Sakuga Thread / 作画を語るスレ

Mob Psycho final episode airs in 3 hours. Get in here lads, BONES is going to break the sakuga meter.

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>4 episodes behind
Wew, at least I have time left.

Go watch it now user! We will stream it together like usual.

Hope it won't dead.

What is this?

but literally nothing is going to happen

Aninari-fans circle, it seems. Check their channel, you can feel it.

So the videos on the channel are actual Kou Yoshinari animations?

A doujin circle by Kou and Mebachi, I think.

mebachi is in that yumenoyume circle right ?


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Madhouse's OPM > ufotable's Fate UBW


It's hard to decide which of the Yoshinari brothers is better, they're both insanely good.

The one who doesn't have to direct anything of course, so he can stay focused on animation. The other one would collapsed from Director's duty.

I seen this somewhere

forced running


No, this is

I think this is the best running sakuga.

Not even close to.

Anyway those kind of sakuga threads are cancer.

who was that again ? I remember Miyazawa did some running KA on it.


Pizza with Pineapple on it. Y/N ?

Must have been awkward to be the voice actress

Hiroyuki Okiura does the best run cycles.

How can anyone like ufotable? It looks so fucking cluttered.

Anyone know where can I watch the stream besides neetball(it doesn't work for me for some reason)

chinese stream


They stream it a bit late last time tho.

Ryo Araki sakuga MAD

How do I get into sakuga while still being heterosexual?

Sorry, that's impossible. That's not allowed in the current year.

Not impressive.

Get some proper sakuga

Watch moeshit with above average budget and try to convince everyone else that it has Sakuga.

Good advice. Sansha Sanyu is Sakuga show of 2016 after all, and Godakobo in general wipes floor with likes like Bones or Deadhouse

Sakuga" as it's known today is pretty much following Twitter / sakugabooru and hyping staff lists. If you want to not suck cocks I'd suggest learning basic film and literary analysis and come up with your own ideas on how animation supports a certain scene.

>muh twittershit general
There's a website for that you know.

Poor man's Takeuchi.

Great suggestion. Too many 'sakuga' fans these days are too obsessed with animator names and flashy work. They rarely ever consider judging a scene by how it suits the context and are quick to like the works of famous animators without actually thinking if's it's good or not.

He's just as good as Takeuchi these days.

desu I'd take Shinji Suetomi over those two any day.

Glad he'll back with Haikyuu

Well, maybe it's true they're obsessed with name at some point (to brag it on twitter so get more attention), but not all of them that bad.

Where is the problem? Sakuga pretty much is evaluated not even on final product, but exclusively on keyframs specific animator name has provided. Not even inbetweens/lack of them, post processing and coloring matter.

If you want to judge animation scene as whole in final product, or even anime itself - you can just do it normally, not talking about "sakuga" since its not.

Sakuga is individual work. End. What we see in anime is always collective, and many people forget it judging say Ufotable scanes as "sakuga" by how many filters and particle effects there are.

There are three things really about sakuga:
1) Keyframes
2) Lineaert
3) Choreography (which is actually mostly the hardest part and also hardest part to judge since criteria wary)

what do you mean by lineart ? is it Layout ? that means Kon is pretty much god tier sakugaman.

Bless I.G. for being continuing to train animators in the realistic approach towards animation. Not many young animators these days can create believable movement; there's a lot of flashy and exciting animation to go around, but finding animation that has those little details to depict believable weight and motion is such a rarity.

Nah - Layout, composition and camera are all important aspects on their own, but lineart defines how the picture would look in the end. Accents on the specific lines, thickness, rough/clean, amount of details, moving/static, weighted etc.

>sakuga ever

I don't think it's that important though. Good animator can blend in the show without making themselves stood out too much.

So here what's important for animator to learn:
1) How they convey movement, body's proportion.
2) Flexibility to adapt with character designs (so not to giving much problem to AD).
3) Layout, those who can't draw a layout can't be called professional animators

Good example of animator who mastered those three aspects : Toshiyuki Inoue

Just my two cents though.

>3) Layout, those who can't draw a layout can't be called professional animators
That's only applies to the Japanese animation industry of course, Western productions have layout artists to do that. Actually it wouldn't hurt if anime could do that more often, then the animators can purely focus on animating.

Good example of shitty animator: neo Yutaka Nakamura

1. Learn Japanese, French or Arabic
2. Stop paying any attention to the English-speaking sakuga fandom

Where do French talk about animation?

>t. contrarian

there are many good anime websites in French, like Catsuka.

It's too easy to tell when he is animating something, it never fits, it always uses the same patterns in action, he doesn't know how to adapt his animation to the art style or to the situation, just does the same shit every time.

catsuka, twitter
They also have a website for french artists who work in Japan

I know a bit of arab, where can I find the weeaboos?

Best advice

Second best advice

Outside of some interviews and animation he posts or reposts, it's nothing much.

Only French person who talks about animation I know on Twitter is Romain and he posts in English anyway.

I've seen some papers and books (that I haven't read), some interviews, a few websites in French about anime, and rarely, some stuff subbed in French, but nothing specifically about animation.

Just remembered Catsuka reposted some MADs, but I already knew about them so I didn't really pay attention.

>Outside of some interviews and animation he posts or reposts, it's nothing much
Catsuka has a forum and actual animators post there.

Oh, right. I don't know how I forgot about that.

so close, yet so far...

Well meme'd, kViN.

Sangatsu is not even Shinbo, confirmed shit.

SAKUGAFags on suicidewatch expecting SAKUGA on dialogue based ANIME lmao. MY SIDES

>it's another cookie cutter Yutaka Nakamura action scene

Guess I won't bother watching it.

>He fell for the KyoAni meme

DEAD THREAD. That's what you get for not reading the manga faggots.

Mob final wasn't very good. A lot of flashy lights but little substance.

what's wrong with your font rendering, brother?

Nice fedora.

Nothing. You just don't get the meme.

Nice sakuga.

Even in one paragraph you can tell these kids can't write anything coherent. Kinda pathetic they want to be paid to blog like that.

Mob content quality goes up and down so I'm not surprised. It's not a great show and most people will forget about it within a season or two.

Nothing wrong with that, the blog's writing standards are in line with contemporary internet journalism.

This shit will be forgotten next week. Book it.
Even the sakugafags was disappointed and these fags only care about animation.

Everything is wrong with that, and it's actually below average even by blog-news standards.

Takuji Miyamoto at the beginning Reigen vs Claw.

Well at the end of the day the blog seems like an excuse to get people into paying for the booru's server costs. It's pretty half-assed if you think about it but seems to work.

Servers don't cost anywhere near as much money as they claim they need. If anything, the server is an excuse to ask for money for no good reason. Even dumber is the fact that they aren't doing anything with money (besides lining their pockets with neetbux) until they get x$/month. It should be considered fraud.

I know, isn't Patreon great?

2016年7月放送アニメ「NEW GAME!」副監督 2016年10月放送アニメ「フリップフラッパーズ」コンテ演出。

Yeah, I regret not whoring myself out on the net, by now I could claim to be a top anime expert and put out mediocre anime reviews to buy food and textbooks.