Shokugeki no Soma

What is their specialty?

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Tosuke - Ramen
Somei - Sushi
Nene - Semen

dumping color chapter

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my fucking sides...

Probably jobbing

What is Somei drinking in that cup?




Me on the far left.



I feel like I would find this funny if it wasn't for my complete and utter distaste of gangster rap culture.





It better be more impressive than "I used chicken to make chicken stock!"

One of these days I will attain Dojima status with sexy, strong body, and spend time naked in baths and onsens, talking to other naked people casually.

What exactly did Azami do to make all of Spice Boy's business partners back out?

Why the fuck do people think 3rd seat has anything to do with Peru of all things? Just because of a hat that can be seen all over the world? Come on, Peru has never been relevant to culinary world and especially Japan.

Noodles 100%


Threatened to cut off his own business dealings, he was apparently a fairly big fish.



If anything, Azami should be worried about everyone cutting off business ties with him, since his plan to close all restaurants he doesn't like would cost a lot of powerful people a lot of money.

Eizan didn't actually use his "specialty" or display the full extent of his cooking skills, since he didn't plan anything beforehand and was just half-assing it since he thought he had it in the bag. Odds are he'll get another match in the future where he'll show his full skills, though he'll probably just job again.


>unbuttoned pants


these are my guesses/what we know

Eishi- Nouvelle cuisine

Rindo- Blood dishes

Tosuke- Noodles

Momo- Desserts

Somei- Japanese

Nene- ???

Isshiki- Vegetables

Kuga- Chinese

Eizan- Who cares

Erina- All rounder


Souma's gonna freeze to death


How do we make Nikumi relevant?

He doesn't actually give a shit, he just wants to crater the Tootsuki because it fucked over his idol.

We don't.

goddamnit tosh

that's all

He might not give a shit, but everyone else should. Eizan should know better.

Well he did get beaten by something even less impressive

Jesus, so hot.

That's literally the point of that fight though

Most of the E10 have weird food goals but they're not particularly bad people, I feel like at some point Hisako going "hey you guys voted a child abuser in as school chairman, you know that right" would be enough to get most of them dropping Azami like a rock

What category would Tosuke fall in look wise? I don't he's very good looking but at the same time I don't think he's very ugly either

A big guy.


Nene is probably cold dishes, using science or something.

Eizan is an all-rounder

Erina so far has made Classique Haute Cuisine

He looks like Shinomiya in this shot.

Oh wow, Messer is still alive.
He just has a scar now.

What kind of earrings is Somei wearing?

So with Kuga's comment about Rindou not moving when it's cold, we can finally assume her whole fangs and appearance are meant to be reptilian?

is it wrong that I might be homo for soma?

no, Tosh's spell is working on you.