Has Eva gone too far??


Which one is Eva?

You are.

The girl to the right, she bought them



I'd buy an Asuka statue, but she can't be looking happy. It's unnatural.

The rei statue looks okay.

Me on the right.

I like your shoes

Me in the back

This is the last straw anno. I won't rest until you are on the streets.

Asuka and Rei looks out of character.
If you have these at home, the only role play you could do is "Who are you and what did you do the real Rei/Asuka?"

this is nice and all, but where's my life size drunken jean shorts Misato? who the fuck wants to buy life size children?

>First, we got a taste of the new Evangelion Shinkansen, and now, thanks to Sharp and 7-Eleven, we are not only getting the new sim card-free Evangelion smartphone, but we will also be getting life-size figures of Rei, Asuka, and Kaworu.
>The phone comes with voice packs from Asuka, Rei, and Masato Katsuragi, who you can choose to wake you up and greet you good morning every time. The phone also features a different wallpaper everyday and runs on an Android OS. Pre-orders for the phone begin on 2 November.

someone please give me asuka wakeup mp3s

Misato isn't popular enough

>who the fuck wants to buy life size children?

Nice, but would prefer school uniform or yellow dress Asuka for bonus pantsu action

Richfag here. How much for the Asuka, Rei, and the woman on the far right?

13,000, but it's also a lottery. You have to win the privilege to buy it.

Statues are cheaper than that. You can get them for 1000 bucks only.

Is there anything that doesn't have an Eva merchandise version? What the fuck

Eva merch thread?

Not far enough.

We need to go further


>enjoy American style

>bucket-form evas


No this is just the industries latest trend on premium priced products and excess that it's been fixated on as a business model for a while.

Who the fuck came up with this

The MC doesn't get any merch of his own.

Who exactly would the target demographic for shinji be?


>whiny little shit


the show was terrible

the fuck is going on with her hands?


point taken

If that's the case, they can special order child-sized Real Dolls and get some actual function out of them rather than just hard plastic statues wasting space standing around.

I'm sad Gainax's old store closed. Found a lot of fun stuff there. Like a Ramiel paper weight.

Or a NERV themed lunch tray.

How would you like to cosplay as NERV's janitor?

Or this 800mm Asuka in the plug seat figure.

I'd love to see her in the 90's high waist jeans she wore in the first episodes. But there's zero fanart of her wearing that, let alone official art or merch.

Eva Alarm clock right meow!



Why so small?

A production limit of only 15 each?

I think at least 100 would be reasonable to cater for all the rich otakus in Japan.

Oh my, is it that time again?

I ain't buying some life-sized thing unless I can fuck it.

>all these newfags that don't know this series has had 1:1 figures for a while

>6 foot tall Unit 1 figure
>13 grand
>Fucking 7-11 colors