Boku no Hero Academia

I don't get it. How did Deku's mom get do fat? She used to be skinny. Is this a plot hole?

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no it's a thicc hole

She's sexy either way


She was only skinny in a flashback that took place, like, 10 years earlier. Its actually surprisingly realistic to have a housewife character gain weight as she gets older.

I want to stuff Deku's mom, if you know what I mean.

Likely stress, regret, she probably relies on her telekinesis quirk.

She just got thicc over time.

>deku's mom turns around and moans
>"better ingredients, better pizza, Papa Johns"

>i have never seen a real japanese housewife


C'mon man, the husband basically doesn't even exist.

>most all Dekumom porn is the skinny one
Goddammit, I want the fat one.

Sometimes, moms get fat. Especially if theyr'e just house mothers....
Does Deku's mom have a job?

Skinny people sometimes get fat, more at 11

Probably the stress of her son being quirkless on top of basically raising him on her own since we still haven't even gotten a hint of Dekudad. It's weird that it's been over 100 chapters without any sort of mention of the father.

>that's a whole lot of ole feathers, that's cheating m8

I wouldn't mind being Deku's stepdad.

Doesn't he breathe fire though?

Will it happen to the Mt. Lady too?

While chubby Dekumom is cute, I wish she would lose weight and go back to how she looked in the past. Especially when you compare her to the other moms.

At least we have Bakumom.

but they're both a kilogram.

This is a normal thing in real life.

Pretty much everyone gets fatter as they get older, besides a few exceptions.

One hot mom is more than we deserve.

I really hope the "thicc" meme dies in my life time and we can go back to shaming all these chubby chasers.

>boo hoo people like something i don't

Too late, people are getting used to thick. Thicc will become the new slim and morbidly obese debus will be our new "healthy". Guys that prefer women with BMI

I wonder if she started combing through her family tree to figure out how telekinesis + fire breathing = stockpiled super strength.

I wonder if Deku's dad filed for divorce.

It seems like he's not even alive. He could've called his son at least once when he was in the hospital, on television, during any aftermath of a villain attack.

>Is this a plot hole?

Look at your own mom then think about it again.

Did this manga ever hinted Deku's mom quirkness

I sorta hope you die within my lifetime.

You're in luck.

He was mentioned in the first chapter, and from the way he was mention it seems as he was alive. But it's still strange, if he's dead, alive or missing surely Deku would have though of him by now. He wasn't even mentioned during the Teacher parent meeting thing.

wtf i hate marriage now


She isn't even thicc. She's just fat.

His dad is all for one in disguise and erased the memories of him from deku and his mom

But how? Did she just stress eat every night after he left her?

>you will never breed that plump piece of maternal temptation

Deku's dad is a lucky man

>her power is attracting small things
Does Deku's dad have a tiny penis?

Stress eating, because her passive aggressive son guilt tripped her for not having a quirk.

Why not both?

Post more Bakumom.

Did it reveal one of these had quirk or something

Mangafags explain this

Only during Deku's conception. He was a shota at the time.

>from 10/10 to trash/10

>not fucking her back into shape
Gay go and stay go

>Deku-mom is cleaning one day and finds one of his weights
>Starts training
>Deku goes home one day to find her on the roof /fit/ and proud

I don't know what you're asking.

What if she got chubby because Dekudad secretly has a fat fetish?

>not liking tasteful chub

Shit taste

>Dekudad is All For One
>I AM YOUR FATHER with All For One and Deku
Hori would do it.

that's what happens to women after reaching a certain age.

and this is delicious

No, he would set up a scenario that makes you think it's going to be like that but then turn it on its head.

AFO isn't Deku's dad, Endeavor is

>I'm not All Might
>and Shouto isn't you
>I am you

endeavor is deku's dad

What does it taste like?

I don't think she's in her 60s.



Like glazed ham.

pure dreams

you must be joking



This bitch is just a gender bent version of bakugou


Maybe he got a divorce since she became so fucking fat.

Fuck him, I'll marry her. Imagine plowing that rear doggy style every day in the sack.

dekumom doesn't exist to be shallow fapbait, she's an actual mom who is pure and cares for her child.

Bakumom is a total slut tho and needs more porn. preferably with Deku

Retarded OP.

>tfw no doujin of All Might giving r63 deku the dick to transfer his power

I really really really want to fuck Deku.

It's like a mana transfer from fate.

Shut up Bakumom

This is my fetish





It's too late now it's here to stay until the next meme fetish show up

If you're trying to say 'do one of them have quirks?' then yes, Dekumom has like minor telekinesis or something.

Don't know if Bakumom does or doesn't.


It's people like you who ruin the genuinity of characters. Dekumom is one of the few realistic examples in manga of what happens to mothers generally. Another one is Takeos mom from ore monogatari

Thyroid Gland problems. That shit is real.

>Hori would do it.
After hearing how he ditched doing a chapter to go watch TFA I don't doubt it

No it isn't stop eating so much lardass

>all this bakumom and dekumom
>no short hair megane rocker jirou mom

are you fucking stupid

are you?

I had an athletic aunt that got hormonal problems after a difficult childbirth related to thyroid gland and gained weight ridiculously fast. She now takes meds to regulate it combined with constant exercise and supervised diet but she won't stop being thick.

that's what happened when you're stressed out like his mom and get old and don't go to the gym

aka what happens to most people when they age

Is Ashido basically a gyaru?

I'd his mom, if you know what I'm sayin'!


>cheating on Bakudad
I fucking hate this meme.

menopause, or the realization that she doesn't have to work to be pretty and let herself go

not in japan, jackass.

that's why all the other mothers are still think. overweightness is very low in japan.


no, not in japan. you know, where this takes place. most housewives aren't fat.

Bakudad does seem like one who is easily cucked

lol, deku really is genetically inferior, sheesh.

it must suck knowing you didn't get a quirk, due to sheer role of the genetic dice.

If he tamed such a fiery lady. He must be packing heat, and by that, I mean he's got a good spam javelin, and by that, I mean he's got a big dick, that or he know the right spots. Know what I'm saying?

my parents had me when they were in their late 30s so if its like my situation its menopause. trust me that shit does crazy stuff if u dont take hormones sups.


no, that's not what happens. people, start to sag when they get old, not get fat.

stop thinking your overweight western society is normal.


requesting more Bakumom


What, are you gay?



Spot the American

Deku's mom is like one of the only shounen moms I've ever seen that is basically like a real-life mom. She squeezed out a kid and became kind of a frumpy housewife- that's like a lot of people's moms.

>United States of smash that pussy

>There's a doujin of Baku fucking Deku's waifu
>No doujin of Deku fucking Bakumom

Why is this allowed?

Too pure


So why are there 2 threads?

Eh? There's a doujin that includes Baku fucking Ochako.

No legit doujin of Baku's mom though.


allot can happen during a decade

uravity is cute


But is she premium?

i'm tired of this meme

she's the premiumest


Go on..

>plot hole
No you retard. Thanks to likes of you this term will lose any meaning.

I wish she would get flustered thinking about me