What's the appeal of the younger male > older female dynamic in anime and manga?

What's the appeal of the younger male > older female dynamic in anime and manga?

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Seeing a kid that's way in over his head try and act like a man

Because the female has no morals and is basically a filthy slut which is hot.


please sauce user!

More or less

This got an adaptation? What

>google gives nothing
>iqdb gives nothing
>saucenao gives nothing
>wait gives nothing
Why do you do this?

Blame the establishment

the appeal is you imagine yourself as small weak child and milf taking care of you nicely.
in short, you want to fuck your hot mom.

Will give sauce if this post gets 50 replies.


Why would it not

you begetter not be lying fag



I know this scene. It's from that horror hentai manga.

What could you possibly gain on 50 replies when I can do it right now?

Mommy issues.
Kill yourself, please. Your facebook logic is stupid and shameful.
You too.

holy shit, is this fanart or did this actually get animated?

This is not from that doujin where the kid and his friends all fuck her in the bathroom is it.

This is the horror story where she is the cabby


Check nyaa and find out

Is there a story in a pool by any chance?

[Jyoka] Hachishaku Hachiwa Keraku Meguri - Igyou Kaikitan

Why do we deserve nice things ?

fucking this.
anybody who denies and still says he likes /ss/ is a liar.
milf->neighbor hood mothers->teachers, friend mom ->aunt-> what you really want = MOM.

Spoonfeeding is endorsed now, get used to sauce asking posts.

Che k

the snake girl story is the best one

I like the dynamic of a female losing all sense of standards to fulfill her insatiable lust, old men, little boys, monsters etc.

No, it's not!

Because you are in a christian imageboard

>self-inserting as the shota
>living out your older woman fetish
>being spoiled and babied
>having your power taken away

Of course, there's also maledom /ss/, which is more about seeing the woman get conquered by someone she should be able to handle.

the snake chapter was way better

Same appeal of any given porn combination.
If you lack lust that's your real problem.
Just be a pervert like everybody else.

>Way better doujins of this ghost girl exist
>This is the one that gets adapted


八尺八話快樂巡り 異形怪奇譚 The Animation

It's not out yet.

Image the hentai start with "I gave my life not for honor but for (You)"

Snek abuse

>hard femdomfags in damage control mode
Why can't you just accept that your fetish is shit? More people are into soft femdom than hard femdom. No, it's not "mommy issues". No, it's not Freudian. It's more natural to fantasize about a woman taking charge in a gentle, but powerful way than it is to fantasize about getting fucked in the ass with a strap-on and having your balls crushed by stilettos.

who said anything about hard femdom, you shitter? we are talking about fucking milfs. that post said "milf taking care of boy nicely".

It's the same in every thread we have on this subject. Traditional femdomfags hate /ss/ and try to disparage it.


Just ignore any post that tries to automatically equate /ss/ with wanting to fuck your mom.

This whole femdom is a product of third wave feminism

Jesus Christ, this is getting an animation?

Fuck, I'm not prepared to watch it but boy am I excited for the threads.

Protip: these sorts of hentai are often largely consumed by women.

>Traditional femdomfags hate /ss/ and try to disparage it.

but thats the core of /ss/, m80.
why would people like /ss/ where boy is 3ft and tender mother is taking care of him nicely.

I do like /ss/ with incest though

I, just, what?
I don't get the point of your post.
The origin of ss are mommy issues and that's not a problem for me at least.
>It's the same in every thread we have on this subject. Traditional femdomfags hate /ss/ and try to disparage it.


>Just ignore any post that tries to automatically equate /ss/ with wanting to fuck your mom.
Wait, you think mommy issues means wanting to fuck your mouth?
I just can't believe this, no. I mean, I can't, I just can't. I don't even believe you understand how autistic your posts were. I don't believe I can even try to express how autistic you seem to me.

Good man.

Lolis did nothing wrong

No, it isn't. Every boy fantasizes about older women.

Momcest is a subset of /ss/, but it's not what /ss/ is about.

Speaking of milfs is anyone ever gonna translate the new Kuroki Hidehiko volumes

I miss Tadanohito


>The origin of ss are mommy issues
No, they aren't. If you're a 10-year-old boy, you're going to notice adult women more than girls your age.

Fucking women that should belong to other men has its charm

have any data to back that up? women like almost exclusively yaoi from what I can gather.

> not acting out your desires that you can't express on older women with the girls your own age

I fantasized about girls my age,
as I got older what I was attracted to didn't,
it wasn't until I was around 16 that I realized this was a problem.

He doesn't, but I've heard the same thing before. For instance, there's an RPG that just came out in Japan with /ss/ undertones, and people have been saying it's being marketed to the female demographic.

>people in denial over mommy point

Your gathering skills are poor user.

>tfw looking for cp because you thought you were supposed to look for porn of your age group

Man I'm glad we didn't get vanned.

Question, what site do you guys use for upcoming releases and their dates?

The real question is big or small peepee?

so that's a no?

>The real question is big or small peepee?
Big if you actually want the female to get off. Small if you want to focus on how the female is mothering the kid and focus on making him happy more than what she gets out of it. Both have a place. But usually giant penis on Shota ended up being more carnal lust than motherly, so they are different kinds of /ss/.


jesus christ this will have an adaptation? holy shit

not even bad animation will be able to stop me

How do you feel about gentle kidnapping and rape?

what if you self insert as the woman but think large dicks are gross?

>implying it isn't the desire from the fantasy of baby sitters and mall clerks who helps lost kids

Getting lost in the female shoe dept. as an 8-year old is probably the best experience you can have

doesn't this end with the guy just accepting her and having a sort of husband wife relationship?


So why is it called mommy issues? Isn't it because you lacked a strong father figure? Shouldn't it be called daddy issues instead?

I guess you're new here

>have any data to back that up?
Not really, aside from things like this
and having seen and heard about (albeit much less serious) cases like it quite a bit.
Also, if you're familiar with those sorts of hentai, you'd notice a lot of them have a strong focus on, if not in fact star the mother/older woman.

I don't remember where I heard it first, but iirc it's appealing to women as it's sex with a very "safe" partner. Thinking rationally, it possibly also carries the same appeal as lolicon.

>women like almost exclusively yaoi from what I can gather.
This is dumb, though.

The theory is that men who had an overbearing mother as a child don't develop properly and become submissive when they grow up or something like that. It's all psychobabble BS anyway.

What about older women(male)?

It got animated?

I prefer small, but anything that's not abnormally large is fine.

You might be right. I like when it's catered to the needs of the shota.

NTR is also my thing for what it's worth. I love when a shota steals another shota's mother, sister, or love interest

Educate me

kill it with fire

anyone have that awkward pasta of the guy whose mom found his futa mom doujins?


no I got this though

walk her home gently

if you want to get serious,
rape doesn't really imply violence or force, just non consent.

There are quite a few /ss/ shoujo and josei series. And some of the ones that are seinen were written by a woman.

>what if you self insert as the woman but think large dicks are gross?
I wouldn't know, sorry. We all enjoy our porn our own individual way. I enjoy /ss/ for being a little boy being taken care of by an older woman, who have no expectations or demands. One common theme is that the older woman expects the boy to ejaculate fast and have no problem with it. There is no pressure for the boy to perform. The boy is being taught and the woman is patient.

Fuck, I remember this. I think it's the same guy who made the furry virus one.

the only one I can think of is a A Bride's Story, but thats not really porn or lewd.


He's pretty good artist


>furry virus
is this some furry force shit?


well she was too soft on him, she should have broken his spirit first.

Non consent usually leads to force though,unless drugs are involved

Furry force? The story is about a group of pets that turn into furry muscle men and fuck their owners.

>Non consent usually leads to force though
ok but not always, in the moth story the guy fucks her but he doesn't really have a choice in the matter, she has trapped him in a time loop, if he runs away he will always keep coming back to her.

There's a decent number of /ss/ series you wouldn't know about if you never read shoujo.

>tfw you'll never be kidnapped and taken care of by a monster girl twice your size

why live

Kloah when

Man I remember the tank this story is from. Really disappointing how only a handful of the stories were fappable but the rest were untouchable.

If dude wanted to just do a horror compilation he should have comitted. Mixing lewd with body horror and gore does nothing for me.

Still has 10/10 figures though.

I tried reading shoujo once, there was a lot of borderline rape so I didn't much care for it.

kloah is one of the few artists that can draw breasts that large without looking gross to me.

The Tall ghost is great for fetish fuel

This is some sort of Japanese urban legend, right? The


woman who preys on little boys?

Tig ol biddies

I wanna bully her by calling her a shotacon in japanese imageboards

>look it up
>horror, and monster rape

No thanks. At least this first bit is ok because she's mostly human and has big fat tits.

If you to MAL, look for season anime and then filter in the R18+, you can see them in the OVAs. I am interested, as well, in better alternatives.

You're so adventurous, user.

Yes, please

But futa are women.

Kill yourself. That shit fetish is a cancer.

I'm just not a low life degenerate.


>its a social taboo
>chick is a horny slut
>gets a dick
>by somebody physically inferior to the reader

thats the dynamic at play, its a lot like lesbians.

I like thick,/chubby/High test women. Thats why i enjoy older/milf hentai.

There's no appeal, unless you are a little fucking no testosterone borderline faggot. Or
an infamous grandmother fucker like Lelouch.

fucking boys isnt gay you faggot



Yeah. Sure. And sucking other men's penis is the epitome of straight eh?

I got to check this out.

This so much. Sometimes stonger girls secretly prefer wimpy boys. Its only natural So CALM DOWN OK?!

So what's your preferred age gap?



>disgusting cowtits
>on my Cred Forums
What went wrong

This thread is about /ss/ only. Take your gay shota argument to another thread.

>hate and generally avoid any /ss/ doujins
>every good artist i can think of usually does a bit of /ss/
>some even focus only on /ss/
>/ss/ results are overwhelming when i'm only searching for some thicc milf doujins
>exact same thing happens when i'm searching for cute shotas getting dicked

fuck me i can't avoid it.
there's so much of it that i'm slowly getting less and less bothered by it

Anime was always the most huge-tit obsessed media out of everything. It's like anime doesn't acknowledge that anything normal or smaller can be appealing.
To to mention the evident disintegration of DFC or lolis from anime as anything else but buttjoke, disgusting characters.

>I miss Tadanohito
What happened to them?

>Shota with loli whose a tiny bit older than him

The most patrician taste of them all

Close 2nd
>3rd year highschool girl

8-10, because then I can imagine them getting married and staying together.

>likes milfs and gay shota but not /ss/




I like oneechan better though


It's one of the Grisaias. They've been on my backlog for ages.

Uncensored out yet?

I like /ss/ because I imagine myself as the kid and how I had multiple chances to fuck my friend's hot mother but never did because I was a fucking kid and never took the hints.

>anything less than 90

stay having pleb taste, humans.


>look up Jyoka
>see this

If by "Uncensored" means "nipples" then the answer is yes.

A little bit of visible labia from this angle though. But no hair?


Sounds like you were home schooled so here's a video to help get the concept across youtube.com/watch?v=6M4_Ommfvv0



She kept using "Space Time Warp" like a retarded Metal Heroes villain

That's so lewd

at least there's no zombie flying squirrel


Why u do this? post cropped images and no source...

You just wanna watch the world burn or something?

It's by Mitarashi Kousei, forgot the name.

I don't think I've ever had my dick shrink as hard as it did when I read that manga.
It's hot as shit, too.

>Mitarashi Kousei
That's all I needed


So the passenger was actually the shota in the last story all along and this was their reunion?

Greatest love story ever told

Name of the anime?

PO! PO PO! PO! PO!!!

ITT: /ss/ vs /cuck/

>So the passenger was actually the shota in the last story all along and this was their reunion?
>Greatest love story ever told
Yeah, I mean she could have harmed him in any number of ways if she wished. The fact that he is the only one who sees her as beautiful is not really a problem here. Compare to several other stories in the same book, their story is practically vanilla. All signs point to her wanting nothing more than desiring to have sex with him every night and leave him alone otherwise. It isn't really a harmful spirit.


remember when you masturbating first time when still a child? Children penis is really sensitive and so every part of their body, imagine the sex when you are on this prime.

No. I like it cause it's a power dominance deal.


I miss that once in a lifetime experience of cumming for the first time, spaghetti legs and all.

Further, if you read their conversations in between the other tales, you hear that she herself wonders if it is possible for monsters and humans to be able to live happily ever after together. It doesn't sound like she was malicious at all, and just has misgivings about being hated and feared by mortal men. As it is pointed out at the end of the naga chapter, Japanese monsters themselves tend to live a sad and lonely existence through no fault of their own.

Wait, is that what I think it is? Did they make an anime out of that?

Mommies and grown ladies are the first friendly women a young boy meets. Sexual attraction to your hot young mom, and the first woman you had a crush on is not abnormal, specially for a young boy in his first stages of puberty. This fetish merely explores what would happen if things had gone further and said first love interests had reciprocated those feelings. Boys are not like girls and don't become "traumatized" from doing it at a young age, if anything, grown men applaud young men who manage to achieve coitus with a grown woman, because it's seen as a sign of his "sexual and intellectual prowess" "convincing grown women and inseminating grown bitches at such a young age!" etc. Young girls who do it with older men are chastised, shamed as sluts and whores, or as dumb children who got taken advantage of, but it's the opposite for young boys. It's a badge of honor, and what most guys consider.. living the dream



Getchu. It's in Japanese though. Buy updates like screenshots and release date are easy to understand.

It's because our teachers never fucked us and now we have to live that fantasy through anime,

Unless that woman is ugly as sin and obese

Yeah an extremely tall woman with long black hair that wears a dress and a hat. I don't know where it started.

sauce on that one?


if only she was bigger


Found her grandma. Such a lewd ghost family


>The takaonna (tall woman) is a yokai with an interesting hobby. If she is walking along, and sees a two-story brothel, she stretches the bottom half of her body so she can peek in on men enjoying the delights inside. It’s said that the takaonna was a homely woman who could never attract male companionship, changed into a yokai by her own desire.

SUN DRESS, a beautiful sun dress!

>/ss/ with milf
Absolute shit. In terms of /ss/ it goes: older teenage girl > loli > milf


>It was only when his own baby also disappeared that Kijishi discovered the truth at last—his yokai wife had eaten them all. Kijishi confronted his wife and threw her into a well. He thought to let her die down there, but to Kijishi’s surprise she stretched the bottom half of her body right to the top of the well, then clambered out and made her escape into the night
Holly shit, Japan has some creepy horror folklore tales. Now I want to read more. I hope there's other good ones

this book is pretty good.
The Book of Yokai: Mysterious Creatures of Japanese Folklore

but the blog posted earlier is pretty good

I don't get Hassaku-sama. A tall woman in a sundress that preys on little boys, and it's supposed to be scary instead of hot as fuck?

>The Book of Yokai: Mysterious Creatures of Japanese Folklore
Thanks. Found it on amazon

Maybe its an atmospheric and a provincial thing. Some villages in Japan still has an esoteric and old vibe to it and customs that revolve around the supernatural. It is kinda scary seeing something unusual in the provinces especially if its rumored in the villages.

Are all japanese ghosts women that stretch body parts?

Um... Source on that RPG?


>Most stories follow the same basic pattern—a customer of one of the beautiful courtesans spends a night in pleasure, then curls up to sleep. He is awoken in the middle of the night to see the woman dimly outlined, either with the head of a cat or casting a cat-like shadow, while gorging herself on fish or other sea food popular with cats.

>Most of the stories stop there, but darker legends continue with the yokai prostitute then turning to slake her hunger on some human meat, provided by the customer of course.

Now I understand their desire to give cat girls the dick
wow literally cat girls are for sex.

Maybe it's the newest installment of the tales series.

Did they finally release a new chapter?

>I don't get Hassaku-sama. A tall woman in a sundress that preys on little boys, and it's supposed to be scary instead of hot as fuck?
The tales always started by claiming they kill people. But then it doesn't take long before people start to realise it makes no sense why monsters would particularly want to murder and eat people if they are intelligent enough to blend into human society. So stories change. And eventually monsters are humanised, and in many tales humans end up being the bad guys.

>that pic
I didnt know the new attack on Titan spoilers were out

It's hot as fuck cause most artists draw 8 feet bitch as some thicc woman with breeding hips and stonking tits sucking off little shota cocks.

She's like the jap equivalent of slenderman, try getting your shota cock up for a pale 8 feet tall woman as think as sticks with no tits.

Are you being retarded on purpose?


I kind of experienced this irl, and her tits were huge. It was everything you'd want, and nothing you wouldn't. Left her when she started to want an actual relationship (I told her I didn't want any kind of commitment). She was a 35, and I was 21.

Actually are you being retarded on purpose?

Wanna tell me about your mother? I can listen.

/ss/ stands for straight shota, you know. As long as it's a young boy and a female it's /ss/, it doesn't have to be older than him

Freud? More like Fraud lol

Nice dude. We should archive this post.

It's from people who are so emasculated, they want a woman to take the lead.

Alternatively, they really, really want to fuck their mother, the only person who would ever love them. It's like being so pathetic you want to go back to the womb, because it's the only place you feel safe.

Just fuck off, it's well established that /ss/ is pairing a shota with older females. Putting shota and loli together is just like toddlercon.

Do you like this couple, Cred Forums?

>it's well established that /ss/ is pairing a shota with older females
Says who
>Putting shota and loli together is just like toddlercon
What the fuck does that even mean

>older brother is literally a legal shota (not even the ugly manlet kind) with a motherly gf
>meanwhile I'm 6 foot and look double my age
Man fuck genetics

Get out.

It's true. The "shota" part of the term is there to specify that the male is the younger one.

Now, Cred Forums, I want you to describe and explain to me in detail what you think happened afterwards.

What if I want women with experience and age be taken off of their pedestal for a ride because they didn't had that when they were younger and they go kids these days? Where's your god now?


The meidos ate lots of candy provided by that shota.

Be grounded with no vidya or candy

It was just vegetables.

that would make a good 2hu


Why does she have the face like a little pug dog? All big skull and teeny weeny face?

thats one girly ass little boy. she needs to teach him to keep his back straight and nut proudly

The "shota" part of the term is there to specify that the male is A FUCKING SHOTA.

It's not, you retard. Toddlercon doesn't mean toddlers with other toddlers either, it means any toddler is involved at all.

>all these people trying to redefine the term who never visited literal /ss/
>all these people who never played /ss/ VNs with multiple heroines
>all these people too thick to understand the appeal and realize why the /ss/ category exists

What the fuck just I read?

Yiff in hell, kemonoshit

That's not sexy at all... that just a cow giving birth.

Hum. You're on a board where people fantasize about horse and spider vaginas. I don't see how this is more unbearable than the rest.

I recognize the Hachishakusama and Kuchisake-onna, but what is the one on the left?

Same. Only could keep it up for the snake lady chapter. Good horror shit but it was like trying to read sexy junji ito. It wasn't meant to be fapped too.

Horse cunts are one thing, horse faces are quite another.

>You're on a board where people fantasize about horse and spider vaginas.

your monster musume general should be banned

There are several, it can appeal to the adolescent fantasies of now older guys, it can appeal to female pedos, it can work as a form of femdom, when the younger boy is dominant it can be meant to be especially degrading for the submissive older female, it can be meant to appeal to people who find women of loose moral character arousing.

Often it may be more than one at once.

This going to be ANOTHER slide show like all hentai animation these days?

kuckisake-onna looks sexy!.

is kloah a god because making a yokai like kuchisake-onna look sexy is almost fucking impossible.

You know, those are fucking ominous stories.

It's like one story I read about this boy, who loved this girl who always wore a green ribbon. She told him, I'll only let you remove the ribbon when you've grown up.

So he grows up and marries her, and she goes "Now you can remove the ribbon."

He does so, and her head falls off.

And that's the end of the story. I mean, holy fucking shit, what they don't say is even more terrifying than what they just said. As a child, I stayed up all night after reading all that.

what's the source? (sauce?).

Read the thread, idiot.

Not out till november

fuck, I wish I didn't need sleeping tonight.

>And that's the end of the story. I mean, holy fucking shit, what they don't say is even more terrifying than what they just said
Then again, those of us in the monstergirl thread had been going on about the sexual possibilities with a female Dullahan. So frankly the first thing comes to mind when I read that is the discussion on throat jobs.

Is this on panda?

The point is that the girl in that story clearly loves the guy, and just has a secret that she was only going to reveal if he marries her. And really, why should one be scared about someone who you love who just happened to have a detachable head? We hear nothing from your story to suggest that the girl had any ill will. It would certainly be rude to suggest that she is somehow dangerous just because she is shy about her own anatomy.

>Is this on panda?

Not translated in English, Chinese version is available.

Ive heard that story when I was little too except in the one I heard it was a red scarf.


sauce please

I mean I agree with you, I'm just not sure you're responding to those other people.

Wrong. Futa are Hermaphrodites. They have both sets of genitals.

The ones that piss me off are the ones where they say females, and they are just guys with boobs. If I wanted that, I'd go to /d/

What if I want to be gently fucked in the ass with a strapon?

You went wrong. Cred Forums has always had cowtits and lolis.

So this the mom thread?

Google gives me nothing. Sauce please?


>you'll never be an onee-san's bad boy

>Google gives me nothing. Sauce please?
I gave it already. Start looking.

>first chapter STILL hasn't been scanslated

I hate all of you.

Was that one derived from anything or is it entirely original? And what the sod does kankandara mean anyway?

I'm pretty sure /ss/ is just made to appeal to submissive guys who want a gentle, motherly gf/domme. It's not very difficult to figure out. I don't think it's a very interesting dynamic, but to each their own.

Jyoka draws really hot women.

But when I look up his past works, one volume is furry transformation and one volume is entirely about different types of rape. Ironic that his supernatural book is the one with the most amount of vanilla love stories. Yes, it had one chapter of a woman turning into a cow, but that was probably what lead to the fury book, and there was a few rapes. But the fact that he actually went and did any vanilla at all is a miracle, consider what he is famous for.

I really hope he does more vanilla works, but we know that never happens. Once an artist go extreme he never tones it down.

What sauce?

So a question to the /ara/ club.

Do you guys actually want to fuck your mom or are you just aroused by the young boy/old woman setting?

>I'll only let you remove the ribbon when you've grown up.
>"Now you can remove the ribbon."
>her head falls off.

It was just a prank, onii-chan.

I want a motherly, gentle older woman but none of that dom stuff.

This guy is great.

Too bad most of his stories are incest

Me too, man. Me too.

I want to fuck a mom not my mom. She is thin, has small breasts and is just the complete opposite of the moms I see in anime and h-manga.
Though that might also say something about my mother issues in a way I guess.

>I like when it's catered to the needs of the shota.


I like ara aras because they are usually the sluttiest ones. Don't really care if MC is a kid or a grown man.

Get ready for an armpit nipple

>Too bad most of his stories are incest

Pretty much every milf doujin now = Incest or shotacon (if not both).
He used to do good stuff before, but he adapted to times I guess?

Small, cute phimosis dick.

she mind breaks him

Because every heterosexual man has had a crush on some fully developed female during his childhood and would have loved to be reciprocated.
/ss/ appeals to the nostalgia of that first unrequited love.

Not my thing, I can't self insert into most shota because they usually have a small dick while mine is gigantic.

I'm happy for the little dude.

im attracted to the shota though


The absolute mad man.

Who are your favorite artists?
Michiking, Nora Higuma and Ponpharse would be my top 3.



2chan creepypasta dating back to 2008.

>tfw she finally got the boy

baka moth is best moth

>older loli > all


>He doesn't like having an older woman show a young boy how to please his future sex partners
Fucking pleb.

Layers of White

big girls always got me going

this butt looks threatening

>/ss/ is aimed at females


That's assuming you weren't mutilated in infancy.


>>/ss/ is aimed at females
There ARE some females who like /ss/. But it is not possible for me to explain how because I am not them. Sexuality is different for everyone and one can't assume every woman have the same taste in men/boys as each other.

source? google image searchand iqdb won't give me sth

Name the best artist.


I prefer him paired with minimaid.

too many to name

You didn't; it's not even translated.

>Being this weak willed.

>What the fuck just I read?
What the author does originally; furry transformation porn, which ended up leaking into one chapter of the supernatural volume. A pity as his normal human women are the hottest, but it seems he really does like his fur and animal faces.

Thanks. Forgot to update the thread. Have some Tixil.

Surely there must be one you like more?

What hints.

I remember that one; she was on her deathbed, as I recall.

The manga is very comfy.

pretty much this, /ss/ is also entry level into /milf/ territory, NTR husbands that can't appreciate a still fertile woman. Falls into sadists easy prey category. Although I can understand the Freudian angle, but some people are more on the biological instinct angle and realization of woman that have motherly attributes appealing for hypothetical future of your family.

What's going on here?

A whale?

Yes pls



Resentment that she is not galko.

Which artist is that?

Same reason why gay clubs have problems with straight women coming in and groping guys
It's a "safe" partner

Holy fuck, that giantess monster doujin is getting a hentai adaptation? My dick cannot fucking wait. Anyone know of a good channel to watch for news regarding a release/rip?

>male:mind break


What have we here?

Outside from the ditzy maid stories everything is pure diamonds tier

hentaitake has a release calendar.

It depends.

Can I source on Cred Forums yet or not?

What's the source?

Nope, found it already. Cred Forums stays the same

Sauce, that looks hot.

Google yields nothing.

Still have to wait until end of November

I got banned once because I gave the source.
Not my fault.


manga name?

Holy fucking shit, I am going to cum so hard to this

He seems to be Pico in his teen years.

>all these oedipus fags
the best ss is when the predatory older girl thinks she can take advantage of a dumb kid, but then loses to his giant dick

>You are too big for this to ever happen to you


>I bet you wish I was doing this to you, huh?

This. It's so fucking sad to see that there are 2 tanks which will never be translated because Tada stopped doing it. Hidehiko is the boss of milf, it's a shame.

Still nothing coming up.

>tfw dick is perfect size for this

COMIC Mugen Tensei 2016-03

yeah but that doesn't mean you'll find a girl able to hold you like that, unless you're like 12 years old

I meant body size user. No woman will be able to pick my 6'5 ass up and do this.

Should have been: exhentai.org/g/724834/c07762c9aa/
The creepy looking shota in this one always turned me off

>"d-deeper meaning!"fags still exist
Fuck off and stop pretending your intro to psych class means anything.

I don't think it's the mom, i think it's most likely moms friend, teacher, grown women in general..

Picking up a manlet such as yourself shouldn't be that hard

Karma Tatsurou, Jingrock, Takasugi Kou, Shunjou Shuusuke, that's just from the top of my head.

>Seeing a young boy pleasure a woman better than any adult male.

>Breasts and ass are way bigger compare to the young male, than an adult male.

>A more motherly feel from the woman, a more innocent feel from the young male.

>Childhood innocence of seeing a beautiful grown woman and falling in love.

take your pick

I'll have you know I'm at King of the Manlet territory.

Feels good to be a manlet

I think its interesting, when I was a kid I had crush on older women in their twenties or 2 to 3 years older than me.

So this is "Le fantasie" come true.

The second one is best, desu.

3 and 4 are top tier.

>being taller than 5'8

tan san and shark chan are bullying him, he also wants to fuck galko.

>you will never be taken away by a giant snake demon woman
literally why live

>Jyokas stuff is getting an animation

muh dik

Hope they adapt the sneklady one and the one where the tanned girl gets turned into a mannequin

>6'9 giant basket of manlyness
>fetish is /ss/
>there is literally no woman tall enough to give me the love i deserve.
>i wish i was a kid again

VR soon fellow tallguy

I'm more hoping for a full volume translation because of raised interest than anything good from the animation itself.

I hope we get the tank (or at least the first story) scanslated some time this decade.

In my case I like the fact that the women in /ss/ act mature, loving and nurturing. It doesn't even have to be /ss/, I like things like the Akiko-san series as well for the same reason, it's just the women in /ss/ are almost always like that so eventually I just started seeking it out.

translation when?



>not knowing best mom´s ass

Tales of Berseria. Not coming out here until next year.

Is that fan art or an anime?

There's a surprising amount of /ss/ shoujo manga. Although most of it is maledom /ss/, as near as I can tell.

Can't wait to see how this goes.
Nobody will deny Cattleya kicks ass.

Needs translation. Don't care for that guy's fap fodder, but the ghost stories sound kinda interesting.

It's garbage. I'd rather the kid get replaced with a grown man it'd at least be more interesting than a stupid kid

Yes, there are but either
a)the art sucks ass in typical shoujo fashion
b)the girl is an adult yet. HERESY!

Any word on that new work by Kaneko Hiraku I think? He teased it on Twitter a year or two ago but nothing's come out.

What is the appeal of this picture?


Nighttime shenanigans must've gotten kinky as hell.

You say that like women don't read dime store romance novels about getting railed by a tempting younger man or transforming dragon hunks.

>aroused against your will
>backed against a wall by a bunch of onee-sans who are going to do this and that to you

The appeal is that you have a giantess fetish

>"rush him!, He can't cum on all of us!"

>manga still not translated
I'm happy about the upcoming slideshow, but this old wound just opened up again.

I need to learn how to make these...

I wouldn't know since it only makes me fume with anger.

japanese manchildren all dream of fucking their mothers.

there is also something freudian about a nip with a small dick fantasizing about being a small boy with an even smaller dick pleasing women and making them slaves to his dick.


It's not actually that hard.

It is however a waste of batter that would be better used making yorkshire puddings.

The old and experienced woman can give the young male maximum pleasure while teaching him all she knows so he can be a expert on sex.
I think.

bullshit. I think this Cred Forumsnon nailed it.

god bless you user

Oh I'll try doing that next time I make pancakes


Not /ss/. Just a short guy.

inb4 /ss/ IS A BODY TYPE

see >Just ignore any post that tries to automatically equate /ss/ with wanting to fuck your mom.

That's the thing, I don't know why.
Hell, I even fapped to /ss/ before but one day I woke up and I HATE IT.
Must be the fetish for traps.

But in /ss/ the main focus is on the girl anyways, do it doesn't make that different from regular stuff.

oh no! the smoking hot hooker I just emptied my balls in is actually a ghost cat! how terrifying!

like I give a shit.

Without translation I don't know the context

>6 foot wide ass

jesus. That's some badonkadonkadonkadonkadonk!

I looked through the images on Kaneku's Twitter but couldn't find it. I recall him or someone affiliated with him tweeting a couple of character illustrations including a pic of a THICK milf in a green (striped?) bikini. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

>Dave Chappelle

That's like saying there's no difference between a normal guy fucking a girl and a fat old man fucking a girl. The male character completely changes the mood, user.

I guess it's reminiscence of childhood crushes and the fantasy of having done something about it.

>Without translation I don't know the context
The boy sees the woman crying and chasing the car wanting him to stay. But the adults only see the emotionless face of monster woman.

It is strongly hinted through out the volume that she is aware of the reputation monsters have, and that people have justification to fear her consider the actions of other creatures. But she also made the case that being a monster is not always by choice, that many monsters are lonely, and she worries more than he does about if it is possible for a human and monster to live happily ever after.

It really depends on the context, though

/ss/ is only good if it's with a slightly older girl or an Onee-chan type girl, mothers are disgusting.

Would you survive this?


Are there any doujins of older women being dominated by lolis or teen girls? Milfs that fell for their own daughters and are forced to masturbate for them?

Where the fuck is Saturn

>that artist

Do they have dicks

Probably, but there wouldn't be much left of me.

no no no you guys.

the best clearly is middle/high school boy and teacher/office lady


>most of it is maledom /ss/



Anyone got the name of the doujin where twin shotas steal the wife while the husband is away?

Sasaki Maru is pretty great.

only bisexual fags are into this fetish

STRAIGHT men prefer lolis EVERY time

No, i had to censor the vagina because their panties are see-through.

This is some good taste right there, my brother.



Dunno. I only like adult male on adult female. Everything else is shit.

>only bisexual fags are into this fetish
This is the most stupid thing I've read this week.

my brother.

Big fan of huge tits.

Those tits look huge.

>only bisexual fags are into this fetish.

>no dicks


I cant stand shoujou because as much as idiolized the romantic aspect is, one of the most popular male love interest archetype is the bastard guy, just why the fuck the girl is in love with him if he is jerk to her and even mistreat her or cheat on her and only show some little affection moments

Is this how abusive relationships works?


Literally who cares dude, why start shit over something so fucking trivial

Many men have had attractive older women babysit them and realize psychologically they want to relieve those cycles sexually.

I remember the one with the thicc schoolgirl being tunred into a statue or something.

Sasaki Maru

Prepare Uranus

Was she ok?

Everyone fantasizes about older women in their pre-teens because they're the only thing that has sex appeal to you at that age.

It carries over into adulthood because it's the foundation of your sexual desire.

cheap bait

>And her head falls off

hook hand door hand

What size is the cutoff to being a manlet.

get out of the closet, faggots. everyone else will think you're in it just for the kiddie cocks. they won't understand you're bi-curious unless you come out

tfw noone will translate the tank

Manlethood starts at 5'10

>having people think you like kiddie cocks is somehow worse than legitimately wanting kiddie pussy

You're trying too hard

6'4 is King of the Manlets.

Anything under 6'0" is a manlet.

The monkey chapter creeped me out.

Maledom /ss/ is fun. It'll awaken your pride in your gender, user.

Cred Forums where degenerates judge others on their degenerate fetishes and literally nobody ever wins


That's a dumb term

Agreed. It really sounds dumb.

>it's not Freudian to basically want your mother to fuck you

so normal sex ?



Ignore the lunatic. /gfd/ pussy faggots have the most overinflated persecution complex on this site. Thank christ their general is being sent to /trash/ where it belongs.

Looking at the scarecrow chapter of , I am starting to think it isn't scary at all.
Initially I was shocked at the revelation, thinking those were dead bodies. But that makes no sense as then villagers didn't react to them. Now I look again, they are actually not dead people, but scarecrows.

And all of a sudden that chapter stop being scary. The scarecrows just comes to life at night as beautiful naked women who have orgies with any men they can find. The weird thing is that people who didn't know what's going on when they find the "victims" the next day assumed that they had a traumatic experience, because they never speak of it. But the reality is that they just had mind blowing sex all night and couldn't think straight the day after. The scarecrows just have sexual needs and not harmful.

Basically it's an erotic retelling of this story

The scene in question is the part where
In order to safely flee the ghost who can only operate in Japan they gathered a number of blood relatives and had them all drive in a van along with the grandfather and father.This is done to to confuse the woman and hide the kids presence while they flee the village. They can't actually see her but the kid can.

>maledom /ss/
It's called shotazeme.

Hard femdom fags are much worse. They're the ones constantly crying that /gfd/ is ruining femdom

so fucking a girl who has no ass and tits is the peak of manliness but imagining yourself as a young hungry guy who wants to fuck and savour the female body in their best proportions two times the usual size is being gay?
Yeah nah bitch the only faggot here is you cause you know no real woman wants your ass.

how come everything but loli is heavily questioned in Cred Forums? oneshota is literally the other side of the coin, what gives?

This image is older than internet and I recall seeing it many many years ago back when I was a normie kid and not into futa.

Looking at it now... Hm, heh.

ShotaOne or ShotaAne also works sometimes as reversal of OneShota

> the takaonna was a homely woman who could never attract male companionship
So she is literally a christmas cake ghost?

Not by a longshot, /gfd/, go cry about how your crush didn't like you back on /trash/ where you belong.

The proof is right here in the thread, no one even mentioned femdom, and yet you or one of your ilk came out of nowhere and started screaming your head off about how you don't have mommy issues because you still felt the need to get defensive.

People don't hate you because you give femdom a bad name, they hate you because you are sickeningly, irredeemably pathetic. You want someone to make your decisions for you and control your life, because you don't have the confidence or the wherewithal to do it yourself. And you give femdom a bad name. Now literally grow up, stop whining, and fuck off. Or kill yourself. Whichever is easiest.

>thread starts with /ss/
>dozens of posts going "hurr mommy issues"
>as soon as one post refutes it, the accuser spits their dummy out

Yes, Roberta is best girl.

Yeah, /ss/. No one mentioned femdom or /gfd/. the two are correlated, but not the same thing. Again, thanks for proving your persecution complex.

>Again, thanks for proving your persecution complex.

Ah yes, when you repeatedly throw claims around and someone doesn't roll over and accept them, it's a "persecution complex"

We all secretly search for motherly guidance

>So she is literally a christmas cake ghost?
It is a twisted kind of logic, in that if male monsters keep raping women, then it makes sense that female monsters would at least be just has horny. And the common theme seem to be that male monsters just take human women by force and violence, while female monsters have no problem just outright seducing men and boys to willingly fuck them.

I mean, this is a recent interpretation. Back in the ancient days being attacked by a female monster means the human male would not survive. But culture changes and now monster girls are turning into waifus. You can look no further than the "Legend of the White Snake". A really old Chinese tale that started off with the snake being the villain, but in modern stories is now the pure hearted victim who just wanted to be with the man she loved.

You're just proving me right with more whining. And nothing is more pathetic than hard femdom fags. /gfd/ just wants a nice high est woman to cum inside, you want some bitch to dress you up like a girl, fuck your ass, and crush your balls

No, when you jump into a thread that has nothing to do with you and feel the need to defend yourself from people who aren't attacking, or even addressing you, that's a persecution complex. Literally go complain somewhere else.

That is a...vastly more positive take on that chapter than I had. Even when I consider that it's scarecrows and not mutilated bodies hung with sticks I still think that it's pretty apparent from the tank as a whole that interactions with the supernatural are incredibly unsafe for humans. The most positive chapters are the snake lady and eight foot tall woman. Every chapter leads to humans getting possessed, corrupted, and/or mindbroken.

Many ancient stories are supposed to make young men not want to have sex with random women they don't know, the most classic of those stories is the one about the woman with teeth in her vagina, it's an ancient story that exists in many different cultures, in Japan for example.

Futa are women (male (female))

What do you call it when you jump into a thread that has nothing to do with you and feel the need to attack people who aren't even addressing you


This masterpiece was translated in english yesterday.

post name, I can't open sad panda links.

Sure. El mundo completo by Kokonoki Nao (Kokonokiya).

>uses femdom
>thinks maledom sounds stupid

Contrary to what the Japanese believe, sex is not divided into rape and femdom. Male sexuality exists, and it can be dominant without resorting to NTR and violence.

>I still think that it's pretty apparent from the tank as a whole that interactions with the supernatural are incredibly unsafe for humans.

But of course. Even the main monster girl herself never claimed that humanity's fear of her kind was unjustified. She told several stories about dangerous monsters after all. But she also told stories about dangerous humans, and how not all monsters are out to harm. I think she is genuinely wanting companionship and yet, also worry herself about if it is really for the best that they met again.

You're not fooling anyone. It's the same faggots who go into every /ss/ thread and start badmouthing it, because they're angry that Cred Forums isn't talking about hardcore femdom.

Stop being mad that more of us fantasize about being taken care of than being pegged.

>doesn't think maledom sounds stupid

Are you kind of person who uses phrases like reverse racism and All Lives Matter too?

Thank you kind sir, here, have a sexy swimsuit Roberta.

>Many ancient stories are supposed to make young men not want to have sex with random women they don't know,
If that's the case they do a poor job of it. Seriously male chastity just isn't as revered in the world historically.

clearly the best term is mandom


A guy and girl having sex is not maledom. A guy seducing a girl is maledom. It's an actual thing and needs a name to call it by. It's not like maledom is a new phrase.

It does sound stupid, because its a ubiquitous state. It's like calling someone who doesn't ski a notskier. Statistically, men are more likely to be the dominant ones, so saying "maledom" sounds redundant

>Cred Forums isn't talking about hardcore femdom.
no one was talking about any kind of femdom, this is an /ss/ thread. the first mention of femdom is the /gfd/ poster shitting his pants. And the people he was replying to weren't even being rude, they just stated a rather commonly held psychological position.

>we need a term for femdom but for males
>how about Maledom?
this is why people hate SJW's

The desire for a woman that could turn a manchildren into a real man.

Yeah, I used to have that problem actually. Several times I cleared out my encrypted HD of younger material once I got out of that age bracket.

I was always very principled though. Most of it was from naturist galleries. I think I had like a handful of consensual-looking stuff from Freenet at one point.

>It does sound stupid, because its a ubiquitous state. It's like calling someone who doesn't ski a notskier. Statistically, men are more likely to be the dominant ones, so saying "maledom" sounds redundant
Just stop. You're just parroting the creepy NEET otaku thinking that the mere act of putting a penis inside a woman means you've beaten her. No one who can put two braincells together believes that.

Maledom is male domination. Outside of rape and NTR, it's pretty rare. Most vanilla leans slightly femdom.

fedora trap sprung

>this AND that
Gee, user, this was already much but that too? How lewd!

why is everyone so autistic on this board for fuck sake. Instead of talking about some sexy ass bitches i see people complain about irrelevant shit.
damn you're all next level of faggot.

Contain yourself, autist. Learn English as well.

Stop fucking spoonfeeding.


>confusing assertiveness with maledom/femdom stuff
You pathetic, doublenigger, we need a term for bdsm with the man in charge, and that's maledom.


Who'd have thought Cred Forums of all places would become second to reddit in political correctness. I fucking hate that shit

But you're confusing domination with bondage and sadomasochism. Domination just means being in charge. You can have hardcore domination (physical abuse, rape) and more gentle domination (seduction, babying the other person).

tumblr and reddit keks been invading Cred Forums for a while now.
Faggots are literally taking over the world.

Power gap, more active/forceful/seductive girls, taboo, imagining being the subject of a boy's pubescent lust

>Outside of rape and NTR, it's pretty rare.
o im havin a laff. There's a reason a maledom tag doesn't exist on panda, and that's because it's utterly ubiquitous in doujins. You need the femdom tag to find femdom doujins, you don't need a maledom tag to find maledom doujins, because that's literally all of the rest of them.

Nah, just the internet.

This. The femdom tag isn't just BDSM with the woman in charge, it's just generally women led/focused content.

too fucking spooky

Will I be in danger if I save this webm?

whats the name of this?

>And what the sod does kankandara mean anyway?
It's another urban legend name, so it doesn't have to make sense. But Dan is snake and Kan is three female letters jammed together. The design implied that she found the people who chopped off her arms, killed them, and attached THEIR arms to herself. So she is now technically multiple people.

The manga version implied that she only killed those who wronged her, and was otherwise not a bad monster because she lost her humanity due to being betrayed. But the entire village sealed her away because they were the bad guys, and gave her a bad reputation as a result.

It happen when you real mom doesn't love you.

Why did I lose to this?

>fooled you! I was only pretending to be retarded!

Protip: Look up "Russian Mature" porn. Closest you'll get to actual /ss/ without the FBI knocking on your front door

i wanna fuck a T H I C C ghost.

>Male sexuality exists, and it can be dominant without resorting to NTR and violence.
no it doesnt thats stupid "maledom" is just rape

Go to exhentai. Search


and filter to manga. Now tell me the first maledom you come across. Protip: you're going to be searching for awhile. Outside of NTR and hardcore rape, maledom is practically nonexistent.


and no, it's not the closest, this is

Ghost of Room 213

>no it doesnt thats stupid "femdom" is just rape
What thread do you think you're in?

You're just searching wrong you moron. "Female: bdsm" will literally give you exactly what you're looking for. It's not nonexistent, you're just an idiot.

fucking hell, that looks like it would feel amazing


Suprisingly, an /ss/ thread, which doesn't have anything to do with femdom, but thanks to the /gfd/ faggots, you wouldn't be able to guess that.

that just means the femdom tag is misused

bdsm can be gentle, of course and it'd still be femdom. but just the one initiating being a woman doesn't make it femdom.

90% of /ss/ is femdom, but most of that is gentle femdom. The point is, domination does not mean rape, user.

Thank Christ this thread is going to die

>milf threads now more popular than loli threads

Cred Forums has changed

Nice, do you have more suggestions?

its still looks like it mostly involves another party that is underaged so that has stayed the same.

I do but I'm not on my computer right now. Check the restaurant of the VAGU series, and if you like femdom, anything made by Mother's Entertainment is superlative. Sorry I can't can't be more specific right now

go to javlibrary, search shotacon category.

you're welcome.

I remember watching one with a tall white girl and a short Japanese guy that involved breast freeding.


meme50 , agata , kai hiroyuki , toguchi masaya , yuuki ray , kon-kit , orutoro , shinozuka yuuji, takatsu, takasugi kou, itou eight , jitsuma, wamusato haru , maimu-maimu , tsukino jyogi, sugi g, shunjou shuusuke, zucchini (yes it's a name) , yoshiura kazuya , karasu , otochichi
and few more I can't remember
I like their art style. anons shud check em out