Flip basketball anime

>Flip basketball anime

Is Japan ready for the MOST POWERFUL RACE?


tangina kahit dito?

Putang ina

Why are they all manlets?

Because Flips generally aren't that tall. It's why Gilas tends to lose against Europeans or pretty much anyone who's taller than them.

For what purpose punyeta nakakadiri

Japan remember. You either under 6 foot tall or 6'8.

Jotaro who is 191 cm is considered to be huge.

Anyone going to cons here next month?

Shit's fucking far when you live in the boonies. Also the traffic doesn't help.Though Nagi Yanagi may be well worth it.

They really should have gotten some Japanese singer who went to Malaysia last year, but sadly she has retired.

I don't get this, every video game, anime etc already has a high filly audience. Why aim it at them even more?

To be completely fair, except for the blonde dude out of nowhere, I'd drastically prefer apeball with character designs like that.

>I'm ugly so please I want my characters to look ugly

At least Flip basketball team is really overpowered in Asean (or maybe even in Asia)



Good on the flips I guess?

Glasses best boy.

>implying I watch sports anime for the pretty boys
This ain't Inazuma Eleven lad.

IE doesn't have pretty boys. Just cute ones.

>Just fuckable ones

They've got no nipples. and there's no fanservice either. hardly ever any assshots either, how can you say they're fuckable? They've got nothing.



Most powerful race indeed. Why are flips so superior, bros?