AOTY is gonna end today. Who is the hidden person?

AOTY is gonna end today. Who is the hidden person?



Will there be a shitstorm if they do a cliffhanger ending instead? is 1 episode really enough to explain all the shits + conclusion

Is it really ending today, or on thursday when Zetsubou-hen airs?

It ends on thursday, dingus


Wrong anime Yotsun.

The hope side is just fanservice episode of Danganronpa 2 characters on the beach.

YFW it's a recap episode today.

But Re:Zero already ended

>sequel to games
>you should play games before watching anime
who was retarded enough to think it's a good idea?

Probably Spike Chunsoft. They didn't want to shell out money for Kodaka to make two games, so they did 2 anime and a game instead.

You don't even need to play the games to watch the anime, dumbass.

I'm willing to bet that the anime cost more to make than the first 2 games combined.

It doesn't end today retard, there's a "Kibou Hen" episode on Thursday


It's recommended to play the games. Enjoy watching sequel to something you don't know in the first place, idiot.

Patchwork Chiaki.

Why was the gamer gilr alive at the end.


>logo features both protagonists.
Yeah no.