Well Cred Forums? Do you have what it takes to satisfy her sex drive?

Well Cred Forums? Do you have what it takes to satisfy her sex drive?

She can have my butt plug.

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I don't understand, user. What are you implying?

No, but MFM threesomes are fine by me.

some doujin from aoki kanji


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>tfw I don't have a strong enough sex drive for my waifu


it's that doujin where the girl is an evil bitch who marries the good guy

Dramatic couple.

I like watching how dramatic they are about their problems and wish there was another one of these. Unfortunately the only example of the the villain and hero settling down together that I can think of is Nanoha.

I'll do my best, and i am willing to practice 25 hours a day

But the day has only 24 hours!

For anyone who doesn't know.
Work is basically about a married couple that before marriage they were enemies (man was superhero and woman a villainess) and stuff happens and they get married.
Hilarious as fuck

This one's great.

Also good is the one where a Super Sentai Red and the Evil Princess his team battles are having a secret affair. And in the end after a fight where they almost break up, they wind up eloping.


Reverse image search gives nothing, nor does saucenao

I honestly can't remember.

They're both totally vanilla too, so narrowing down the search with tags on exhentai is a pain.

I think they both have "Hero" in the title?

The artist's name is literally in the thread
Also the title is partially mentioned too

For OP, yeah, but I'm pretty sure the other one mentioned is by someone else.

Well with that info highlighted anyone can find it.

Luckily there was a mention of it in the gallery of the other.
[Kayama Noriaki] Kareshi no Hissatsu Waza ga Itai Kara (His Final Move Hit My Weak Spot!) [English] [Sling] [Decensored]

I... I don't know.

Probably not

Probably not. If I try to masturbate more than once a day it tends to kind of hurt.