Danganronpa 3

We all agree he's the most engaging, compelling, and just inherently likeable character in the franchise, right?

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Ryota is my self-insert character.

> When your anime is that complex that it ruins the anime where it exist

Come on guys it's not bad at all. I thought this episode was well and compellingly written. A little disappointing perhaps but I think that's because people's expectations were set too high.

Baby come back
You can blame it all on me
I was wrong and I just can't live without you

So what actually happened on the ep?

I'm still waiting for subs lol.

Its all about Hope now you slut

>autism the post

Wrong picture user.

Kill yourself retard piece of shit.

No one cares about your shit taste.

Ryuota vi Mitarania brainwashed everyone into Hope


I love you, O HOPE, my strength.

The HOPE is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,
my HOPE, my rock, in whom I take refuge,
my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

I call upon the HOPE, who is worthy to be praised,
and I am saved from my enemies.

He is the emperor of mankind

I'm completely neutral towards him

Tengan was planning on brainwashing the FF but Chisa swapped shit out with the suicide video and made the killing game

Mitarai decided to take over the world with brainwashing because muh guilt

Asahina gets mind hacked for a bit and leg locks Naegi

Mitarai brainwashes most FF soldiers

Munakata dual wields and looks so dashing that Chisa would be proud

Togami, weedman and Hajime show up in the end

Junko and Chisa are talking together in the theater which is hell and Chisa believes that hope will start soon (she smiles showing that her soul is clean of despair)


Only if you're nigger or faggot.

Well it's not my fault you are retarded.

I want to hug this shortcake therapist.

Consensually, of course.

Repeat with me

Link the sound webms, I need my fill of despair

Are we worse than ZTD at this point?

But he's got the hopehacc anime. One flash of that and he's just getting KuriJunko succ or something.


What do you mean with FF?

You're the only retard here, faggot.

Danganronpa 3 is just a stepping stone for V3

Future foundation

Kill yourself for the sake of despair hopefag

Nothing is worse than ZTD.

it's all make sense now

Fuck off stupid.

Will they shoot a DESPAIR bullet to get Mitarai to shut the fuck up?

But despair queen has the "Kill yourself" video


One episode left to find out.


Zetsubou is a prequel and the true timeline.
DR1 and 2 are "What if Scenarios".

Mirai is part of the "What if Scenario".

Junko and Chisa are actually in the NWP before anything happened.
That cinema is the one from the NWP.

Mitarai was creating the anime on request for the FF as part of the rehabiliation.
The end will be "HOPE" with Junko and Chisa being despairfree.

Everything will be retconned.
DR1 and 2 were games played by Chiaki,

>pretty much unanimous agreement around the world that DR3 was a mistake
>hurr you're all retarded

No, and you are stupid for asking.



My wife Chisa is beautiful in this episode.

I suppose that's how it seems from your point of view.

You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, HOPE died for the despair.

Subs when?

>Kodaka is buddies with Zero Escape guy
>"Hey, wouldn't it be cool to add MINDHACC in my third entry?"

You know what could have made this scene good? If they didn't already blue ball us six episodes ago with it only to have him do nothing.

this time the true mc is monokuma

So animeman probably turns out to be Uber dispair?

That sounds too complex for Kodaka.

No. They'll shoot a BULLET bullet. And they'll keep shooting. And they'll leave Mitarai's corpse there, rotting like the carcass of Danganronpa's dignity as a whole.

You guys just can't appreciate consistent writing.

Hi, guys, I just wanted to stop by to let you all know I was right.

I mean, it's not a happy ending not yet anyway, but Mitarai was evil AND Juzo was completely forgotten about. Instead we got to see Munakata talk about Chisa in his last moments!

Juzo wasn't even mentioned, just briefly shown in a death flashback.

Beautiful! I love it.

So what the fuck was Tengan plan actually?
I have no hopes for V3 after this mess.

Look on the bright side, at least he will definitely do something in the hope side

No, just a guilt ridden faggot.


It's still not on the same level as MINDHACK in ZTD

Letting ZEfags into our threads was a mistake. They brought nothing good.

He is Hope Radical, user.

>consistently bad writting
Nope, can't appreciate it.

I can't believe that stupid "He's going to do something, and you know it's going to be good" Simpsons parody was actually accurate.

Turn despair into hope and control the world?

>pretty much unanimous agreement around the world that DR3 was a mistake

You're delusional

You understand danganronpa is a parody, right? Like you're not supposed to take it seriously?


I don't know, man. The pictures they bring with him are quite enjoyable.

The guy sawing his head off while begging was pure ZTD mind hack. Asahina with empty eyes wasn't

The DR1 anime handle the last 2 episodes way better than this pile of shit that is DR3

it builds you up to the final one the final confrontation

Come on it's not bad. It's not all that different from the games' writing.

Even his sacrifice just fucked up the world even more by letting animefag brainwash everyone!

The most tragic, pathetic joke of a character, everybody, Juzo Sakakura!

He's an Omega fuccboi who pussied out of responsibility to atone for what he has done.
So he sacrificed everyone to keep his secret hidden.
Likewise, his guilt drove him to start turning humanity into hopefags.

Chisa is happy in the end because Juuzo didn't manage to steal Munakata away from her.

I missed the livewatch.

Can someone link me the thread where it all went down?

So this is true despair. 50 shades and more.


Guys, my detective best friend wants something from me and I'm not sure what it is.

>turning humanity into hopefags.
Nothing bad with that.

>yfw Hinata + Naegi team loses and the new big bad in DR V3 is Mitarai

Mitarai is making himself out to be the bad guy in his anime acting as "martyr", the villain that hope overcomes.

Meme stretching

I agree. That was a huge mistake. Still, I enjoyed the anime overall. I would correct that mistake though. No point.

Anyone else cry out of joy seeing Hope Chisa back? She is the only good thing out of DR3

Reminder that bulling weeaboos can lead to someone making brainwashing anime that ruins everything


The final trial was one of the few good things the DR1 anime did which gave me hope for this finale.

Too bad Kodaka and Seiji Kishi are both hacks.

How they would stop Hope Lelouch?

On the contrary, ZTD memes make swallowing this shitfest much more bearable

>if all the despair was removed from the world that would be its own reason to despair

Reminder that this is NOT going to be the ED for Hope.

It's too good for this anime


>"I can see you again tomorrow, right?", I said with a smile



>Pepsiman will never get to fuck the princess
Why even live

how can ultimate everything lose though?

That was never said, though.

All we know is that Izuru put Junko AI into a simulation that also had a Chiaki AI.

I know and you know, that that's just bs you want to spout. You know there's no truth to that comment.

> 7 ate 9


>his talent easily brainwashed the whole 77th
>his talent easily made plebs nuked "muh school full of talent"
>his talent told the plebs to kill themselves and they actually did
>his talent easily destroyed the whole world
>the whole Future Foundation was founded as a result of his talent
>his talent told them to kill themselves and they actually did
>the Ultimate Programmer, the Ultimate Neurologist, and the Ultimate Therapist, among other talented people created the New World Program just to fight against his talent
>they failed anyway and got 10 people killed in the process
>his talent made Munakata AHHHHHHHH
>his talent brainwashed Chisa and started the FF killing game hence resulted two main waifu's death
>his talent easily brainwashed SHSL Hope even Junko couldn't analyze nor defeat
>his talent so good he outlived the mastermind herself
>his talent easily reverse mindhaccs the whole world unlike the trash NWP
>his talent so convenient it progressed the entire plot of the franchise



Brainwashing people to hope feels like something Komaeda would do.
Mitarai injected with Komaeda AI when?

Don't forget there's no way this fucker is going to die.

>Y-yeah Mitarai-san, I know you just brainwashed the entire fucking world, but you're just misguided
>Join us on the path to true hope


are you kidding me? It's the only thing enjoyable about both arcs

that reminds me
did anyone ever sub the directors cut of episode 13?

The final trial in DR1 was the only good part of the anime, if you include the director's cut the final Hope vs Despair fight is better than in the game.

Hinata decides this is all boring and just watches from the sidelines as always

Would he? Would he see this as genuine hope? Then again, Junko aka the Ultimate Despair was more than ok with brainwashing people into despair despite it being a shortcut that takes all the joy away from the process.

Agree. It's basically the same from the games.
People just want to complain, I guess.

What's DR3?

I like animated Monaka
but now she's ruined

Well, we need 16 people and we can decide right now

One episode left.

>outlived both Chiakis, Kirigiri, and Chisa
>he'll get away with it

Stop this shitposting
>no you guys are so silly, it was complete garbage all along!

I really like the track.


Nope I uploaded the raw years back and no one has yet to translate, but you can always check the game if you want a translation.

Uh no. Why would it retroactively ruin anything?
Damn, I love shitposters.

This anime was just fine.

Debate me.

Hiyoko is my wife!

They manages to make everything worse I'll give them that. So, what are you guys going to watch now?

How much would Hopeman like this hopeful ending?


Monaca was the only thing ruined.
Everything else was par for the course, not that LP watchers would know.

For me the highlight of the series was her going
>It's all retarded, I'm off to space suckers
It was also the first time I liked her.

I wouldn't go so far as to say it ruined the entire series, but it certainly was a huge disappointment.


Hope on thursday, and then I'm dropping this garbage.

It wasn't complete garbage, and DR3 isn't garbage either. People just want a shitposting train to hop aboard. TORtanic and ME3 have ruined Cred Forums irreversibly.

And it was the best point to abandon this trainwreck of a finale.

well fuck

Stop shitposting

Why does Komaeda get the nicest art?

He really, really does

True. The games never explained them better anyway.
They just did things in a vague and funky way so people didn't pay attention to it. Also they tried to burn themselves with self-deprecating jokes from time to time so people didn't take things literally.

In terms of writing quality there wasn't a big difference between the games and anime.

>and then I'm dropping this garbage.
But user DR3 will be over, how can you drop something you've finished?

>DR3 apologists

Stop shitposting.

>it's shitposting to point out the anime is fucking terrible and has made the games worse by association

One last episode

>Doesn't own up to his mistakes
>Tries to have all his teammates killed so he can Mind Hack the world
Yes, I hope he commits suicide

The anime clearly painted it as something bad, she basically became a NEET which is frowned upon on Japan

only retards like most of Cred Forums would genuinely think Monaka's choice was a good one


What did they add in the directors cut? I don't know if I've seen it or not.

By not getting V3 I guess.

Maybe he means the franchise, I'm in that boat, I have very little faith in V3.


post yfw nothing happens during side:hope

I want to bury my face into Juzo's sakakuras

Stop shitposting, user

He also had several chances to cough it up.

>people are surprised that it's becoming a Zero Escape anime
>Sayaka has been saying she's an esper since the first game

Is Hope the ultimate form of Despair?

He even gets nice art with Chiaki.

>DR3 isn't garbage

It's garbage on multiple levels, the fact that it's connected to better works pisses people off

>lack of characterization doesn't exist
>plot contrivances don't exist
>terrible pacing doesn't exist
>overall bad plot decisions don't exist

It's bad standalone, put it to previous works and get people upset

Seeing as how the anime turned out, it was the right decision without a doubt. The episode felt almost like it was ghostwritten by Kodaka as a warning.

Literary impossible. Shit happened in this epiode why wouldn't it happen in the conclusion?

>hurr durr I have no argument
>hurr you are bunch of apologists I swear!

No, I can see why people dislike DR3.
You guys just like the murder cases of the games.
You never like the conflict between despair and hope, which I and some other people like from the start of the series.

Is this suppose to be the MC or something?

>It's just Kodaka saying hope for 24 minutes

>Danganronpa's dignity
DR never had any dignity. It was mean to be a meme to spread despair to each one of its fan.


Kirigiri's death kinda ruined my appetite for ever playing DR1 again. So yes, original series ruined.

Its an extra 10 minutes on the final trial that adds in more exposition, since the original version was pretty rushed. Kodaka himself stated he would have liked DR1 to have had 16 episodes.

Friendly reminder that we have to thank Juzo for unleashing Mitarai's true nature.

I don't give a fuck about whether her choice to leave was good or not. I only think that it's hilarious how she just realized that the whole despair hope thing is ridiculous and left.

I can't believe it wasn't Junko again.

I also can't believe it's this omega level pussy.

if all you cucks want to commit to your whining, get a 3.60 vita and pirate NDRV3 once it comes out. i think DR3 was absolutely terrible as well, but you're all just gonna take kodaka's chode up the ass again once NDRV3 comes out.


Mitarai asspul was not needed, there were so many better ways to wrap it all

DR3 is no longer canon in my eyes. I'll pretend it never existed.

Hope man doesn't like artificial hope

So we're getting a class trial with Hajimeme and Naegi shooting down Animemes arguments down right? Also I hope there's an execution scene for Mitarai

So Mitarai is the final boss what is he going to do ? sissy fight his way out ?

Part of enjoying anything is the ability to share your experience with others

Anytime you get to talk about how you like DR1 and DR2 you now have to preface it with
>yeah but DR3 is really bad and disappointing I don't want to talk about it

While it doesn't "ruin" it, it certainly fucks it up

and that's with it just being bad, the anime does retroactively shit on the twist in SDR2 with mindhack


He's a meme even in death

Ryota is pretty much the MC of DR3, we're about to have our final showdown between all 3 MCs.
Can it be Thursday already, i want off this wild retarded ride.

>implying there wasn't a ridiculous amount of foreshadowing
>even showing the """tragic""" background of the ultimate villain in the despair arc


Junko predicted what Mitarai would do. Junko still has him in the palm of her hand.

Despair wins again.

See? This is why I stop listening to Cred Forums
Half you fags say "oh my god, it was so obvious. bla bla bla" and then the other half say the opposite

You fags just want to hate regardless of what happens

Because it uses elements from the original series and perverts them.
It uses tracks like Ikoroshia 8bit for real Chiaki's execution, etching her screams into my memory of the song, and makes stuff with AI Chiaki that much more heartbreaking than the melancholy that was already there in most of them.

It kills off Kirigiri, nullifying the tension that I felt during moments like 1-5.

There are a lot of ways that DR3 retroactively ruins things.

> get a 3.60 vita
No money for that faggotry.
I would proudly watch lets plays.

How do i watch this anime assuming i played the games?

One episode of Future than one Episode of Despair or.
Should i watch one first and then the other.

How about fuck you? I'd rather buy an expensive gunpla than waste that much cash on memory cards

>bad standalone

That's because it isn't a standalone, it's a sequel

>characterization doesn't exist

Wrong, DR always has fodder characters even in game, those who were important were properly characterized

>plot contrivances

Certainly, it's one of it's problems. Moreso in the despair arc

>terrible pacing

Only in the despair arc, we should wait for side hope to see how the pacing ended up being like

>bad plot decisions

subjective, people are acting as if Tengan + Ryota/ brainwashing being involved wan't hinted from the start

people wanted shit like Chakizuru or yet another fake body o Chisa could be the mastermind or some shit, people apparaently wanted Junko to come back YET AGAIN for some reason and even if he did they would sstil complain

Why are these threads so fast?


>How do i watch this anime assuming i played the games?
You don't.

>really bad
Nah, it was fine. I don't agree that this episode was bad. I dislike certain other things however. But it's pointless to try to have an actual discussion.

>Still hoping for Junko to hijack everything kill Mitairai for being a faggot and have a threesome with Izuru & Neagi.

I don't even see the appeal of Hajime going to confront him. Ryouta has never interacted with him.

The only time he ever even saw Izuru was when he shot Komaeda and then he immediately ran away.

Why should I care about Hajime going to deal with him when they have no history?

>How does giving the series a fucking awful conclusion and filling out the backstory of the previous games with the most fucking retarded explanation for what occurred possible ruin the other games

Seeing as how she was affected by what happened even after she fucked off, in the end it didn't mattered

Guess, the message with her is that you can't run away from your problems and the mistakes you made


Sequels kind of have to be good in their own context user, otherwise people call them complete garbage

Like now, nothing is even worth reading after such an ill-informed opinion

Hajizuru rips out 2 knives from the monitors on the way to the top and forces Naegi and Mitarai to have a fight.

i often forgive shit writing in anime , but this... this cross the line.
The whole anime was shit , still better than zetsubou-hen , most episodes are a waste of time and don't explain anything. only on ep 6+ the story really starts and keep on being shit.

Mirai was so bad writen , that people knew most of the stuff from the beggining of ep1 to 3
>chisa despair
>munakata can't open doors
>juzoboy will be best at the end
>mitarai traitor , or mastermind
>tengan being the bad guy also (kind of implied from the games tho)

t. SHSL Photoshop Artist

So when the hope side is released?

>Mitarai asspull was not needed

What was the alternative? Letting Mitarai do fucking nothing the rest of the way through? It wasn't that much of an asspull to begin with.

Don't. Seriously, it'll just ruin the games for you.

Because shitposting

It's pointless to have an actual discussion with apologists morons that didn't play the games and came from the DR1 anime yes


She didn't realize shit, she just left because she didn't care anymore, same thing her brother did. In the end though she didn't own up for all the bad shit she did and that came to bite her in the end

> mitarai traitor or mastermind
He was neither of that, retard.

I don't get it. This is the opposite problem theories like Chiakizuru had, there is no emotional investment whatsoever in Hajizuru confronting him. It's just the spectacle of the two DR MCs teaming up. They're expecting me to be excited based solely on that element.

>Part of enjoying anything is the ability to share your experience with others
That's why when you do so in an anonymous image board, you're having fun saying how shit it is. Its honestly quite funny how much I enjoyed this anime and thought it was good before coming to Cred Forums threads.

Let's be honest: Cred Forums loves to focus on the faults and constantly remind everybody of them, making a mediocre anime look horrible.

Yeah, fuck this.
Gonna pretend that DR3 never existed, it just ruined too many things.

FF and the rehabilitated Remnants slowly but surely restored hope to the world and neither side had fucking mindhack anime.
The End.

Reposting this from the dead thread.

nice head canon buddy


according to Kodaka is the perfect ending

>Izuru arrives
>Ryota uses his phone trying to brainwash Izuru
>He just stares at it expressionless

Thighs not big enough


Tengan set up the whole killing game to put Mitarai in a hopeless situation so he'd finally be brave enough to use his Hope video. Tengan is the mastermind, but he is not a Remnant of Despair. It makes sense, he did say Munakata was too naive - you couldn't just destroy everyone who's in despair and expect hope to spring up. "Despair is in everyone's hearts." Mitarai and Tengan probably thought the same way, and that is why Tengan decided on sacrificing the Future Foundation's heads to get Mitarai to broadcast the Hope video to the world.

One episode left. I don't feel anything has been concluded yet. I reserve judgement till the actual conclusion.
It's like getting angry about the game's end when you just finished Naegi's execution.

Nobody cares, fuck off

DR3 doesn't shits on anything, brainwashign was present since DR0 and it isn't the most unbelievable thing in the DR universe

Agreed. Headcanon is better canon than Kodakacanon

I am not a sensitive snowflake.
Even if its shit it wont ruin the games for me.

Just tell me if i need to watch them as they aired or should i watch one then the other.

Yes. Watch one despair and one future.

What if Izuru can brainwash people just by staring at them?


we should've known

>yfw DR3 defense force gets even more BTFO when subs come out and rest of Cred Forums watches this train wreck.

Alternate them. F1 then D1, etc

You better have fucking played the games first though.

>according to Kodaka
"DR3 is the ultimate fan item"
"Killing off heroines who survived previous killing games is too mean"

It's retarded really. I thought they were going to at least have the class 77 survivors with him so that he would have to confront how he pretty much ruined their lives but nope just Hajimeme.

Future 1 > Despair 1 > Future 2 > Despair 2 and continue as such.

The alternative was even retarded Izuru 2.0. which would be 10 times more interesting to watch

Stop making posts, your simply not intelligent, or at the very least not self-aware

For one, you're incredibly stuck on the idea of Cred Forums trying to perpetuate the tortanic response, which isn't happening

yup, not only did we get a healthy dose of mind hacc but we also got boring build ups towards it

And DR3 is good as a sequel because it's tying up every loose end, just not like how some fans desired

As a standalone of course it won't be good

that's still extremely retarded. there had to be other, non lethal ways to get Ryouta to use his video.

Except the game was actually decent up until Naegi's execution.

Future-arc, meanwhile, has been utter fucking shit. The only redeeming parts of it have been making fun of it in the threads and the music.

You say this now, but when you look back you'll change your tune. I should know, I was like you once. Then I tried listening to this song again.


I can't.

Please don't. It's horrible and ruins the previous games. Save yourself.

Stop this shitposting people have refuted that for months now since mindhacking was brought up

>This crossed the line
Your first anime

>most episodes were a waste of time
Most of Mirai was plot episodes. Despair was the canonly empty episodes
>Don't explain anything
Last 2 episodes explained everything

The other user already yelled at you for being wrong about Mitarai

Also, you are an idiot for saying "bad writing" when things are foreshadowed/shown so you can make theories etc. They totally not the same. If you can note things, like say: The OP shows the building is underwater, that's a good thing that you use that to make theories

>all a sequel has to do is tie up the loose ends of the previous work(s) and it's good no matter how terribly it does it


Spanish subs out and already the Defender are getting blown out

both USB were bad Chisa did not trick anyone

Sure mate, keep being brainwashed by the opinion of the majority. Literally the definition of "memes" consists in things like this.

Acknowledging faults is one thing, focusing on them is another.

Any head canon is better than the bullshit known as DR3

>according to Kodaka
He can suck my dick. No wonder he ran away.

>still no argument

How about you give me a solution besides brainwashing? Why would the world care about kids killing each other or some plebs destroying a Japanese school?

Because Junko had so much charisma and humor amirite?

I just realized, episode 3 had Mitarai confirm once again the broadcast to the entire world.

Back then, all we saw were his eyes hidden and staring at the monitor looking displeased.

>Junko returns and she lied about being dead.
>Goes off with Neagi & Izuru and has a threesome.
>Kaede is the child of Junko & Neagi.
>DRV3 is 15 years after DR3.

The Star Wars prequels are underrated gems I agree



> that people knew most of the stuff from the beggining of ep1 to 3

This is a lie

>Cinema screen showing every death except Kyoko
Kodaka hates us right?

I told you to stop posting user, you're an idiot with a complete lack of awareness

Can't come soon enough.

fuck off delusional tumblrfag

He didn't show Chiaki's too.

>this song reminds me of my waifu's execution and I get sad

Fuck off pussy

she literally says what the usbs are at the beginning. even without subs Cred Forums should've been able to tell.

>yfw he actually is Killer killer

This anime was supposed to be FANSERVICE what happened.

How is this going to conclude? What the fuck is going to happen?
Does anyone even like Mitarai except tumblrfags?

what about candy slut?

>you wasted all your time with this shit
How do you feel, Cred Forums?

They also didn't show Ruruka's death, and the only thing shown of Chiaki's execution were the remnants.

Well, the thing is though, is that the tortanic response is exactly what people are trying to force right now. If you parrot how much DR3 is SHSL shit and ruins the whole series, then people will follow your lead.

You can do this with virtually any opinion.

Can we agree at least that Chisa had a beautiful smile in the end?

>And DR3 is good as a sequel because it's tying up every loose end
What loose end did it tie? No really, so far you can ignore it and the only thing it changed is that some people are alive.

You fell for it.

The ad at the end was also Togami directly teasing us about Kirigiri.

The same as Junko did in this episode.

She was shown together with Yaoi, but I guess it doesn't count.

>it's just mindhacc, I have it too
>brainwashes Mitarai with bare eyes

Mitarai would browse Cred Forums and brainwahs everyone with his shit taste wouldn't he?

All shippers get BTFO'd.
Junko is rehabilitated from watching Mitarai's anime.
All waifus are alive.
Seiko and Ruruka get along like sisters.
Sayaka is actually a virgin.

>it's tying up every loose end
By having everyone murdered?
Not to mention the central issue of restoring the world still hasn't been wrapped up

That's the fucking point, user. There IS NO REASONABLE REASON. There NEVER was!

The only reason it ever worked before now was because the fucking series left it ambiguous how the Hell Junko did everything aside from DR0 explaining the memory loss. It suggested some stuff so you could fill int he blanks for yourself however you wanted in whatever way didn't break your suspension of disbelief and made some modicum of sense for you.

Trying to fill out the backstory of the series was a fucking mistake right from the very start, but that doesn't change the fact that the way it was done was still fucking awful.

Despair service

The threads were fun at least

Subs afuera ese:
www112 zippyshare com/v/S7QGJzeO/file html

>yfw it turns out candybitch alive


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>Such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>Saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


This in indeed a possibility, brother!

Fuck off.


so you feel dead?

Betrayed that I played 3 games for this shit.

Time travel to kill the original Izuru Kamukura before he founds HPA

Again, that was for the Audio CD that comes with the BD.

Didn't Junko grin again this episode while she was in that big theatre in the sky?

No, that's not what's happening

That forced shitposting doesn't come until after something airs on Cred Forums, all boards aren't the same

You really have no clue

You'll get your shitty bleak "Look to the future" ending and you'll like it.

>can't even refute an argument
>stop posting you idiot just accept dr3 is trash :((((((

Izuru 2.0 was always a stupid idea

>Oh geez, our experience failed because talent isn't hope but oh well let's just try making it another one for the laughs!

It's been refuted countless times so only shitposting is left user, you know this

>completely swayed by the majority
>thinks he has self-awareness
Holy shit, you're delusional, specially if you think I am going to stop posting just because you tell me to.

It seemed neat and it's not as if that kind of plot wasn't used before.


Are you staying strong, brothers?

Retarded Tengan was a Despair cuz he watch the fucking video

So deep

>waaaah waifus are dead anime so shit!!!

Should've guessed it's the waifufags that complained about everything.

>zanka plays
>Togami, Weedman, Naegi, Hajimizuru, Mitarai look off into the sunrise
>everyone else is dead

No you'll stop posting because you'll realize you're a fucking idiot

One more example of a lack of self-awareness

Good thing you'll response will be just to dig yourself deeper in the hole

Its going to end on a whimper for a new shit game. Just like the hack writer wanted.

Who talked about waifus? And you still answered my question.

>Juzo fucked up again
>Munakata doesn't even acknowledge his death

I don't have the strength, brother.

naegi said Tengan wasn't a UD. tengan's reasoning was literally "I just did it teehee".

he wasn't a Despair, he was just insane

DR3 did it in an acceptable manner that is coherent with what was estabilished in teh DR universe

I frankly don't know why people say that brainwashing is too unrealistic when you have thigns like Naegi and Nagito's luck in teh franchise

Everyone of them

>Makoto's destiny
>What's the state of the world
>What will happen in Jabberwock island and with the ROD
>What's the deal with the FF (that AE hinted)

And so on

>Not to mention the central issue of restoring the world still hasn't been wrapped up

Well, the anime isn't over yet

Threads was fun, I am okay with this.

Well, all the waifus are literally dead so what else is there to do except complain now that the show is dominated by men?

So does Cred Forums agree that Junko coming back again would have been better than Tengen + Mitarai's Hope video BS?

Tengan set up the game to kill everyone there was no deeper thing behind it

Not him just because you weren't talking about waifus doesn't mean you're not one who's mad about losing yours.

Don't be this negative, everyone. Yes, it was disappointing, and not at all what we've expected: but alas, the ride itself was still enjoyable, wasn't it? Didn't you, at the very least, enjoy the threads?

I know it's hard, but let us hope that the finale will give us something worth the wait!

As always, brother, no matter what happens!

So what do nips think?

That was to promote the BD with that Kirigiri game.

Nope not even Dumblr likes him anymore

Why did Ryota ask "what would you say about the person who would do something like this?"
Did he know it was Tengan all along.

Maybe if we hope really hard, it'll transition into a IF epilogue with a montage of happy scenes. Like Despair arc's ending.

Not bad since I can walk away from this shit and won't have to justify being an apologist retard

Because it was fun, more or less

He does and I'm alright with it.

It isn't neat, it's fucking stupid and worse than Kirijunko

You really can't look outside of your opinion, can you? You keep showing that you're closed minded and can't recognize any different point of view and I'm the one with lack of self-awareness.
Think outside of the box called Cred Forums if you think you have so much self-awareness.

I liked DR3

>Chisa went to hell

That's great.


Post fucking discarded. You can get teh fuck out of here DR3fag.

The anime is fucking shit. All of you should stop being apologists and accept it.


I'd feel worse about it if I didn't visit these threads, they were the best part of going through this shitshow.

>Makoto's destiny
He's the ultimate hope, nothing changed.
>What's the state of the world
The same state it was in DR2
>What will happen in Jabberwock island and with the ROD
Let's see if they answer that, because now the only thing we got is teaser after teaser of Mr.Boring
>What's the deal with the FF
Okay, I give you that.



>Hope video BS

It should have been obvious that this would be the case once the Despair video appeared

>box called Cred Forums

Which isn't Cred Forums, so please go back

I still don't regret having watched the anime or anything but you can't deny that this episode was probably the worst from either arc yet.

But at least she's back to normal.

Stop shitposting





How is the Ryota Internet Defense Force going to spin this episode?

This anime has been such shit that I won't be surprised if this happened.

It wasn't a total waste of time. I had fun theorizing, even if most of them ended up bunk - it was fun to practice analyzing scene composition and trying to figure out what they could mean.

Normally I hate Cred Forums's unending cynicism and capacity to shit on literally anything it watches but to be honest I really cannot wait for this place to poison the online perception of Danganronpa as a whole and for the dominant narrative to be that DR3 ruined the franchise.

I fucking hate it and I legitimately hope it negatively affects the sales of V3.

It frustrates me that some people are searching for any reason to blame the gay man at this point. Even Mitarai's choices this episode.

It's getting a little rough.

Nothing much. I stopped giving a crap many episodes ago. I'm only looking forward to V3 at this point.

At least the threads were fun and I'll remember them fondly, unlike the anime

can someone tell me what mitaris ng code was

Can't be helped they've clearly been brainwashed by the Hope video.

>Oh he made a grammar mistake, better throw a hissy fit over it like a 5 year old!

>he's a sweet cinammon roll

All he wants to do is save the world. He's literally doing nothing wrong.

Let get FF to kill them self to give Mitarai Hope

Entertained because I like the series.

Mind Hack Brown Girls

Not showing it , i think.

Why? Why did they greenlight this atrocity? Was it some stupid meta jole about shit anime causing despair? Because I'm not laughing.

If you don't like dr3 then why do you even post here?

Don't mind hack people i.e. don't use your anime skills.

That's what I was saying though.

>They just did things in a vague and funky way so people didn't pay attention to it. Also they tried to burn themselves with self-deprecating jokes from time to time so people didn't take things literally.

Can you honest say that "hurr hurr despair is unreasonable" in the games was good writing? The anime only exposed further Kodaka's weakness of writing. It wasn't worse than the games in terms of the actual quality of writing.

>has a different opinion
>must of course be Cred Forums
Yep, realize the world isn't just "Cred Forums's opinion" and "Cred Forums's opinion" and then you might form an opinion by yourself. I guess that for now I'll just pretend you're smarter than me and stop replying so you're happier with yourself.

There's no pushing needing, DR3 is shitty enough to do it on its own

>Hope side is literally about Hope anime
>Nagito wont even appear in it

Stop shitposting.

>He's the ultimate hope, nothing changed.
He grew stronger and had his view challenged through the entire eries, we'll get his conclusion soon
>The same state it was in DR2
Doesn't explains how they would fix it
>Let's see if they answer that, because now the only thing we got is teaser after teaser of Mr.Boring
Should be obvious we'll get an answer with that in the Hope side

They don't exist anymore, Tumblr hates him too now

Even if every single thing he did was a mistake, I still love Juzo. He was a 100% pure waifu.

>get my hopes up that the next episode will be better than last week's
>disappointed each week

Why can't I learn my lesson?

Korea doesn't like the episode either.

Being a good character

How does it feel, knowing your beloved franchise was tainted by Zero Escape memes?

I liked it
I liked the over the top shit, I liked the threads, I loved watching it with my Cred Forums bros on taima, I liked the fanservice and the closure some stuff got

It's a parody.
You're mistake was trying to make sense of it begin with. This is coming from someone who loves danganronpa and still does even after this episode.

>this is your typical autistic hater

Stop shitposting

Not him but you're the one going on about tortanic.

Nothing bad with creating World Full of Hope. It is necessary mean to counter Despair and generally good idea.

Mitarai is a skillfully crafter character.

I'm glad he is finally getting the spotlight he deserves.

Hype for Hope-arc.

No. Junko was annoying even when she's dead.

Work on your English, idiot. While you're at it, stop shitposting and embarrassing yourself.

Using your talent

Parodies are supposed to at least be fucking entertaining

Nagito isn't hope, he is just a stepping stone

Episode 11 was great and episode 12 was good, the ones saying that it was bad are ZTD memers

>getting hyped for anything DR3 related

As I mentioned earlier today, the hate and bashing is most likely the new kuuki due to disappointment. Don't mind the words of normies and don't be dragged down by them, brothers, for they haven't seen the light and are lost! Despite everything, we shall stay together and strong, for we got each others back, the ride is not over yet, brothers!

Kirijunko woulda been better then this shit

Work on your English, idiot. While you're at it, stop shitposting and embarrassing yourself.


triggered much

Why are you doing this?

>mfw this ends with Makoto stabbing Ryota on live TV to somehow fix everything

The Salt if there is a timeskip and we see Makoto/Aoi's child with Makoto,Aoi will be delicious

Honestly, this show was everything I loved about DR.

Don't really get why people are complaining.

I guess fans are just unpleasable.

Find the strength!
Munakata cried when he saw his body and is probably too terrified of the thought that he practically pushed him into death over false unchecked assumption, it's a heavy load

>only got 3 (you)'s

Stop shitposting

Everyone can have a little fun, user.

>Parodies are supposed to at least be fucking entertaining
Different people like different things.
Stop shitposting.
Grow up.

nice meme

>he didn't think this was entertaining

Sure it was shit, but it was pretty fucking entertaining. It's not anyone's fault that you're dull as shit.

No it wouldn't

>people complain about Kodaka
>the theories Cred Forums consistently came up with are ten times worse than everything Kodaka did in this series


It'll be fun. We finally have a good villain.

This is just not fair, man

Sorry, could you try that again in English? I'm having a bit of a hard time understanding you.

>Death reel shows every character who died except Kirigiri
They really went for the long con here

>shitposters now using my stop shitposting routine

How BTFO could you get

>not good

nice meme

Thank you, brother!

Because DR3 is fucking shit. Anyone who defends it is just trying to be a contrarian faggot.

What? Nevermind.
I didn't like either of them. 11 was a badly paced mess and 12 is basically going on route to the dullest possible climax.

>Ryota survives and is seen in somerural bumfuck country with Junko

>Izuru wearing Chiaki's hairpin

At this point, /drg/ is way less cancerous than Cred Forums threads.
Good lord.
Kill yourselves, all of you.


Subs when?

Togami even tells us that we shouldnt worry about her. It's obvious Kirigiri is alive

Stop shitposting.

Stop shitposting.


>Naegi, Togami, Munakata and Hajizuru teaming up to deal with some beta loser with animation hacks.

Who wrote this shit?

My boys, [Hope] will be upon us shortly.
Just hold out a little longer.

Made me sad. Have strenght, everyone. One more episode to go.

No. People can actually like things you don't and other people don't as well. Shocking, right?

Then why is discussing Evangelion allowed on this board?

We have no idea what could happen at this point, you too stay strong, my friend

You need to go back. DR3 apologists like you are fucking cancer.

Stop shitposting.

Exactly there's no fucking tension left.


Words can't express how disappointed I'm feeling after watching the raw.

Most of this episode was a fucking exposition dump and I didn't know most of what they were saying, but it's quite obvious that Tengan set up the killing game, Mitarai knew the whole time, and now he's going to use HOPE BRAINWASHING VIDEO on the whole world, because apparently mind control is the solution to every problem and everyone is susceptible to it.

Goddamn, why was he even the ultimate animator? Couldn't they have used another fucking talent to explain this shit, like ultimate hypnotist?

No fucking Junko's annoying as hell. Her complicated plan behind the events of DR1 and DR2 are entertaining, but god whenever she actually shows up and talks its like the quality of the game just drops.

Not that this whole mitarai and hope video shenanigans or any better.

The Worlds greatest hackman, Kodaka

>Not knowing enough Spanish from school to understand everything in the subs

Reminder that Kodaka's twists are still great but foreshadowed.

Except in DR3.

Stop shitposting.

>being hyped for DR3 episode after the 6th episodes.

You just assumed that i'm from /drg/, and my stance on DR3.
My point stands.

>Good Villain
>A pussy who instead of learning anything from the shit he went through thinks the solution is the same stupid shit that he did to fuck everything up to begin with
>His idea of spreading hope is turning everyone into mindless vegetables
>Good Villain
He's a fucking spineless dumbass who didn't even make a single anime despite being a supposed SHSL animator.

At least it explains why Hope is only a 24 minute episode. They'll have him dealt with by the halfway mark and then they can focus the rest on the epilogue, right?


Amazing how even something as bad as this has shills.

The twist of the world being destroyed by a gyaru slut in DR1 wasn't foreshadowed at all, you meme.

Nor was the twist of Chiaki being a Future Foundation traitor who was actually an AI

Work on your English, idiot. While you're at it, stop shitposting and embarrassing yourself.

In 2-4 hours, if [hope]subs has the same working speed as before.

My hope was too strong...I seriously kept believing it would redeem itself.

/drg/ hates DR3 for the record

This episode killed my hype completely.

You were supposed to do her ftes!

Countdown on Mitarai's Running time is around 20 minutes as of the end of this episode, safe to assume most of the episode will be spent trying to beat that time limit.

Stop shitposting.

Anyone with half a brain knew that Junko was the real villain in DR1 and Chiaki was the traitor and that DR2 was in a VR.

You guys are confusing me.

Am I allowed to like DR3 or am I supposed to hate it? I've been enjoying it, but mostly everyone keeps complaining about it, so should I hate it?

Not shills, just blind defenders that cannot comprehend shit when they see or smell it.

>not even mentioning that she goes and talks about the main timeline on her School Mode ending.
More like Ultimate Disappointment.

What a fucking disgrace.

But Ruruka appears in the death reel? It's not like we got to see her death anyway.

Does Cred Forums like boats?

>Mitarai brainwashed the DR3 threads into a hope hug box, so you are not allowed to shit on the show anymore
the absolute mad man

It's literally just shitposting

But they got called out and are now mind broken, so they changed their tactics

Work on your English, idiot. While you're at it, stop shitposting and embarrassing yourself.

What did you think?

>Mitarai knew the whole time, and now he's going to use HOPE BRAINWASHING VIDEO on the whole world,

No he didn't

>because apparently mind control is the solution to every problem and everyone is susceptible to it.

It isn't

>Goddamn, why was he even the ultimate animator?

For the twist, if he was the ultimate hypnotist, you'd know about what he can do with his power

This is why I tell people to stop WANTING Izuru to come before the finale. But still: Brainwashed soldiers are still something.

I actually wonder if Mitarai IS the final boss.

It's promotion for BDs and Kirigiri game.

You're allowed to like it, but I'm gonna shit on you for being dumb enough to like it.

Think whatever you want, just acknowledge the faults of both DR3.

I don't know what kuuki means, but thank you for your words. You've given me strength.

Hee, have what I suspect is a rare Juzo

Work on your English, idiot. While you're at it, stop shitposting and embarrassing yourself.

Make your own decisions and ignore what the masses think.

Anime was fun as hell at least.

You get to see characters in games animated and interact with each other. That doesn't happen to many games.

And the series never took itself seriously anyway. It had lots of over the top stuffs and never made much sense in the first place. I honestly don't understand why people like to complain so much.

Why don't you just calm down and enjoy the anime?

>Ryota HOPEwashing girls into doing things for him doujins when?

Elaborate on why you have been enjoying DR3 and then why you think it's a good show.

>Kirigiri game.
Fucking stop

There's a difference between having fun watching it and actually thinking it's good

/drg/ is shit

Think for yourself, just remember that a mot people complaining here are ZTD memer trying to push their shit ending and parallels into DR

>Togami even tells us that we shouldnt worry about her.
Wait, when does he does that?

Alright guys, prep up and vote for the shit option.

Reminder that if you liked it then you are the cancer killing DR.


He needs to get dicked as punishment.


Izuru coming would mean something if he had any sort of connection with the antagonist like if it was Tengan, but this is just some random shit to him. So now all he's going to be is an attack dog for Naegi.

>Brainwashed soldiers
Which we saw he has no trouble with.


Think what you want. I don't like it for many reasons, but I don't mind other people liking it, and I would hate to see discussion die just because people aren't allowed to dis/like it.

Mukuro's last words. I knew they were important and I realized the dead body in the last case was actually (who I thought ) Junko's based off the nails.

Chiaki was foreshadowed as an AI pretty hard in her trial and a little before but not the traitor bit. but that wasn't the big reveal, user. So you are cheating. The reveal was its VR, which WAS foreshadowed.

I don't even understand all the hate. I'm liking this episode, and this is coming from izurufag.

How can Chibi Juzos be so cute?

Kohacka and his legion of hack writers.

There shouldn't be anybody defending this anime at this point. Anybody hyped for Kibou Hen are masochists.


I don't know why people are complaining about the hope video when the despair video was already a thing and when brainwash is something that is in DR since DR0

This is good satire

HOPEwashing Kirigiri and Chiaki?
HOPEwashing Toko and Komaru?
HOPEwashing the DR1+2 girls (even Sakura)?

I enjoy it and several others do. Cred Forums shitposts after EVERY.FUCKING.EPISODE.



>That doesn't happen to many games.
That's wrong, but I'll just pin that on you having better tastes than me. I've watched a lot of shitty anime based on games.

I'm the guy you replied to.

Mitarai is the most realistic character in the DR series imo. That's why most people do not like him.

Yeah his anime ruined everything the first time but it's his talent. Of course he is going to use use it to try and fix things.

He doesn't want to just turn everyone into mindless vegs. I'm sure he will release them once he gets some semblance of peace in the world.

Shut the fuck up Izurufag. Hajimeme showing up at the end was literally the only good thing about this episode.

Someone like you was SUPPOSED to like this episode.

I want to go on a boat ride with Izuru.

>Cred Forums shitposts after every episode

Blatantly false shitposter-kun

I'm not allowed to like it?

>Anybody who likes what I don't like is a hack!


The tension is that he won't save the others in time or bla bla bla. We'll see what happens. I'm hyped for the end. Or I would be if I wasn't sleepy.

I enjoyed DR3 too, but people here can't get over the faults and enjoy the good parts. Its an OK anime that could have been a lot better, but its not completely shit.

Him and Chisa were the only good parts of the episode. Live a long life Munakata, your waifu is watching you from hell.

Give it a day and the discussion will return to normal. Think what you want.

user, I didn't say Junko being the mastermind of the killing game wasn't foreshadowed, because it was.

I'm saying the outside world being destroyed and her being the cause wasn't.

He is literally SHSL+++. He should, at the very least, be capable of beating up a platoon or so of goons with ease.

That last bit was the peak, but everything about this episode are still good.

No it is always like that

It happened even in good episodes like 10 and 9

even episode 6 was going to have shitposting if it wasn't for the ending that got people hyped

Why is everyone so mad it's just an anme
nb4 stop shitposting

>Kill people afflicted with Despair
>Kill people afflicted with Hope
Whats the difference

But doesn't that make him a Remant of Despair due to the explaination that Junko provided about the Ultimate Despairs and how they don't act on reason or logic. Hell, Junko even laughs at the idea of reason and logic when she confronts Izuru for the first time.

That does make him a Remnant of Despair, whether he likes it or not.

>Anime was confirmed not an anime
>Persona kicks ass
>Weedman and Togami appear
>Box 15
>Mitarai wasn't mastermind/traitor/hero of the series, but plays an unexpected role

Stop shitposting

Stop shitposting

This has to be bait.

It's basically the "climate" or "atmosphere", you can interpret it as the current feeling or direction people's opinions tend to follow, brother! And thank you for sharing!

Because it ruined DR for me by being the canon conclusion to the series up until now.

hope for good end is lost

They are going for a DR1 ending of nether good or bad

I want chibi angry Juzos

Delicious tears.

But in DR1 hope literally wins

Oh. Well, recall that
>You are bolted inside a school
>There are guns outside the school for protection

There's no way they could have foreshadowed that the mastermind was the cause of the shit outside without revealing too much

>second floor of dorms is a mess
>dead bodies on 5th floor school
>naegi's dream that he shouldn't leave

Munakata's original sword was still jutting out of Chisa's chest where he left it, so how the fuck did Juzo amputate his hand?

Well it mostly happens to shitty mobage. Lots of good console or PC games without a mainstream fanbase don't get to be animated because expensive of course.

>Of course he is going to use use it to try and fix things.
It's still a terrible way to go about it.

Yes but you dont know if they make it the game ends with then opening the door

was Junko right would they die ? or was there Hope outside

You can like it, nothing wrong with that. Now, defend it and say it was good it's another thing.

Hope wins the battle, but the war still tipped towards Despair side.

Probably sawed it off on some jagged metal.

That what it is. Mayne you should have paid attention to the advertisement.

Hey no posts other than DR3 apologist shitposts allowed

>We finally have a good villain.
This is the most retarded post I have seen today and that's saying a lot.

Why though? He has a special power. Yeah things went bad the first time he tried using it but that's all the more reason to try again.

Maybe, just maybe, it's because he's not dead

I realize how unlikely this is though, as funny as it would be for Juzo to have merely been unconscious rather than dead for the second impossible time.

new thread

Have a nervous tiny dead Juzo

I'd like to think he's a Remnant too, but DR3 seems to be pushing that he isn't. I guess the only explanation I can think of is that his motive isn't "despair" and he didn't do it for Junko, so he wasn't a UD.

Juzo was metal af. If only he was brave enough to come out of the closet.

Well, Izuru is alive, of course you would.

Because mind controlling people in the name of despair or in the name of hope is the same thing.

>because one retarded thing excuses another retarded thing that takes the retardation levels to 1000

Kys family

He punched his arm

No, DR3 is going to have a good ending. It's just going to be an asspull.

He has a complex, tragic backstory. He is a well intentioned character that got savaged by a cruel world and now goes to the extremes. He is a better villain than "lol despair" Junko.

I fucking hated Raiden at the start, which i'm sure many people did, but the fact that he came around and all the RULES OF NATURE being put on display couldn't but help make me like him.

The dual Katanaing tickled my inner weeb's prostrate.

If you actually stuck with danganronpa before now, then it's your fault for being disappointed.

? Does zetsubou hen has 1 more episode? What does "hope-side" mean then?

fuck off he is dead get over it

he could've just put it back in chisa

But he is doing it for a good cause.

what the fuck is your definition of "compellingly written". when you compare this episode to ep11 it's just ridiculous.


Despair Arc's last episode is said to be on the Hope Arc instead.

Still a bad idea that can and will backfire badly.

He's watching Munakata being shot at, dying and is nervous because ha can do nothing to protect him


Nah. Mitarai learned from his mistakes. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Awww. Cute.

If anybody is living it's going to be Naegi's squeeze, not Munakata's man-squeeze.

This. What can go wrong?

>what is morality being subjective
If you take that as an argument, the biggest assholes you'll find in fiction probably think they're "doing it for the right cause" and honestly think they're the good guys except for some like Junko.
While a well-intentioned isn't always bad in his case it's just retarded, especially with his backstory and the fact that the guy just doesn't learn. He's fucking worse than Junko, who was at least honest with herself, in some ways.

And if THIS is "complex" or "tragic" for you you have pretty low standards.

>complex motives>>>>>>For the lulz.

So you're that type of person then, who thinks all villains must have some justified reason for what they do.

Naegi is full of shit too, the show just portrays him as awlays being right because he is the main character

Not him, but I do. The problem is that when you have a COMPLEX MOTIVE you have to do it RIGHT otherwise it's fucking worst than "for the evulz lol", but Mitarai WASN'T done well hence why he's a complete shit whining during half of the anime about wanting to be like Naegi in order to sound COMPLEX without doing anything about it later because "muh everyone isn't as trong as you are Naegi".

I honestly think complex motives are better than for the lulz, but iut's only true for well-done "complex" plots and Mitarai's story isn't one of them.

Well they don't have too but I think it makes them deeper and more compelling if they do have justifiable reasons.

Now this is fucking delusional

He used that sword and put it back in Chisa because he hated her guts

How do we know the theatre was hell?

Mitarai's story is pretty tragic imo. He just wanted to save people.

He clearly is and was even worse than Mitarai at the begining, but at least there is a (very little) bit of progress over time, although it's too bad he needed Kirigiri to die for this and it was so fucking short.
This being said at least Mitarai is useful in a "hope is just as bad as despair" way. The character still sucks though.

If you did not expect a Kibou video by the end of this series, you're retarded user

At least, the Kibou video was presented as something bad

> Chiaki being a Future Foundation traitor
You can actually see that she is a traitor by behavior. Using her card in Komaeda trap comes to mind.

Cause if it was heaven, they would be watching a good anime instead of DR.

Where else would Junko be?

Feels good to be an ace attorney fag right now.
You deserved all of it because you overhyped a good series, but always taking not too seriously because a lot of things were retarted, and now the shitty part of the writing is clear.
I feel more pity for the zefags who shitpost all day than you danganfags.

What's your native language?

So did Seiko. She didn't brainwash the orld for it while complainign about Naegi being too cool without taking any hint of the guy he was drooling over because of his HOPE.
Now a Mitarai that has to think for a bit and wouldn't just rely on "BRAINWASHING ANIME!!!" without taking any clue about the world about them, that could have been pretty good. The problem with the "brainwashing" isn't even the brainwashing by itself, it's also that since it's so easy and can be pulled of so easily, it screws characters and conflicts that could have been more complex (in a non-meme way).

I always was on the "he's going to be an asshole but an HOPEFUL one" and even moreso since the reveal of the brainwashing part, the main problem is that the "hope and despair are both crap" was done way better in DR2 despite the fact that there was less focus on it thereand that it wasn't a masterpiece neither. At this point it's not even about hope anymore.

Because we didn't see any of the other kids who got killed and/or were innocent.
Although Yukizome really didn't deserve that, she was brainwashed and all that.

In my religion, evil people go to heaven and good people go to hell. So I think you're just being xenophobic about religion, user.


And don't forget Mukuro!Junko's and her photoshop thing. Adding everything up, you could guess most of DR1 by chapter 5/6 excet for the end of the world, which isn't the real point of the plot anyway.


Damn, I love that game. Anyone else play it?