ITT: Anime with disappointing finale


Sad to hear that you disliked it user. It's alright, people have different opinions. I really enjoyed it.

Boros will put up a good fight they said.

Shitstorm didn't happen.


Underwhelming as fuck, I have to agree. Mobfags would defend it regardless

This. Literally slideshow galore with light effects. They can't even animate 1 smooth punch movement.

Come on, Cred Forums. Just respond to my thread already.

Ended to early. Same with Hero Academia. Is this becoming a trend? Short and sweet action shows with underwhelming story/length? Hero Academia especially never really got anywhere, it was like their second day of school.

nice falseflag

I was a 1000% satisfied with the finale. Shame you didn't enjoy it.



Because it's not the conclusion in the manga since it's still continues.
Don't tell me you don't know it exist.

I think it was good. I liked it.
It felt fulfilling and hit some really good notes like with the still of him kneeing Saitama and the moon. Not saying that they could have done better but they didn't do poorly on it.

What did you expect? The final boss already? It was a very good ending, all things considered. What I do hope is that we see more of this, otherwise I'll read the manga.

Most of the anime they do based on manga nowadays are glorified commercials. Unfortunately it's a trend. Sometimes we get lucky and we get another season (as it will happen with OPM), but it's not the usual thing.
At least this means we don't get to suffer numerous filler episodes created by the animation studio.

are you serious. the second season just got announced.

And it was filler shit.

inb4 it was written by ONE.
Still a fucking filler.

Are we talking about OPM. I can't argue with you on that for either. Most of what's been going on has been filler, and I've missed the last couple of chapters, but I'm pretty sure something is right around the corner. IMO the pace of the anime seemed to help with the parts that seemed like filler.

Is this the new MB100 finale thread, but started by shitposters? Can we tell OP to fuck off and keep talking about the series?


It was a pretty good finale
If you are complaining about the lack of action, then you clearly missed the point
out to Tumblr with you

Seriously, I love the sheer brutal verbal beatdown delivered to the "special snowflake" mentality that's been plaguing the west for almost a decade now
This is definitely a lesson today's kids need to learn

>Mob Psycho
>disappointing finale
At least it didn't end like that other shit series getting the whole group disqualified.

they did really good considering this was pretty meh in manga

>you're complaining about the lack of action
Who's the stupid that made that claim?
Why are you ignoring the elephant in the room?
The number one problem everyone but mobfags are talking about is the giant asspull shat as a finale.

Well it did happen just from different people.

It seems I missed the previous threads, i'm glad that Mob will only be reminded as a disappointment or a super obscure and "smart anime for smart people like me" show.


calm your butthole, they wanted to keep the pace of the manga as best they could with the 12 episode format.

Also there is a second season coming and prob a third

definatlly enjoyable but disspointingly short. sadly anime is always ends on a "read the manga" note.... i hope mp100 gets an english translation

Turned out to be far more generic than what it initially sold itself as.

no harem ending that sucked balls.

ASSPULL the show.

Space dandy

There is still got the Hope episode on thursday but I am not getting my hopes up for it to be satisfying

it worked perfectly for the purpose of the story

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Aside from the butterfly effect the problems were also pretty bullshit.

>my thread is this slow

fuck you Cred Forums

>mobfag falseflaging.

I thought the entire series was awful. The manga is tolerable but the actual animation... disappointing

what are you talking about ?

I had many problems ranging from the lack of creativity in the story, and characters. The ending wasn't even a surprise.

>lack of creativity in the story, and characters.
such as ?

If you've watched the episode you'd have noticed how a character abruptly became God and diffused single-handedly everything about the tense confrontation everyone was in. all that thanks to a god-know-how transfer of powers between two supposedly human characters.

>He was convinced Reigen would die at the end of the first season

>He doesn't know how psychic powers work.

All the episodes are out already? Or you talking about the manga?
Im new to this board. But i love this show

no user that wasn't disappointing, it became shit after 5 episodes

They hinted at it in the first episode.

I normally defend this show but even I think its ending was disappointing. Too rushed, and left too many questions unanswered.

>mob absorbs someone's power into him early on
>the other way around is an asspull

That's because it's not over...
What exactly was rushed anyway? The show was way too slow in the middle.

I know it was foreshadowed, but how Aoi suddenly turned evil. And how Airi suddenly turned into an alien. And you know, what happened to Aoi after Airi died.

>it's not over
The LNs are prequels to the anime though and not concurrent.

Too bad this is either bait or you're retarded

Animeonlyfags are cancer.

>the main thing being praised is its animation
>better make sure that when I try to flaw it that I say the animation is its worse feature

How insecure are you user?

>mobfag butthurt as fuck

>my thread is still this slow

I liked the ending. Macross Delta is probably fucked though.

He is talking about the anime

Should have ended at the Sea King.

yeah, no shit sherlock

What a thoughtful foreshadowing. A hint in the first episode? I don't even know what you're talking about.
It was never done between a normal guy and an psychic. And the exchange you talk about was never explained or fully shown.

definitely this

Anything Gonzo

>Seriously, I love the sheer brutal verbal beatdown delivered to the "special snowflake" mentality that's been plaguing the west for almost a decade now
You'd love naruto