What did they mean by this?

Clearly they wish to crush our souls.

lol literally gundam in beast form

Maaan, I still remember who that zoid is.


The toys were pretty badass.

Its just a Blade Liger user.

They almost look the same because blade liger is just an upgraded shield liger.

it has been years holy fuck I see any zoid related shit.

What the fuck.

Zoids anime finally making comeback? I can't read moon runes.

the difference is that Blade Liger has more sharpy things than Shield Liger.

(And possibly streamlined armor parts)

You can't see the dude in the picture, user?

That's a shield liger this is what a blade liger looks like.

It's clearly a shield liger. The vents on the side are different on the blade liger.

live action zoids. A sci-fi flick based on a alternative earth with mecha animal life.

sign me the fuck up

Man, I actually barely remember Chaotic Century anymore. How many fucking years was that? Skipped Fusion but came back to Genesis because Kotona was best girl.

Jewllywood adaptation?

live action film? Of fucking Zoids?


A new Zoids project has started

zoids fps videogame?

with playstation vr cockpit

>playstation vr
cant wait to play zoids with 10fps


can't wait for the ps2 graphics

So who has actually watched all the Zoids series?

Appleseed Alpha, anyone?

I don't mind. It could work well actually.

I watched chaso century and zero century and really liked them, are the other ones any good?

Why did they die out? So much better than humanoid mechs. The hmm models are cool as fuck.

here user.

Watched from Chaotic Century to Genesis.

I still replay Zoids Saga DS for the sheer fun of it.

I still remember writing a checklist guide for it long long ago.

Fuzors was 'fun' if only for the Zoid designs (Gairyuki and Seismiosaurus, and Buster Gojulas), the rest is kinda iffy.

Reminder that Molgas are the best fucking shit ever.
If you don't have twenty or so of those badass little grubbers on your shelf then what the fuck is wrong with you?

One true GOAT zoid.

the Fuck?

Plastic kits are 6times more expensive than gunpla.

These CG films tend to flop, japs want something colorful not drab and lifeless.