Which Saber do you choose Cred Forums?

Which Saber do you choose Cred Forums?
Also, Saber thread.

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Saber Cu is best Saber.

Infinite Fragarach is just plain cheating.

Only correct answer.


Anyone have the "Don't talk to me or my clones ever again!" Saber edition?

the best son

Santa Nero Rider when?
Mother Harlot when?
Caster Nero when?

Harlot would destroy the world.

The original Saber, obviously.

That's a Vampire

the slutty one

And it would be glorious. I'm sure she's going to be mind blowing. I want her so bad. Any Nero, I love her regardless of anything. Even if she wouldn't love me I'd still do whatever I could for her.

Extella should let you do it for shits and gigs.

None of them

there's only enough room for one Santa in the world.

You forgot the other half.

Do what?
Use Mother Harlot?

Nero is the better more giving Santa with better presents and a better Jingle bells.

Original flavor a best

I prefer the one that isn't in Fate.


What do you guys think about this lancer?

I think she's thigh windows

She's OK. Pic related looks better.

Is Lancer Artoria > Saber?


Saber old and busted
Lancer is new hotness


Better Lancer.

Dark Saber is bro
Red Saber is cute and BIG

All of them are fucking shit inside and out.

>twf you will never be a Chad like Arthur.


>Which Saber do you choose Cred Forums?

All of them.

Alter is superior

>The brilliance of the farthest reaches of the world, she held in her hand. Alteration began at that instant. First was the flesh. And then the spirit. Just before her complete transformation into “The Goddess of the Holy Lance,” she chose. The King of the Storm chose to be herself.

>Far from being herself as the King of Knights with the Holy Sword, she became a presence with an unruly nature, yet—Still, she could continue to exist as a human.

>Rather than the Goddess of the Holy Lance.
>She is Arturia Pendragon.

>This exists as a representation of a Heroic Spirit of the Holy Spear that did not become the Lion King.

>implying Lionheart isn't better than him

Mordred by far. I would gladly follow her into battle against blue
>ywn sink your exclaibur into your saber's avalon

The best king

Arth is stronger but Richie's charisma is on a whole other level.

Looking forward for seeing him more.


Sakura Saber!

Oh another bishie showed up!

i'll still never understood how a fifth century welsh warlord would be dressed in clothing more fit for the 16th century

also how do you think she feels that within 2 generations of her death everything she worked for was undone?

That Alter would get along well with a NEET Gilgamesh from CP.

The one with the best armpits.

thats a cute boy

The cutest

>shipping not waifuing

This is a waifu board. You want to ship go somewhere else.

MBAA Seibah is much better

That's what I was saying though.

I was agreeing

>nice save

Agravain x Lancer Artoria OTP

Saber Alter, the true end of all idealists. I want to burn the world to the ground with an Arturia that's seen the world as it is and gone nuclear.

Original saber, best saber.

>Original saber
So Arthur?

This desu.


Nero does it better.

>based king Arthur was a women

Sex positive Saber is the best.

I choose my emperor.

>sex postive
You mean a whore?

I don't really see how. She gives me Marilyn Monroe vibes. I mean the real Monroe, not the ditzy blonde act she did. I like a woman who isn't a child or isn't obedient to me like a doll.

>actual retard
Lily is the only option really

Now I want to know which Saber got fucked by MC besides Art.

Lily is great, but you don't need to lie about all of the others like that.


Those saber clones are fucking disgusting like seibah.

They've all been fucked by Gudako now.

As none of them is an interesting character, I choose the one whose good in gameplay.

Jeanne Alter in gacha return when?
Also you have shit taste if you can't find even one Saber interesting. They're quite well done. Perhaps not godesses to everyone, but well done nonetheless.

Well, I admit Nero is okay thanks to her flamboyant character, and that I'm not well versed enough in Koha Ace to judge Okita. But most of the Saberfaces are bland as hell.

for obviously

I don't know, Alter is pretty funny at times too. Regular Saber grew on me over time. I didn't really know Okita much until GO. I like her, but that's just me.

t. secondary

Lancer Artoria.

Nero is the best.

Who is this granny?

Is the anime any good?

No the VN is a million times better.



There's an anime?

the blonde aka all

Which one the most though? You must have a favorite. Surely.

LMFAO awesome

Calm down user. It's a joke.

Nothing beats masochist.

Nero and both Alters licking my cock while holding Arturia and Jeanne in my arms. Mordred watches.

yea that's why I said it was awesome. It's so bad we're pretending it doesn't exist, thats so sweet and I'm glad to be a part of this meme now

You must be new.

I didn't vote for any of them.