English dub

>English dub
>VAs address characters with -san, -chan, etc.

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atlus usa?


>English dub

>>English dub

does anything other than persona 3/4 do this?

>English dub

>English dub
>It's actually an American dub

I've seen some German dubbed anime, that does this.

>listening to english dub in the first place

>English dub

Lucky star does that too.

>listening to English dub

What's wrong with this? Honorifics are an important.

>English dub
>American english
>Can't pronounce Japanese names for shit
>All voice-actors, without exception is shit
>Female voice actors voicing young people are the fucking worst

I fucking hate American English and I fucking hate america. Fucking America ruining everything.

Kill yourself, dubfags.
I will one day get modded and ban the lot of you.

I don't watch anime because the Japanese voice actors are fucking annoying.

Every bitch sounds the same. There is no logical reason for them to go crazy over hiring idols. They sound retarded. Just picking one woman and stick with her.

Rarely any male actors sound manly.

Dubs are horrible as it is.

There is no reason to watch anime, unless you're a masochist.

In nip culture, yes. But during localization, you should take into account who you're adapting for and change accordingly. You would not walk into work and start calling people John-san just because it's proper in another culture

>English dub

Cred Forums here, english dub artists are great.

Animes should be translated not localised.



>that kid who calls himself with -dono

We get it Richard, you saw Tenchi Muyo.

Well, why don't you just decide what bothers you and stay away from it. Watch it in japanese if you dislike dubs.

I usually like older non-ADV dubs but holy fuck does the -chan get annoying.

It's more ear gouging in El Hazard. Hearing Nanami saying "Makoto-chan" "Makoto-chan" "Makoto-chan".

Fucking just gave me PTSD

>holy crap, you guys!

An ESL, do people really talk like this? I've watched a lot of american shows and never, NEVER have I seen somebody speak like that. Only in the various examples of dubs I've seen posted on here. For example Dagashi Kashi and that one other recent game anime.

Wouldn't just "guys" suffice? The people are friends, why the "you"?

>watch english dub
>characters great each other with "domo"

I watch dubs with the subtitles on and sometimes it's pretty amusing.


>A human did this?
>No, an Eva did.


>A human did this?
>Yes, an Eva did.

>watched the love live dub
>Rin still says nyaa at the end of her sentences

yes and no.

for something like formalities, you should absolutely localize it. In instances where a joke would just be completely lost on the audience because its something you'd have to be either Japanese or be extremely privy to their culture to understand, it could be taken either way.

and then there's shit like this.


Would you prefer her to say meow at the end of her sentences?

Why isn't digital dubbed manga a thing yet? I mean, hovering over what the characters say and hear them actually say it out loud? I'm talking about japanese dubs, not english.

Not him, but I'd rather have cat puns.
Nyow that would interesting.

>cat puns

I'd watch that. The fish puns in Squidgirl were great, much better than 'degeso'

>English dub
>every show has the same 8 voice actors

we need more localisations.

Cardcaptors was so much better than Card Captor Sakura

No they weren't, stop lying to yourself

Crispin Freeman loves you, user. Even if you deny him.

And here we spot a person who will never be a mod in its natural habitat.

Was it hanakana that was in like 6 shows in one season?

>anime isn't set in japan
>characters still use honorifics

Meh, most characters are copy and pasted from other shows anyway.

Like how the gay tech guy from Gurren Laggenn is the same as the gay tech guy from Code Geass.

Kill La Kill did it with Aldnoah Zero too.

>not liking Inuyasha sounding like Ranma

the fuck is wrong with you

>Every time you hear the dub, you tell yourself that you could do a better job.

Fooly Cooly did, but that was kind of a special case as the director of the show had a big hand in it.

>English dub
>don't watch it out of principle

>english dub
>songs still in japanese unlike the good ole days

The animax dub of K-ON

there was a gay tech guy in code geass?
that guy seemed reasonably not faggy to me

Did you know: you are a pioneer?


yeah boii

He was flamboyant but no where near as gay as TTGL guy. But that user had a point, average 15 year old high school student can only sound so many ways. If there was more diversity in characters then we wouldn't get the same voices over and over, but that would require effort and originality from the Japanese writers.

Ninja slayer

>I fucking hate American English and I fucking hate america. Fucking America ruining everything.

Hey look I found a pic of you and your dad

Actually, "you guys" is pretty common. You just haven't been exposed to it very much I guess but it's definitely a thing.

Just watched the first episode out of curiosity, and holy shit it's like a dad translated them

Not really into english dub but I love their english OPs and I fucking miss it.


It's basically an attempt at creating a plural (You) in English, since one doesn't natively exist.

>watch slayers dub
>Sylphiel calls gourry gourry-dear

At least when it comes to English, it's mostly just a matter of burger autism vs weeb autism. Maybe it's just my ESL perspective, but for me nip names integrate with English sentences pretty much flawlessly, both with and without honorifics.

My native language has a high degree of inflection, names and other nouns included. Japanese names alone can be quite troublesome (especially male ones ending with 'a', like Touma or Tatsuya), but when you add honorifics it's just a pure horror. I've never heard or read anything Cred Forums-related in my native language and I certainly do not intend to. God bless the almost inexistent English declension.

>english dub



>he doesn't know about youse

Idol seiyuus are a mistake.

Unless it's an idol seiyuu I like, then they're fine

what language. Because I remember that male names ending in -a isnt a problem with Latin and that is rife with inflection. For example Aeneas was just inflected using the feminine form

>liking idols
they are disgusting sluts that suck producer cock and take drugs to act like a little brat that likes everything

I always thought Lloyd was boning his assistant. Or maybe that Indian lady he's rivals with?

Polish. Names ending with 'a' are exclusively feminine. At the same time, foreign names like Asuka, Sakura, Hinata etc. inflect just like Polish ones, so leaving Touma uninflected sounds weird.
So you end up with either weirdly-sounding uninflected name or feminine inflection surrounded by verbs and adjectives in male forms.

What about tomoko.

But as I said in latin they just roll with feminine inflection for the name if it ends on -a. Even if its a guy

>What about tomoko.
No inflection is fine in this case.

>But as I said in latin they just roll with feminine inflection for the name if it ends on -a. Even if its a guy
It doesn't sound horribly wrong, just weird, until you get used to it. But adding honorifics would be a disaster.

>Watching English dub

How to spot a newfag.

I mean if it's the 90's I'd understand because some are actually great but come on , english dubs today are bottom of the barrel voice acting tier from some part timer who just happen to find a gig while jap VA's underwent acting school.



>those trips
>confirmed satan

Also, literally anyone that's not a brainwashed american see's that the US is bad for the world. That doesnt mean I'm communist.

Azumanga Daioh had a really good dub and they still used honorifics

honorifics are necessary because it gauges the relationships of the characters speaking to each other in a mostly untranslatable way

Personal pronouns also convey information about the characters in a mostly untranslatable way.

Should they be left untranslated?

This really. user-kun is right, OP-chan was just being a faggot as usual.

I still stand by the English dub being the definitive Evangelion experience.

Who could forget:
>"I'm so fucked up."
>"Sweet Jesus it's an Anti-AT Field" - Fuyutsuki's VA stoned out of his mind for EoE
>Misato as a catty stripper
>Asuka as a Texan contralto
>Kaworu having 4 different VAs
>Hyuga being voiced by a nigger in EoE who sounds nothing like the original

Best dub ever. Subs don't compare.

subs never compare, you are being redundant.

TL note about a boku girl is pretty important

>non-japanese characters
>speak japanese

>xhe, zge, vez, etc..
English has more than enough personal pronouns for what Japanese has

Honestly, Honorifics should be left in if it's appropriate to the setting, such as being set in Japan or some fantasy culture like Gensokyo that's obviously based off Japan. Elsewhere in settings like Cowboy Bebop or Gurren Lagann, it doesn't make much sense to leave them in.

This wouldn't be a problem if anyone in the dubbing biz could fucking act.

What's worse than honorifics is when they force a Japanese accent for names.
>Good morning, MEENOREE.

but HAVE you heard when they don't speak japanese?

I'll take them speaking japanese any day. The only exceptions are when the VAs actually speak the language - which is so painfully rare.

Rin in Free. Ouch, man.

>Cred Forums here

As expected of shit taste.

That's 2ch, not Futaba.

>watching with english dub

>english dub

Fuck off

t, Alberto Passos Coelho


Hugh Mungus dub?

It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't pronounce it as 'sarn' or 'charn'

Is this thread going to nitpick ALL English dub as bad?


>English dubs

My complaint with dubs is the following:

>pronouncing Japanese shit wrong every time thanks to an "American" accent
>females that are supposed to be voicing children never sound young
>voices often sound nothing like the original
>inconsistencies all over, like honorifics being used or still using Japanese terminology for certain things

If you could make a dub that sounded as if it were the original cast speaking in English, I'd have no problem with it. My complaint is that dubs sound wildly different (often in a bad way) when compared to the original.

>he listens to the original first

Well there's your problem.

>Wanting to read instead of paying attention to the animation as the director intended
You guys are dumb as fuck

I've been listening to your stupid fucking arguments for 30 years and they're all still garbage.

It's often the default option on my downloads that contain dual audio. Hell, going back to my points, a really glaringly obvious example of this is Castle in the Sky. If you listen to the original and then the dub, it sounds like the entire cast gained 10 years on their lives or something. They're considerably deeper and sounds nothing like children.

Black Lagoon is also guilty of this. The dub is actually quite decent, but that instantly gets thrown out the window once Garcia or the twins get on screen and start talking.

>not being able to multi-task

Like I said, it's more of a quality issue than a "fuck changing this glorious masterpiece" thing. If dubs actually sounded good, I wouldn't mind it.

>He can't keep up with the subs
YOU are dumb as fuck.

>I'm too retarded to check the box for english

Thinking you can multitask

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, no


I win.

Need more?

Oh, I especially like this one
>"People can't multitask very well, and when people say they can, they're deluding themselves," said neuroscientist Earl Miller. And, he said, "The brain is very good at deluding itself."

Reading the subs takes literally 0,5 - 2 seconds, you're dumb as fuck if you can't keep up and no amount of articles can change that.

>English dub

That's fine and dandy but have you checked these dubs?

>licensed abridged series
>watching an endless run of 'the world's biggest asshole' competition featuring a couple of lost contestants for moron of the year

Yes. Yes, it most certainly is.

Reminder to take it easy when criticizing subs. Subtitle defenders are exceptionally voracious.

They've allowed their personal self-esteem get wrapped up in the show. They believe themselves smarter for reading subtitles, and they are unable to comprehend people preferring something else.

When you criticize subs, they perceive it as an attack on them, because they genuinely thought more of themselves for reading superimposed text on a screen.

So, it's probably just better to let them be, since they won't allow themselves to believe any critique.

Nice projection fag. Dubs are worse than subs, and no amount of armchair psychology can change that.

>wanting to read while you watch so you miss information the director put on screen
You're entitled to your opinion just so long as you know that it's wrong.

Also what you want is called a Visual Novel
Go to them and leave anime forever.

People who watch subs are insecure and have to attack others in order to validate their views. You never see dub fans attacking subtitlers, because dub fans are motivated by what they prefer and don't worry about other's enjoyment, but subbers have an inferiority complex and must attempt to convince others, and thusly themselves, that their choice is correct.

That's sounding a lot like you right now.

>English dub

Literally kill yourself

>wanting a lower quality product as long as you don't miss a second reading the subs
Reading the subs takes a miniscule amount of my time, and i don't miss information the director put on screen just because i take a second reading the subs.
While i have 5 % less time enjoying the high quality product that subs have, you can enjoy your low quality one as long as you know it's wrong

Did someone say dubs?

>English dub

You seem to ignore lots of dubfags calling people weaboos.

Check these

I've posted plenty of screencaps of subs and no one attacks them, but the second it's a dub screencap, the world has ended.

Oh really? I guess that'swhy you constantly see dubfags infesting and shitting up threads by calling people "fucking weebs", which is ironic as fuck because most autistic "weebs" I have met have all been dubfags.

Fuck, I still remember that Black Lagoon thread that got shit up thanks to dubfags until a moderator came in and literally removed every single post that said that the dub was alright or good.

>subbers need censorship to preserve their opinions

You know when you delete all opposing comments, that definitely makes you right.

>dubfag thinks that enforcing GR6 is censorship

I like that pasta.

any comment deletion for any reason is censorship

That much is indisputable.

You're mom's a deletion

>Reading subs
>Weaboo translator adds honorifics to the subs
why? we can hear them just fine without you shitting up the translation

Multitasking is also listening and watching at the same time. So while youre listening to the english characters you also miss out on shit. In fact, you probably spend less of your attention on quickly reading the subs and then watching the show than constantly listening and watching.

>Jelly doughnut

The point is
>English dub
for what purpose?

Someone said planetes dub was good so I considered rewatching but then it had that shit so it was utter trash.

Guess what, the director didn't intend to have some stupid burgers reading the script
>taking less than half a second to read the sub
>implying this interferes with your ability to look at the canned "animation" of a character flapping its mouth for 5 seconds

I'm not even a native english speaker and even I think you're dumb as fuck

You americans are fucking retarded for even thinking of watching shit dubbed

>character says Hitomi-chan
>subs only say Hitomi
Nah, fucks with my brain, I'll stick with honorifics, thanks.

>English dub

>English Dub

You should she the butthurt from the Blazblue dub fiasco

I know Cred Forums is pretty vehemently anti-dub but I think it'd be pretty funny to see an organised effort to fandub an episode of something.

Dub VAs who browse Cred Forums aren't permitted.

>English dub

>English Dub
>The hammy, over-the-top big guy always has a GOAT voice

Better than Southeast Asian dubbing.

>European characters in Europe addressing each other with Japanese honorifics


>German dub but pronounces japanese names like an american would
>honorifics everywhere
>Shinji has the same VA as spongebob
And this is why I only watch subbed


That digimon game

Shinji's voiced by a dude in the German dub, it seems, but sounds even more like a prepubescent than Ogata.


>>English dub


jesus they talk really fast with their lines. Like they're rushed. That said german voices suit the old guys well

After about a year's worth of watching anime I was able to just start watching it raw

What the fuck's the point of dubs unless you're got the reading speed of a snail


Getting Japanese people and expats to do dubs at least results in some comedy.

>jesus they talk really fast with their lines
Not really, it sounds normal.

The dub of the second half of EoE is equal to the sub, since the decent actors (Shinji,Misato, Asuka, Rei) get most of the lines.

check em

>Hit 'em again

Hey, it worked in FLCL.

You gotta be squidding me, user

...wait, so they should mangle the pronunciation of the names?

Why can't we all just like both or one or the other without hating each other

Why has this debate existed ever since the days of Macek and third-generation copies of hardsubbed bootleg VHSes

Fantastic comeback user

Well, I do watch both. I use dubs, but that doesn't mean I can't have text at the bottom of the screen at the same time. They aren't mutually exclusive. It doesn't matter to me what people do, I just like to call people idiots for thinking their choice is better.

wow, someone already made this pasta

Is that narrator trying to seduce me?

>english dubs

>Cred Forums here
why are you even here?

Code Geass is starting to bother me ever since Shinji's voice started appearing. I don't like it. Don't want my mind polluted by hearing Shinji play some candy bar.

Gintama movie does. The Benizakura one. Dumbasses didn't even bother to subtitle Elizabeth's speech too, so it's kind of a mess. Some voices are alright, but most is hilariously bad. Which works, cause it's Gintama. I honestly laughted at the absurdity of Gintoki being called White Knight. I guess whoever dubbed it thought White Demon sounded bad.

And I love him too. He's my favorite dub VA.

His voice is so fucking sexy it gives me a slight boner every time he speaks.

>English dub
>hating America
>dubs posting

Lurk for 2 years before posting.

>lurk more if you hate America
Not him, but why?

>english dub

I thought most of the anons already gave up with this. We got infected with weebs, newfags and redditfags long time ago. Don't stress over this, he will probably leave when the hostility becomes 'too much' for him anyway.

>Asking a retarded tripfag a retarded question

Localizing honorifics is really hard, though. Just slapping "Mr" or "Mrs" for -san can work, but trying to do -chan, -sama, -dono, or many others loses some nuance. A lot of these honorifics have to do with societal structure more than just etiquette.

>hating america
>american imageboard

Jesús Christ, don't remind me.

Both are correct in the context of how the conversation went. The sub is a literal translation, the dub is the localized one.

The second one implies that there is a human inside the Evangelion. Foreshadowing.

I don't watch idolfaggtory but how bad it was? Is it worth listening the dubs to provoke disgust in idolfags?

>female english VA
>sounds like she's 40+
>voicing a teen
>bonus points if she has an obnoxious accent that she doesn't even try to hide

I used to like the Slayers dub when I was young but hearing it now it's awful. Gourry in particular. His VA really makes him sound even more retarded and loses that heroic tone to his voice that his jp VA had. Also LIsa Ortiz was ruined for me when I heard her in a dvd commentary. She was fucking retarded. Fucking Crispin Freeman played along with her too and came across as an idiot as well.

Idolfags don't really care about what you decide to watch. But if you want ear cancer so bad go ahead

I don't get this crictism there are at least over a thousand dub VA's in the USA.

But only a dozen or so dub anime shows apparently.
At least the anime shows that the majority of Cred Forums tends to watch and talk about.

All it had was senpai.

I unironically enjoyed the dub in the original series
EoE however is a different story

Well, there's no excuse to not use them for that show.

Chick who voiced Honey in Space Dandy is one of the few examples from an English dub where the high pitched bubbly girl's voice doesn't make me want to kill myself.

Worst part about that is how this isn't a budget or talent thing, it's just pure laziness on Funimation's part. Made even worse by their monopoly on localization.

Wow,you guys are worse than I thought, I guess weeaboos really do exist what a sad world.

Fucking this.

American accents are so fucking grating.

Why the fuck were you watching a dub to begin with you retarded fuck?

>pt-br dub
>none of the characters are referred by -san or -chan
>except one

And that's why everyone thinks the green alien on top of the tower is actually called Kamissama instead of just God

that's black for you're

>youse a bitch nigga


>so new that he doesn't know Space Dandy's airing schedule

I dont really mind

>English Dub
>American english
>Pronounces japanese names very well
>All voice actors have their own charms

Thanks Iron Chef

Shouldn't honorifics in Japanese just be translated into English "honorifics"?

Change -san into "Mr." or "Mrs." for example.

It can come off as too formal in some contexts doing that though

>Gintoki the white knight

>character says arigatou
>translator translates it
Fucking weeaboos, we can hear it just fine without that.