How is Koe no Katachi faring?

How is Koe no Katachi faring?

(Ranking) (Ticket Sales) (Seats) (Times Screened) (Theaters) (Drop from last week) (Movie)

*2 *77892 130690 *506 101 ****** 映画 聲の形

*2 157358 *252861 1014 102 ****** 映画 聲の形

*2 *78267 121476 *500 101 ****** 映画 聲の形

*2 28654 115102 *484 100 ****** 映画 聲の形

*2 *32869 118821 *494 100 ****** 映画 聲の形

*2 *65596 110617 *451 100 ****** 映画 聲の形

*2 *388460 *826660 3391 102 ****** 映画 聲の形

*3 *48705 123333 *476 101 *62.5% 映画 聲の形

*2 *55574 119487 *467 101 *69.9% 映画 聲の形

*3 22466 119927 *458 100 *28.7% 映画 聲の形

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I don't know how to read this.

Mitsuha a cute

>(Ranking) (Ticket Sales) (Seats) (Times Screened) (Theaters) (Drop from last week) (Movie)

There is only one movie in the list, Koe no katachi.

Her name is very ugly.

Explain the random increase of ticket sales on 9/18 and 9/23. Was that a typo?

Your Name ($100 million) and Shin Godzilla ($73 million) are sister/brother films, dominating the Japanese box office together. I'm sure Daddy Toho is proud. Shinkai and Anno did good work.

Off the top of my head, there might have been a holiday. Sometimes holidays boosts a film's performance.

Both are holidays. And nope the numbers are correct. Koe no Katachi broke the KyoAni record that day.

>b-but it flopped

>Let's analyze the fucking shit out of this movies box office which by the way almost nobody here has seen yet cause muh Kyoani meme

Stay fake as shit Cred Forums. Will you be doing the live updates for Hibike S2s stalker rankings while being fake as shit next season as well? Who will you manufacture the fight against this time? 3Gatsu?

Honestly the live updates of Hibike's rise to top 10 in Stalker after Episode 8 was fun to watch. Everyone lost their mind and it was fun to see the butthurt all around.


Whole week

OP is an idiot.

Why does it matter, are you going to be one of the anons to watch it in theater?

What if I already did?

Did you watch the Yamada marathon?

Why do you still care about how much it makes?

¥1,900,000,000 K-ON! Movie
-- ¥850,000,000 Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu
-- ¥700,000,000 Koe no Katachi (as of 9/25/2016)
-- ¥680,000,000 HighSpeed!: Free! Starting Days
-- ¥220,000,000 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!: Takanashi Rikka Kai
-- ¥205,000,000 Tamako Market: Tamako Love Story
-- ¥161,817,100 Kyoukai no Kanata -I'll Be Here- Mirai-hen
---- ¥42,971,350 Hibike! Euphonium ~Kitauji Koukou Suisougaku-bu e Youkoso~
---- ¥93,040,600 Kyoukai no Kanata -I'll Be Here- Kako-hen
----------------------- Munto

What is the correct number for the 23rd?

What's the problem? Shinkai fans are excited about the success his latest film is having. The man's first wide release is an absolute juggernaut. Let them enjoy themselves.

25806 107876 *449 100 ****** 映画 聲の形

I don't, why do you think I do?

Not really. It was fucking stupid and obviously fake as shit in terms of reactions and even then I don't recall it becoming this record setter or anything like that, just like a 7k or so averager. It helped a shit ton that it was a music anime sponsored by Lantis at a time when they're pretty dominant too.

Honestly people don't have to be as stupid and spammy over anything Kyoani related as they are, it's totally a conscientious decision and again fake as shit like it'll probably be again for season 2 which will be a good season to avoid the board that'll just be filled with full throttle Kyoani vs Shaft spamming and threadshitting even in threads for other shows.

>-- ¥700,000,000 Koe no Katachi (as of 9/25/2016)

Shaft would have done a better job at animating this, kyoani used too much blur this time around

>a silent bread?

But the music part was sponsored by Yamaha anti shitposting kun. And you know Kyoani and Lantis are joined by the hip right? The KyoAni owner holds the land property of many Lantis buildings in Tokyo.

You could have made it less obvious by not blurring the letterbox.

Estimation from the number of ticket sold.
No actual number yet.

The two best grossing KyoAni films will be Yamada's. Hopefully she's involved with more movies.

It's easy enough to guess based on ticket prices.

Screencap this for the fall season.

Is this the new K-On movie?

>spend 8 months solo storyboarding Tamako Love Story
>200 million at the box office
>storyboard with Kigami-sensei, film completed under 3 months
>estimated to hit 1 billion

>storyboard Keion movie with Ishihara
>easy 2 billion

Other kyoani directors are now secretly placed under suicide watch

Yamada is a meme director.

Tamako was a much smaller release and looks a lot better than Koe no Katachi.

Try harder


> looks a lot better than Koe no Katachi.

I doubt you've seen Koe no Katachi.

Ishihara made more money overall I think. Haruhi BD box made a fuckton of money. Also his original sold a fuckton more than Yamada's. Takemoto and Ishidate on the pther hand are flop central.

>downloading an advertisement

Judging by the PVs and the tv segments.

>falling for obvious bait

But Takemoto directed Haruhi movie and Free movie.

And the Free movie underperformed. HS! had a bigger media blitz than KnK and ended up making less money on more screens. Haruhi also made most of the money in the BD Box rerelease.

>----------------------- Munto
Well deserved.

>Source: my ass

Stay delusional cocksucker, Koe no Flopachi is just a shitty forced drama movie with moe designs to pander the retarded Kyoanifags.

After the first week Koe no Flopachi went into the oblivion literally, while Kimi no Na Wa is still kicking asses.

It never was meant to compete with Kimi no Na wa but it was funny to see it outperform Sully despite having less than 1/3rd of its screens.

You should add :
¥1,312,139,000 Haruhi BD Box

>It never was meant to compete with Kimi no Na wa
>Released literally almost 2 weeks after Kimi no Na Wa

Kyoani doesn't even know how to do business.

>landing this plane, with all survivors!

Honestly doesn't seem like it'd make an intriguing movie

It's already over. Shikai Makoto's taken everything.

But KyoAni doesn't handle the movie distribution. No one except Toei and Ghibli in Japan do. Studios are simply too small to handle business with multiple cinema chains. The release date and screen numbers are on Shochiku
>storyboard a movie in 3 months
>have it selected for nation wide screenings in a fuckton more than the 3000+ Cinema screens Japan has.

Japan loves Eastwood for some reason.

That's like blaming a farmer for the distributor selling watermelons in the winter

Kizu part 2 was nowhere to be seen in the rankings during its second week. Koe no Katachi is jumping from 2nd to 3rd.

>Muh Koe no Flopachi i-is good! I swear!
>I-I can't prove my words so I must attack Kizu!

Pathetic kyoanitards, everyone.

It was second yesterday outselling Sully and today it was outsold by 200 tickets.

That's because it's barely about the landing but more of the aftermath. The investigation, the inquiries, being in the spotlight, if he really deserves to be called a hero. I would guess it speaks to the working man since they are given crap for simply doing their jobs.

Why did Kizu do so bad?

KyoAni crap doesn't stand a chance against two geniuses that are Anno and Shikai.

>60 year media franchise
>Cred Forums limits it to Anno
I hate you faggots. Next year you're going to shitpost about Godzilla even more because of the Butcher aren't you?

4 weeks

I hate kyoanifags but surely there's a better way to troll them than with ticket sales

Unless you're a studio executive I can't see why anybody would care about the money something is making

Too bad, it's an objective fact.

And the thing is ticket sales are good for them.

KnK is a HIT. Anti-Kyoanifags completely and utterly btfo and on suicide watch.

Apparently a camrip of the movie is out.

>camrip of a kyoani movie
But why? It completely ruins the point of watching a Kyoani movie in the first place. The beautiful art.

>3 of kyoani's most profitable movies doesn't even belong to them


I didn't tell you to go watch it, I just said that there's a supposed camrip out.

But the animation of KnK belongs to KyoAni. MEXT negotiated with KyoAni not Kondasha.

They own the rights to the KnK adaption and are number 1 on the production committee.

I want to know if the story is as offensively bad as the rest of their anime.

What a time to be alive.

What is this, the tv series?

I predict 800 million. It'll probably reach a billion by the end of its third weekend.

Does anyone know how long will it stay in theaters?

While I like k-on but I always wonder how did it make so much money?

I think a major reason was its appeal to both males and females.

So it's at 515000+ tickets sold with 1800 for each ticket right?

I love that this is all that matters to neo Cred Forums. Again it's not about enjoying this stuff but the idea that you've latched onto a certain brand or Person and it's doing well therefore somehow you've BTFO some boogeyman and get to spam about it. Rinse repeat every fiscal quarte. Literally what's the point anymore and how is this different then manufactured console wars on Cred Forums.

Bet on it. Just imagine if it was Shaft or something instead of Polygon

Do anti studio fags only know these two?

KnK predicted to gross 1.2-1.5 billion in just four weeks. K-On grossed 1.9 billion in 5 fucking months.

Predicted =! Happened
Wait before you get do ahead of yourself

wtf i hate K-On now

Because it's shit.

This new Godzilla film is the most well received and commercially successful Godzilla film since the 1960s. Sit on that for a while. Yes, it's Anno.

>lets blur everything - the studio

I'm glad it's gonna pass Haruhi

As expected from shaftshitters they don't understand instagramkino

they are at around 800,000 yen after 10 days. It's possible, but it all depends if they can keep ticket sales in this week.