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Chisa: Hope begins now.
Junko: Eeeh? Well, whatever. I'm already dead.


I'm so sorry Junko please come back why did I want anyone else to be the final boss



What a fucking horseshit episode. Animeme man is now evil hope man?


She lives

Mitarai confirmed worst and most stupid character.

Oh good when's the part where Makoto wishes to eradicate all despair and becomes the Ultimate Magical girl?

She slowly bleeds out

>Literally nothing happened outside of hope anime and Junko somehow shoehorned in

Ryota Vi Britannia for final boss.

Why would getting shot in the leg kill donuts?

So Tengan wanted Ryouta to use HOPE ANIME

Ok, uh, fair plan, bit unethical but you need propaganda to win wars...

Where does the killing game come into play?

Mitarai confirmed SHSL Brainwasher.

>Space neet is still somehow alive


Reminder that Juzo died for this, and was completely ignored afterwards.
We didn't even get a shot of his body or Munakata's grief.

>Hajimeme just murdered a hallway of guards
Well then. This is going to end incredibly stupidly, and I can't wait.

To force him to use it because Ryota is a faggot.

My anime is...


Worked for way better characters.

>even nips on twitter are confused as fuck

Reminder that a lot of people died because of him

Yeah on second thought thank god DR3 is an anime instead of a game

Jesus fucking christ who thought Mitarai was a good idea?

Literally the worst fucking thing to happen to this shit.

Koaaka's bullying of this level is simply admirable!

Meanwhile, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

2ch doesn't know what the fuck just happened either

Are there even any Mitaraifags left after this episode? Is DR3 officially more COMPLEX than ZTD now?

I'm not even sure what I'm doing anymore.
What can happen Hopeside?

Reminder that Hajimeme just murdered probably as many temporarily brainwashed normies as Juzo's every indirectly killed.


>his talent easily brainwashed the whole 77th
>his talent easily made plebs nuked "muh school full of talent"
>his talent told the plebs to kill themselves and they actually did
>his talent easily destroyed the whole world
>the whole Future Foundation was founded as a result of his talent
>his talent told them to kill themselves and they actually did
>the Ultimate Programmer, the Ultimate Neurologist, and the Ultimate Therapist, among other talented people created the New World Program just to fight against his talent
>they failed anyway and got 10 people killed in the process
>his talent made Munakata AHHHHHHHH
>his talent brainwashed Chisa and started the FF killing game hence resulted two main waifu's death
>his talent easily brainwashed SHSL Hope even Junko couldn't analyze nor defeat
>his talent so good he outlived the mastermind herself
>his talent easily reverse mindhaccs the whole world unlike the trash NWP
>his talent so convenient it progressed the entire plot of the franchise



>Are there even any Mitaraifags left after this episode?
Yes, I like him now.

No delays for subs today, right?

I don't speak nip, very confused. Is Asahina dead? Is Ryouta evil? I'm so confused.

DR3 is more retarded than ZTD yes.

Don't worry guys Kaede will save us

Asahina is shot in the leg

Ryouta has brainwashing anime he will launch worldwide he can also control people with the POWER TO MINDHACC

>weedman and togami were the highligh of this episode

Bright side Hope arc will save the day

Funisubs? Delayed. Hope will save us.

Love this meme

Btw it isn't

Why did Mitarai even do what he did? To break people into hope?

God this anime was a mistake.

So tengan plan all of this so all the member of future foundation killed each other. He did this so mitarai will see that despair is horrible and will make him think to upload his hope video to all world. am i right?

What the fuck is a Hope side?

>defending DR3

Must be good to be a cocksucker.


So did they go again without mentioning the 13th head in any way whatsoever? Or is that dumb theory about Hinata/Kamukura being the leader going to be true.

An extension to the trainwreck that is DR3.

Yup 13th Leader is still comfy in bed, laughing it up that s/he missed an anime induced massacre by choosing not to attend work

I am okay with Nippon languagne but I am seriously not sure what the fuck was Tengan/Mitarai deal.

Tegan saw Mitarai as real hope.
But Mitarai was mind broken after Junko.
So Tengan created killing game to motivate him into releasing HOPE anime.
But...his HOPE anime is just nothing more than MINDHACC that lets him command people.
And first thing he does is command FF staff to kill FF leaders.

This makes ZERO sense if I got it correctly.

>defending ZTD

must be good to have such shitty taste

is she dead or not

Yes this episode confirmed that he's the 13th branch leader. DR3 pretty much went full retard.



Kyoko was not in the montage of killing game victims. Take it as you will.

Kirigiri fucking dead
Aoi shot in the leg, bleeding out to death.
But now that Togami a and hsi man have arrived I am sure Aoi is fine.

Not even worried anymore.

>Ryota is 13th branch leader
THEN WHO WAS THE 10th? The fuck?

So from what I can gather this whole game was set up by Tengan to show Ryota despair??? And get him to show the hope video?

Couldn't he do that without starting a killing game? What was the point of getting people like Gozu and Seiko killed? Why is this series so retarded?

I don't think that means anything user. Juzo wasn't either and he's dead as fuck.

This is the dumbest plan and dumbest villain in the series

Sorry I doubted you Junko please come back

Juzo was there.

No Hajizuru is the 13th leader.

Munakatana will survive because DUAL WIELDING
Aoi is alone in that room and will probably get shot
Kirigiri is dead because she didn't want to live to see this trainwreck of an ending
Space NEET is alive somehow

>Danganronpa 3 is bad on purpose so that V3 is hyped
A bold move Kodaka

It's pretty much ambiguous now.

But she got fucking wasted.

He was there but I agree that it doesn't really mean anything but you'll have faggots jump to conclusions. We'll find out this Thursday.

>inb4 it's all an anime and everyone will be at the theater.

So Tengan killed off tons of innocent people to get Ryouta to use his brainwashing anime?

How did he get a higher position than Kyoko?

And why was Aoi working for him? What did she even do for him?

This is what happens when Junko isn't the final boss you get this retarded shit.

Can't live with her, can't live without her. The true despair.

>tfw the motives for this killing game were so bad that Junko would have been a superior villain
How did they fuck this up so badly?

Well Junko says she's dead but who knows
Them actually watching everything from the afterlife is pretty retarded

At this point, I'm assuming Hajizuru will save Munakata and Asahina, if Byakuya's Smith force hasn't already.

She's together with dead Junko in afterlife watching living mortals have fun.

fk that was scary & cute at the same time. i want a ibuki ending.

She's in the afterlife you dense fucking idiots. They just see the world of the living as a movie.

>and people said Junko was bad.

DR3/Mitarai literally sunk this entire dumb story in one blow. Amazing.

Hajime isn't the 13th branch leader you fucking retard. Do you just believe everything you read?

Juzo isn't mentioned at all and him freeing them of the bracelets is what allows Mitarai to use the brainwash video

Fuck Kodaka for disrespecting the best character even in death

The fact that to Munakata Juzo held value nowhere near big as Munakata held to Juzo is sad.
He spoke to Chisa but didn't even mention him.

it was all a stepping stone for Hope

If the hope anime worked the way he thought it would, it would save the world.

I mean, it would rob people's free will but Tengan isn't a kindly old man or anything.

I just don't know why he needed NG codes and for the Future Foundation leaders to actually kill themselves.

He is? Well how the fuck did that even come to be? Did Tengen let him in despite them showing off their pictures as RoD?

I'm sure Munakata would have had a problem with this.

At least Junko is 100% dead, she said so herself.


What if it's not afterlife
What if the whole DR franchise is a movie and characters are actors watching it. That's why Junko said that she's dead already and doesn't care

Junko is absolutely awful, but Mitari + Tengan is even worse

>He used DR 3 as a stepping stone for V3 success

It's a lot more fun to react to things people claim to be true than it is the actual truth.

The truth is probably going to be pretty boring.

I give up on speculating this is just fucking stupid

>thinking that's the afterlife.
>implying they're not just talking about their characters in the anime.

user you're getting a meta ending of this whole thing being an anime and you'll like it.

Seiko trid to kill Naegi and the others faggots too. Izayoi was a pussyslave and Miaya was monaca.

This is honestly not making me want to play V3.

I still don't really get it. Who was the mastermind?
Was Tengan tricked by Chisa? Was Tengan manipulating Mitarai? Was Mitarai manipulating everyone?




I wonder what kind of mindhacc will V3 have

Since this episode was confirmed shit and not worth discussing let's discussing something else

What is the best cover for this song?

I can't decide. Help

A: youtube.com/watch?v=Mn89pv4OSSI

B: youtube.com/watch?v=ckXNBvOg3aE

C: youtube.com/watch?v=dxQ9EvrXoWQ

D: youtube.com/watch?v=8_yKzSC7eMA

>believing Junko.

Tengan wanted to make the FF bond by showing them the Hope Video but Despair Chisa gave him the wrong USB so he became Despair Tengan, I think.


Tengan motives make zero sense, seriously it is gibberish logically.

"Mitarai you have to use this hope anime on humanity...after we kill FF lol".

No, as a despair, Tengan wanted to use the killing to goad Mitarai into using MINDHACK specifically because Tengan - again, as a despair - knows that would be the worst possible outcome for humanity.

And that useless fucking megafaggot Mitarai fell for it so hard that he wants to kill Naegi and Asahina, far and away his Hope superiors.

I'll be honest if this is Kodaka's idea of a good plot twist I think I might skip V3

Mitarai brainwashes whole world to stop wars.
It's like Naruto all over again and Madara putting everyone in ilusion to stop wars.
Damn you Japan. Learn how to make something original.

It reminds me of Bleach, when people said how shit Aizen was a villain and he needed to go.

Then we got Yura Bach who was 10 times worse.

With this I'm hoping people regret saying Junko being final boss would be stupid.


>Side Hope is Mitarai's completed anime and hopeful ending to Hope's Peak.
>All the characters show up to watch the end.


Yeah, but what about Junko al. The real Junko is ded as fuck.

I'm getting that "Delta" feeling

Poor Monaca couldn't escape hope even by going to space

Aizen did need to go but the manga should've ended there.

I believe that Tengen wanted to use the Hope video but instead Chisa swapped it around with the Despair video instead.

This 1000×

Holy shit reviving Junko again would have been the preferable thing to do than go with this absolute garbage. With both Despair and Future endings being total garbage, I have literally no faith in Hope being somewhat decent.

DR3 as a whole was just terrible.

>Hope arc
>Hajizuru as the Ultimate Esper will give them two choices
>to jump into their bodies on the first day school and stop Junko
>or stay here in destroyed world

How would that even work? Surely this will just make people think that his writing is not to be trusted and thus drive V3's sales way down?

Don't forget this will be the final episode's ED.


I don't even care anymore about this anime, I just want it to be over so I can finally move on

I'm speechless for how bad this episode was, but you know, only one episode left so might as well as watch it before brainwashing myself to forget this anime exists.

Monaca is the only person I feel sorry for at this point.

Someone sounds mad

How did I get you to be that mad?


I honestly did not think that it could become even worse this late in the series. Jesus christ.

I think it was more along the lines of Tengan was desperate for new ways to bring hope to the world. There is a reason that he still wanted to use Izuru and obviously wanted Naegi to not be found guilty. It was because they could spread hope to the world. He saw Mitarai as another way he could do that as Munakata was more considered with eradicating despair then bringing hope to the world.

However, what he didn't factor is that Mitarai was basically the Junko of Hope. Consent doesn't matter to him. All that matters is that it spreads and anyone who tries to stop him must die.

So what's the meaning behind this image then?

>final boss is a limp-wristed low test omega male





No matter what happens, I'm glad I watched this anime purely because of Juzo.

He's still grieving about Juzo too hard for that.

Chisa was a bitch who used him so that's easier.

The only positive is that we will finally see him.





Superior cover ccoming throguh


Junko watches you fap. From afterlife.

the fuck just happened?

Will you forget about our boy too? He was big enough of a reason to watch this to be honest

Any kind user want to give a quick synopsis for us losers that accidentally slept in?

Mitarai realized he needed to use LOL HOPE ANIME, and then brainwashed conveniently late rescue teams to kill Naegi and Asahina

Nothing. Not everything needs to have some hidden meaning.

So all in favor of doing pic related for DR3?

Honestly I'm not even sure if I'm going to get V3 now.

what are they saying?

>25 minutes left to conclude this trainwreck

Juzo may have been the only good thing about this show. Memes really won.

Trust me you don't want to know

It's literally the worst thing ever. Animator-kun wants to show the world his HOPEHACC anime, Naegi and Yu want to stop him.

nobody care.

At least Chisa's in hell.

>hope episode starts
>Ryota monolog about Hope
>suddenly interruptd by a gunshot to the chest
>all monitors light up
>close up of Ryota's face with a gun in his mouth
>a red nailed finger pulls the trigger
>monitors start showing despair video
>all brainwashing cancels each other out
>OP starts

He didnt write this garbage

It was all an anime.

I'll never forget about our boy.
No matter what happens, after all this, he'll always have a place in my heart.

Some nips were expecting Junko to return again in some form, so they're pretty shocked this happened.

Thank god Kirigiri and Chiaki are dead so they don't have to see this shitshow

People that speak Japanese should tell Kodaka this. Let him know his unthinkable hack powers have ruined everything beyond hope of repair.

Now I see how Juzo kept this garbage anime afloat.

The RoD invented a time machine, everything is reset.

I have bad news. Kirigiri was the one person missing from the killing game's death montage.

Mitarai is Madara from Naruto.

What were you guys expecting, seriously?

>Inb4 hurr durr Kirijunko
>Inb4 hurr durr Junko still being alive
>Inb4 hurr durr a nobody being the mastermind
>Inb4 hurr durr Chisa being the mastermind

Seriously, don't be dumb.

In hindsight it was obvious that Mitarai was going to be the final villain

I will never forget him, he was one of the best things to happen in this anime, with and without the memes

What death montage?


I was holding out HOPE that Cure W was a thing. Now I don't give a fuck. I hope she stays dead so she doesn't have to see what this series has become.

I'm going to do myself a favor and pretend DRK is an alternate universe completely separate from all this bullshit.

I doubt the montage means anything but even so I still really hope she's dead and no longer apart of this absolute cancer.

I'm a Kirigirifag but I don't think that means anything. Ruruka wasn't there either, was she?

At the end while Chisa and Junko were arguing, they ran through the faces of everybody that died in DR3's killing game. Kirigiri's was absent.

The Kirigiri potentially alive things is for BD advertisement.

Thank God Chiaki is dead so she doesnt get to see this shit.

Ruruka was missing too. It only had her killing Izayoi, but her actual death wasn't shown.

Ruruka's death and Chiaki's deaths aren't shown either it doesn't matter


Does anyone have that screenshot of Because I liked Stupid Anime

>In Future's killing game
Jesus christ, user.

I think this anime is what Junko showed to reserve students so that they killed themselves.

Sure, she did so many wrong things while alive.

At least she represents LOL HOPE in Hell though.

They're saying they don't know what the fuck is happening
Some are screaming Kodaka's name

Honestly what the fuck was that shit

What was Hajizuru wearing again in the end of this garbage? Didn't look like his usual outfit.

Watch, Ruruka survives
Along with Kirigiri and Nanami

Pretty close

Honestly any of those would have been better than what we got.

They show the Zetsobou-Hen deaths too you RETARD, except for Chiaki's you RETARD, did you even watch the episode RETARD

Monoca was right all along

Do we actually know who was Monokuma in DR3?

Our only hope at this point is if there's someone ELSE behind the curtain pulling the strings

Honestly, after this shit, I'm not sure if anybody will care about DR anymore.

DR3 sucks but retard shit like this is par for the course. ZTD is worse because 999 was mediocre, but VLR was amazing. It's like swerving around a car, then getting road head, then driving off a cliff.
DR, in contrast, is just hitting a few potholes over and over again.

>everyone who got screentime started to die except Ryouta
>he's directly tied to the main plot of Despair
>has ties to Junko and a ton of self-loathing
>people didn't expect him to be the main villain


Please calm down, user

It's amazing how one episode can single handily tank all the good will towards a series

how about fuck off from this thread then? or you still care?

Sorry but this episode was TOO FUCKING STUPID

Because it was too damn obvious. From the beginning of this anime I always thought he was just a red herring, since he was 77th class, For him to actually be the villain was pretty damn lame.

Kaede you're my only fucking hope

>too obvious
They specifically called all this out in an earlier episode.

Ryouta is not the villain, he's just completely retarded and malicious.

I agree, user.
I hold out hope for a reset/asspull/VR/it was all an anime explanation, because I'm not sure I can accept anything that's happening right now.

Maybe if we get another season.

This would be even more dumb

Don't lie, user

This. It's obvious that he was part of the problem

Wait, then WHY DID TENGAN CHOOSE JUNKO PERSONALLY? That was before he being brainwashed, someone explain thin

>people will still defend this anime


This is so fucking bad. I want to puke.

I feel like this parallels what Aoi did back in DR1.

>watched the episode raw
>hurr durr it was shit

typical Cred Forums

>>too obvious
>They specifically called all this out in an earlier episode.
>Kirigirifags think it's about her being alive
And we don't know if it still might happen.

>danganronpa 1 and 2 are shit
>surprised when 3 and prequel are shit

>DR2 cast didnt matter at all outside of Hajime

Spot the crossboarder.

You could say that they were just stepping stones for Hope.

I don't care if its complete bullshit. Junko you better have lied about being dead and come back next episode because without you, we get shit like this.

>Subs will erase Mitarai's hope zombie plan

Hajime and Junko filling up 2 of the 7 slots character slots

YES or NO?

That was literally always the case.

The twist at the end of DR2 was that only Hajime mattered out of that cast.

At this point I almost want them to pull out a full bullshit ending where everyone is alive

Alright fags, what filled this soldier with HOPE?

Why should it? Rather it will actually explian the reasoning behind it and why Tengan set the killing game up

>crossboarder boogeyman

fuck off Cred Forumsermin

Does this mean the RoD got mindhacked again?

>not subdued
If there's any proof that Izuru came around, Hajime would know to not kill.

SHSL Necromancer, the 16th participant, incoming.


I expected Junko to pop up and reveal that his video was switched for despair

Even though the world is in ruins there's conveniently monitors everywhere and there's conveniently a device that can send HOPE MIND HACK video everywhere and there's conveniently a 30 minute timer so that it can be stopped in time. Is this a joke seriously? So bad. So fucking bad.

>can't even quote properly
>calls other Cred Forumsermin
Back to your board.

Why did they have the poison bracelets in the first place?

Hajime/Hajizuru is back, and their eyes aren't red anymore.

Wait, who was the 16th participant?



What font is that?

Looks highly exploitable

Does that mean the rest of the class is returning

>"Woooow, Kirigiri! I had the most crazy ass dream while I was in the shower!"
>"Cool, Naegi! Now put some clothes on. We're late to our double date with Hajime and Chiaki!"

They just reverted to the third version of the background image again, probably because the show is almost over and it's the one shot that has everything in the series.

You. I like you.

It's OK because he's hope, user, and those were just normies anyway

Why wasn't juzo in hell with junko and chisa? Aren't all gays supposed to go to hell?

Why wasnt anyone from DR1 cast there?

That only means they don't show the same character twice

Got you senpai

You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Tengan wasn't a despair.

Don't know why you would watch the raw if you don't know Japanese.

Do they actually fucking expect me to get hyped for this shit? To see yet another fucking teaser of "HE'LL DO SOMETHING" and make me go "oh wow I'm excited!!!!"?

All this pathetic MINDHACC bullshit broke DR so bad, that someone like SHSL Necromancer or Junko actually breaking out of hell as a demon wouldn't hurt the series any further.
Might as well go Supernatural, i'd rather have zombie final boss than a beta animer.

The only person that actually died was Chisa. The supposedly non existent extra player went around saving everyone from the shadows and replacing their bodies with fake ones.

So what will next episode be


Hajimeme and Naegi: stfu

Ryouta: O-ok

>implying KIRIGIRI wasn't only pretending just to foil Mitarai's plan

Well, there you have it.
Junko came back.
She was the knife. It was a metaphor for the suicide video. She was used as a weapon.

it's not about you user. it's for the nips

Pretty much. Bullshit am I right?

I came to watch Danganronpa 3: Future Arc.
Why am I getting some Umineko with Chisa and Junko watching this anime?

You're right, even full on complex aliens would've been better

Now I'm glad Gekko was useless. Even if she's dead, it means she's relatively untainted by the filthiness of the plot.

>Kirigiri was MERELY PRETENDING on a hunch
>Saves us all

You guys claimed he would be the traitor. He wasn't. So the theories that were presented aren't correct.

The other theory was he'd save the day and play a huge role. Only the latter is true. So another theory was wrong.

What's the problem with Mitarai being a bad guy, but not as a traitor? Him going overboard because he wants to right his wrongs seems fine.
A Lelouch character who can't do shit physically just manipulate is fine. He basically became Junko 2.0






Why is DR3 so objectively shit?

>tfw junkos plan to spread her despair boners to the world went to fucking shambles thanks to fucking anime hope brainhack crumbling 6 years of build up.

>tfw junko's despair boner is at it's ultimate peak because of this shit so nothing was lost but a huge despair boner was gained for her.

>tfw junko's watching this shit unfold in a theatre in hell where ultimate despair is possible.

>tfw junko's watching us anons despair over this fucking revelation.

Junko is the real fucking winner here.

The reasoning was that he intended to corner Mitarai into releasing the HOPE video after Mitarai learns that the entire FF was wiped out due to mutual killing. What he didn't take into account was Mitarai actually showing up to the killing event which is why he was surprised in the first episode when Mitarai showed up. He planned on releasing that video message to Mitarai after the killing had finished to make him get mad and release the HOPE video like Tengan wanted him to.

That's literally his reasoning.

>Animeme man is the final boss
Why didnt Junko just kill the faggot when she had the chance?

Why everyone is mad about HOPE anime? It is a happy ending for entire humanity.

Junko was actually an ancient alien and that's why she was bored

Kek. Play ZTD in that case.

Why is no one else in the theatre?

This. Kiri was onto him the moment before her death.

Here's hoping Munakata ends up in heaven with Juzo.

Aren't you guys glad that you only had to suffer through an 8 hour anime to realize V3 was going to be garbage?

Also, Tengan wasn't brainwashed into becoming a despair. He's on the hope side but like Munakata, his version of hope also became twisted with time.

Won't be surprised if Kirigiri shows up facing Mitarai in the Hope Side episode.

They were together for a while so I wonder if Kirigiri actually knew that much into Mitarai's real plan though.

>He will never answer for his crimes
>He will get a slap on the wrist and be let go at the end because he was misguided.
Time to kill myself.

He is the purest.


Ok but wait, who set up the monitors bracelets and knives.

While playing V3:
>This is probably just brainwashing
>This person doesn't seem to have motive, but maybe they were brainwashed
>This witness testimony? Might have been brainwashed.

I'm so glad I watched this anime.

>Aoi and Munakata are dead
>Hajimeme blows up the building with him in it
>one of the pieces pierces through the helicopter Makoto, Togami and Weedman are in because of his SHSL Bad Luck

Everyone's dead. The end.


>What is DR2, specifically Mikan

Tengan because ?????

Izuru was right, this IS boring.

His Hope Anime may work at saving the world if it is better supervised though, so sparing him may be a better choice.

I'm just glad I can continue to like Gekko without feeling guilty about it since she's relatively unaffected by this garbage. She deserved to be in a much better series.

So they can stop it duh.


No matter how bad V3 is, it will be better than this anime.

Yeah now brainwashing can be brought up at any time. DR3 was a mistake and now I'm not buying V3

Or possibly upload/transfer

Need time to fully hacking into all media devices on Earth.

Then who was the copter guy? did Tengan animated Monokuma too?

Why did you post that picture?

He'll get a good dicking.

>This anime
>Mfw brainwashing is my fetish










This is Junko's way of giving us despair when she wasn't the final boss is to give us this retarded shit.


They showed it already being broadcasted, so it's either how long it takes to fully broadcast everywhere, or it's a timer until TOTAL IRREVERSIBLE HOPE CONTROL.


Do even they get excited after it happens again and again? I admit, I was a little excited back in 6 but at this point I just groan.

To be fair, he did shit in Despair Arc and he can only come at the end because if he comes too soon, all the plot points will be resolved too quickly.

Isn't Gekko one of the makers of NWP? She did her job well.

Mind control is my fetish and even with that I can't enjoy this.

Replace this with Tengan and Hope

2ch hates it too, so don't worry.

Even if it was fucking terrible it was still very enjoyable

>Well, animator guy, all my waifus are dead so I guess I'll have to settle for you.

funny enough it's mine too. We've met before in these threads. But yeah this shit is terrible writing.

I'm shit at this

Tengan's goon


She could have noticed something.
>Mitarai: What kind of person do you think would start a game a like this?
>Kirigiri: There isn't enough information. What about you? You have some ideas yourself, don't you? That's why you want to know what others think.

>Kirigiri: May I see your NG code?
Ryota refuses.
>Of course, I cannot show you mine either. That's the situation we're in. In this situation, trusting each other is difficult. The attacker who set up the NG bangles probably realized that. Unless you're a huge softie....
Naegi interrupts.

This is what I want. My expectations are below sea level, so anything new they do will impress me.

This episode confirms that only Junko can be the villain of DR and do it well.





So did Chisa have those pictures on her just in case she happened to die and P4MC happened to search her body?


But why? Why couldn't they have had somebody, anybody, for him to contend with? Why does he need to team up with Naegi against some worthless fag like Ryouta when he can just slap him and get the whole stupid plot done with?

Of course. It's just convenient.

AE confirmed that already, Monaca sucked. Junko was kind of the villain in that one too, but only a little bit.

>didn't mention juzo once
Man, even after death he just keeps suffering

>action scenes
>meta movie theater
So Kohacka just finished reading the When They cry series huh?

Why were the soldiers brainwashed to shoot FF members?


I thought it was hilarious that RURUKA got no closure, and she just died unceremoniously off camera. I don't think anyone even knows she's dead. Perfect ending for her.

>do it well

>Monaca sucked
Monaca is what Junko wishes she can be.

>outlived both Chiakis, Kirigiri, and Chisa
>he'll get away with it

Agreed. Izuru needs an antagonist. But Mitarai has an army.

Replace it with Delete Danganronpa 3 Anime

Yeah, but after DR3 there's almost no point in using the NWP when things like Mitarai's talent are literally supernatural. It's now an old relic of a time when the series was still just about grounded enough to not be considered bullshit.

Mitarai wanted them gone. Why he didn't just tell them to capture them to brainwash them as well is a plot hole

Ryouta is like the unholy hybrid of Yasu and Delta

what font?

He set up the monitors to use the HOPE video, it's Chisa that switched the USBs so he ended up uploading the suicide video.
In short, Grandpa not knowing shit about technology fucked up everything.

NWP was pretty supernatural too.

So did anyone actually predict this? Considering how everything else was predicted except for this.

As we saw in the HE'LL DO SOMETHING AND YOU KNOW IT'S GOING TO BE GOOD teaser for the third fucking time, he can beat up goons and menacingly walk out of there no problem. An army means nothing to him, he's the SHSL+ Soldier. How is his double SORE WA CHIGAU with Naegi going to have any impact against a dork?

>Hajizuru is just there to hold off the soldiers while Naegi deals with Mitarai alone.

I can see it happening.

Wrong. Did you not fucking watch the episode? Tengan himself gave a monologue. Junko recapped the monologue.

How Mitarai is a bad guy? World full of Hope would be Awesome!

A lot of people predicted the hope video, but not used like this. I remember some user joking about a world full of Komaeda so he almost got it.

Not really it was more sci fi and needed extending funding, research and logistics to work.
Mindhacc anime really isn't on the same level and the rules of his powers change each time they're present.

No, I remember a lot of people predicting this. I thought about it too.

Yea, possibly. I think he'll have a bigger role though honestly. If they want someone to fight an army, Togami has it already. He'll do SOMETHING besides bodyguard.

A lot of people predicted the HOPE anime on Ryota's phone but I don't think anybody predicted him turning into Lelouch and trying to brainwash the world with it

Microsoft YaHei, far from being close, but gooed enough.
Already been done

>hajizuru will be the only sdr2 survivor we will see in hope arc

Yes. People predicted hope anime the second depsair anime turned out to be real. Probably even before then.

So is this meltdown you guys' usual pointless bullshit, like you do after Despair episodes, or is it actually bad?

I'm kinda scared.

>The afterlife is real

Heaven scene with Juzo WHEN?

No, it really won't be. All of this tripe, DR3, Killer Killer, that's what you can expect for V3. Edgy garbage. Count me out.

We didn't predict his NG code or what he'd end up doing. He assumed he was making a Hope Anime but it's VASTLY different than what we thought.

He killed Juzo over a mistake; the pain was probably still too raw to even think about him.

Chisa used and abused him, her being dead is an easier pill to swallow.

Not nearly the same because of circumstances

But people predicted Tengan + Mitarai episode 1

If despair hopeman saw the hope video, what would happen?

>Defeating brainwashing by brainwashing
That's not the good solution.

It wasn't mindhac, it was brainwashing.
Plus DR has always had brainwashing as a central theme, why are so many of you forgetting that?

It's bad.

>it wasn't mindhack
>can force people to do stuff against their conscience will

Go back to masturbating shitposter-kun

>Let me carry your luggage, Mr. Lelouche
That's all.

It's the typical shit.

Episode's only real problem was insane amounts of recap. Half the episode is recap, the other half is pretty interesting shit. Mitarai became a charater no one saw him being and some people are butthurt, but can't offer a real reason. He wants to fix his mistake but is taking the wrong extreme, much like Persona was, but in a different way

It was pretty bad. A third of the episode was literally just going over Tengan's plan for the retards who were too slow to get it the first time.

Most people knew better than to predict something as stupid and disappointing as this.


What if Juzo had managed to murder Mitarai? What would Tengan's plan have been then?

Junko > Mukuro > Mitarai > Monaca > Kemuri > Masaru > Kotoko > Shingetsu > Touko > Fyuhiko > Peko > Munakata > Ruruka > Komaeda > Mikan > Celes > Sayaka > Hifumi > Leon > Mondo > Juzo > Tengan > Chisa > Hajime > Gundham > Sakura > Haiji > Byakuya > Asahina > Chiaki > Akane > Mahiru > Kirigiri > Izayoi > Hagakure > Saionji > Ishimaru > Imposter > Kizakura > Seiko > Souda > Nidai > Sonia > Komaru > Ibuki > Gozu > Bandai > Gekkogahara > Chihiro > Naegi

Pre-mind hacked Chisa deserved better than this

Stick yourself your thumb in the eyes and you'll feel better than after watching this anime
No no no Memory erasure was never nowhere nearly on this level of bullshit as a literall mind hack video. The twos are not even fucking comparable you useless twat

Homos go to hell too sorry

It's probably the worst penultimate episode of any series, anime or not, that I've ever seen

Or maybe he's actually not dead

>Mitarai became a charater no one saw him being
No, a lot of people saw him continuing to be a whiny bitch exploiting his mindhacking powers. People wanted something that would justify Izuru's presence.

This was the last episode and it was spent recapping.

Ryota wasn't supposed to be there. So if anything had happened to him Tengan would be fucked.

Not him but MINDHACK and mindhack are different. The second is acceptable for DR converations, the former not. Play ZTD if you want to see the reason, but the short is that MINDHACK ruined some of the mystery.

Brainwashing is changing somebodies mind on a genetic level.
Mindhac is just using their body as a puppet and requires a second human who knows how to mindhacc.

You have no fucking idea.

Why is Mikan not with Hajime this time?

So, Chisa being in hell shows that being brainwashed doesn't affect one's culpability after a point. Interesting.

It's a very interesting fetish


How close could Kirigiri have gotten?
Attacker = Suicide
Monitors cause suicide.
Some faggot Ultimate Animator freaks out over his NG.
He keeps stalking her and she wonders about him having ideas.
Suspicious of Tengan since the 2nd sleeping phase.

All she needs is come clue that he can brainwash to confirm his involvement.

Yeah at this point it doesn't make sense to kill him anymore. I would be Hajizuru stopping him, and Naegi giving a speech about how hope or despair doesn't matter just bullshit your way out and the world would be better.

Unless there's some accident that deliberately kills him but that would be pointless.

>whiny bitch
Yea, but he is doing something
>Exploiting his mindhack power
No... I don't think anyone saw THAT happening. Especially not at this level.

>I think he'll have a bigger role though honestly.
He'll hijack the broadcast after Mitarai is subdued, and tell everyobe avout how he saw absokute despair and absolute hope, and how neither was satisfying to him. You cannot force hope or despair, and you need to experience both as they come naturally. Do not fear being normal, as that is what will allow you to make your own future.

Then he kicks Ryouta in his micropenis.

Celes is too low, and Mikan is too high considering each time it was just Despair Mikan.

Hah, wouldn't that be nice.

The anime's crap, we may as well get something good out of it.


I will repeat it in green
>All the victims killed themselves
How will you deny my Zetsubou Yukizome Chisaaaaa?!!!

That's not a bad end actually. That's quite good. You should write for this show.

>Yea, but he is doing something
It's something people saw but didn't want to happen because it would be dumb.

>No... I don't think anyone saw THAT happening. Especially not at this level.
Oh no, no no no. A lot of people said it would happen like that. People said "no that's stupid".

Yeah, why the fuck is Hajizuru even there?

>ignore the time when Junko was able to command someone to kill himself against his conscience will
>its not exactly like Eric

this isn't even Danganronpa anymore

killing Chiaki was the highlight in this anime

it was expected it would go downhill from here

Tengan should be higher, Munakata should be bumped down to just after Mikan.

What did Chiaki do wrong?

Brain alteration* as a central theme, excuse me.

> No SHSL Detective in DR

Put Juzo higher.
He ended this fucking game causing Ryota to run loose.
Triggered Hajime into becoming Izuru.
Got Bandai killed.

It was never Dangan Ronpa. This was a battle anime right from the start.

I guess for

Do I need to say it again?
It's a project stsrted by a bunch of highschoolers
Toko the write, Hifumi and Ryota character designs, Chihiro the coder and programmer and so on
The characters are exaggerations of their actual classmates
Now the 3rd part is an anime and Ryota made himself the final boss
Expect this to happen
>Ryota giving a grandiose speech in Kibou-hen
>suddenly stopped by Junko
>they're in an anime studio and Junko is yelling at Ryota
>something about her being the villain and Ryota being in over his head
>Hifumi, Chihiro and Toko talk about how it was a good idea to tell Junko about
>Junko goes to a pc and starts modifying the script
>back to actual Kibou-hen, Ryota is unceremoniously killed by giant Mecha-Junko appearing out of nowhere
>big dumb shonen battle where Hajimeme and Makoto literally fuse into Majimeme, he turns into Ultra High School Level Lucky Hope and defeat Mecha-Junko with the Hyper Blast of Eternal Light
>then after she's defeated Mecha-Junko lights up before a cut to black
>ED starts playing with all DR characters alive and having fun
>except Ryota, he's crying while animating the new ending

On which planet are you ? The anime is in a constant free fall and Chiaki's death was but a miserable bump.
Which doesn't happen neither on the same scope or with the same weight in the game than it does in the anime.

>Fan speculation was better than the real thing

Brainwashing can run that deep user.

Mind slaved Komaru doujins when

Sucking dick for the sake of hope


They telegraphed Mitarai was doing something big.

Most people thought he'd be the hero OR the traitor. He's neither.

As for you claiming people thought he would use the brainwashing.... I don't believe you. I've seen every theory posted in Cred Forums. No one thought he would use the brainwashing. Use ANIME, yes. Or that the entire series is an anime, yes. But the brainwashing techniques, and like this? No. especially as the past 3 threads confirms that no one is yelling "See! We were right"

>Decides to say "Fuck this, I'm going to live in space"
>We think she's safe from getting infected by the retarded plot
>Somehow Mitarai's stupid fucking anime gets to her too for the sake of "drama"

mitarai mindhacc doujins when?



It is. It is what Kodaka actually capable of.

Brainwashing doesn't have someone act against their conscience will, that's mindhack

Even if anime boy hope-brainwashes the whole world, Kamukura can just create another video and un-hope-brainwash the world with his super high school level "I can do that too".

This is Dangan Ronpa now.

different kind of shit

>Junko mindhacks the devil to get out of hell

What speculation do you refer to? What theory was better?

And dont' say "Any theory". Give me real theories that you prefered.

>It happens differently in the anime then in the game in two ways that don't have to be the same as the games
>How horrible!

This is what idiots like you don't get. You think that things like "he's broadcasting it to the whole world!" are meaningful twists and that the general theme of "he'll be the final boss" being accurate prediction doesn't matter.

Any theory is literally better though

Kirigiri is a hack. Asahina spent her whole time babysitting Naegi and still found the killer.
She is the real MVP of the series.

To be fair, that happens most of the time. The thing is that even shit fan speculation was better too.

>The characters are exaggerations of their actual classmates


>Kodaka disappears

Oh shit, he was the last survivor.

Miratai: "oh hey Kirigiri a brainwashing video that make people kill themselves exist, I can tell you this because even if I can use my talents, atleast I could warn you."

Kirigiri: "oh that explains a lot, we only have to cut the power off"


Any theory would have been better.

Wouldnt that make everyones brains explode Scanners style?

Can she do it without the anime or her sister doing neurosurgery?

Would have been a better twist than what we got.

He literally can mindhack anyone to get laid

Still pretty bullshit

Hopeman is the mastermind
Chisa is the mastermind
It's all an anime

Congrats. I say
>Dont' say any theory because that's a cheap contrarian bullshit
and you say
>any theory

Think of something.
Did you think of something? It's better than what happened.


>Mitarai mindhacks all the girls and fucks them into his slaves

Hoping the bros get reunited

Cause Mitarai was too afraid that his involvement with Junko would be found out.

Man even if Kirigiri and Chiaki are asspulled back to life this whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth

Ryouta fucking sucks as a character

>Mitarai tries to have mindhacc sex with Donuts.
>Can't get it up.

Nah, It'll probably be shit, but I'm positive V3 won't use brainwashing or anything like that. Kodaka was trying to be meta in the same way as SDR2.

SDR2 was a game that took place in a game and had an SHSL Gamer.
DR3 is an anime that had an SHSL animator with a twist that involved an in-universe anime.

Since lies seem to be an important part of V3's themes then expect an SHSL Liar of some sorts with a huge twist involving a lie, trick, or falsehood, maybe to the player. It's predictable after this.

Someone paste Delta's glasses on Animator


Explaining things like the disappearing locker and Munakata getting into a closed room without the words "animation error".

He carries around a mindwash video on his cellphone. He only needs one click to open it. He's cearly done this before.

That's because anything you pull out of your ass is more satisfying, and that's pretty plain to see

Even complete nonsensical bullshit with aliens, time-travel, and meta narrative is better

And? he could have saved almost everyone

Do you have any actual, real proof?

How the fuck are they going to wrap this up in one episode

You lost me. We thought the final boss would be the mastermind. Who thought they'd be someone after the mastermind? At best, we thought FF might have a final role.

Please let it end with Mitarai being executed and screaming about his anime

Fuck no

>tfw he actually already did Kirigiri offscreen

Fuck off with your headcanon. Kodaka is flawless, ignore his cock in my mouth

>ryouta pulled a lelouch and saved everyone
>neo Cred Forums hates him

They aren't

>Confront Mitarai

It's the running time, once it finishes everyone's gonna be hopeslaves, hence why Side:Hope is the length of a normal episode. They have a little less than the episode's runtime to stop it in real time

Pretty stupid
Eh, too similar to DR1 and makes less sense
No, that's far worse

If you say you're the SHSL Liar, you can never say that you're the SHSL Liar, because it means you told the truth.
I've found the flaw in your logic.

Do I have to get excited about V3? I don't really want to. I just want to cross DR off my list for good.

I mean all the characters are real but they're exaggerated
>Junko is an attractive and smart girl and can be scary at times
>SHSL Gyaru, SHSL Analyst SHSL Despair, super hot model
>Byakuya is rich
>SHSL Heir, his family literally rules the world
>Ibuki plays the guitar
>SHSL Musician
And so on
Junko liked her role as a crazy villain and gets mad at Ryota taking her place in the story

Brainwashed Aoi is definitely the highlight of the episode. For my dick.

cmon its mitarais anime man, it goes beyond bluray 4kHD , 30 mins upload is fine.hwo else will they give time for naegi to stop him?

>Mitarai and Tengan being bad guys was predicted
>Chisa being evil was predicted
>Gekkobot being Monaca was predicted
>Juzo being gay was predicted
>Juzo saving everyoen to redeem himself was predicted
>Underwater twist was predicted
>Togami getting BTFO was predicted
>Togami surviving was predicted
>Mind hack anime was predicted
>Mind hack suicides were predicted
>Hopelet washing the edge from P4 was predicted
>Heroic sacrifice from P4 was predicted
>Hope anime was predicted
>Weedman saving the day was predicted

Nah, thanks god the NG bangle is there
He could have been on raping spree

i don' t even care if they all live or they all die anymore

Time to fly to outer space!

>maybe to the player
monokuma gonna be protagonist

This is my main concern. 20-25 minutes isn't enough.

His talent is OP but as a person he can only fuck up. Did he ever do something right in his life?

Continued in, Dangan Ronpa: The Movie!

>ryouta pulled a lelouch and saved everyone
>Saved everyone by ending the world first by revealing his mind hacc powers to Junko.

Wait so Junko ISN'T the mastermind and villain of DR3? How do you fuck up this badly?

True. But that's what makes him such scum.
He was more afraid of what'll happen to himself rather than saving everyone.

Instead of facing his wrongdoings, he rather lets everyone else go down just so he is safe.

Instead of atoning for what he has done, he rather lets everyone else die just so he won't be found out.

THAT is Ryota Mitarai.

I really hope that Kodaka half assed the anime to put his work into V3

>doing the same shit Junko did
>saving anybody

This. The streams fucking loved it. I hate to say this, but Cred Forums or /drg/ or whoever else, is better for DR discussion.

ZTD was better, fuck this

Still all better than what we fucking got.

>demon queen Junko
My dick needs this

>Asahina dies wrong a leg wound

Luckily, Vita piracy is a thing now, so no one will have to buy V3.

He hasn't pulled a Lelouch yet, Hajizuru has to stab him on live television first.

That's because DRfags want waifus as thee final villians. See: Kirijunko and Chiakizuru. Or even just Junko coming back.
If Mitarai was a girl, half this shit, hell likely none of it, would be a thing in the first place.

Foreshadowing that comes true always feels the best.

>The streams loved it

Is the episode worth watching RAW or should I wait for subs?

Did anything good come from Danganronpa 3? Like anything at all? Everyone's waifu is dead, some faggot now has a geass, brainwashing has become the new nano-machines, Even after her death Junko is having more fun and is happier than anyone on the main cast.

I'm too busy smashing my head against the wall to appreciate the brainwashing stuff from a fetishistic point of view.

Wait another 6 hours for this type of shitposting user

I disagree. But that's your opinion and my opinion. Sorry it didn't work out.

You will be disappointed.

Just ignore him.

>implying they'll localize the Vita version.

Fuck off stupid cunt.

>a girl
If candyslut, retard medicine berserker, or any of the other useless girls in Mirai-hen were the mastermind, I would be just as disappointed.

stop with this meme



>Asahina lives
>permanent damage done the the nerve
>can never swim again
>Stilts around recalling the day she was actually helpful in the series

>streams loved it

No they fucking didnt. Go back to drg


it's not worth watching either way, broseph.

So what happened to Togami and Hagakure?

Am I the only one who actually enjoy this episode?
This is my favorite episode so far, and this is coming from izurufag.

She is technically, she set everything in motion. By brainwashing Chisa and manipulating Mitarai she set everything up.

Is Ryota a fucking sociopath?
This guy wants to save himself so fucking much that he rather lets everyone else die when he could have saved everyone right after Chisa died.

They stream the anime and people chat about what occurs.

He is responsible for the general plot of DR3 and someone else experimented with anime writing wrote scripts for the anime.

>Did anything good come from Danganronpa 3?
Kirirshit died

Gekko. She's still dead obviously, but that's better than being involved in this shit.

Why would I want to play the localized version? Is something wrong with you?

>When you're busy reading doujins but your editor says he needs the last episode's script


>Even after her death Junko is having more fun and is happier than anyone on the main cast.
There is no justice.

No. After every episode, Cred Forums goes into shitposting mode. Even after great episodes

"Kodaka's wild ride" picture user will get some good material out of this episode, like HOPE videos, geasses, >DR3 was a mistake, etc.

Her racing days are over. We have to put her down.

This much should've been clear as soon as he brought Junko to his room. He's out of his mind and has severe issues.

So you were waiting for Chisaoi then.

Someone with the RAWS please take a pic of Tea party movie theater Junko and Chisa

Go to /drg/, everyone is mad as fuck

I can't read much chink, but one of those says "despair". That guy probably didn't love it.

>"In related news, Sonosuke Izayoi's attempt to rescue his girlfriend from Hell is still ongoing"

Well based on this thread I think you're right.
Man, what a bunch of manchildren.

And just like that the DR3 anime proudly somersaults straight into the "canon work fans will tell people to ignore its existence" category.

Anyone else feels this way?


>great episodes

There was one, and it was Mirai-6

And there wasn't shitposting


I bet the shitstorm causing chapter 5 twist will be that Kaede is either a killer of the case or the mastermind and people will call bullshit because there were either no hints or because Kaede's own thoughts contradicted that twist. That's my guess.

>Fanservice to the true Danganronpa fans
>Literally no Dangan nor ronpa
>Instead we get MAINDOHAKKU
Great anime

Despair episode which introduced Junko AND showed Izuru's birth
Mirai with Kirigir's death
Previous episode

I don't know which one is Mirai 6

I regret recommending the entire series at all to my friends at this point.

/drg/ is shit

This is what 2ch says after every new episode.
They can't believe it's not fanfiction.

Nah. I won't.


It will be terrible.

/drg/ is as mad as Cred Forums, user.

>This is what 2ch says!
>Believe me, please!

Asahina the racehorse got a DANGAN in her leg, and had to be put down.
Kodaka had some balls calling this the "ultimate fan item". No wonder he ran away from twitter.

>Chiaki's execution was foreshadowing
>Mitarai's execution is just 10 minutes of Naegi dragging him out PUNISHMENT TIME style and the rest of the cast beating up on him
>The HOPEwashed people join in once they snap out of it
>No theatrics or anything, just straight up murder with the most straitlaced face on them

Nothing stopping you from going over and looking right now. Mr. EOP.

I can't tell if people are being serious or not. Mitarai was obviously going to man up and do something ever since he didn't die after his Despair intro.

Him trying to save the world but fucking it up even more is a better twist than your meme theories.

Please tell me this thread is a joke.

They fucking hate it, too, dipshit.

Japs hate it, streams hated it, /drg/ hated it, Cred Forums hated it, everyone hated it.

Ryouta is a (male) villain. It's shit and unfitting for DR, especially when Chisa existed.

Just did, they aren't saying that EOP-kun


People rightly expected better than him just giving in to his usual old insanity and becoming the blandest temporary villain imaginable. In general, people rightly expected better than Mitarai. It's not even entertainingly bad, it's boringly bad.

>Japs hated

No source

>/drg/ amd Cred Forums

They're shit, complaining about an episode we don't even have subs for yet

>Everyone hated it


No, that's the point: he isn't. He's the final antagonist. He wasn't the mastermind or even a the make believe traitor.

He's trying to make the world better but failing. I don't think anyone saw that happening AGAIN.

End of Despair 11, we all thought Side: Hope was going to be a good thing, but we got trolled.

Mitarai is such a tragic character.


Then who do you expected?

Mitarai playing a big part in the finale was evident ever since Tengan was outed as the one who set everything up

It is ridiculously hard to find a 2ch post that praises this episode. Even harder than here.

Read this:
Him lelouching his way on the survivors wasn't predicted either. I don't know. I don't find his plan boring. It parallels Junko's original plan. It's going down the "middle ground is best" which IS boring, but I think Mitarai being the next antagonist is better than him being the traitor/mastermind.

Best episode evar!

Especially if you search in English

subs when

The only thing tragic here is how much time I've wasted following this fucking anime.

New here?
This was ovious since the very beginning, there's a reason he was seen as Hopeman 2.0 since the beginning and the brainwashing part made him even more obvious

Also, he is one or the closest thing you'll have to one. Just because he isn"'t "DESPAIR LULZ", it doesn't mean that he isn't one, it's the point.

And people saw it coming, the only question as "how". Especially since the part where we learned that the guy was ok with fucking brainwashing. He's always been on the top list of suspicious people in DR3 and only got worse until the end, the only reason it wasn't constantly about him is because everyone expect Junko all over again. If you really think nobody saw that coming then you didn't see the good threads, the guy was Chisa-level in suspicions if not more as more eps went out.

I don't like replying to obvious bait, but this is literally the beginning of the current thread.

Yea, he was suspicious and always has been. But who thought he would start brainwashing people to do his bidding.

I wasn't being bait, I was just joking.

It's ridculously hard to find a post in 2ch complaining about this episode, they loved it!

So much this. People just like to complain for no reason. And bullshit their way to convince people they are the majority.

Brainwashing tech was the best method we could have. It existed hence broadcasting the killing game made sense. Delusionalfags still think Junko could manipulate the world into despair by just showing bunch of kids killing each other or how despair life was.

Mitarai's action was pretty much foreshadowed the first time he appeared. People didn't pay attention to the series so they thought it's somehow unjustified.

Thanks for confirming you are an EOP

So can anyone tell me how Mitarai will survive when he has the ultimate ultimate coming after his ass.

Will DR ended in hope happy ending?
Maybe the mastermind (Tengan) or chisa change the Hope video from the phone of Mitarai for the Despair video, then the entire world become in despair.

Well, I think that asahina is going to die and Munakata is going to survive, because during the last escene of asahina, the image of the have a red layer, this same happens when somebody is going to die and is died (kirigiri,gozu,kimura,etc,etc,etc)


Tragic is what his existence has done.

I dunno, brainwash him? Why not?

>>Brainwashing tech was the best method
No the best method was keeping how class 77 fell to despair a mystery

Glad to see there are others.

Pretty much everyone thanks to his ""I want to be like Naegi but I don't have the strenght to do so myself"", the real surprise is how the hope video seems to work which wasn't really predictable given how stupid it is. But when it comes to the character's motivations, there is nothing new here especially since he created the brainwashing anime. It was pretty clear that he was "a bit" weird with it comes to morals.

The only parts that were not predicted were the ones unrelated to him, but when it comes to the way the character works it's nothing new at all and has been said quite often.

Why didn´t Chisa used despair video for broadcasting?

What happened to her face?

Maybe, but it was a plotpoint for Mirai arc (there is no killer; its YOU!)
Breaking them one by one would have been interesting but gotten boring fast I think. 15 students is a lot.

>Let our headcanon decide!


crusted semen

Hajizuru won't kill him I think. He's the only person left that needs to be convinced so Naegi will be giving bullshit speech instead.


which is wwy ou keep it a mystery if you're not able to be interesting while doing it. It's still better thann this bullshit.

So much for "hope vs despair", there's absolutely no despair in any arc now thanks to this.

brainwash was always there, since DR0

deal with it

it is still better than lol mindhack.

Yes, except that it wwas AN ELEMENT of the plot, not THE WHOLE plot, and it didn't fuck with the theme of the WHOLE franchise. while providinga "it's brainwashing, I ain't gonna explain shit" There's a pretty big difference.

they pulled so much bullshit in this series , that i can see junko alive and well thanks to meme magic.
Or AI junko as one of the guys who got into DR2 simulation

My god for a moment there is was so fucking scared she was going to die.

If Aoi died I would have fucking punched my screen. Thank god Togami and Weedman made it in time.

She might still die. I'm not expecting it, but it's possible.