10 days

10 days.

Are you excited?


>excited for fujo garbage


I'm ready for gay ice skaters. It better have actual homos though or I'm going to call false advertising. (it probably won't have real homos)

this looks pretty gay

For the show yes. For the threads not so much after that last one.

What happened in the last one?

Excited for the threads


Tumblr invasion was so bad the thread was deleted.

it's not gay
it's traditional soviet intimidation technique
works every time

The Canadian has a personal "JJ" hand gesture. How obnoxious will he be?



>it was a Russian taunt

no this is traditional Russian sign of camaraderie very different
also not gay

>Mamoru as Canada
I am excite.

Yeah, Shinpachi looks good.

Is he going to butcher Canadian French?

The entire reason they even cast Miyano is for flamboyant interjections in French, you can count on that.

Tsukiyama's accent again?
I am exciting

I didn't see Tokyo Ghoul, but I was thinking of Tamaki.

I am. The animation looks stunning also fujobait is always fun to watch.

Stupidly excited, it better deliver.

Pretty excited, I hope MC is not as generic as he looks like

>Gintoki gay for Shinpachi

Why not just make Gin into Ginko?

He doesn't look anything like Gintoki. I want this meme to end.

That's who I thought it was kek

>blue eyes
>hair swept to one side

Not usually but he definitely does in that screenshot, especially because of the Shinpachi lookalike helping you make that assumption quicker.

This is why we can't have normal Gintama threads

You mean this isn't a promotion for the new season of Gintama? I thought they made a joke about the fujo fanbase. What is this then?

Go watch the OVA Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto, it's Tsukiyama's story and it was great.


post qt gook

I don't care for Tokyo Ghoul, but I'm sure Miyano's performance was fun.


Oh shit, of course. I just thought the guys were BL-ified Gintoki and Shinpachi. But on a closer look the glasses look nothing like Shinpachi.


>Already fanarts

Don't fuck it up Studio Mappa.

>Don't fuck it up Studio Mappa.
Just keep your expectations low.
They're banking on fujopandering for this one.