I get kind of turned off by reading here that it's basically still beginning after 4 years

"Sort of", not enough for gold star, though. I would like to wait for the normal scans, since they are almost there anyway. The scene is weird, it's like everyone's on it, except for Narancia, everyone knows that if he heals him, he will actually become a zombie but no one wants to do it? So they just grit their teeth and keep on repeating: "We've got to go, there is no way."

Baby face


With Bruno
I liked black Sabbath
White album kinda
Greenday and oasis
The implied battle with his hair to keep it the way it is

>Implying any thread on this site aint shitty/

Apparently JoJolion comes from "evangelion". I had been imagining Gappy in a lion custome


Mediocre at best.

It was ok, not a solo fight though.

Black Sabbath wasn't much of a fight, also not solo.

White Album was not good, way too long, also not solo.

Is Giorno Hol Horse 2? Why doesn't he have a good solo fight?

>"only stands can defeat stands"

I'm trying to come up with ways in which someone without a stand could defeat a stand. Obviously it's not too feasible, as the person without the stand wouldn't be able to see the stand, but I'm kind of assuming that that person knew about stands and had could see them, or had a stand user giving them visual intel.

The only time I can think of this happening in the manga is with cheap trick (even though rohan is a stand user, it was ghosts that defeated cheap trick).

Maybe someone without a stand could keep Red Hot Chilli Pepper in water somehow so it would dissolve.

High Priestess might be vulnerable to physical damage, seeing as it would actually turn into physical objects.

any other ideas?


Hayato kinda defeats Kira, in a way.

This might be a stupid question, but I don't understand how Stands can only touch other Stands (if that's even a rule, I think it is). A Stand can touch a person, right? So isn't that the same thing as the person touching a Stand?

>White album was not good

JoJolion is a pun, there's no lions involved. I haven't even read Part 8 and I know this

>Mediocre at best
>White album was not good
Why do people have this shit taste?

It starts promising, goes downhill really fast.

deigo (all lower case) is the main villain

No, think of it in a ghost kind of way.

Ghosts can knock stuff over but you can't touch or feel ghosts, right?

Same with stands

This, I liked White Album but it drags a bit too long


>White Album was not good
Thanks for displaying your shitty taste.

Has dubfag released anything yet?

It comes from Pygmalion more-so considering the rock disease.

Shooting from an attack helicopter from beyond the stand's range

Dropping a bomb on the user with a drone

Poisoning the user over several months

Land mines

Chemical weapons

Enough guys with machine guns that even a star platinum tier stand can't keep up

Shooting the user on their sleep

>people give Stardust Crusaders shit for being shonen stand user of the week that drags too long with a shit villain

>still they love Vento Aureo, which is shonen stand user of the week that drags too long with a shit villain, except with twinks


Better fights and stands, Mista and Bruno are more likeable than literally every SDC except maybe Polnareff.

Stardust Crusaders and Battle Tendency get a lot of shit in these threads for being the most popular with casual fans.

It's just a very vocal minority that says VA is good. The part itself scores rather low on polls and both the villain and protagonist are at the very bottom

But Stands can touch people. I don't understand how a Stand can do that, but a person can't touch it. It can't be due to intent, either, since you could basically just wish yourself to not get beat up by a Stand.


>except with twinks
Is that meant to be a bad thing?

>Shit villain

That said, people love Vento Aureo's themes despite the fact they get in the way of the story. Also I find it incredibly unfair to judge any of the first 3 JoJos with the second 3 since Araki wasn't as great of a story teller back then. When Part 4 came out in 92 he really started coming into his own. Part 5 itself was also experimental, but lost a lot of the luster Part 4 had. Part 4 did a great job developing characters, while Part 5 focused a bit too much on the Stand battles and relegated all character development to backstories

Just fucking shooting the user would do you for loads of Stands in the series, to be honest. Main character Stands like Star Platinum are fast enough to catch bullets, but Star Platinum has insane speed and accuracy. Most of the enemies are complicated puzzle Stands which the good guys have to figure out using their own Stands, because those are the only means they have at their disposal, but a lot of enemies really could have just been shot.

Who's to say joseph's dead yet?

Nah my man, I give SC shit because all for exception of 3,5 fights (Death 13, Hol Horse and J. Geil, Judgement, half of Lovers where Dan of Steel fucks with Jotaro) in pre-Egypt ark are the worst of stand battles in Jojo.

Mista kinda disproves that, doesn't he?

I wish I could add more to that, you pretty much summed how I feel user.

>The only 2 gun users in all of standom
>They both either miss their targets a good amount of time
>Or get their shit kicked in by their own bullets

They are also the first stand fights in the history of stand fights user.

SDC has some of the best and most iconic fights in all of manga for a damn good reason. Some VA fights are pretty damn good but most of them suck and none of them are as amazing as fights like either D'Arby, DIO, Hanged Man, Oingo Boingo, Petshop, etc. which SDC at least has going for it to make up for its shittier sections.

Joseph Jotaro Avdol Kakyoin Iggy and Polnareff have a hell of a lot more charisma than literally everyone in VA by miles, and still marginally better than the two good characters you named.

>half of Lovers where Dan of Steel fucks with Jotaro
Uh, what? It's just as good as the beatdown at the end. Steely Dan is a really good arc, apart from the stupid Stand shrinking bullshit.

What about Johngalli A and Withesnake? Also,part 7 especially with 11 men and D4C

I agree with you and I think it's kind of sad when people can't enjoy it.

Not him but, SDC's only good characters in the crew was Polnareff and Joseph. Avdol did jackshit. Kakyoin couldve been better. Jotaro may be rule of cool but hes just a stick of Glue with no emotions.

Those are some sweet opinions user.
Kakyoin had literally no personality other than he wanted to fuck Jotaro's mother.
Avdol didn't do jackshit throughout all of SDC, a fact that Araki acknowledges.
Iggy was nothing until near the end.
Jotaro is only a slightly better Jojo than Giorno, both are shitty protags.
Polnareff and Joseph are great though, but I liked Mista and Bruno more.
Oingo Boingo was okay.

Yeah and when I look back at them they are all so awful, what the fuck was that shit in Lovers with shrinking stands, I don't understand, what was the point, it was too stupid and arbitrary even for Jojo, just make Kakyoin go alone, why do you have to involve the french guy in such contrived way, he didn't even do anything.

D'Arby is just everyone getting BTFO, then Jotaro staring really really hard until D'Arby's soul literally comes out of his body out of fear.

I forgot all about Johngalli. He was a bit forget full since that whole Dreamgoop shit rectonned the fight and he got BTFO'd by whitesnake.
Also Whitesnake was more on the lines of his own Person and the 11 men where just 11 men, not stands.

I did actually think about Mista while writing that post. I would say that Part 5 has the most Stand users who can counter bullets, specifically because of Mista's presence.

Hol Horse is a huge pussy, but he doesn't really disprove that guns aren't effective against Stands. When he's with J Geil, he (almost) kills Avdol, and Polnareff and Kakyoin just straight up run away from him so that they can take on J Geil alone. After Geil is defeated and he's confronted by the Stardust Crusaders, the problem is that he is now face to face with Jotaro and Star Platinum is known to be fast enough to catch bullets. In his other appearances, he wasn't expecting Enya to merc him, and when he was with Boingo none of the Stardust Crusaders defeated him, he just got memed on by Boingo's manga.

It's an epilogue, Valentine didn't get shafted.

Also to me it was very clear that it was a different Diego. It wasn't supposed to be exactly the same guy, especially because he had za warudo.

Not him, but
>Bravo! Oh, bravo!
>Do you understannndo?
>Running with scissors

They were all fun fights in their own way, I would not call them "the worst".
even the Sun was good because it was so dumb, literally a gag arc

>Only 2 gun stand users in the whole series
There is at least one gun stand in every part (except 8, for now), they simply get more convulted

Alright, I just correct myself the part of Lovers with Jotaro and Dan of Alloy.

You do realize there are more like... three shrinking stands in the second trilogy, right?

I forgot about most of th Gun users that werent Mista and Hol horse since Some of the others were a bit more forgetful.

>tfw you can't get Kira's leitmotif outside of your head

Fucking release the goddamn song already

I know it was an epilogue but I still don't think the fight was necessary, or at least not a fight as silly and pandering as 'hehe remember THIS stand ;^).' Give us some new villain or Sand Man from another universe, or fuck, Diego from another universe with anything but The World.

Also by 'original DIO' I meant original universe DIO. Don't worry, I'm not so retarded that I thought Diego w/Za Warudo was the same as Dino Diego.

Fuck, wrong chart.

I wanted to post the Mista one

>Avdol didn't do jackshit throughout all of SDC, a fact that Araki acknowledges.

>that time he beat Polnareff
>that time he saved Polnareff
>that other time he saved Polnareff
>that last time he saved Polnareff
>and then that one time he danced with Joseph in the streets and they both went on to smash some hot Egyptian chick together

Not that stands like Little feet or Gwess's one can shrink something as their ability but that giant stand like SC that has nothing to do with shrinking and apparently every stand judging by their words can suddenly shrink itself to the size of a blood-sell just for this one fight.

I don't know man, I get what you're saying but DIO and DIEGO are preeeetty fuckin cool and having a legit AU counterpart, especially on a bridge with the time stop and the matches, really capitalized on what you can do with an AU.

Soundman is cool tho

I literally want to BE Mista.

>lel Jotaro is stoic has no emotions meme

literally false, how does this shit keep getting perpetuated? This is only KIND OF true in the parts he appears in afterwards as a grown man, still wrong but slightly less wrong. But he's a quirky asshole in SDC and everyone seems to think "lol Jotaro is lel batman."

>lel Kakyoin the MILF hunter meme

again, literally false. No you idiots, it's a fucking fandom joke based on awkward line in one whole panel very early SDC that's never brought up again. And retards still manage to think it's canon like it's anything but fodder for doujins.

I'm starting to think "SDC sucks" is just a meme perpetuated by people who speed read the manga or just watched the anime. People who spend way more time in the JoJo fandom than actually reading the source material, so much so that they get the two mixed up.

Hey , Post Some Fat Speedwagons now !

Hey guys
animefag here
By the time i started watching jojo and got though up til part 4 kira had just been introduced
should I just wait until part 4 is other than read the rest of the parts or should I just finish part 4 by reading it and then read through till part 8?

Maybe it'd be funnier if Polnareff, Joseph and Kakyoin just left the party and the entire arc was Dan dicking with Jotaro until the Crusaders return and watch Jotaro go full Orataro

But the Jotaro thing is true.
And you've just made it even worse by showing that Kakyoin has literally no personality at all.

>Quirky asshole
>yareyare daze
>Heres your receipt
>you pissed me off

finish part 4 by reading it and then read through till part 8

Watch and read part 4 and then read the rest in order.

Alright mate will do

Worth starting to read now

Leave now since someone will try and spoil you

>tfw no spinoff series "Polnareff mediocre adventures"

Cheesy one liners before punching someone for the 1000th time do not a memorable personality make

If you stick with the anime, you can skip to Part 5 and read onward from there like what I'm doing

You get nothing really spoiled in the later Parts except Koichi living and that doesn't actually mean jack and shit in Part 5 where all familiar characters drop off the face of the story when Giorno joins the gang

But seriously guys, name 1 VA fight that's half as iconic as DIO's World or D'Arby the Elder. There's a reason the best moments of SDC have endured for decades. And no it's not because "it happened to be popular", VA was also extremely popular. So miss me with this "VA had better fights" bullshit.

Why? I just don't like the shrinking part (which is like 60% of their involvement into the fight), which can be fixed by sending Kakyoin alone, you know, because it makes much more sense with his stand, I would eat up the fact the HG can shrink, Pol Pol can just jerk in the corner or tell pedestrians to fuck off.

Grateful Dead, Mystery of King Crimson (his first fight), Metallica was alright,White Album.

I don't think Polnareff has legs to stand on his own manga.


We could name any fight in VA and you'd just say "hurr not as iconic". You don't want an actual argument, you just want to satisfy your opinions.

Iconic? I doubt it. You got shit like 7 Muda Son or Chariot Requiem going haywire but it's pretty much fact most of the enemy Stand users in Part 5 have better personalities than the Buccellati Gang

Post more fatass Speedwagones like him please

Because in the end that entire fight is complete filler since Dan was only supposed to kill Enya and not the Crusaders so what the fuck does it matter how they beat him

Saged, reported, hidden and called the police

>You're goddam annoying!
>Break your face that is

Break your face was in Part 4 where Jotaro was a bit more tolerable.

Announcing reports is against the rules user

Are you gay or what?

Something memorable ignites reaction within the mind. If it isn't memorable, then it isn't iconic

Good or bad things can be memorable/iconic, good or bad things can be forgettable. Part 5 runs on fumes of average through out most of the Part with spikes in iconic through "Holy shit, that was awesome" or "What the fuck, that was stupid"

Only fuccbois hate Jotaro

The exact same thing can be said about part 3.

Fujoshit pls go.

I remember almost all of the fights in VA but I can't remember all the part 3 stands and what they look like. For an actual fan of the series and not a casual viewer part 5 is more iconic.

Wew, I can stir up a lot of fights like that with "it doesn't matter lol", it matters to me and I don't like this part of the fight, not even "oh so funny screams of Joseph" can help it.

Stardust crusaders would have really benefited from more fights where the solution wasn't "make Star Platinum punch it", "find a way for Star Platinum to punch it", "make Star Platinum asspull a new power allowing it to punch it" or "have Jotaro figure it all out on the last moment and do something cool before having Star Platinum punch it"

SHA was so incredibly satisfying

Those cover arts with them together sure were misleading.


As expected of a JoJo fan, you like things because they produced memes

I think that's mostly due to Stardust Crusaders being the first of its kind, pioneering techniques later installments would use to their advantage. Lots of mistakes were made, but it still should be good to respect the origin of these ideas than to outright dismiss it

It's just for a lot of people, originality comes before refinement. That's why you'll have so many people remembering characters like D'Arby, Hol Horse, Mariah, N'Doul or DIO. Hell, I don't remember any of the names of the Passione gang except for Buccellati's Gang or their Stand names

But this is like 70% of stand battles that aren't in Part 7 because every JoJo has a punch ghost and is usually fighting someone who doesn't have one and has to rely specifically on their stand ability. Enemy stand sets track, JoJo has to figure it out and it always ends with some asshole getting ORA/DORA/MUDA'd a lot.

oh yea, and sometimes ARI'd or WANABE'd in Part 5. Or Polnareff just stabbing them a bunch. He says HORA


And I remember minor villains like Ghiaccio, Melone, Risotto, Secco and Chocolatto.

Speed read any part and you probably aren't going to remember much.

No, I like them because they were good fights, never said anything about memes.


Kraft Werk fixes things together
Grateful Dead can make people grow old using the heat it produces
Beach Boy can go through any surface and hook onto anything the user wants
Baby Face is a homunculus that the user creates through a woman and destroys anything by turning them into pieces
White Album is a suit Stand that causes freezing and protects the user everywhere except the hole in the back of his neck
Green Day is an OP as fuck Stand with a stupid range that causes people to grow fungus the lower you are
Oasis is like White Album but it can swim through the ground and cause it to sink

I just can't remember any of their user's names, while it's kind of reverse for me in Stardust where I don't remember the Stand names

It's been a while, did he rape her?

It'd probably be a slow story, arcs moving along at a turtle's pace

Yep. It directs misfortune into you and away from him.

It'd be a stalemate. Valentine can't hit Pucci but Pucci has no way of hurting Valentine.