So is it really good or is it just a meme show?

It's pretty good.

Just a meme show.


What is even a meme show? God people here make threads even worse than Reddit's.

Is this worth watching if I already know Nagisa dies?

I'm not a fan for a number of reasons. Most of the cast acts more like a mass of cookie-cutter moe archetypes rather than human beings, and the supernatural aspects both detract from the actually interesting parts of the story (the cast dealing with life as adults after their saccharine school years are done) and result in an arbitrary happy ending that feels like a cop-out.

There are better SOLs out there.

I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a meme show, but it's not exactly good either.



I feel myself agreeing with this.

Also the amount of drama desynthetized me to it after a certain point and became hilarious to me rather than heart-wrenching like they were going for.

It really depend of the arc.

she gets resurrected later by the light orbs though

it's good if you are into hyper dramatic moments

i really disliked the art though

I really disliked Clannad. Art was shit, jokes were lame, drama felt forced and most of the female cast is straight up annoying. Dropped it around episode 15 and never looked back, honestly I cannot tell why this show is held in such a high regard.

Try harder.

I really wish she hadn't, I was so pissed when that happened, like what the fuck did I even cry for?

The ending would've been perfect if Ushio never got sick, and Tomoya ended up with Kyou instead.

It's one of the most boring shows I have seen, on par with Hyouka.

A pure masterpiece, critically-acclaimed in the anime community.

Cred Forums used to love it until about 2 years ago, when being "contrarian" became the new thing, now Cred Forums pretends to hate it to be hip.

I enjoyed it

Both really.

100% meme certified

Fucking loved it

Aside from Tomoya ending up with Kyou, the Toei anime movie ends with Tomoya and Ushio reconciling. I feel that was a much better end point than all the crap that happens later in the VN/anime.

That's why I prefer the movie.

depends on you . are you a dramafag?

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Cred Forums is still alive they said.


The OVAs were better than the actual series desu.

Ushio dies too.

I went in knowing that she is going to die but not knowing how, so when the scene played I still didn't believe it was happening and don't expect it and broke down crying. it's weird and i didn't even like the characters that much, really only the star/starfish kid.

Tomoyo and Kyou BEST GIRLS
kotomi, fuko, ryou and nagisa WORST GIRLS

since when is talking about a show not allowed on Cred Forums? fuck off back to your shitty umaru this is your _____ meme threads

Please Kyoani we need the anime adaptation of Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life

>le clannad is bad meme

you need to go back

But that will end in actual suffering unlike Key magic for Nagisa.

Yet it is much better than nagishit ending
also Tomoya lives at the end of japanese version

No he doesn't.
It just cuts off before he dies.

What, too difficult a word? Okay, the amount of drama made me stop caring about it.

I think you meant desensitized.

You're right. Sorry, I've seen it used for years with nobody ever questioning it, but it's not a real word.

It died when contrarian teenagers like you arrived

Kyou > Sanae > Tomoyo > Misae > Nagisa > Kotomi > Yukine > Mei > Shit > Fuko > Ryou

First part is not as good because it's trying to adapt multiple routes into a single storyline and at times it feels like average harem.

Second part is legit good since it's adapting a linear storyline and whether you like or dislike Nagisa, After Story is just way better than the other routes.

I gave it a 10/10.
I cried lots.

If you wanna cry, it's great

the meme is me

How would you know that?
you have to go back

It's mediocre. You'd like it if you're fond of sappy feels porn, though.

It is good and if you can tolerate magical reset at the end then you will like it.
Have a lot of nice feels, characters are from ok to best and plot is well developed.
On the other hand, Kyou still haven't gotten an After Story...

Here, I fixed it for you.

Yukine > Tomoyo > Sanae > Nagisa > Misae > Kotomi > Mei > Sunohara > Kouko > Yoshino > Ushio > Kyou >>> Ryou >>> ??? >>> oblivion >>> Tomoya's dead mother >>> Fucko.

I wish there was more vanilla porn of Tomoya and Nagisa.

After what happened with the birth and all, I don't think I could bring myself to fap to it, desu.

>So is it really good
stupid heroes, boring plot, flat repetible jokes

AIR and Refrain are better.

Can't you watch and form your own opinion instead of relying on others to judge the show for you?

>flat repetible jokes
Blame KyoAni for that. The VN had some top notch comedy.

>also Tomoya lives at the end of japanese version
>being this delusional

Personally I think the jokes were great, might even be the best part of the show.

Wow, what kind of assholes never correct you? The passive shitty worthless kind, that's who

Shit Taste and critery Fucking Fag

A masterpiece.