How come anime doesn't feature death, violence and sex anymore? So otaku like pantyshots...

How come anime doesn't feature death, violence and sex anymore? So otaku like pantyshots, skimpy outfits and sexual innuendos, but why are they so afraid of the real thing?

export laws.

when has japan ever produced anything with the western market in mind?

Evangelion killed the OVA market.

the age of the original video animation finally came to the end. Golden ages cant last forever you know

blame the 1991 crash.

Modern Anime has to try to cater to the lowest common denominator, that obviously means only tame shit gets through.

Things just come and go. They don't make grindhouse movies anymore either.

Because most anime now air on TV

so does HBO

Blame the Japanese PTAs. I miss edgy anime of yesteryear too, but at least the next decade won't feature anymore moe shit. Fads come and go.

Are you stupid?


Are you?

All those ultraviolent anime are direct to tape or made to order like those Kiss x Sis OVA

because uguu school girls and everything related to schools. spoon is school, boss is school, rpg is school.

HBO is a paid cable service and most anime airs on broadcast television, the Japanese equivalent of NBC, ABC and CBS. They have their own standards that prevent excessive violence from being broadcast. Plus, ultraviolent anime from the 90s was produced as OVAs which prevented them from having to follow those same guidelines. Use your fucking brain, user.

School settings have always been popular in jap media, no clue why people are acting like this is a new thing.

But berserk just aired.

>it's their culture!

not an argument

What are you talking about?

ITT: we pretend that today's anime isn't filled to the brim with edgyshit

>comparing OVA to shitty TV anime
as expected of American time Cred Forums


I never talked about ultraviolent. If gantz can air on TV then so can a lot else. Obviously angel cop is very controversial, but dont be that guy who dont read the OP but just looks at the image and responds

It's filled with shallow, farcical edge shit which a 10 year old would consider cool, like re:zero

and that's different to the edgyshit of the past how?


A good plot, well animated and good?

Everything was on Clangserk. You can also add blasphemy if that wasn't enough.

>good plot


though I'll give you the well animated part, OVAs tend to be well animated.

that shit was tame...

>well animated and good?
And good what, user?

Gantz was censored when it aired on broadcast channels.

TV anime of 1996 is equally shit as TV anime of 2013.

fucking nostalgia goggles of EOPs.

It wasn't an argument about culture, you ass. It was about basic television standard's and practice that happens in both Japan and the US.
Gantz was only able to show that level of mature content due to its late night time slot. There have been, and still are, shows that have mature content but they're still subject to editing and censorship because they're on broadcast fucking television. You're comparing TV anime content to OVA content and it's dumb as shit because the former is more likely to be censored than the latter. That's why people buy the BD of violent shows. It's because they're uncensored.

well then japan is cancer. Thanks for killing the industry everyone, I guess more uguu moe school shit is what I have to content myself with from now on to the end of my days, assuming there will be an industry then because it's on such a decline

>You're comparing TV anime content to OVA

I didn't, I just happened to post a picture of angel cop which you somehow start interpreting shit out of nowhere from because you're autistic

>death, violence and sex
Literally the reason I started watching anime back in the early 90's.
>Vampire Hunter D, homeboy slices up a nigga; vampire count dude uses Telekinesis to explode some other dude's head
>Bio Hunter, some woman's getting fucked and keeps telling the dude to stop because she's so hungry; he doesn't listen so she transforms into a monster and eats him
>Wicked City, nonstop sex, rape, explosions, people getting gigantic fucking holes shot in them all for some Romeo-Juliet eque love story
>Gal Force, chicks in space that occasionally run around naked, alien race they're fighting devise an ultimate weapon that they've never seen before: a boy. Giant robots, inexplicable justifications for nudity and sexual humor and naughty tentacles
>am I kawaii uguu
>fun things are fun
>snarky/ apathetic protag high school student takes his seat next to the window and is immediately drawn into an ever-increasing love polygon that is inexplicably tied in to the main plot: A threat looms over japan and despite government agencies, departments, groups, squads, of highly-trained professionals, masters at the peak of their craft and skill and training, the future of japan (and thus the world, though it's never explored why some miniscule island nation has such global relevance) rests on the shoulders of a high schooler.


>anime is dead meme
Probably not the best time to use this meme since a single animated movie grossed ¥10B on theaters in just 28 days.

Enjoy your kawaii uguu moeshit, moefag. What's next? The NEET otaku shut-in is transported to a fantasy world and has mountains of pussy falling onto his lap again for the 5th time? Sure sounds fun, faggot

Last time I checked frozen wasn't anime

You can rot in your edgy hell, nostalgiafag.

It's a fair assumption considering you posted a picture of a 90s OVA. If it was an incorrect assumption then I apologize. It makes your arguments even flimsier and more confusing.

I wasn't even talking about western animation.

year 2004-2005, the year Gits and GANTZ aired seem to be filled by moe shit and CGDCT anime.

I want toonami fucklords to fuck off

I don't watch isekai anime, I'm just making fun of you because you're insane.

There's only one nutter here, and that's the moefag that takes things personally when his favorite shit-genre is picked on

This desu.

What said
Underrated post.

>you're insane for wanting standards in anime!

low quality insult my man

I think the tech bubble bursting was more harmful.
>standards are trashy 80's schlock

Go back to /m/ you old nutter.

Some brutal gore in this one

and yet that pic has no gore

Not that user, but I'm tired of all of this annoying shit that you guys push constantly. Oh wow the fucking middle/ high schooler slipped on top of the moeblob slut again. How fun

>your insane
Shut the fuck up

Haha, 90s anime was much better than current anime. It had fleshed-out characters, gripping plots, fantastic music and gorgeous cel animation with hand-painted colors and shading. I don't think it's wrong to say that anime lost its soul during the transition to computer animation; digital animation took away the gritty, raw feeling from anime and turned it into a sterile, facile imitation of the original artform, and with that loss in visual quality came a loss in the rich (and sometimes experimental) creativity that the industry used to have! Sorry that I don't eat up the creatively-bankrupt, mass-marketed otaku-focused tripe that passes for "anime" nowadays, but I'll gladly take any of those shows over generic self-insert haremshit #2,543..

schlock is fun most of the time though

He says, while posting an anime that was surpassed by its modern spiritual successor.

That was a very beautiful tumblr image to prove your point.


Because nu males are triggered by cartoon violence. Just look at all the cucks on MAL who are offended by MD Geist even though it only has mild violence.

Why are you equating mature content with quality content? I'm not sure if you're an idiot oldfag with rose-colored nostalgia glasses or an idiot 15 year old pretending to be an oldfag. I'm not arguing for moeblob shit. I hate moeblob shit, too. OP's just being an idiot by making blanket statements about two completely different eras. It'd be like me saying that current anime is better by comparing Kids on the Slope to Mars of Destruction.

Why are you here then if you don't seem to enjoy anime?

You take anime for what it is, not for whatever unrealistic standards you think it should be.

Your trashy grimdark ovas were nothing more than shit.

No, I think you're insane because your immediate reaction to "broadcast television has certain content restrictions" is to call Japan cancer and complain about the industry supposedly dying because of "uguu moe school shit" despite the lack of relevance that has to the topic at hand.

Why is the style you like the only legitimate form of animation? So many different techniques are possible now thanks to digital. But old people are going to be boring and complain like they always do I guess.

I guess I'm not as subservient as you then, go ahead and be a boring dolt for the rest of your life, I don't care.

>supposedly dying because of "uguu moe school shit"

Yes, that's a given. One follows the other and this is the state of the industry right now. Btw I love your token meme moeblob reaction image, despite claiming you don't like moeshit. I reiterate, we're not talking about ultraviolent anime nor japanese television standards, we're talking about you, the obsessive viewer, who only want one type of content and no deviation, which is killing the industry as far as diversity goes.

And I don't give a shit about certain TV-stations' standards, they're not that low to not allow any sort of deviation from the same old trite we've been served for half a decade now. I was merely commenting on the fact that I dislike it and your species, but yeah, keep on being an autist who takes everything literally and personally.


>ITT OP actively shits up his own thread

It's what happens if OP is lonely enough and has no friends in real life or any interesting hobby like watching cartoons, anime, reading comics or manga, playing video games, or doing sports.
He comes to shitpost in his own thread on Cred Forums.

watching anime is not an interesting hobby?


No, it's pretty much a time sink.

Tell me what amazing skills you've obtained thanks to watching anime.

I've learned language, culture, and interesting trivia

The only good thing about Netflix beginning to fund anime is that they can actually bring back an OVA-like market.

holy shit yes!

Won't happen. If you haven't noticed, Netflix is investing in pretty safe and long-running titles.

i agree, new anime is sterile and try hard.

>says this meanwhile he post the pic of some anime made by an old guy

Clearly it's because moeshit has ruined the animes.

He probably based it on his views that as american, they are the center of the world and that everything caters to americans.

Space Dandy?
Trigun the movie?

Gee, I don't know

Also IGPX and Big O

That "last time" you mentiones was years ago.

>implying something like Escaflowne would still get made today