Girls und panzer und /ak/ Thread

Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!

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Erwinfags literally don't exist.

You better shut your fucking mouth!

Not to start Waifu War II or anything, but I'm still curious.

Vote if you haven't already, if you can't vote because nip, post who you were going to vote for. I'll make a strawpoll once all the X-fags reveal themselves because strawpoll doesn't allow users to add answers of their own but poal sometimes blocks people.

Only five days to go for anyone interested.

Why would anyone want to watch a shit show?

Darjeeling is my wife!

Most of us watched GuP, user.

Recommend a better anime about WWII pilots then.

Why can't I vote more than for one?

Because you aren't a true X-fag if you can't dedicate your love to a single girl.


I love all of them equally and this hurts me.

Add an Allfag answer, then.

I want to cuddle with Katyusha in our bed after a long day and drift off to sleep together with her,

I'm not an allfag, I just love some of them.
Allfag will say that I'm also a Momofag.

Banned so put me down for Katyusha.


what do

The Cockpit

What makes Miho the best commander?
Her spirit?
Her unconventional methods?
Her ability to stay calm no matter what?
Her mental problems?

she's the MC

I want to drink Duce's sweat


Actual best commander doming through

Maybe when she can beat Kuromorimine with just 8 tanks.

Youjo Senki anime when?

>can go toe to toe with best schools while using shitty crusaders and matildas
Not bad. But Miho is still number one. Her crews can act a lot better of individual level and she can utilize even the weakest of her machines in a good and smart way.

Kuromorimine just got lucky though.

Are there even any SoL segments in Youjo Senki? From what I've read it's just battles and there are no comedic segments of him getting used to a loli's body.

It is getting an anime though

I want to have a threesome with them so one of them can demonstrate who is better at senshadou once and for all!

Next year, I think. - pretty empty website filled with moonrunes. I don't understand anything but there's "TV" written in red letters.

Like, Da-dang y'know?

I don't think you'll survive a threesome with these two.

I want a threesome with Mika and Nonna

>hover hand

Does anybody actually like Darjeeling? Poor Pekoe.

I want to have a threesome with Katyusha and Nonna.

I want Nonna to suck my cock after I sodomize Nina.

what about those two?

It would be a lot safer, actually.
Maho would just stand in confusion waiting for your move and Erika would propably just watch you bang Maho in hopes of learning something.

>implying you wouldn't be a gentleman and let Erika have the first round with Maho.

>threesome with Erika and Maho
Why, is one of you Miho?

I can put a wig or something I just want to fuck Erika

To think, I actually used to enjoy these threads.

This doesn't look really different from the usual?


Lack of content, produces insanity user

I hope to see content soon, may it be RW, Raburabu or the Erika spinoff.

CYOA broke it
Waifufagging will always be a thing but that bullshit accelerated it all the more for worse


I want to be Darjeeling's loving boyfriend.

Pekoe appreciates Darjeeling for covering up his secret and helping make sure no one outside of the Churchill crew knows about it, but he isn't happy about all the bad-touch she subjects him to.

>Even Erika would make a better leader


We really need more Darjeeling bullying

Maho autism always get me

That line is how you know that the tl is fake

That's also my reaction when I realize the stuff that I dreamt are in fact not real ;_;

Anything new about Final Chapter?


Wouldn't we be discussing it if there was any?


>crashing Darjeelings pride and confidence without even having the intention
Oh Erika.

It looks sad and cute.

>tfw you missed highschool love
>you will never date an skinny highschool Stacy

Why is Alice so lewd?

Mika pls

What makes you say that user?


g-guys something is wrong with my Tigers, don't tell the brass.

She was made to be lewd
GuP had a lack of good lolis

>GuP had a lack of good lolis

Excuse me?

Aki, Mikko and Nina are good lolis

This is totally a Tiger II!

Old hag

>Old hag



Stop hurting my feeling ffs.

>something is wrong with my Tigers
What makes you think that? That's normal Tigers mate.

>17 yo

2D slavs are only good slavs.


That's rude kurwa!

>CYOA broke it

I want to execute them with Erika

Dead slavs are fine too.

yeah the CYOA really should have been taken to fucking /qst/


Call and riase

Stop right there filthy wehraboos! I want you to revoke these statements, otherwise I'm afraid this little argue will escalate.

These threads were pretty insane when they released the movie subs.

make me, commie.

>The song that me and Miho are going to use for our wedding night.

If the guy who wanted the renders is still here, here you go.

Glad this thread seems sane.


I was expecting Carol of the Old Ones.

4:51 killed me

>Only one Norikofag and that's me
I thought there was more of us ;_;

thanks user!

Isn't it fine though? Your devotion alone is all Noriko needs, user!

Your welcome, if you'd like anything else done post it ITT.

I think Noriko needs more than that.
Like boobs, for example.

She's cute as she is

Wait for another year.

Da-dang is emiracle of the universe.

>my sides

>WW2 anime with cute boys never

>Momofag was actually bullied out of the threads

I feel somewhat bad now.

Wow rude.

Have a render, Norikofag.

I'm sure he'll be back, that last thread just got way out of hand.

All avatarfagging should be purged from these threads.

Good riddance

I want to lick that chest.

The weak shall perish user.

Is it avatarfagging if they talk about the image that's being posted? That's more or less on topic if not obsessive.

careful, tojo

kayfags will police this thread for its own good if we have to

I'm going to make a strawpoll because it appears some people weren't able to vote because poal a bitch. Problem is strawpoll doesn't allow new answers to be added after the poll has been made. So final call, am I missing anybody?

Ducefag Pepperonifag Erikafag Mahofag Mihofag Yukarifag SAWREEHfag Makofag Hanafag Erwinfag Oreofag Norikofag Momofag Anzufag Nekofag Katyushafag Klarafag Ninafag Nonnafag Kayfag Naomifag Arisafag Darjfag Rosehipfag Pekoefag Da-dangfag Mikafag Nishifag Fukudafag Shizukafag Shihofag Arisufag

>dat audio

Sounds like they just held an audio recorder up to the TV.

Hanafag reporting in.

>chromatic aberration

Stop that!

Sweet Jesus....what would I give to be in Erika's position.

What is happening there?

Don't forget fagfag

do CYOAfag and Kaydarfag count?

Miho is inflicting some kind of body horror on Erika


>Duce winning another /ak/ waifu poll
No surprises there.

Why is Nonna so unloved though?

Usually don't like big breasts but I want to play with hers~

Fine, I'll add them.

What about that fag who wanted to be Shiho's son? He's now absent, but not that long ago he was posting his pastas in every thread.

I'd be interested to see how that would play out if Erika was allowed have her way with Maho.

>ctrl+f tank
>1 of 1 matches

>ctrl+f fag
>1 of 53 matches

It's been this way for more than a week now, can we just give these threads a rest?

Here's a Katyusha render.


They haven't been enjoyable since June, but I don't want to leave for fear of missing out on new info about the final chapter.

The movie threads were actually fun.

CYOA was one of the most autistic things I've ever witnessed on Cred Forums - and that's saying a lot.

Is it just me or is that skirt is way too high and long?

like 30 of those -fags were in a single post, user.

You always call for the threads to rest, but you know it's not going to happen so why do you keep trying?

I want to molest a rusophile~

It really wasn't that bad, the posts were infrequent enough I didn't have to bother filtering them and it's discussion was contained in their shitty polls.

The only annoying thing it spawned was the brief flood of fake Nina fans, but they seem to be gone now thank god.

Thank you so much you're the best

the CYOA itself wasn't even badly written by CYOA standards, it was just the huge fucking shitshow that surrounded it which was impossible to filter

I remember coming into threads multiple times in August, seeing nothing but CYOA, and then leaving straight away again.

CYOA has no place on Cred Forums.

That peek of white is way more erotic than it has any right to be.

Sorry to ruin the illusion for you, but I think that's the just the lining of the shorts' pockets, user.

So apparently strawpoll has a 30 answer limit.

Part 1

Part 2

By the way, if the captchabox is blocking one of the answers try resizing the browser window. I accidentally checked the captcha checkbox.

But would you lick the butt?

Don't crush my dreams like this.

So what are you actually going to use these stats for exactly?

I would start at her clavicle and work my way down to her Venus dimples.

I just hate the fact that my favourite threads on Cred Forums are now just as shit as the rest of the board.

Plot armour.

Things seem to be calming down at least. The only 'fag' really present in this thread is the one doing the renders, which is a good thing.

Once these strawpolls disappear, things will be better.

Even if she was a he?

I work for Hillary Clinton and she's paying me $50 USD/hr to who is the the number one waifu of each fandom so she can take them hostage in order to get votes.

I keep telling her threatening a man's waifu is a bad idea but she won't listen.

For me it was 2.44.

That's where I draw the line.

Don't worry, no more polls from me. I just got curious.


No, it's over, the Cred Forums threads have one last thing to look forward to, getting banned and deleted, not the new animated content and the /ak/ threads on /k/ have turned into /cok/
It's time we killed ourselves or went outside

>I keep telling her threatening a man's waifu is a bad idea but she won't listen.

She'll find out the hard way.

God user how can you be such an insufferable faggot all the time? Take back what is yours, grow a spine you fucking bitch.

Any news about any translations?

>went outside
Whoah, let's not go crazy.

Where is her sister?

I hope the new anime thing that was announced turns out to be another 13 episodes, I just finished this series and I want more

>want more
seen the film?

We're 90% sure it's either another movie or extended OVA. Still just speculation at this point though.

Movie or OVA regardless, my erection has been up for much longer than four hours.

>anime about cute boys dressed as girls in submarines never

Yeah, though I've noticed there's a lot of manga for it too so I'll probably look into them

Oh well, that isn't so bad, I never expected i'd like this show as much as I do so im just itching for more

True, rather waifu post I here for the thousands general.

>here we go again


I wonder why Maho drives the early Tiger with the unpractical hatch?
Kuromorimine probably could afford a late model, even though the hatch would be less of a problem in sensha-do than in real war.

The CGI model is probably done after the Tiger 131 at Bovington, since it's in good shape and well documented, plenty of pictures on the internet of it, and of course they could fly somebody over there to look at it, if needed.
If anything they should've made Miho's Tiger closer to the late war look

I'm a Norikofag too, I'm saying I would happily fuck her even if she was a he I love her that much

We Miho Shimada now.

That would explain why Maho's Tiger also has sand filters (which she clearly wouldn't need in Japan).


I have no idea why but I'm liking Saki more and more with each passing day.

Carpaccio is better


This is objectively correct.

Gonna be posting the stuff from the art book I got, but don't have access to a scanner. Is this type of size alright do you reckon, or should I downscale them more?

I'll do Carpaccio soon, don't worry.

Pepperoni > Anchovy > Carpaccio

Carpaccio is a boring and taken lesbo.

11/10, too

>taken lesbo.
They're BEST FRIENDS. Though if Caesar were a boy you know she'd let her ram her ass harder than Caesar did the Gauls.

>better than the duce
>specially lazy italian soldiers

Kay's boys are nice, cool guys. So Here's a Kay render.

side-by-side here


I want impregnate Kay! Thanks Sawreehfag.

Oh my goodness.


You keep using that word
>Plot armour.
I do not think it means what you think it means

If we are good men it is only because Kei-sama represents the most ennobling aspects of the human spirit

It was spoilered for a reason!

Carpaccio and Ceasar are probably the biggest lesbians of the series. They've probably held hands already.

Cute lazy Italian soldiers > Cute Competent Italian leader



I'm going to beat the shit out of you in real life


Miho is not that lewd, damn.

Fight me. I could take you.

You're fucking dead kid

I want a threesome with Kay and Mika

Whatever sperglord.

Miho gets lewder friend user.

Murica`s Saunders render


When Johnny comes marching home again

Hurrah! Hurrah!

We'll give him a hearty welcome then

Hurrah! Hurrah!

The men will cheer and the boys will shout
The ladies they will all turn out

And we'll all feel gay

When Johnny comes marching home.

The old church bell will peal with joy

Hurrah! Hurrah!

To welcome home our darling boy,

Hurrah! Hurrah!

The village lads and lassies say
With roses they will strew the way,

And we'll all feel gay

When Johnny comes marching home.

Get ready for the Jubilee,

Hurrah! Hurrah!

We'll give the hero three times three,

Hurrah! Hurrah!

The laurel wreath is ready now
To place upon his loyal brow

And we'll all feel gay

When Johnny comes marching home.

Let love and friendship on that day,

Hurrah, hurrah!

Their choicest pleasures then display,

Hurrah, hurrah!

And let each one perform some part,
To fill with joy the warrior's heart,

And we'll all feel gay

When Johnny comes marching home.




She'll steal all of your shit while you're at it.

I want to sin

At least i got her Karelia

Here's that mini Carpaccio. I'm going to go back to bed now. Too much grog.

I will when I wake up later on, promise.


I want to maker her children 3/4 Italian

And that's your lot.

Oh, and here's the cover pages for those that weren't in the last thread.

>And we'll all feel gay
GuP in a nutshell

/u/ pls go


>Johny comes marching home
Fuck you and your ignorance. They're all feeling gay. Gay as fuck.

I said please you uppity little shit.

I haven't been to /u/ in 7 years and it has only gone downhill in there I heard.



FOUR DUCES[/spoiler

What? I only see one Duce and Chiyomi


Footfags are weird and unsanitary.

>no socks

You post this every day, I'm surprised no one calls you Alicefag or say something about you.

That was me, thanks user.

What was the poll? I'm banned from Poal, is this suppose to be how many girls have these amount of fags?

Worst thing that came out of the CYOA is how fucking delusional people were that we were gonna make a VN. "HAHA, WE'RE MORE PRODUCTIVE THAN ACTAS, WE ARE MAKING OUR OWN CONTENT." What fucking stupid faggots actually had full on hope for this?

>Feet over the rest of the female body

It's literally the least erotic part. I'll never understand the fetish.

That was like one guy, I don't think anyone else really thought it was going to last

It's hard to understand a fetish you don't have so that's fair enough.

Yep. To any footfags willing to answer; will any foot do? Can you get off to dudes feet?

>how many girls have these amount of fags?
Basically yeah, but the strawpoll was kind of a failure because of the 30 answer limit. Oh well, this was a interesting experiment.

According to something I read whenever, the brain interprets feet and genitalia very similarly for some reason, which would explain how it's such an extremely common fetish.

People either love feet or despise it.

Nonna's face is the best thing
She's about to snap the necks of the Duces

Is Naomi gay or straight? I think he might like boys



Naomi fucks girls but that doesn't mean she has to like them

No, only girl's feet. Also, I only like them clean

>No Nonnafag
>No Momofag
>No Oreofag


I don't get the appeal of feet, but I wouldn't say I despise the fetish.
When we start getting into the realms of smelly feet, that's when I begin to be repulsed.

Which guppy has the best charmpits?

>Ducefags like sloppy seconds

Really made me think.

Momofags were apparently bullied to death in the last thread.
Nonnafags are busy playing WoT.
Oreofag is hopefully dead.

I wonder where the kayfags are

Yo Kayfags, ww@?

What's wrong with Oreofags?

Meant to quote

They like bad smells and pubic hair so they can just go away.

Pubes are hot

Pubic hair is fine but the real issue is that they take an otherwise good girl and insist that her hygiene is unattractively bad when frankly there isn't anything in show that substantiates it other than her having kind of messy hair. Which to me implies a lack of care about appearance more than hygiene.

the Tokugawa bakufu made Japan weak

Meijifriends only ITT

They're just smellfags who have no reasons to love their waifu but her bad smell.
I want to drown them in fresh and clear water.

RIP Momofag. You were OK.

I'm going to thrust deep through Fukuda's defensive lines and overrun her defenses with my swimmers as they TOTSUGEKI the fuck out of her fertile, little egg.


To break through, I'd hide my main force hiding it in a rubber (duck), then as the main force is within enemy lines, my shock and awe forces would charge in and the main force would push on through to the rear, so as to separate her forces in two and create havoc and confusion.

Go on.

To further confuse the enemy, I would send in small squads of troops to infiltrate and sabotage her supply lines and disrupt the ability of her troops to receive orders or send battlefield updates by deliberately leaking wrong or insufficient amounts of information on less secure channels (i.e. whispering in her cute little ear how much I'm going to pulverize the fuck out of her tiny base with thick, massive blasts of artillery fire) while at the same time leaving an obvious exit for which to capture her retreating forces when the time comes (i.e. pretending to surrender by asking her if I should pull out or go all in).

would grabbing and tickling her feet count as Momo bullying?

Tickling is not bullying. Just teasing.

I don't know why i keep coming back here.

Then what?


I swear I've heard this somewhere before, was it from Interstellar?

Just found this, is there a new RabuRabu out?

With her forces defeated and captured, I'd offer her an ultimatum to either capitulate to me for the rest of our days, promising to take the best care for her and what remains of her troops.

How many military bases do you nuke when she refuses?

>I'd offer her an ultimatum to either capitulate to me for the rest of our days, promising to take the best care for her and what remains of her troops.

Well that's an interesting way of proposing marriage.


I want to be Nishi's breadwinner.

I'd use the M.P. Plan on her until she accepts.

The word fertile makes my dick rock hard
when apply to sex

Chi-ha-tan girls are canonically the best wives and mothers, so they are very fertile (not Yuzu tier fertile though).


I want to give Kay an aerial refueling

I want to be the reason why her family disown her, for dating a gaijin


Can we stop with the idea that Kay likes jocks? She obviously likes hikikomoris like myself.

So I know this is unrelated but who's watching the debate tonight?






This presidential election will be the deciding factor in citizen's tank ownership.

Are you rich?

No, the common man will be able to own tanks depending on who is elected.
No longer will tanks be reserved for the select few.

I'm awake now, here you go!

On the other hand, Hillary will start WW3 and order universal gender-blind conscription, which represents our best chance to actually operate tanks with girls.

>gender-blind conscription
I could be wrong but I think that's incorrect, I believe that for all her talk of "Equal" rights for women she's just like every other SJW in that she doesn't want women serving in the military

Me and I ain't even American

I'm not either but Trump is literally a meme machine

>implying Hilldog really gives a shit about social justice or the rights of any woman not named Hillary Rodham Clinton

They're all cannon fodder, user.


>Inb4 Hillary shits herself
>Inb4 Hillary gets an stroke
>Inb4 BLM burn down the place
>Inb4 admins ban us for talking about politics



You could always try this I guess.

>will watch but ultimately be unable to vote for the murrican mussolini / dangerous don duce because I don't live in freedomville

It hurts so I'll post a cuter duce dancing to ease the pain.

Clara is the devil it seems.

Katyusha a best



I think I'm going to build an AR soon. Anyone here ever build one before? I'd like it to be pretty handy for home defense and general plinking. I was thinking I'd like a shorter barrel, maybe 16'' or 18''. Are they generally easy enough to build? I imagined I'd buy a complete upper, then buy a lower and complete it myself. Or is it easier to buy a complete lower and then build the upper? I have some tools, but I'm worried that I won't be able to put the barrel into the upper myself (you need a press for AKs, right? Is it easier to do at home with an AR?). I'm not in a hurry so I can scout for good quality parts and just buy a few at a time.

I am. It's 3 o'clock in the morning here

Russians are for ________________

Russian are dead.

First off will give you much better answers, but I'll do what I can here.

16"/18" is pretty good for general use

IIRC an upper is slightly harder to do than a lower, plus there's many different models out there but a general mil-spec upper shouldn't be too hard. If you're feeling up to it, buy a completely disassembled parts kit plus a lower. It shouldn't be too hard.

No. you don't need a press to install an AR barrel.

ARs can be put together with hand tools. A vice is optional, but is very useful.

AKs on the other hand are much more intensive. Riveters, welders, and presses will be necessary.


Watching with my waifu.
Feel the Johnson.

Any of you motherfuckers want to play RIGHT NOW?

How much does Katyusha weigh? Can't be more than 100 lbs. I'd say she's probably 70-80 lbs.

>hexagon board spots
>square / rectangular pieces

muh autism is tingling


Anyone know what they're saying?

Tanks have 4 sides user.


wait what




What in the actual fuck am I looking at?

Duce can't handle the BBC

some 5'4 brown obese jap with crooked theet wanted to be something he's not, so he draw it


It seems she finally got noticed
>scans never

>you will be never be reborn in the Nishizumi clan
>you will never be Shiho's special boy
>your mother Shiho will not give you more affect and love than to your sister

Not this shit again

Dude it was cool the first 25 times... 25 threads ago

Good, tentacles are shit.


I want to smell Oreo's stench after a match and then bath with her

This but with Mako.

Delete yourself from this world

>not smelling like flowers and love

I wonder how does Saki smells like

Me on the left.

Like the void between universes.


Like salty milk and coins.


Please go back to your board.

>filipinos browse /ak/ threads
Explains a lot actually.

Like butterflies

I'm glad Yukari found a nice boyfriend
while Saori didn't

>Says user as he posts from his lonely basement cave

Saori did find a boyfriend though, me.

>Boy meme
It's gone too far

I don't live in a basement

I'm afraid that armoured vehicles can't be counted as boyfriends.

I'm not lonely

>He doesn't know about Sawreehfag.


What boy meme?

Why is Yuuki such a slut?


Yes, your delusions are so big that they can be counted as another being, to keep you company.

It's in her genes

She is a high semen demon.

But Yuuki is an only child.

>tfw living in no guns country

It's painful. Every single day.... when your main hobby is cucked and you need to pay a fuckton for it and still never enjoy it fully.

the Sawreehfag is kinda annoying

the first gorillon times was fun but now it's repetitive and dumb
Soari need another redemption act by a kind user

Is Saori fully Japanese? Do natural Orange-haired girls exist in Japan?

>Jealous anons that have no true love/ have a waifu that has a million husbands

I don't try to be, majority of my posts are renders and shit dude.

I'm the only Saorifag here, sorry.

The things I would do to that body, sadly I don't want all the STD it carries

Really makes you think

What has he suddenly done?

It's fine, Sawreehfag. Honestly none of the -fags here are disruptive. Except maybe the vomit/smellfags.

Keep doing your thing, Sawreehfag.

I just don't think any individual poster should get as much attention as a lot of the individual "-fags" have gotten lately

Not Saorifag in particular, but even making a distinction feels cancerous

Thanks user, I'll knock out some more renders before this thread dies.

>butthurt Momofag comes ITT upset he was the only one bullied out of the threads

At least a sawreehfag contributes to the threads, fuck you momofag.

Momofag isn't disruptive?

What did he do?

I wish Diego Blanco was our president instead of the kriptokike


The Falklands are and always will be British

But other fags exist. What did he do?

Being a momofag.

Bakaroni wants to watch a romance movie with Ane-san
It's porn

Nothing, he is just fun to bully


>it's another Erikafags create inner fights episode

That shit was great


Nakajima is cuter boy than Noriko

Oh wait you're right. Erikafags are the worst.

I want that little boy to suck my dick!

Erika a shit


The erikaputos are early today

That shitposting thread when the shitty CYOA was up was quite entertaining.

Panthers and Tigers are worst girls

>i'll never leave these threads
Someone help, it's not fun anymore.

would you rather fight on a Panther, a T34 or in a M4?


A best

It's okay, Final Chapter is almost here.

You should probably leave if you don't enjoy waifuposting and *fags, because that's all it's been lately.

Erika a best.

Of course!

Yes, they are just butthurt they will never get that Island back

Damn, american duck is so good


who knew Erikafags comes from 3rd world shitholes

I don't think it's fun!

Really it is



Stupid boring and sexy Miho

I found out some Korean guy made custom Keizoku gym uniforms. Seeing them made me realize how much i wanted them. However, it looks like there is no way to get it from them. I was trying to see if I could get custom ordered uniforms, but I could not find any store that had enough customization options to get something close to it. Looks like there are no easy ways to get them besides making them from scratch and that-no can do.

Is it an achievable dream?

Miho is too erotic.

And she is not even trying

She's the only who has defeated Miho two times.


Those two times were with teams full of bakas


Too wide.

Good, have an Aki

ok user

open your eyes



Is this better?

Now this is autism.

GuP dakis soon!

Which GuP have you preordered?

I doubt she wipes

miho isn't a fucking commie

Oryou likes to wear loose clothes.

A little. still looks off, but that may just be me.
Too broke.

M4 easily. The Panther if all its reliability problems were fixed, but even then, you don't have anywhere nearly as good of an air force or artillery force backing you up with either the T-34 or the Panther

if it were literally tanks only, maybe the T-34 would be a slightly better choice but in the context of WW2 I definitely would take an M4 every time

I want to perform cunnilingus on Oryou

I want to have boring sex with her!

>can't pen

>Defeats a Miho who is handicapped with a very new team
>Defeats Miho after half her team got themselves killed essentially making it 2 schools vs. 1

Yeah, Darjeeling is an ACE.

Yes it can

Miho may be plain, but i doubt that sex with her would be boring

I didn't even think about that, it was supposed to mean SwimSuit Render.

I like the raccoon dog Oreo.

that's Rosehip, she don't have time to wipe her ass so she would sometimes walk with bits of shit in her ass

Both times it was Miho's responsibility to control her shitty team.

Miho is an excellent tactical commander but sucks at planning and establishing command. All of her good ideas for winning were made up mid-match. And they often worked despite her underlings, not because of them. She defies the art of war.

All the guppies wipe properly except Shiho's mom who is senile and incapable of doing so.

There's nothing anyone could have done to stop the Totsugeki though. That was their schools' collective decision. Even Nishi didn't wanna charge.

Miho just gets unlucky. Both times she made the match extremely close. Darjeeling needs to be shut down hard in an OVA.

>been doing my chores
>saving up my gbp's
>mommy comes up from tanking
>says i can have tendies or cummies
>always cummies

Nonna is my mommy and she is soooo pretty!
I love my mommy!

what about based old fat man?

She couldn't have stopped the Totsugeki, most likely, but if she had joined it, the Churchill could have easily been StuG'd


That timing

Horey sheet

/wotg/ please stay.

>tfw the hole where Maho and Miho were born from is now a rotten hell hole of stretch beef curtains and hairs

>>tfw the hole where Maho and Miho were born from is now a rotten hell hole of stretch beef curtains and hairs

No, they need to go back.




Postman just came, happiness.



me on the left

Absolutely no.

So what happened to the user with the Duce's onahole?


/vg/ needs to go back
/u/ needs to go back
waifufags need to leave
smellfags need to kill themselves

Death by gangrene

>mommy comes home from a long day of tanking
>she's so exhausted and sweaty
>"Mommy, you're so tired! Do you want me to rub you? Your back or your feet or...?"
>mommy smiles at me
>"What a good little boy I have! My feet would be fine, sweety."
>she smiles sweetly as she removes her boots
>her sweety feet smell so enticing as I lean in
>as I begin rubbing her tender, silky smooth soles, she moans in ecstasy
>"Someone's earning an awful lot of GBPs for this!"
>she suddenly looks at me with her big beautiful eyes
>"Do you want to spend them on something new?"
>I usually like my tendies, but I'm curious
>"Do you want to try...cummies?"
>for my mommy, I'm willing to do anything
>"O-okay mommy, I'll try cummies!"
>she slowly pulls down my onesie
>my weenie is standing at full attention for mommy
>"Oh my goodness, what a big man my little boy has become!"
>mommy has taken her clothes off, and some strange liquid leaks onto me as she moves over my meat popsicle
>"О мой Бог!", she cries as she slams down on my giggle stick
>she moves her hips, creating an amazing rhythm as she moves her breasts closer to my mouth
>"Drink your milkies and grow up to be a big strong tanker!"
>I eagerly take her suckle saucers in my mouth, and suck until mommy's sweet milk fills my mouth
>"I-I feel funny Mommy!" I cry, my tonsil tickler swelling inside mommy
>"Let it out, my sweet little boy, let it out!" she whispers
>"Auuuuugh!" I cry out as my pecker snot spills out into mommy
>we lay together, sweating and breathing heavily against each other for almost an hour
>after we recover, she agrees to get me tendies
I love my mommy.

>Absolutely yes


what is she eating? little food for little people?


my dick

what about /gsg/?

/gsg/ is white and based

But you must

They have to go back too.

/vg/ niggers need to go

>We are trying to stop Shiho's sonfag
>Now we have a Nonna's sonfag

Can we not.

but who will remain?
I doubt that you average dumb weaboo would like GuP

In the name of Tsar Ninalas and Princess Alinasia, overthrow the tyrant Katyuska!

Fuck this shit, I'm going to bed.

The fags wanting Nonna as their mother are nothing new, they've plagued /wotg/ for ages.

Just when I thought we hit rock bottom.

White is the Army and Black the Baron
That want to restore the old Tsar's throne
But from the taiga to the British seas
The people's Red Army is the strongest there is!

Let the Red Army
Take in its journey
A bayonet with its toil-hardened hand,
And we must all
Unstopped by walls
Go into one last deadly stand!

Oh people's Red Army, let's march on our way!
The Rev-Mil-Council calls us into the fray.
For from the taiga to the British seas
The people's Red Army is the strongest there is!


Flames and fires worldwide we seek to ignite,
Razing down churches and prisons in tide.
For from the taiga to the British seas
The people's Red Army is the strongest there is!


Cred Forums would remain of course, we don't need all these crossboarders.

i want to train a big dog to rape katyusha



Us Rosehip people are of a higher caliber of intelligence. The constant intake of information and need for quick decision making from going fast provides just enough stimuli to keep us enlivened.

God, save the Tsar!

kill yourself commie

how can be you people intelligent if your girls is as dumb as a rock and doesn't even wipe her ass

can we go back to the boy meme

Quick decision aren't always the best.


When do we get more info?



I'm glad you like it, user.

Thread needs more superior firepower



Stop bullying Erika.
She's such a nice girl, offering my wife a soft sitting place and all that.

How did Yukari manage to get out before everyone else with only one arm?

At least best girl looks the least fucked up.

End your fucking life brah.

I don't like this.

That's when the intelligence comes into play.
Us Rosehip patricians will usually enjoy several nice rounds of speed chess.

>The only decent tank her team has is the Churchill
>Wins anyway


All of Miho's tanks except the Pz IV and Stug were worse than Matildas.

stop posting THAT's

What's wrong with the Matilda?

Highest IQ:

Higher than averager IQ:

Average IQ:

Lower than average IQ:


put all the -fags on the retarded section

Post more Rosehip cardboard boxes and I'll consider it.

I'll put you in the retarded section.


>Second battle vs St. Gloriana
>Ōarai has Porsche Tiger, Hetzer, Panzer IV F2, M3 Lee, StuG III, and Chi-Nu
Undergunned and the armor is insufficient when going up against the late-war tanks many of the other teams tend to field.

Holy fuck, I thought I was the only one here.


Best girl.

Neither of you are the only ones, I just know that if I talked about politics in here, the cucks who actually think the orangutan makes a bit of sense in his ramblings would get mad.

I only have this though

Chump supporters are really are the worst.

Then you lose.

Please stop, Momofag killed himself yesterday.

I've been here the whole time.

Please stop, you're making the one other nonnafag in this thread (me) look like a fucking retard.

fuck you lads


Why lie?


>pixiv filename
Nice try, i know Momofag well
Which is kind of depressing, now that i think about it.

I'm giving it a rest. It's true we have lost sight of what we're doing here. We should be talking about the show. Not fighting eachother because waifus.

Spread the word, the people must know.

I agree with you, which is why I've been shitting out renders.

If you really are Momofag, I want you to know I don't hate you. You are a cool guy, like most people in the threads.

>implying i haven't

I consider you all friends, don't do something stupid to yourselves. Except Erikafag. Stop bullying Yukari.

I would prove it, but image limit. But thank you. Everyone in these threads are cool. We just have no content, and thus got impatient and started flinging crap at eachother.

I will try and post on-topic only things though from here on out. Sprinkles of Momo. Nothing crazy though. When the Final Chapter is released, I hope we can have a nice discussion.

Yukari bullies deserve to be dragged out into the streets and beaten.

shoo shoo fag

Alright. See you next thread.

I only bully the Momofag because i like him the most.

I want to rub my dick on Mako's flat chest~

Mako is for marriage and impregnation.

That comes after I lewd her up a bit. Then we'll cuddle all night and day.

Then you're alright.

I just noticed that Mako is probably the only girl that survives this, maybe Yukari.

Mako is addicted to losing her loved ones!

They all end up as Hanako. It'll be fine.

Miho and Hana are gone. Saori might just lose her entire lower half and probably has about a 50% chance of dying.

Yukari will never load again, but Mako will just have a burnt hand, from touching the flaming barrel.