Why did she fuck him in Beast form?

Why would Hosoda show this?
Why would she even fuck with him as a wolf?

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Because wolf has a bigger dick than you

Furries that's why.

Because Hosoda is a fucking furry faggot, you should know this by now

I thought that transformation was just to show she trusts him that much, also Hosoda is a furfag


Hosoda is a furrfag just like how Mizayaki is a lolicon and Shinkai is a footfag.

It takes a dedicate fetishist to do good animu.

Is Hosoda a gay furfag? He seems to focus more on furry guys in his movies.

>not showing your true form for your love
baka neet

worst than that, he is into bara.


yiff in hell furfags

She didn't. Wolf sperm can't impregnate humans.

He is half wolf and half human. So his sperm can impregnate humans.

Because she's a bitch.

I hated this movie

Fucking wolf chads

Did it trigger you?

So wait how long did they know each other before deciding to reproduce? Seemed like an awfully short period of time.

She should find a good hard-working law-abiding ningen as myself who can actually feed a family.

Not some filthy mutt.

I didn't get the morale of this movie
Her kids just fuck off from her in the end and she's alone and her furry husband is dead
What I'm supposed to learn from this? Being single mother in Japan is shitty shit?

>What I'm supposed to learn from this?
Appreciate everything your parents do/did for you.
And when/if you have kids of your own, let them follow what they want to do (within reason).

Maybe he can't control which form he is in if he has a massive boner?

She smelled like dog

>girls would rather fuck wolves instead of you

Don't race mix.


How could you miss this, the boy even joined a "forest power" movement

More like don't fuck werewolves

Like all anime that came after Tezuka, he's just borrowing from him.

Tezuka was also a huge furfag if you didn't know.

>watching movies in 1280x720

Is Summer Wars the one with the most porn of it?

Yeah but mostly gay shota porn.

Because only mix of human and wolf genes can create werewolf children.

That's only because wolves actually talk to them instead of sitting alone at home watching anime.

It was weird as hell too, the way he leaned towards her past her face made it seem like he was first drawn as a human and going in for a kiss and then they slapped the werewolf on top as an afterthought and the long muzzle just fucked the whole motion up.


If you think about it, she fucked some random hobo-looking chad because of his raw animal charm, and at the end of the movie she's left alone.
Should've settled for a faceless old man with stable income.

It's World of Darkness: Werewolf all over again.

The director is a furry.

Man, what a hunk of shit this scene was. Suspension of disbelief was destroyed at this point. Some literotica furry bullshit.

well if you have to interpret it artistically then it's showing that she fully accepts him for who he is and loves him as such.

the truth is it's just furry bait.

I refuse to watch this sick pandering tripe.

I fapped to it desu.

How can it be furry propaganda if the furry dies in the most hilarious and pathetic way a few scenes after?

how does he die? I just cant remeber it.

The problem with Hosoda in general is that he is "one of us" i.e. a filthy otaku and this is just his fetishes leaking into his works.

This is not a serious issue on its own but he's really showing some lack of direction in his recent works. Seems like he simply doesn't get a real grasp and view on the world outside and thus his original films seem shallow and pretentious.

He gets literally thrown into the garbage.

Chasing a pheasant through the streets in wolf form, he falls off of a bridge. Then a garbage truck comes by and bags him up.

He went to hunt some chicken or some shit and drowned in a shallow river. Pretty pathetic and hilarious really.

Trash compacted. Like something out of South Park.
You such Miyazaki's dick even harder than Hosoda.

>Summer Wars - furry shit
>Wolf Children - furry shit
>Bakemono no Ko - furry shit

This guy has brain problems

The boy is a typical fucked up happa like Eliott.

Wolf Children is objectively good

>be in a relationship with someone who occasionally turns into a big dumb monster
>don't ever fuck them in monster mode

Honestly, that just seems like a waste to me

You mean Summer Wars right

now i know why i forgot his death, pathetic but kind of sad when mom knew it was him but she could do nothing but watch how he was being thrown into the garbage truck.

where is this from again?

Summer wars is grossly overrated, wolf children is better than it in every way.

Boku no pico


If only there were ways you could very easily acquire that information on your own.


Yeah that part was my only gripe with the film.

You could have normal sex anytime, but if you are given the opportunity to fuck a werewolf, you'd say no?

I had to remove this scene because I thought it was a good ideia showing the movie to my mom.
She liked it but I can't imagine her reaction if I let that in.

What the fuck?

havent seen sumer wars

is it furry shit too?

Why did he went on hunting trip? Couldn't he just buy some meat?

Fuck off normalfag.

It was digital furries

Get out!

Instincts/forced drama

Yiff in hell

I think it was explained as his instinct to hunt plus the fact that he wanted to make get good meat for the wife but they were too poor.

The main girl's video game avatar is a furry version of her IIRC.

I hate furfags but as long as it's anime or manga related they can post here.

Plothole/Forced drama

Only he could answer that, and he died so there's no explanation. There doesn't need to be either, sometimes people just die.

Would you a wolf girl?

Female werewolves are even better than male ones.

because shes a fucking furry


that one? without thinking yeah

The ear is an erogenous zone, so he is most likely going to blow in her ear, numbnuts.

But you'd have known this, if you had ever had sex with anything but your hand.

Are you saying that you've had sex with a wolf?

This 100%

You wouldn´t?

fucking disgusting slut. Makes me gag

A woman. The wolf wouldn't stay still....

Do wolf dicks have fur on them?
Must of felt good, like having a pipe cleaner in you.

It's his primal instincts faggot, he's still a wolf. It's one of the key points in the plot later on.


>Kon was a fat fetishist

Wasn't he idolfag?

Well, only one movie of his featured idols, all of them featured fat people.

I always assumed that the only way she could get pregnant by him was if he did it while half.

That's the only reason I could come up with, at least.

Can I have your copy?

Eventually everything you love and hold dear will disappear. Just like real life

How did the dad even die? Was really just chasing a pheasant along the road and got hit by a car? That would be so stupid.

The fucking kids wolf form with the normal hair and normal anime eyes and mouth is some of the most stupid furshit ive seen in a while

No, and it's probably slimy since it stays inside the body.

Hosoda is a known furry.

100% this


What if he creates Wolf Wars?

I only see this shit in hentai.

Wouldn't that feel kind of ticklish? Like putting a pipe cleaner in your mouth? But instead of it tickling your tongue it'd tickle you erogenous zone

But cleaning out all the mucus (girls have that stuff, right?) must feel pretty good. Too bad there are no girls around to ask. Maybe someone should venture to /cgl/ and bring back some answers.

Try shoving something covered in fabric up you ass to see how it feels

Are you saying asses and vaginas are the same thing?

Do you know what it feels like?

Maybe a dish detergent ball would clean better.

ninas dream finally came true

And this is based on what evidence?

For fuck's sake carlos

ahhhh dungeon meshi. Always a goldmine for reaction images.

Marcille is for bullying.

Are you talking about vaginas or noses?

It's probably like a tampon, which can dry a girl out.

She want the knot and she get the knot

Sheesh. She must've got internal rug burn

Wolf dicks don't have fur on them, so she didn't.

No bullying

>Wolf dicks don't have fur on them
How do you know this?

Kek, I laughed at the scene when they tossed his corpse in the garbage truck and turned the movie off at that point. I had such I hopes too.

I thought everyone knew that a canine's dick is stored inside them unless erect. I guess you've never owned a dog.

>a canine's dick is stored inside them unless erect
What? How cool, how come we can't do this?

>a canine's dick is stored inside them unless erect
That sounds extremely useful

That's what foreskin is for.

And then you get phimosis and your dick gets stuck

The shit that doesn't work sometimes and makes your penis unusable? Gee thanks.

Then again, I imagine having your penis stuck inside with no way to get it out would kinda suck as well. You can still masturbate somewhat with phimosis after all.

>Wolfs are literally Transformers
I feel like I can understand the racemixing a little now.

Would you fuck a wolf?

You should finish it, it's a nice movie about parenting. His death is silly but it doesn't really detract from the movie's themes.

I'd make a daughter and a son with her, then see her get picked up by the garbage truck and crushed.

I wish. Flaccid penises are so ugly.

So filled with grief, guilt and fear that she couldn't scream "STOP! YOU'RE THROWING AWAY MY HUSBAND!"

So she could be jailed for bestiality?

Human females are allowed to engage in bestiality in Japan. It's a cultural thing.

which makes it all the more hilarious

This movie was actually Anti-Furry despite OP thinking it was furry propaganda.

The woman who became a furfag mainly experienced despair and even her own children became fucked up due to having furry DNA.

Nah, they didn't become fucked up. They just learned how society works. One of them must hide that she's a furry to fit in, and the other one who embraced his furriness fucked off to the woods.
Always hide your power level, that's the moral of the story.

What makes furries any worse than other generic monstergirl tier fetishes? Or fuck any sort of anthropomorphism or zoomorphism. This includes all the various tiers of the merge, from just ears/tail to additional traits, up to basically being that animal/thing/monster but biped with tits.

Never understood the extreme hate considering how old the 'human fucks monster, animal, god, thing' story is. It's in basically every fucking ancient culture, what is it that furries did to piss the internet off all those years ago.

Because furfags are the biggest autists.

What does it feels like?

It would be extremely painful

She was a fucking furry

It's been two years since I did that, but it's not a difficult task

I thought furries were a myth.

I like Fluttershy

Shit taste.

yiff in hell furfags

Just bee urself


The bigger question is why Hosoda won't stop making movies for furries and go back to science fiction when Summer Wars and GWLTT both did better than Wolf Children and Beast Kid


Why did the Father just fuck off and die in a ditch anyway? That seemed so random.

>Tezuka was also a huge furfag if you didn't know.

Oh, don't remind me.