You lived through the rise and fall of Nanoha

>you lived through the rise and fall of Nanoha

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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I wish I could go back in time and watch it with Cred Forums again.

The only thing I watched at the same time as Cred Forums was Strikers, and good lord was that a dumpster fire.

Reflection fucking when

Never, Yukari Tamura agreed, don't bother her about it.

Well, it can't be helped, isn't it? Nanoha, Fate and Hayate are just too OP for their own good.
I for one am still hyped for Vivid Strike. Mainly because Fuuka looks like she will be more fun as an MC than Vivio and because this perfect little cutie will finally be animated.

>rise and fall of Nanoha
I smile because she fell to let her perfect daughter have the spotlight.

Perfect daughter, you say?

What the shit, I've had this in my Nanoha folder for 10 fucking years because I thought it was battle loli, and danbooru says it's shana.

>perfect daughter
>became MC to one of the worst anime in Nanoha history

Nanoha should have kept her throne.

I'd have been fine with that if Vivio could still be her princess.

I didn't realize Nanoha was literally Saber

>perfect daughter
A perfect daughter wouldn't lose every important fight and get NTRd by her love interest with whom she was fated to get together with since the ancient times. Nanoha and Fate should just disown their disappointment of adopted daughter already and make a new child of their own with their superior alpha genes.


Hey, she won that one fight with Einhart and made her smiles. If she win her current fight with Miura then that would be 2 important fights won for her.
She is losing hard in the Einhartbowl, though. Yumina already got the key and free access to Einhart's apartment.

Takeuchi always liked mahou shoujo stuff. Takeuchi brought Prisma Illya into existence.

I liked StrikerS. Sure, it had places it could have been better, but it had Subaru in it.

The show did give me my waifu. Unfortunately it devolved into yuri fanfiction since then.

I wonder if they are preparing ground for dumping Einhart in favour of a union between the house of Takamachi and house of Yagami. Hopefully nothing bad happens to Miura's actual never-to-be-seen parents.


>whine whine whine
nanoha would be disappointed

Everybody go read this little gem great aRon scanlated yesterday:

(continues in posts bellow that)

>mother in law
Unless NanoFate secretly adopted Yumina, this image doesn't apply anymore.

Ironic when her seiyuu kept whining not too long ago.

Nah, Miura is officially established as Vivio's rival so all these two are going to do is kicking each other's ass.
Miura is really brutal in her fights with Vivio. This is from the latest chapter.





>make a new child of their own with their superior alpha genes.
>yfw Vivid Strike shows scenes of Fate going through Precia's old kid cloning notes and Nanoha going through experiments to make modifications to her body for "something confidential"

I don't think they need to depend on illegal research for that, Mid Childa is thousands of years ahead of Earth technology wise, and our world is very likely a few years away of testing methods to make yuri babies, in our lifetime we may even see science tinkering directly with the human genome too.

2d > 3d

There is nothing preventing Einhart from having more than one waifu.

Vivio, Fabia, Sieg, Victoria, X, gotta collect them all.

this is very erotic

Vivio isn't living her life correctly


I never seen anything but the movies, so there was no fall of Nanoha for me.

>tfw blissfully ignorant

Everything after A's doesn't exist.

I envy you, user.

But with just movies, he doesn't even know of them cake NanoFate having a family life.

I'm going to watch Vivid Strike without watching Vivid and there's nothing you can do about it.

>cake NanoFate
Actually they're milfs, Christmas cakes are undesirable single women on their late 20s, milfs are basically the opposite: attractive mothers.

This may be the best thing to do.

I'm going to do shrugging.

My waifu > your waifu


I'm going to coat your waifu in liquid.



Adult nanoha and fate was a mistake.




>TFW your closest knight stays in breastless loli form and you would look like a pedo if you banged her and you are a cop so no good

I doubt it means that much. All the actual underaged lolis have adult forms so would that still be illegal?

What the hell? Miura won AGAIN?

I love it.

>lost to Miura
>lost Einhart's heart
>lost to Miura again
I'd be really disappointed if she were my daughter.

>awkward, shy nobody
>no special talents
>no aryan lineage
>gets stronger than all of them through hard work and guts

Miura is the fucking best.

>no aryan lineage
Her device is one of the most powerful leaders the Autobots ever had.

Naïve user. It is last page of chapter - a cliffhanger literally. You are 100 years too young if you think Vivio is finished already.

inb4 for me to be forced to use my real form

What was she imagining?

Aren't there demosaic filters?

Given she's national hero and administration of TSAB did way worse things, I doubt anybody give a shit she have 4 lolis at home, even more I bet Miura's parents encourage her to spend time with Hayate because it's great opportunity for her future.

Who's going to sub VS since it's obvious that it won't get licensed?

Vivio, Fabia, and Yumina are already done. Einhart is now aiming for Seig.
Apparently, Seig has declared that she will win the world title of Inter-middle again and promised to fight Einhart once they are both on top of the world. It's one of the reasons why Einhart decided to take up both the U15 Winter and Spring championships.
As of latest chapters, Vivid is currently somewhere around the end of October and Einhart just won her first match in the Winter Cup. Vivid Strike is after the Spring Cup. Vivio and Miura don't join the Winter but they have ranks in Strike so they probably will join the Spring one.



I just noticed this is not the Takamachi/Harlaown residence, I wonder if they visited Earth and we never knew?

It's from StrikerS OST booklet (and the link for that I found on animesuki dated cca 2009), so the authors probably didn't have Chateau Takamachi designed yet at that point.

>so the authors probably didn't have Chateau Takamachi designed yet at that point.
That makes more sense than speculating about they living on an old house with a fireplace of all things before they got the Takamachi/Harlaown residence in Vivid.

I keep making Ace Combat references in my head everytime I hear Belka.

Alas. It would be nice if there was actually a backstory of them moving a bit before getting money for that nice mansion on notEarth.

Because you just can't imagine anything except plane nazis with fetish for cool superweapons when you hear Belka. Excalibur and Gault fight are hella memorable.

Fate had the money to get a sports car at 18, I don't think after joining her money with Nanoha they would even need to take a loan to pay for that kind of house. The TSAB seems to pay very well (to their top officers at least), Hayate has an even better looking house at a better location, but then again more people live there too.

Belka should have still existed that keeps occasionally breaking out into TSAB territory with a lost logia superweapon. Nanoha should have gotten the title "Ace of Aces" in a Belkan war. Vivio should lead into a plot to reclaim Belkan clay for herself.

That's how we'll fix the series.

Hayate has 4 vassals bring home wage.
That car of Fate is kinda weird in hindsight, are we sure it was really her personal ride? Could be a work car, like Bodie&Doyle's Ford Capri. Maybe Tsuzuki likes Knight Rider (given the notorious car names...).

OTOH, if it was hers, maybe it even got sold to cover the house.



Why does Ace Combat music make EVERYTHING better. Even new Macross if fun with Zero playing in the background.

it was a good ride

I haven't touched any of the manga, can someone explain to me what's so good about Einhart.
I love Vivio but her taste in girlfriends seems kind of poor. Hopefully Vivio will hook up with one of the new VS characters.

Fuuka a cute.

are her tits really that big

She's an emotionally damaged girl who has a tough exterior. She needs some love.

I want to fucka Fuuka

Maybe she'll get an adult modo. Looks no older than Harry though. Do we know her age? Going by I'd say 13. 12 at least but looks a bit older than Einharto.

Cute, aiming at serious loli but a bit lost.




I like those serious faces. Also she's moe when she's in pain (bad person). Gotta say I liked the adult mode transformation, since it was kinda like a StrikerS timeslip, while still keeping them little children with all that S1/S2 moe.

I'l still not convinced.
Does Vivio just like her because she has cute hair and shares her eye disorder.


It's also that the whole inherited memories blurred with own ego gimmick really stokes the fire for yuri shipping.

Out of all the Vivid cast so far, Einhart is the one who has grown the most. She was a no fun allowed loner who is stuck in the past at first. After overcoming it, though, Einhart is now a hard working gallant senpai leading the whole Nakajima team. She keeps every words she says, lives up to everyone's expectation of her. She brings the money and reputation back to the gym. She is dense but also shy and blushes easily.
Most of her development happened in the later half of the manga, though, so it's no wonder why anime only watchers don't understand her charm.

Because Ace Combat music really makes it feel suddenly the duel has real stakes and emotions attached to it. Regardless if they are there or not.

Dunno if it is really development or just "changes". Her old self was rather likeable in Fateish-way. I think would prefer if she stayed more like that without abrupt changes and the development would be in letting Vivio more into her world and getting used to relying on her and so on.

Friendship, yuri, wife+wife, kids, you can see where this is leading with me.

It's less abrupt than Fate's development really

Sky Cute MILFs is the limit.

I kinda have a feeling this is not MILFs but adult transformations. Kinda the mischief Nanoha has forbidden.

>that Shrödinger Zettai Ryouiki

Nanoha is already the White Devil

Wait what?
Did I miss something?
Hayate and Fate are too good to go!

that vivio oh baby
every time

There is no abrupt change, really. She just stopped being so hung up on Olivie and finally allowed herself to look at the people around her in the present and be more open to them. She is still the same battle maniac, just a bit more sociable now.

Wait what?
Did I miss something?
Hayate and Fate are too good to go!

I just hope they won't overdo it into "hey I'm all normal now". It would be great if she was developing with the Claus portion still inside and getting to learn how to live despite it.

The should totally make her a living authority on Belkan history, with scholars and historians having regular briefings/lectures/interviews given by her. Because IRL, she would be a fucking treasure, living witness to interview centuries later who is able to recount all sorts of information and old cultural knowledge of the time, that was since lost, that would be absolute bomb and celebrity of the highest rank. Damnit Tsuzuki, why don't you at least hint at that in some extra!

Vivio in this, soon.

Don't worry, Einhart is still far from "normal". Pic related is her answering the interview after the U15 Winter Cup.
>Your only experience in official competitions was the Inter-middle but how long have you been practicing martial arts?
>Around 600 years

She has the knowledge but Einhart has no interest in culture or history to do something like that. All she cares about is becoming the strongest hegemon. Amongst all the characters in Nanoha, Yuuno is like the only one who really cares about history anyway and he has no screentime.

>Jeremiah is asked the same question

Man, I want to see her rematch with Einhart so badly, preferably without no rule and holding back. At the rate Vivid is going, it's gonna take at least another year for that to happen, though.

>no reflection announcement ever
Why would they do this to us?

>he is the man I seek