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Big, fat butts!

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Dead body

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his pants

Nigga who you trying.
This 4

Waking up to a fresh, newly-made JoJo thread is fantastic.

Why is your favorite JoJo your favorite JoJo anons?

The number 4

What went wrong?

But it's fucking expensive. I could buy several video games with that money.

Hopefully someday I will be rich and these figures will still be in production because I would love to have a shelf full of posing JoJos and their Stands.


The hat, his weird sandals, the fact that he allows 3rd to bully 5th.

It's not really that common outside of 3. It happens but it's nowhere as universal as you want to make it seem. Especially part 4 since most stand users who aren't serial killers return as supporting cast and there's quite a few fights on which Josuke practically doesn't do anything or isn't present

Josuke is my favorite because his outfit/style is pleasing to the eye, especially when he's colored purple, and his personality is just quirky enough to be interesting while still being relatable and "normal." He's like his dad Joseph but more toned down instead of bombastic. Definitely the most personable JoJo.

You can only have one of these ties.

Which one, Cred Forums?

My boy takes a little of what makes the first 3 JoJos memorable and fun then combines them into being a super JoJo with a colorful personality and a great Part with a swell supporting cast and fantastic villain

The blue one. I'd never wear it unless I needed to but it lips the best

Everything other than the original and blue look awful.

The original purple for me.

Either Jolyne or Johnny because they had the most development and the better fights. Gappy is up there too.

>Why is your favorite JoJo your favorite JoJo anons?
Jolyne for great development and relatable arc

Why isn't Okuyasu in more fights when his stand is basically a better Cream

Red looks cool. Though I'd never wear it because I have no reason to wear a suit


I wonder if anyone in japan is actually shameless enough to actually wear this outside of cosplay

Probably the blue one since I have no idea what the purple one would even look good on unless I'm doing borderline Kira cosplay

His stand is so goddamn good, but he's not the brightest, and can only use it well occasionally.

The black tie is too solemn. The white tie is too loud. The red one is too edgy, and the blue one is too dulled. Purple and gold compliment each other very well. I'd have that one.


Jonathan is pure

Delet this

Something about this doesn't look like leapfrog...

this was actually the most adorable thing I've seen in a long while.

He wanted fat butts and I gave him one

>Star Platinum
>Silver Chariot

>Crazy Diamond
>Echoes Act 3
>The Hand can technically punchghost it up but he only does like once

>Gold Experience
>Sticky Fingers
>Purple Haze
>Spice Girl

>Stone Free
>Weather Report
>Diver Down

>Tusk Act 4

>Soft and Wet
>Paisley Park but she sucks at it
>Killer Queen

Sure is punchghost in here! Shit, you could argue it actually gets worse after Part 3 because most parts after SDC have more punchghosting protagonists than 3. That's just how most stand battles go: guy with a punchghost can't punch his way out of this one, so he has to figure out the enemy trap so he can get to them and punch them a lot.

Because Joshuu is cheating and using his stand to cover Josuke in nut and bolts


I have no idea what point you tried to get across with this post or what relation it had to mine, but you didn't succeed at it

Out of the JoJos

I'd fuck Johnny, no questions asked.
Probably marry Jolyne.
I'd kill Joseph to put him out of his senile misery.

Fuck Jojo
Kill Jojo
Marry Jojo

Fuck: Jotaro
Marry: Jolyne
Kill: Joseph

>Jolyne because I'm not gay
>Jonathan because I can reconsider
>Johnny because he's the only one I could potentially kill in some situation

Fuck Giorno because he's the most feminine other than Jolyne
Marry Jolyne
Kill Johnny because he's the one I have the best chance of beating

>because I'm not gay


Help guys.

Yes I did, I can't help you if you suck at comprehension but I can try my best to get through to you step by step:

>The original post in the other thread stated that Part 3 would do well with less fights that end with Jotaro figuring out a way to ORA someone shit.

>I point out that it's actually near-universal in JoJo, nearly every stand battle (sans part 7) is a guy with a punchghost trying to figure out a way he can get past the enemy stand trap and ORA his shit.

>Someone (probably original user) says that it's not nearly as a universal as I make it sound.

>I then proceed to prove my point by exhaustion, yes it is universal nearly every protagonist that gets their own fights has a punchghost with fights revolving around them getting past an enemy trap so they can ORAORAORAORA them. Which is exactly what original user was complaining about apparently only Jotaro doing.

There, I did all your thinking for you. You're welcome.


did you speedread every single part after 3 or-?

>Johnny's Hat
>Johnny's fingers
>Johnny's stitches
>Gyro's rose
>Gyro's hearts
>Gryo's lips

What am I missing?

Gyro's lips are lighter on the left side and the balls on his shirt are hearts, Johnny's hat horseshoe doesn't have that thing in the middle, you'd have to be blind to miss that rose... shit, now I'm stuck.

1. Gyro's holding a rose in one of them
2. Gyro's beard things change from 3 to 4
3. Gyro's buttons are hearts in one of them
4. The amount of fingers Johnny's holding up
5. Johnny has a scar in one of them
6. The symbol between Johnny's horseshoe is a steel ball in one
7. Gyro's lipstick??

Who /Kakyoin/ here?
>tfw want to fuck all the Jojo moms

Gyro's beard, 7


>rose in gyro hand
>johnny middle finger
>johnny hat sign
>gyro buttons
>johnny face scar
>gyro lips
>gyro beard

Kakyoin, Okuyasu, and Joshu are the milf hunters of JoJo

you're missing Gyro's beard

the one on the left only has 3 beard stripes

No you dumb fuck because the original post was referring to a very specific sequence that almost all JOTARO'S fights follow BECAUSE he's one of the only actual punchghost stands on SC with SC's writing being some of the worst in the series

There being a lot of punchghosts is completely irrelevant to that point because no matter how you want to spin it, other people with a punchghost stand usually have fights which are not as violently formulaic and predictable as Jotaro's, or in any case are not the protagonist or at least are more interesting character than Jotaro

The Hand is pretty slow, anyone who can outsmart Okuyasu can beat him easily

Fuck, I'm blind

The difference is 4 and 5

>CREAM in your hand
>User is as dumb as a bag of rocks


Do you have any more, user?

>cream in your hand

Well, if you insist, user.

Polnareff actually gets more fights than Jotaro and he's effectively a punchghost. He just stabs instead of punches. But I guess it only sucks when Jotaro does it huh?

It's not irrelevant because every other protag and a lot of supporting do exactly the same shit Jotaro does. Not even less formulaic, most JoJo fights end with

>Bad guy: HA! You lose!
>Good guy: actually I win!
>Bad guy: NANI?!

Enemy stand sets a trap, good guys outwit/asspull the trap and it ends with that asshole getting rapid-punched. There, like 70% of stand battles right there. Almost every fight in Part 8, even. But it just sucks so much when Jotaro does it! Giorno literally pulls new abilities out of his butthole only to never use them again just so he can MUDA a guy, but we only care when Jotaro does it.

post your top 5 jojo characters overall

Weather Report

Poco's sister

In that order

I wouldn't say better, Cream renders Vanilla Ice completely invincible while he uses it and it's fast as fuck. It's arguably better than The World, he should have never lost especially with him being an immortal vampire.

There's something about space-erasing Stand users always being dumbshits.

I like jojo.
Fight me.

Weather Report

He makes me happy

In no order:




Hol Horse

>Polnareff actually gets more fights than Jotaro

Jotaro: Kakyoin, Captain Tennille, Forever, Rubber Soul, ZZ, Enya, Steely Dan, Arabia Fats, Midler, N'Doul, Anubis, Alessi, both D'Arbys, DIO

Polnareff: Avdol, Devo, J. Geil, Cameo, Anubis, Alessi, Vanilla Ice

Nope, i found that at the end of D4C part 6 i think.

How fucking dare (you)

You're creeping out Gappy, guys.

Yes, user. My post talking about how Jotaro sucks was, in fact, talking about Jotaro in specific and not every single protagonist because I believe there's several reasons why it is worse when Jotaro does it - not least because he is the most guilty by far and because there is little reason to like him outside of his battle scenes, usually the only times he does anything noteworthy and therefore the only times the audience could potentially grow to like him in earnest and with an informed opinion. Talking about him on Part 3, of course.

I don't think you can know my intent in writing it better than myself unless I've bumped across a mind-reader in Cred Forums. If that was the case I'd tell you to keep practicing your abilities, because I don't like Giorno either, but my criticism better applies to Jotaro than to him and therefore it was aimed at Jotaro.

I also specifically defended Part 4 and you still haven't argued against it in specific terms, leading me to think you're either pulling your argument out of thin air or still not understanding my point, something I wish this post could help with in such a scenario.

>Giorno literally pulls new abilities out of his butthole only to never use them again

So, you do speedread or what? I guess everything is a haze for you. This happens once with life shot, at the beginning, that's the second ability of GE we see, "I can't control life but wait I can actually" is retconned in the beginning too, that's all, that's all he pulls but you ought to ride on the exaggeration because someone called this terrible tendency in SC with Jotaro fights terrible.

Hey guys, I'm sorry. I want to talk...


why does no one seem to change clothes?

Jolyne kinda did her skirt was the best design

Rewatching Joseph vs D'Arby. Man that was the best fight in the series.

Why don't most anime have battles like that more often: one where the fight is purely and flamboyantly strategic with two heroes doing nothing but conning each other.

NGNL S2 never

From Part 3 onward Araki realized that it's probably better for characters to have one, iconic design rather than several okay designs. Plus it's easier for an artist to draw a character sporting one type of outfit than needing to come up with unique designs each and every other chapter


>liking the guy who got assfucked by dio too many times

Is JJBA your first fiction?

have you guys ever



Their friendship was interesting. I would have loved to see more of it.


wow I don't remember Dio being that pansy



To be honest, I have to agree. Everyone says DIO is only using Pucci, but if it was solely for pragmatic reasons, he wouldn't go so far as to ask him to kill him and take The World.

>Implying being assfucked by DIO isn't every man's dream

hey jojo thread, have a request. been looking everywhere for that edit with jolyne and some other guy

panel 1: "hey kid are you a joestar"
panel 2: "uh no hail dio"
panel 3: "haha cool"
panel 4: "that was close ora"

google has gotten me nothing

thanks in advance

>p1 dio
>local villager refuses to submit

>p3 dio
>fucks bitches left and right

what happened?

Because he had a hard life and I understand what that's like
>ywn see Josefumi and Johnny interacting

I have before but I usually don't unless I'm in the right mood

He went to Egypt

He just really likes using Jonathan's body, that's all.

Gappy makes me happy


Joylne and Jotaro relationship and Dio and Pucci relationship was the most interesting part of part 6 but it was unexplored and undeveloped.
What a shame, Jotaro and Dio were finally getting some depth

He got Jonathan's body and The World so there was no longer any hurry for world domination

The only reason Jotaro defeated him was several thousand kilometers round of super fortified plot armor

Also it helped that he wasn't presenting himself as the bloodsucking evil possibly pedophilic mass murderer


Joshuu makes me gushuu

He stopped trying to "test the waters" with all his mancatting and forcefeeding babies to people. Motherfucker just goes batshit whenever he gets some newfound power and there's a Joestar's around. Eventually he calmed down and learned how to use his 「CHARISMA」 properly.

Some of his stand are not nice

>his outfit/style is pleasing to the eye
>that shitty hairdo

I don't believe you. For a number of reasons.

can someone please post the picture of jolyne going ?

>Giorno literally asspulls new abilities
Name one that wasn't the early bullshit that was never bought up again because Araki decided to get an MC with consistent powers but not too OP for once. So any post-Bruno fight. Go ahead, show us your true reading speed.

Gold Experience Requiem

>be me
>be sad
>see gappy


Hopefully he can make everyone happy.

>that filename

>Immortality! Eternal Life and STANDO POWAHH!!!

Anybody else who love the best and memest fight of anime?

I can't wait until the magnifying glass develops Emporio's stand

Let's be real dude

Him being the "opposite of Baby Face" and able to recreate body pieces with random crap he finds was an excuse for Araki to get as dangerous as possible with harming the Gang. Giorno's a medic for like the last half of the manga with the occasional punch ghosting

And hell, technically those body pieces should also harm anybody who attempts to attack them. Like trying to attack Giorno's new throat or eye should result in the enemy feeling that attack too, but it doesn't for whatever reason

That was the whole thing about Dio and Pucci. They had an actual relationship, they did love each other (platonically, maybe). They philosophed about life, they shared plans. And for that reason, Dio was able to show weakness in front of Pucci, favouring his needs at times, and once even challenging him to take The World's disc, putting himself in a vulnerable position (if you lose your stand disc, you lose consciousness and the stand power).


Th-that 「filename」!!

Why haven't you fuckers been talking about narancia at all?


>Mfw my meme has caught one and I don't need to personally post it every time

fuck you comic book artist

All he needed to do was throw smaller stuff to force Jotaro to use up his time and then throw the road roller meme once it was 100% clear he couldn't do anything

>want to read Jojo at work
>don't want everyone around me thinking I'm reading a gay porn comic


Because no one can understand 「OUR LOVE」

These threads are done, they're so done. Jojo was cool once.

>crushed orange
More like impaled orange

What's wrong with innocent buttocks massage after a tough day? You can't afford having tired aching butt if you want to be an imposing gentleman.

Fucking pansy. There's almost nothing gay about JoJo except the fujoshit fanbase

>Mfw I just posted this silly pic of avdol and two cool anons turned it into a meme

Fuck you fucker I'll end you.

Because you


>There's almost nothing gay about JoJo

What do you mean by that?

They are cute

Name something gay in the actual manga that isn't Valentine's wife or played as a complete joke


>GER was an asspull meme
No. Read part 5 again
The reflection thing was retconned because it was damn OP. And that baby face moment was one of the greatest and most genius of part 5. Giorno's ability is to turn inorganic matter into organic life, such as frogs, vines and human muscle tissue. Sure it was partly because Araki likes his guro and needs a healer, but it's only logical.

A big majority of people who say JoJo is gay are joking.

Whats the answer?

Stay with me here.

Trump's「T H E W A L L」 would upgrade like some other stands.

「T H E W A L L」Term 1: Physical Walls, he can create physical walls between objects and places.

「T H E W A L L」Term 2: Conceptual walls. Can cut up things and words to create new ones. He's be able to do it during speech and in people's minds. Wall of concepts and construe what people way.

「T H E W A L L」Term 3: Reality Walls, can wall off cause and effect. He keeps cause out, and make it pay for the effect.

Like poetry.
Also those two couples in La Squadra



>No. Read part 5 again
I knew I'd get a (You) for that but you actually sound mad

There was a guy here before that tried to argue that Araki is a closet homosexual

>Term 3
Fucking perfect

JoJo is still cool, the fandom is ruining it.


Josefumi Kujo
Gyro Zeppeli
Enrico Pucci
Jotaro Kujo
Johnny Joestar

They're not even the gayest couple in Part 5.

>mfw i made all 3 of them

Who is?

>Josefumi Kujo
Are you talking about Gappy?

Diavolo and Doppio

The kind of retard who can't say nothing but "Jojo is the mlp of anime" ?

Excuse me?


>Song: Another Brick in the Wall
>Stand Name: The Wall

Stand Ability: [Memory Embodiment](

Power - A

Speed - B

Range - B

Durability - C

Precision - C

Potential - A

Description: The power to become the embodiment of memory. Variation of Memory Manipulation and Power Manifestation. The users of this ability can become the physical manifestation or personification of memory, they can become more powerful when they remember something or people rely on their memories.


>Echoes Act 3

You mean Reverb?

>The Gyro x Johnny blowjob scene

Sorbet and Gelato were mentioned as possibly being gay together, which is a step above Clash and Talking Head's users.

That's actually a pretty neat idea for a stand.

Oh shit. The lone wolf. I love you.

>Deep-voiced man and freckled twink
>Doppio, Doppio, my sweet Doppio
>Y-yes bossu!
It's gay af

>fondling each other during an attack and sacrificing yourself for your husbando
Sorbet and Gelato can't even compete.

Hes is literally talking to himself, if anything its masturbation.

I want to believe King Crimson is actually Diavolo

I respect this opinion

He's just fapping bro

>literally killed himself so he wouldn't see his husbando get chopped into pieces

>Is it gay if I go to the past and fuck myself?
Yes it is

>not burning it into your mind and getting revenge
What a pleb.

I mean, he was going to die anyway. May as well not give Diavolo the pleasure of doing so.

He doesnt go to the past tho. Its always in the present. Masturbating is their only result.

Because King Crimson IS actually Diavolo?

He's a coward who abandoned his husbando though.

People read JoJo because they want to lick Jotaro's nipples

Hard to do that when he's literally in pieces and you're tied up

Still, wanting to fuck yourself is still pretty gay
speaking from experience

Nigi ni omae wa: "delet this" TOYU


Nah m8

He abandoned him as soon as he suicided. Now he's burning in hell.

I think the art was better at the start of part 7 than at the end of it. Comparing the two today made me think the faces and characters in general looked quite a lot nicer at the start, tbqh

I'd rather put him in humiliating and submissive positions

Ringo in a Jojo fighting game when

delet this

Ask Arcadefag



Already ordered the original purple, so I guess purple it is.
I hope it looks good.

>pucci walks in

>Jojo video game



>What the fuck did you just say about my hair you bitch?!

Joshuu makes ME happy

>He thinks Diavolo, KC and Doppio are different characters

Stop this meme.

Never won the Trish bowl.


Doppio is canonically a different character, he dies in Bruno's body

Depending on how Stand personalities work I'm just saying King Crimson could be Diavolo, since Spice Girl has a distinct personality from Trish

(diffrent user)
I think King Crimson somehow invaded Doppio's body and made Diavolo. Perhaps this happened when Doppio found arrows.


He pretty much did in the end.


What is Rohan angry about?


What's this stand power?

post full pic


Wasn't there a Jojo frog?


Is it really so bad to love him?



getting banned is fun

Why were his proportions so inconsistent?
The best

why can she see stands


>tfw this is the bad scanlations people cry about



The awful job you did of removing the text from that photo.




Star Platinum's smile is a delight

post bara tiddies

Nothing, I thought that both of the Barby brother's parts were pretty good.

If you insist, user

Terence was a little disappointing and stretched out too long in the anime

Also Kakyoin shouldn't have jobbed

Could Silver Chariot stop time?

It's the same typu no stando as The World and Star Platinum: Short range, but incredible speed and precision


god DAMN



The dialogue is kinda shit tho

I meant his hair/whatever-it-turned-into.
The baseball part was good, the F-MEGA - not so.


It's D'arby. D-A-R-B-Y


Oh Shit nigga what are you doing

Is Star Platinum oraing or is Jotaro?

Aw fuck, now I'll DEFINITELY get banned.
Anyway, it's the last one



Here, that one frame where the nut button was misaligned was bugging me

Diavolo is based on the "20th Century SCHIZOID man" song

He has a dual personality disorder and while Doppio and Diavolo are different, wouldn't they be considered as a whole?

She's high too.

She can't. That speech bubble isn't there in the original panel.

Thanks famalam

They would if Araki didn't kill off Doppio and later Diavolo fucks around with Requiem by himself just fine without him

That whole entity-switching shit was stupid though

Samefag stop

That's not a bad soft and wet color scheme

Nigga of course those are me. I wanted those deleted.

No wonder his cellmates wanted to get the fuck out of there

but they are the nice and strong BARA DICKUS

Im not into bara. Sorry, user.

Part 2 is shit.

We raping Jotaro now?

>Joseph, the meme Joestar who's colorful personality often gets in the way of what he should logically be capable of doing and yet he goes the entire Part doing all the hard work while nearly everyone else jobs like scrubs. Comes second in the original timeline

>Giorno, the boring Mary Sue whose capable of doing everything and has the personality of bread barely ends up being the focus at all because everyone else jobs like scrubs to keep him in the limelight. Comes second-to-last in the original timeline

... Pottery?

Your opinion is your own and you're entitled to it, and people in this thread may or may not agree with you.
However it requires more detail for the sake of credibility and inciting discussion.

Congratulations now you can fit in.

>muh gary stu
shit meme

Giorno couldnt Deliver my pizza on time, so... he cant do everything....

But it's not delivery...

Imagine Trish and Mista engaging in mutual masturbation while body-swapped
>Trish cringing as she gingerly learns to jerk off a cock for the first time, complaining loudly about how weird it feels even as she starts to enjoy it
>Mista cavalierly and confidently shoving his fingers up his unprepared pussy and screaming


My OTP is oku and hermes.

I hope David will stop fucking up Josuke's face now that he's getting a bunch of episodes centered around him soon.
Seriously, his model always looks way more QUALITY in distance shots than say Okuyasu.
[Lemon Demon]!


joskee has had no quality

Jotaro is for _______

This thread needs more nice narancia.

>porn still didn't get deleted

Amazing mods, just amazing.

sexual assault

Killing to end the Joestar bloodline

Where the fuck is that Gappy vs Kyo leitimotif?

Nice thread guys.

sauce pls

Fuck Giorno
Marry Jolyne
Kill Oldseph

Why did Araki choose to make Joseph useless and bad in part 4? Was he just tired of the character but felt obligated to include him?


>Still no rip of the vol 3 BD over a month after it came out


Because he's only a minor character and not supposed to steal the spotlight in a part where Josuke already has fierce competition.
Saving the baby was pretty great though.

Who would u pick, Trish or Jolyne?

Hey guys Gif man here. i edit stands into anything. taking your requests.


I love him so much.
He is the only thing that makes me happy now.



Do a nice Yukako plus




90% sure that the user said he quit doing it.

>it says "Look over here!" underneath
That's kinda neat.


What is that video?

That gif messed with me

Welp, that dream is dead. on to the next one.

Jolyne, she's got a personality and isn't a fucking cunt.

How the fuck is that stronger than 10 second Time Stop?

>Dislikes smelly men




Spiral staircase

Guys, what are some good anime with actually interesting characters and designs like in JoJo?
I feel like almost every series I give a try always consists of generic moeblobs, tsunderes or just superficial, generically boring looking assholes that JoJo usually avoids. It makes it especially hard to tolerate now.


dub trips of truth

inb4 anime only

He's the most fun but when shit gets real he can be serious.The way he gets out of situations is clever and more interesting to me than "HIS STAND PUNCHES THINGS A LOT". Granted, many of them are asspulls but they are done in an entertaining way. He wins battles by means of outsmarting opponents in a variety of creative way as opposed to physical strength. I also like how he is the bridge between Hamon and Stands.

>tfw you saw the Jotaro vs DIO video but it's lost on the internet forever so you can't share it

You think you're slick gay priest?

Where's the gay priest?!

At least we still have this:

He's hiding somewhere in this thread as we speak

> Tfw only marginally taller than Trish.
I'll never be a good Jojo.

>those digits

That fucking bonkers.
Jesus christ this is bad but its good for a laugh.

Don't worry user, you can still be a manly looking Trish

Anyone have another link to the video of Araki eating spaghetti?
The one that was posted here once was deleted from youtube.

You know what to do


Hey, I might be able to cosplay a reasonable Giorno. Hair would be kind of a pain, though.

>he doesn't like senile Joseph
Joseph is actually great when he's not a forced ebin memelord hogging the spotlight from everyone.
Aging was the best thing to happen to his character

>another brick in the wall
>not the album by pink floyd literally just called "the wall"

This. The old fucker going senile was for the best.

where is narancia?

Cowboy Bepop is pretty similar to JoJo in several regards. Tons of references to Western media, fantastic visual style, great and well-developed characters, lots of variety in terms of storytelling (every single episode is like it's own movie and genre), and great overarching ideas and themes.

I watched it expecting to find it overrated but instead I found it to be one of the greatest animated series of all time and completely deserving of it's reputation. I'd say give it a watch.

I like senile Joseph a lot but seeing him so lost kind of makes me sad in a way that I almost didn't want to see him like that. I was so happy seeing him walk with Josuke, shouting Oh My God again and taking care of Shizuka

Stardust Crusaders Joseph was the best though. Perfect balance of usefulness, screen time and memage. Both Joseph and Jotaro were better mentors than protagonists

>Both Joseph and Jotaro were better mentors than protagonists
My fucking nigga


found doc

Yeah, I agree. Part 3 Joseph is actually one of my favorite JoJo characters in general (which surprised me because I strongly disliked Joseph in Part 2).
I do wish he did more fighting because I like Hermit Purple as a Stand concept but I'm glad Araki made him not hog the spotlight.
And I completely agree as well that Joseph and Jotaro were better mentors than protagonists (although if they didn't have their protagonist phase they wouldn't have become such good mentors, and I actually like Jotaro).

Anyone have the template? Good numbers btw

Initial D, but it gets worse as time goes on unlike JoJo. The designs are pretty fashionable, too.

Who the fuck is this skating wizard and why does he have a Jojo Lion?

Is this actually available at an official store? I wear a tie every day to work and I don't think my power level will be revealed if I come with this one day.

I don't know, every time I reread or rewatch Part 3 I just end up liking Jotaro more.

I really cannot wait for Part 6's anime since Jolyne is basically him but better.

I dont think premium bandai ships worldwide

Compared to your average JoJo ally, Joseph more than pulls his weight in Part 3 all things considered.

>average JoJo ally
In the first three parts, maybe.

Post characters that don't do as much as they should and how you'd fix it

Same for me.
Apart from the tequila scene and the part where he and Caesar trash up the postal office, I never found Joseph funny or entertaining.
But I was constantly laughing with Jotaro. He's probably the funniest JoJo to me (I honestly can't tell if this was intentional or not).
And plus I disagree with people that say Jotaro is a bad character (protagonist maybe, and his first fights are a drag to sit through).


Like holy shit, why is his signature attack hyped up as being undefeatable when both times he used it it didn't work?

Jotaro is great, but not if you take his "bad-ass stoic shonen protagonist" deal at face value. When you realize how legitimately awkward he is, his actions and demeanor become way more enjoyable.

Joseph only really has Nena and Mariah under his belt in Part 3 if I remember correctly, though I guess technically he helped with Terence. I think it helps he had so little fights though since he's old and mostly getting the Crusaders to Egypt in the first place through the Speed Wagon Foundation. Plus great comic relief

Avdol and Kakyoin on the same subject. Kakyoin especially if he's supposed to be Jotaro's foil. He shouldn't have dropped out of Egypt since that was the best part of Stardust. And not jobbed so hard to Terence

I feel like taking him and the rest of Part 3 seriously is what makes people hate them. It's a really enjoyable part, just not perfect and also not written very well.

It's also hilarious to think of a Japanese teenager walking around Egypt pretending to be Clint Eastwood. I could say a fuck ton about his appearances in Parts 4 and 6, too.

Kakyoin - Give him some of Jotaros useless fights like The Sun or Steely Dan
Fugo - Show him trying to leave Venice and still encounter Some of the Boss' Subordinates to inevitably meet up with the gang again

>Tfw only 2 centimeters bigger than Koichi

I just think he's fun to watch do his thing. No need to pretend he's autistic and meme it up, he's a cool motherfucker who drops one-liners and punches his way out of everything.

Take it as seriously as any other part of jojo, whatever that means.

Because Araki really didn't become an outright impressive writer until Part 4

Parts 1, 2 and 3 are simple stories at their very core. The characters and entertainment value are what make them appealing in the first place, even if they can be stupid at times. It's infinitely easier to forgive a story that asks the consumer to settle down and enjoy the events than to try and take yourself seriously and end up falling apart because not everything was well thought out or explained well

Part 4 raised the bar for the series. Maybe a bit too high

The thing is, I don't think Jotaro was supposed to be the "stoic bad-ass" played completely straight, several moments of his character tend to suggest he's a giant dork who just can't interact with people.
I mean, look at his profile, Araki makes it very clear here that Jotaro is not really cold and rebellious, it's just that he is emotionally awkward and people misinterpret his feelings.
Or the D'Arby fight, where you see Jotaro calm and collected freaking out D'Arby only for him to reveal at the end he had no idea of the state of his cards, and if he did, he would have freaked out.
Jotaro represents the Clint Eastwood archetype (which was not actually that common for manga at the time) but he's also kind of a parody of said archetype at the same time.

Part 3 is in general a lot more comedic than most people tend to see it as, and I think this spoils it for people somewhat: they look at moments that are supposed to be funny (like the way Jotaro finishes Dark Blue Moon) as stuff they should take seriously.

Not all parts of JoJo are the same levels of serious, though. Parts 3 and 4 are pretty goofy, but people take the former a lot more seriously than the latter and end up hating it.


give him one solo fight

>Favorite type of woman: Traditional Japanese
>Marries an Italian-American woman like his mother

Caesar should've been the one to fight and defeat ACDC. It would've given him legitimacy, and then him storming off on his own make more sense.

He had one and failed it.
Kind of strange, isnt it?

Blue one would look nice, could work if you worked in an office which required smart attire like shirt and dress pants.

What do you guys think of Part 4 adaption wise so far?

>Still almost completely faithful save for the odd minor panel here and there
>Art at its best so far when dealing with them close-ups
>Overall a lot more stylish and colorful in its editing compared to former parts
>Pacing not as dragged out as SC, where we would've gotten stuff like RPS kid pt. 2 etc.
>Some episodes arguably exceeding the manga with stuff like Rohan pt. 2 and Shighechi's death

>Korean Quality often being very apparent, with very polarizing quality in some episodes as soon as characters aren't up close
>Not quite as 100% faithful as SC, meaning some panels or dialogue not making the cut
>6 chapter episodes resulting in a some rushed pacing here and there
>Minor editing like sound effects being toned down and some music being reused a tad much

I really think they've done a great job, but some episodes unfortunately leave me with that "eh" feel every now and then.

I wouldn't exactly call Part 4 Araki's shift as a writer because Part 4 is the one that is the most simple of them all, and that's what it strives to be: a breather from the previous epics that allows Araki to develop ideas in a different, more urban setting with different, more relatable characters.
If anything I'd say Part 5 is where Araki's style of writing went through a shift and where he raised the bar. Even then, every single JoJo part changes one thing about the series to an extent.


give Okuyasu a solo fight that he wins

>Trips of forgiveness
Alot of niggas in each part needed more fights
OKuyasu and Yukako
Fugo, Abbachio, and Trish
F.F. and Hermes

It's really good, I think.

The animation can be pretty shitty, but I can understand why. The music choice can also be pretty questionable at times (RPS Kid and SHA Part 1 were the main offenders of this), too. However, the pacing is much better and so is the budgeting.

39 episodes may be a bit too little for DiU, but it's perfect for VA and SO. Here's hoping those parts also don't have many animation issues, and they'll be the best adaptations yet.


SC reused more the music tracks than DiU. DiU is doing good with the soundtrack.

You say simple, but that's because it isn't an epic story in the slightest like the others

But it is a shift in tone to becoming a better writer because not focusing on how important the plot really is gave Araki the time to practice writing characterization and developing actual personalities, especially on a larger scale than before where everybody felt like a living, breathing character and not some kind of boss fight

It was the biggest tonal shift in the series at that point where the previous Parts were more or less the same thing but with bigger and more fantastic fights

Even if it started with some pretty shit artwork


you forgot the ED being chill, which is nice but also absolutely kills all the tension in a cliffhanger. Also I miss the style of the OPs. They're still pretty good, but I want those manga-looking 3D models.


>Fugo, Abbachio, and Trish
Fugo didn't like using his Stand, Abbacchio's wasn't suited for combat and even then still helped out a lot, and Trish didn't get hers until like three arcs before the final fight and still used it then.

>F.F. and Hermes
No way. F.F. did a lot, and so did Hermes. Just because they didn't have many solo fights doesn't mean they didn't fight anything.

we ought to have more jojolion, it's lasted longer than parts 1, 2, and 3 put together at this point.

But 5 & 6 are also a bit shorter, so not sure if they'll just get 39 episodes as well although I wouldn't argue.
If they even get adapted that is.

I actually think it's the best adaptation we've had so far.

I mean, besides the stuff you said, this is the first time besides Phantom Blood where I felt like the anime has been trying to not just adapt line-per-line scenes from the manga and call it a day, but to actually replicate the JoJo feel and try to improve on it somewhat. It feels like DP is applying things they learned over the course of making the JoJo anime to produce as best of an adaptation as they could.

The new, cartoony outlook not only makes the colors stand out a lot more but it allows them to improve in regards to how they animate characters with a lower budget (besides the Korean Quality here and there). The direction has been astounding in this season.

The movements are more fluid, the scene transitions are far more creative (sometimes you don't even notice them), the Stand battles look and flow much better, the pacing for the story is much better since it doesn't drag out as much, the soundtrack has been used in much better ways (sometimes it directly affects the pacing of the episode) and the anime so far has added plenty of original scenes that improve the story significantly (Ryohei's funeral, Okuyasu meeting Tomoko, Jotaro in the cab, all those original Kira scenes and everything that involves Morioh Radio). The use of atmosphere and horror has been amazing in this season too, it's like the anime has been using actual cinematography this time around.

I've been loving it so far.

I put F.F. and Hermes because i felt they got shafted in terms of fights.
After Limp Bizkit Hermes was completely out of the game till C-Moon and even then she got BTFO
F.F i admit did a good amount but died a bit early.

Which part had a more drastic style change; Part 4 or Part 7? There should also be an update for Part 8, whether we're at the half way point or not the art style has changed quite a bit.

Wasn't Hermes out of commission for a while? I remember there being a reason why she never fought before the prison escape. She helped out a lot in Underworld and Heavy Weather, too.

Part 3's was pretty bad early on when Jotaro looked like Joseph

Josuke and Johnny probably did change the most though. Maybe Jonathan a bit from a little more blobby 80s animu to solid

I do agree - despite some serious KWALITAE its been pretty damn good. Definitely my favorite adaptation as well.


I'd place my bet on 4.
Also the person who made that chart 2 years ago i think is missing.
Fuck i forgot Hermes was in Underworld, and she didnt fight before the Prison escape was because she was in the Infirmary i believe. Thats where Weather, Alessi, and F.F. stepped in.

Bruno Buccellati
Norisuke Higashikata
Funny Valentine
Weather Report
Yoshikage Kira

I mean simple in a good way, and yes, it did allow Araki to practice the writing of individual characters and develop the concept of Stands much further, but I wouldn't exactly call Part 4 the biggest tone shift in terms of writing. It was in terms of art-style

One thing I like about JoJo is that each part is a different thing and reinvents the series, in one way or another.
Phantom Blood started it all and kicked off several things associated with the series, and it was a horror-focused mythological tale the likes of which Araki hasn't really done since (because he's moved on to different things).

Battle Tendency was the first to try and employ strategic fighting and tactics and it had a heavy focus on comedy.

Stardust Crusaders invented Stands and laid down several important bases for future characters and Stands, and it brought back the horror from Part 1 in a different way.

Diamond Is Unbreakable changed pace and art style completely and brought Stand fights to a whole new level of creativity, as well as defining itself to a single setting. It allowed the reader to indulge themselves into the world more as we explore different areas

Vento Aureo started to incorporate deeper subtext, more subtle personalities and a much heavier use of dialogue for character building. It also made JoJo more serious.

Stone Ocean incorporated a bit of metaphysical themes and upped the bizarreness, and brought a ending which allowed him to kick it off all over again, as well as providing closure on the ideas that began with Part 1

Steel Ball Run redid Phantom Blood but with Araki's new way of writing and style and laid down the groundrules for the new world and Stand battles.

And JoJolion is veery slowly unveiling a mystery and building off the lore of the previous parts, something that Araki hasn't really done before.

To call Part 4 the major shift in tone implies that every single other part is not a shift in and of themselves. JoJo is forever changing.

Why is The World about to go down on Killer Queen
Why is Crazy Diamond getting a lapdance from the Hand
Why is Sliver Chariot fucking Moody Blues

Damn user, you put alot of thought into this post. Love it. Also
>Killer queen with the world

>implying you wouldn't fuck Moody Blues

Tempted to create a list of theoretical fight rewrites to balance out character spotlights. I'm open for suggestions beyond replies to


>Johnny got so fucking fit his forced his legs to work again


Hey /jojo/, wanna play a game?

I don't remember this semen demon in SDC


It's Midler, the High Priestess. Her design comes from Heritage for the Future

After she's done sexing up Jotaro she eats him

They should've stuck to CGI desu

>I liked Jotaro as a protagonist
>but not Joseph

You're undoubtedly a boring person

just here recently, what were those??







Hell no i aint getting banned for that Mediocre comic. But i will link it
Whats good nigga?

it me doppy

>Araki dressed Doppio in the keyhole sweater before it was cool

It Was Vore. Vore Is When People Fetishize Eating Other People.

>Jotaro hit that

This needs an edit.


I wanted to get something to represent my love for JoJo so I bought a sailor outfit like Gappy's and I'm gonna start wearing it soon. Hopefully I'll attract some local JoJo fans with it.

Please stop posting shitty kak edits.

Forgot to mention, I'll be getting a star tattoo on my shoulder to match.

Beautiful. Thanks.

You'll just make people think you're a gay sailor. No one likes Part 8 in the west. Go wear Jotaro's hat if you want to show your love of jojo to others.

Does anyone have the wallpaper with the enemy stands? I looks kinda minimalist like this

I'll post shitty Kak edits if you're going to post shitty dab memes

>Bought a sailor outfit like gappy
>Star on za neck
>Belly always showing
>Wearing it in public
Unless you got gains, or live in a bizarre town, you have made a strange choice.

kek, nice


You arent alone, user. I love every single one. Reminds me a bit of Pokemon, there isnt a single design that rubs me the wrong way. I guess I'm just open to a lot of different things.

What if I post Jotakak? Will you bleed?

W-where's Jotaro?...

Is this Jotaro?

>not an asspull

I love every part of Jojo's but even I know that asspulling is an integral part of the series. GER is one of the most prominent examples.

How many of you were anime onlys before reading the manga?

I have several questions.


hey doc

who /mountain tim/ here?

have the rest of the set, pal. ask away. big questions. DEEP.

I can hear the "Pika" stand cry perfectly.

Started reading the manga after ep.24 DiU, quit after GER out of disgust. I have come full circle.

holy shit it is not a fucking asspull

>whoever gets the arrow first, wins
>diavolo gets it
>buccellati is able to reverse SCR effect's through sacrifice
>the arrow isn't able to pierce king crimson
>giorno gets the arrow
>pierces GE

find the fucking asspull aspect

n-nevermind... i lost all thought looking at this.

Araki should draw porn.

is this jolyne?

No, that's a shitty anime protagonist who wasted 20 years of production for a mediocre piece of shit that never changes or provides any reason to keep watching despite autists and children falling for its grasp when in truth it's just a very terrible commercial

The Pokemon Company a shit for keeping this trash on life support

not him, but the whole arrow granting super stands is an asspull, as is giorno's superstand having the exact power needed to counter the final boss.

Dude, everything involving Requiem is a fucking asspull. Diavolo should've gotten that arrow

It's almost as bad as Part 2's ending

I watched a couple of episodes of PB before starting over a year later with the manga because anime is shit.

>dont insult polnareff and iggy like this.

>The arrow granted a stand users current desire into an ability(
>See Bites the Dust
>See SCR and GER

>tripcode on Cred Forums

You arrange the six matches to look like a zero

It's Shit. Espurr is best Gyro

>reading the manga

>reading the anime

anyone know the name of this piece?

>What is BtD
>What is Silver Chariot R
>Foreshadowing literally in the part before on how op a stand user can be when pierced twice by the arrow.

I don't even like GER, but its not an asspull.

>not hitmontop.


>Both Joseph and Jotaro were better mentors than protagonists
you got that right user

>tfw people fell for the X and Y was good meme

Smells bad

>yfw people fell for the Ash might win league meme

Part 2's ending isn't bad unless you're as stupid as Kars

>the hamon amplifier amplifies Kars' hamon

I'm so hardcore all my knowledge of Jojo comes from these threads

delet pls.

new thread?

The Beetle Arrow's powers were made up on the spot. Earlier in Part 5 had Gold Experience's hand get pierced and nothing happen

Nobody gets stabbed by the arrow again and have a new power awaken. Instead Araki created an entirely new arrow for the sake of having an exciting climax rush for OP powers and then pulling a "fooled you" with the arrow going through King Crimson's hand in a way that's almost as bad as launching Kars into space

Hell, having Giorno get stabbed with another arrow and awaken The World could've been more relevant to what Bites the Dust actually was

Post JoJo MADs


no that's ermes costello it's in the file name

My favourite


the braixen is ermes

this is also a really good one, forgot to add.


Please take a look at these arrows.

Post em, and rate em.

yasuho is the best gyro

wew lad thought you were talkin about jotaro for a second, almost had to give you some hands

is there a website i can go to to make one of these? i dont want to fuck around in gimp for a shitpost


just slap that shit on paint

user, one was introduced at the very end of the Part and the other was the same type of arrow from Part 4 that gave Stands

Nobody in Part 5 gets stabbed with the arrow and a new ability awakens like Kira. The arrows stab their Stands and nothing happens. The Beetle Arrow was made up super fucking late into Part 5 into an OP Requiem-creating arrow

Which itself is nothing like Bites the Dust

>Thanks a million, friendo



>No one likes Part 8 in the west
Fuck you nigger


>least favorite crew: Johnny and Gyro
That's unusual. What makes them your least favorite?

I didn't hate them, but they weren't much of a crew

I should probably swap them out for Phantom Blood, though I don't like shitting on Phantom Blood

new thread

new bredd

>There are no-name hentais with bigger budgets than the DiU anime's.