ITT : God-tier openings

Pic related, very catchy and energetic tune

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It's better than the shows other ops.

>inb4 meme

>All these shit tier openings
Pssh, move aside

Shame the anime was terrible. Read the manga.

best english


JAM Project has yet to top this.

pretty funky tune friend
is this good to watch ?


gb2 ark.

I watched Sinbad before this. Did I fuck up?

Not really, sinbad is kind of a prequel

If you still have a shounen heart it's fucking great.

my favorites ITT

Nah the Magi anime sucks read the manga.

You need to get funkier friendo.
Op 2:

Wasted potential the animation

>watch this in 2005
>look at that huge cast of characters. They have cool desings
>I'm sure they have interesting personalities and storylines
>the action looks sick
>they fight with several weapons and summon giant animals instead of beam spamming
>oh boy this anime looks great

My 16yo self got so fucking rused

my nigga


>No Fullmetal Alchemist so far

Why the fuck isn't Aladdin a girl

Do you guys watch the opening every episode?

I usually just watch the first time unless it's really catchy.

if it's really good I watch it every time

Forever the best.

I normally post a certain singer's Shana OPs, but this time I'm posting her friends' OPs instead.

the OG d-gray man opening was dope

>linking disgusting pitchshifted versions of ANY OP

cant believe this hasnt been posted yet

Aragoto's is so much better.

my niggas

As somebody who has done both, the Magi anime is literally a 1:1 adaptation save for the very, very end of season 1.

>People have shit taste for anime
>But have good taste for anime openings

I fucking miss Spice and Wolf

These two are my recent favorite ones.
Second Season Never

Surprised this wasn't posted yet

Full version.

Only because you mention God.

database databse

wow wow

And more recent ops

The Classic 'Mic-Drop'

Game, Set and Match.

I really enjoyed the Luluco OP

holy shit. Pls tell me this anime is legit good? I-I'm tempted.

It's such a shame that the anime is shit.

It's good yes. But if you can't understand G-Reco and Tomino just don't bother

Anyone know what opening song this dude is using in the first 8 secs of this video?

I wish they would animate the rest of the manga.

I'm sure its been posted BUT I'M POSTING IT AGAIN.

For me this the lets go find edgesuke was the real end.

Remember to filter this idiot's trip.

This, however I must give the first one credit for making me pick the show series up.

Naruto is the dopest shit if you are a young teenager.

>Spice & Wolf

Both are great openings. It's funny the character animation in the show is so janky, but you could easily frame the backgrounds and hang them on a wall.

>the first few seconds of this op

The best:
about all I can remember

All I can remember. Just click anywhere.
My favorite ED (its pure magic to me)

made a couple mistakes, but also I fucking FORGOT THIS:



Rumba > Bure > Ringo



Still the best JoJo OP.

OP2 of season 1 was the best honestly

Good taste

Am I the only one who likes this?

Where the oldfags at?

Bustin' out the jams.

A masterpiece I rarely see posted in these threads:

Every thread

no user i liked it so much. even the ed was great

>Not Day you laugh

am I the only one who goes full faggot mode when he here's the drill that pierces the heavens rev up?

inb4 grammar nazi corrects "hears"

The singer also sang JoJo opening

Damn, part 2 was good.

Comfiest opening.
Better version


Its the anime G-Reco wishes it was half as good

Shame we wont get a new season ever again

The best one.

Sincerely hope someone has posted Outlaw Star's opening already

God tier taste
in manga

I am beyond disgusted that no one has posted this yet

>I watched Sinbad

Why has nobody brought this gem yet?


good taste

I'm a mangafag who can't watch adaptations if I like the source, but I'm glad I watched a couple episodes for this OP. The visuals and music are chosen and timed nicely against each other.

Totally depends on the opening.
Though these days I watch op almost every time, but only rarely watch ed.
And if I watch ed every time that's something special then.

Watched the first episode of Kumamiko didn't feel it so decided to drop it, but kept the first episode on my computer so I can listen and watch that ending again whenever I feel like it.

why the fuck cant they count properly?

the vocals and song are type tier but god are the english lyrics annoying

>No sayonara zetsubou sensei

Is it cool to start liking Cowboy Bebop again?

That is the worst Jojo OP

My negro

Yasuomi Umetsu

Why? Everything after goddess arc was shit

full version is pretty good

Necromancer was the only good girl