Does Cred Forums agree?

Does Cred Forums agree?

Cred Forums never agrees with anything.

>modern Ikuhara

Nichijou is definitely better than that cookie cutter ikuhara show


Penguindrum, maybe. Like, fucking maybe, since 2011 didn't have a lot of good artsy shit that's not overrated as fuck like Meguca.

Space Dandy/YuriKuma? lol

No, 2015 should be OPM

>deserving of anything
Nah you're a cunt m8

>2015 isn't ConRevo

Kyosogiga is good but 2013 should be Uchouten Kazoku.


>no ping pong


Mob/Hibike 2

>copy pasted manga panels with screen paneling every fucking shot
>bland storyboards
>shit art


Where the fuck is Tatami Galaxy?
Kill yourself.

Just don't forget to kill yourself.

>Kill yourself.
It's true. Easily Yuasa's most embarrassing work.

>meme artstyle
Try again

>Kill yourself.
Amazing retort.

>Monogatari nowhere on this fucking list

Literally all of Cred Forums has garbage taste.

I swear, Kyoanifags are the absolute worst.
Every other show up there is extremely unique and brimming with creativity, Hyouka looks just like every other Kyoani anime.
You could have pur Nichijou, that was the last time they actually tried leaving their confort zone.

>visual direction

2013 to Wind Rises, 2015 to Tamako and 2015 to Euphonium and we've got a deal. Koe no Katachi for 2016.

>2015 to Tamako and 2015 to Euphonium and we've got a deal. Koe no Katachi for 2016.
Case in point.

Wah wah a studio did more than one good anime and I can't handle it when someone acknowledges that

I don't think it's including movies.

Also, 2010 should be K-On S2, 2016 Rakugo or Hibike.

It just says "anime" so I say fuck it no reason to limit ourselves if there are obviously better works. I stand by my choices, but if I were to guess at a 2016 TV winner then yeah, probably Eupho.

You mean like how all Miyazaki anime look the same? Does having a different style equate to leaving your comfort zone?

Rakugo is nothing special visually.
I'm starting to believe you people don't know what are you talking about.

>Rakugo is nothing special visually.

>Yuri Bears.
Everything about that show was below average for a Ikuhara show.

Rakugo has some pretty nice storyboarding and layout work. It's definitely the most cinematographically savvy TV work of 2016 so far. Is it great? Nah, but it's not "nothing special" either.

If it's 2016 then Koe no Katachi probably.

This. Rakushit fans are delusional.

>Is it great? Nah
It is though

>most cinematographically savvy TV work of 2016 so far
That's Erased.

Hell no. Erased was too inconsistent.
Rakugo's direction was great all the way through though it lacked in good character acting, so I'll probably end up going for Eupho in the end.

I don't think so and you're not really trying to convince me otherwise, so I'm sticking my opinion.

Fuck off.


2010 -> Dissaperance
2011 -> Keion Movie
2012 -> Wolf Children.
2013 -> Kaguya Hime
2014 -> TLS
2016 -> Koe no Katachi

My nigga

What's 2015?

Yeah Memegatari is so artsy

Is this movies only? Otherwise I don't really agree with most of these.

Literally only Bake is good and that's 09.

Nise was much better visually.

It includes everything. But I'm not really seeing any TV series this decade as good as the movies I mentioned.

Not really. Nise had better animation and the character tried to stay on model more. But Itamura is nowhere near Oishi directoral talent wise. Nise had scenes just because they looked fancy or fanservicy enough. Bake had a refreshing minimalist look.

Maybe in fanservice.

2016 should be Mob Psycho 100.

Mob has great animation but is boring to look at. It should be either Kimi no Na wa, Koe no Katachi or most likely Kono Sekai when the BDs drop.

>not m*doka

Try again.

I think Hyouka, Wind Rises and Eupho are handily better than your choices. It's been a while since I've seen Disappearance, but Tatami Galaxy is fantastically imaginative. I'm okay with the K-On! movie, it's a toss up between that and Penguindrum for me.

Yamada's a better director than Shinkai or Katabuchi, it should be pretty one sided. Mob is in no way boring to look at, I think people need to ditch the idea that it's only good during battle scenes.


Madoka was gimmicky and fresh but in retrospect it wasn't anything spectacular. People that know actual cinematography tore it apart especially the Variety mag reviewer. K-On movie went with a more traditional and proven directing style and it was a pleasure to look at.

>a bunch of shows I dropped
Do I have shit taste or are those shit shows?
What do you think Cred Forums?

Both Miss Hokusai and Eupho were 6-7/10 at best. 2015 a SHIT

Great taste user, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

2011 is the only show worth watching on this list.

Most of the best stuff this decade, with a few outliers, are 6-7/10 at best.

I think 2012 should be the Lupin spinoff.
It might be shit but it's fantastic looking shit that hasn't been recreated since.



Sayo Yamamoto is great

Maybe if you're a woman.

What is 2013 supposed to be?

There was no visual direction in Space Dandy, each episode looked completely different.

2013 - Kill la Kill
2014 - Sora no Method
2015 - Rolling Girls
2016 - Flip Flappers

Ah, nice, no one will think you're a shitposters if you post a thread like this right after Mob Psycho's finale, just to get some guaranteed replies from fans of the series

I don't understand.

>2013 - Kill la Kill
>2014 - Sora no Method
>2015 - Rolling Girls
please be joking

Yuri Kuma

Should I change anything else?

I disagree faggot.

Can you be more meme?

As much as I think the show was utter garbage, Ranpo Kitan totally deserves mérit from it's direction.

Is this better, or should I add Mob Psycho 100 and K-On season 2?


Not meme/reddit-tier enough.
I wanna share it with my friends over at Reddit and Gaia.

Needs more memes. Where is Lulco? Where is MCA? I need to see Koe no Katachi too. Have 2016 be a split.

Here's what you requested, kid.

2015 should be Kekkai Sensen

I don't know how to make slashes and stuff.


Sugoi, nigga.
If this were reddit, I'd give you an upvote.
inb4 "Fuck off back to "

If you're not memeing it up then overcharging the scenes doesn't equate with good direction. If you're memeing then sick meme dude xD
meme worthy/10

How is Katanagatari and Mekaku memes?

>he doesn't know