Dragonball Super

Beerus was the best thing to happen to this series in a long time.

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Beerus and Whis are a top tier duo

It was nice to see him act intimidating again after so many episodes of him acting like a goofball.

third for gay kai porn

>It's over Black

Watching Beerus and Goku getting closer makes my heart flutter.

so what's the consensus on the plot now? what's gonna happen?

>all those scenes symbolizing them as equals
Them landing from Whis's sudden stop and fighting for food are some that come to mind.

a.k.a. Filler: the character


Which Dragon would you Ball?

>Defeat Black/Zamasu
>Grand Universe Tournament
Other than that its pretty much theories at this point

I'm honestly just waiting for the danger like we had in the Namek Saga

In Super, 18.

I'd go for short haired qt Videl for Z though overall.

bulma was born to be ravaged.

Short Hair School Videl > 18 > Super Bulma

>Hold on Trunks, I've got this.

superior thread

Come here you


Teen bulma gave me raging boners as a kid.


>Ep 60 This Week Goku, Vegeta and Bulma head over Future and find out who Goku Black is
>Ep 61 not really sure on this one anybody want to give me episode title on this one?
>Ep 62 Trunks gets a power up which is most likely SSB
>Ep 63 Vegeta is stuck in a dead lock with Goku black
the rest dunno that's all we got

I just have a thing for Chi Chi for some reason. Despite her being an absolute cunt especially in Super, I can't help but find her attractive. I guess Kamehasutra had that much of an effect on me when I used to constantly fap to it all those years ago.

Mai nigga, the glory of short hair

shouldn't Dr. Briefs be elderly as fuck by now? do senzu beans undo telomere shortening too?



I fucking hate you.

>Bulma goes to the future
Who in the right mind thought this was the right idea?

Super Videl
Buu Saga Bulma
18 with the outfit she wore when she was absorbed by Cell
Super Chichi

Can't wait for Goku to push Zenobutton so he ends that pink faggot and starts multiverse tournaments.


61: Zamasu's Ambition. The Human Extinction Plan Divulged.
62: Trunk's Super Power
63: Vegeta's Fierce Battle

She's bitchy, but the sex is probably phenomenal

Videl was definitely a solid fuck as a teen, but she's lost all her charm in super

Not hard to see why.


She was at her peak when she was tsundere

Chi-chi. All night. Every night. I'd let her put me to work.
My Nigga.

chi chi definitely knows how to make that ass clap

>Gohan only showing up when he's least wanted

Sounds about right.
Black will be infinitely more interesting that a poorly rushed Tournament that skips over the majority of fights.

Hold me close.

perfect ass and thighs

She looked pretty good in the Epilogue of Z. She looks like such a bland chinese porcelain doll in Super that its fucking creepy. The other women at least became cunts when they got married. She went from a tsundere cunt to a Silent Hill creature with color.


Yes indeed.

Anyone else notice F. Zumasu has green Potara in the future that he shares with Goku Black?

He used to have red.

the scene in Z where Videl asks gohan if he likes short hair on girls is the exact moment she decided to swallow that cock


Look at these tits


Yet if you tell a girl she'd look better with longer/short hair in real life they'll flip their shit on you that you're trying to change them.

damn this thread is legit converting me to chi chi

although i remember back in web 1.0 there was some decent chi chi hentai


How old is she at this point?

>the tiny collar
I'm sweating

Embrace her user

But they'll cut their hair shorter than yours because their friends convinced them it will look "cute"


Bulma would be my favourite if she still looked like this

God the things I want to do to her

Zamasu's house looks comfy as fuck. I hope it survives the end of this arc and becomes Trunks and Mai's new love nest.

There still isn't good Chi Chi stuff. The best DB doujins with her are still from Garland.

I have a pretty chill female friend. I recommended her to have short hair. She later cut her hair short that week. She wasn't mad or anything.

I should have realized maybe she liked me.

Now if only there was a cute short hair tomboy ray to blast at everything you see. That'd be heaven.

At least Garland is back now.

>Garland is back
I'm sorry, what?


next time on DB super
Will Vegeta start the fight before episode ends find out next time in episdoe Vegeta starts a fight

Who are your top 3 characters?

1. Freeza
2. Piccolo
3. Trunks

Buu saga Bulma and Videl were perfect. Bulma looks alright now, though she lost the MILF factor she had going on, and Videl just looks like shit now.

Piccolo is filler

>Zamasu's house looks comfy as fuck. I hope it survives the end of this arc and becomes Trunks and Mai's new love nest.
I seriously hope Garland makes it happen.

I'm 100% positive you're the first person to notice.

You're filler.


He recently submitted Super Videl sketches. They're up on Panda. He came back after anons begged for him to return a few weeks ago.


If we aren't counting villains (which I'll discount Vegeta as well), then.

Future Trunks
Future Gohan
Mystic/Ultimate Gohan

Figured I'd just do Top 5. Also inb4 Gohanfag. Gohan is largely irrelevant and shit outside of Future Gohan and SSJ2/Mystic.


>This theme with ZAMASU getting deleted.
Beerus had redeemed himself

I think new Videl is cute, but she was definitely better in the Buu saga

Agreed that new Bulma is alright, but Buu saga Bulma appeals to more of my fetishes and shit

you are just spamer

I would kill for more art like that desu

Give me some specifics desu
I may or may not draw them

She has her moments, but, every other Videl is leagues better. EoZ Videl does the thing Super is trying to do much better with her looks, while still also retaining somewhat of a personality.


that's from a movie.

1. Shin
2. Vegeta/Piccolo
3. Whis

I am aware of my questionable taste

Gotenks, Goku, Cell.

Very true
Based Dimps, they also made people more aware of Towa

I miss the thicc character designs. The females especially look like twigs now.

Same characters but
1. Trunks
2. Piccolo
3. Frieza

Food for thought then

1. Cell
2. Beerus
3. Super Buu

Beerus is awesome when he actually feels like doing something

Roshi got all the fun


I'd let Towa mindslave me. Imagine how horny she must be, she created her own husbando after all.

> Zamasu and Black are a top tier duo


>all these faggots who prefer short hair Videl to the superior long hair version

faggot with no taste

Ox king

1.100% Super Perfect Cell
2. Super Perfect Cell
3. Perfect Cell

He's pretty much groped all of the wives without any major consequence with the exception of Videl, though he did try.

Defeat Black, who is Zamasu's God of Destruction. The two are linked, so Zamasu dies.

- Time Breaker Saga
- Multiverse Budokai Saga
- Dragon God Zarama Saga

Short Hair Tomboys > Long Hair Tomboys

They're both great, but short hair will always be superior for cute.


Anything Shin+Cats my dude
I try to do the same

Chi Chi definitely gives the best head
Bulma's the most down for it whenever/wherever
Videl definitely rides the best while giving you the tsundere stinkeye
18 is probably weirdly skilled at some specific fetish stuff like leater handjobs or some shit

Pan does skype JOI on the side for cash

>Videl rides the best

Confirmed for GOAT.

Does Garland lurk Cred Forums? Or was it anons on another site?

>all these faggots who have a preference when I like both equally.

>18 completely turns shy when it comes to sex
This is better for my dick.

Sweet, I'll try to do something tonight

It's basically like your horny grandpa. You know it's too late to change him so you just kinda shake your head and sigh. It'll definitely happen again unless one of those super powered wives manages to kill him.

>implying vegito isn't best waifu

>Lost to child

1. F Trunks
2. Beerus
3. Piccolo

We were talking about how we wanted Garland back, then just a few days later he uploaded those Videl pics. No idea if he visits Cred Forums though, I think it was just a big coincidence.

Since Trunks will probably end up wifeing her, Mai is probably quite shy when it comes to sex but at the same time she's really good at it

Why is muscle gone in DBS?

What's with Toriyama and spaghetti arms?

green babysitter
the worse half of gotenks
angry race supremacist before becoming a bitch

>Don't worry guys, I've got this

Twinks are the new fad



>the worse half of gotenks
They're both pretty shit. You'll have to be more specific.

Trying to appeal to the new japanese audience who like everything vibrant and less intimidating.

I can't wait to hold that hand holy shit

Trust me, we're gonna have a thread dedicated to this

Videl twerks on the dick in cowgirl 1000% confirmed



Shouldn't you be picking up trash, putting out forest fires, and saving the deer #17?
Cowgirl is the best position, especially when its done by a tomboy.


either work actually. kid goten+trunks shenanigans are fun.


Videl is rachel starr 2000% confirmed

17 is a family man, he's protecting nature out of respect for 16

>The best DB doujins with her are still from Garland

Garland's art is so based. Some of it looks like it was drawn by Toriyama himself.

If anyone ever asked, "who's seen Bulma naked" in a group almost half of the crew would raise their hands.
How must Vegeta feel.


I just imagine him in his little Park Ranger tower with a little shrine to 17 adorned with birds and shit.

I want Videl to do this to me, but naked

Thank God he's back. He'll probably work on Trunks and Mai once the arc is over

they're appealing to a nation of betas

1. 22nd Martial Arts Tournement Arc Tien
2. King Piccolo Arc Tien
3. Saiyan Arc Tien


Which position do the dragonball girls prefer?

Don't forget Krillin and Gohan. I'm pretty sure Kirllin saw her naked in DB, but she spent who knows how long with them in a small spaceship walking around in a tank top and panties.

10000% confirmed Goku has only fucked Chi Chi twice

Which DB girls shaves? Which have bush? Which trim?

There are tons or muscle anime doing just fine though. Take JoJo for example

I want to bend Videl over my leg and spank her ass, while she yells at me to call her a slut

Reminder that he got rekt on Saturday.

My boy Krillin did good

3) Future Trunks

Hasn't Toriyama been a fan of "visually less is, if possible preferably secretly, more" for a long ass time? King of All should be a prime example.

>The best DB doujins with her are still from Garland
I agree, although I'll say Yamamoto is a close 2nd. The only issue is he kinda throws cow-tits on everyone, but he sticks to the style pretty well other than that.

I was there user, I held his hand pretty good. What was he thinking making such a bet?

3. Carrot

Muscle ≠ Character Design

He just doesn't want to draw muscles. Probably lazy.

Those are mostly based on older series when muscle was in style though. And hell even then, if Araki was spearheading the Jojo anime everyone would be skinny twink men.

But Toriyama doesn't draw shit.

Its Torytaro and Toei

What a damn shame. I think Super would have been much more enjoyable if it was all about muscle once again.

Maybe he actually likes to hold our hands.

Yeah I feel like they're the first characters to be properly portrayed as Gods. They can basically do anything and they are currently above the plot.

Didn't he design the BoG designs? RoF too

For comedy
Innocent Buu

For fapping
Ran Fan

It's just the difference between time periods. The mid 80s, early 90s was all about hulking buff men. The late 90s was more about younger childlike shounen heroes, and currently it's more about "the everyman" kind of character.


Will the future arcs' villains live up to best boys?


But I want established characters to maintain their muscles, user. Saiyans I can understand being muscular.


1. Cell
2. Cell Jr
3. Genome

To tryhard. Not really round enough like the others. I find her less attractive than Bulma Ranfan and even Chi-chi who had no almost no fanservice.

>hooo, supah saiyajin nuclear greenu goddo broly

>goku went ssj2 to concieve goten

this explains everything

I love you user.

user please that's SSJ1, but yeah that does explain everything

Chi Chi is an absolute cunt, so she likes to get you riled up for a few minutes arguing about some dumb bullshit so you can bend her over the dining room table and wear her ass meat out until the crock pot is ready for dinner

bulma mounts you in the driver's seat at the grocery store parking lot because she wants to own the shame of using her body to earn her station in life

Videl wants you wonder about your chances with her for a few weeks. A sideways glance here and there, a snarky comment when you demonstrate deep ki harnessing knowledge, asking her how you like girls' hair and then cutting it to see how you respond. Then the moment comes where she calls you out for watching her tits jiggle during today's flying lesson. You almost retreat at her uncouthness but before you know it she's shoved you on the couch and began devouring your face with weeks of pent-up frustration at your lack of initiative. Stroking your hardness over you pant leg, she takes her shorts off grinds her toned ass into your lap while deriding you for being such a pussy. She tells you to look her in the eye if you're a real man and without breaking the stare she begins bouncing on your ever-expanding flesh obelisk while listing off all her grievances with you, like she's your mom or something. Suddenly your childhood makes sense, and you feel closer to you father.


Adult Chi Chi has zero fan service. She used up all her fan service energy as a kid wearing those skimpy clothes. This old Jump cover that Toriyama drew is the closest you will ever get.

>Trunks timeline will never be fixed and the Z fighters of his timeline will never be wished back

Do you think they even want to be wished back at this point? Or have they moved on by now?

>Videl wants you wonder about your chances with her for a few weeks. A sideways glance here and there, a snarky comment when you demonstrate deep ki harnessing knowledge, asking her how you like girls' hair and then cutting it to see how you respond. Then the moment comes where she calls you out for watching her tits jiggle during today's flying lesson. You almost retreat at her uncouthness but before you know it she's shoved you on the couch and began devouring your face with weeks of pent-up frustration at your lack of initiative. Stroking your hardness over you pant leg, she takes her shorts off grinds her toned ass into your lap while deriding you for being such a pussy. She tells you to look her in the eye if you're a real man and without breaking the stare she begins bouncing on your ever-expanding flesh obelisk while listing off all her grievances with you, like she's your mom or something. Suddenly your childhood makes sense, and you feel closer to you father.

Last sentence killed me

That would work. The legendary supersaiyan threatens the whole existence of multiverses, sounds like good enough to me, since saiyans are said to be the strongest warrior race...

I feel like if they did Goku would've used King Kai to tell the namekians to wish them all back. I don't understand why they didn't do this. Unless dying by disease makes it so you don't get the warrior death treatment.

Goku and Gohan are at SSJ3 now, and have accepted Earth is too far gone.

See, Pizza I can get behind.

She'll want eye contact, user. With hand holding.

>reposting user good assumptions about SSJG and blue

>In anime, SSB was stated as the SS form of a SSG. "Saiyan beyond god" is the true god form of a saiyan who learn how control his ki like a god. Red god is just a fake god, It's made artificially, the true saiyan god is a base god, and blue is his SS form
>Base saiyan -> ritual (artificial method) -> SSG form (artificial god)
>Base saiyan -> godly training -> Base god ("saiyan beyond god")
>Base god ("saiyan beyond god") -> turns SS -> SSGSS form

>Manga has not a "base god" (Goku only use godly ki using SSG or SSB), so SSG is the fake artificially god and SSB is the true god.
>Base saiyan -> ritual (artificial method) -> SSG form (artificial god)
>Base saiyan -> godly training -> SSB form

>Since it seems that SSB isn't very stronger than SSG, manga version makes more sense. Fake and true god have a similar power, although true (blue) is stronger, instead a true god being similar to it SS form.

With Kami there, I'm sure he pulled strings for Goku and the others, user. Would Gohan get his arm back though?

1. Gohan
2. Piccolo
3. Bulma

this exists

It just occurred to me that the entirety of Trunk's shitty future could've been avoided if Piccolo fused with Kami.

mfw goku is a fuckin simp

>No one other than Goku will reach SSJ3

That is true, but the Androids appeared too suddenly. There was too much panic. Now the Gods and Kaioshin are gone from that timeline. Along with most of Earth's population and many other planets.

Can it be salvaged or should Zeno just nuke it?

Anyone else like this new style besides me? Muscles got out of hand



Not really, the muscles seemed fine to me. I never really thought it was overblown.

They were toned down in the Buu saga. Besides Majin Vegeta's veins popping out

Holy fucking shit Gohan. Get some sun you pale bastard.

Cell saga had some muscles

>not even a real person

Zeno will probably nuke it, Trunks and Mai will be moved to past/main timeline and become main cast members

And then we'll get some SOL episodes where Vegeta rips on Goku about his son being a salaryman




Chi Chi would kick all of their dindu asses though.



I miss these Z fighters

Which one?

Sauce before mods get it, please user. I'll hold your hand

are there any live action dragonball cosplay/parody porns online? i've never seen on in all my years

>18 becomes a good guy
>Never fights after

Yeah let's have roshi as a fighter in ROF, that makes sense


Open image in another window
Search with google

>Inb4 spoonfed

this one

she fought mighty mask though

>Z fighters

I want Toonamifags to leave.


Thanks user

fuck thats cute

Frieza Saga had SOME muscles


What is the point of these two characters currently?

They are stronger than our protagonists.

They do not seem to be the final villains of the series, they are allies, and despite one having Destruction in the title, he's 99% a good guy.

They themselves could easily solve all issues alone, yet they don't for no reason unless they want to, again, for no reason.

What is their purpose in this series?

>Chi Chi is an absolute cunt, so she likes to get you riled up for a few minutes arguing about some dumb bullshit so you can bend her over the dining room table and wear her ass meat out until the crock pot is ready for dinner
I couldn't help myself.

> Kid Trunk has blue hair

> 18 and Marron have gray/purple/idk hair

> Pilaf is green
Does Toriyama think Pilaf's a namekian?

comedic relief and looking fabulous

>Hey boss1

Why does Whis put up with Beerus' shit?

>>Implying Chi-Chi, a martial artist, couldn't take down a few untrained street thugs.


She isnt that strong to keep with them anyways

for you

Good stuff my man

as a woman she stands no chance against the cock


Comedic relief, helping flesh out the Dragon Ball world, providing guidance to Goku and Vegeta, etc.

>hey boss2

> "Z-fighters Buu Saga"

But Krillin turned to stone and 18 didn't do shit.

It's like the current DBS arc. Just replace Gohan for Future Trunks.

>sexualizing granny

Am I the only one that felt it was really awkward seeing Goku (Black) in such a relaxed pose against a railing out in the comfy cottage atmosphere looking at his homosexual lover, Zamasu?

I fucking love you.

>What is their purpose in this series?
making goku and vegeta look like complete inceompetent jobbers and to remind them that sayians are nowhere near the masterrace of the multiverse

it's always hilarious to watch villains at home

You guys ready for the final boss?

post yfw HAKAI

>You guys ready for the final boss?
OH shiiit

I swear to god if there's only a tournament arc left I will be pissed

Mr Buu


Anyone know where I can find better quality of this doujin?


So Beerus in Trunks's future is dead, okay, but what the fuck is Future Whis doing? And Zen-chan? Don't they care that not only the God of Destruction and the Supreme Kai of a universe got killed in a coup, but that the new GoD and SK are abusing their power and creating an imbalance?

there is only a tournament arc left + filler

Felt bad for Zamas tbqh.

>Multiverse Tournament Arc
>it pulls a Yu Yu Hakusho, Goku Black isn't defeated and shows up in the tournament somehow ala Toguro
>Goku and Goku Black get matched up in the semi finals
>Goku loses to Goku Black
>Goku wakes up to find the Multiverese Tournament concluded and the Winner is some no name from a different universe nobody saw fight
>Goku Black mysteriously vanishes
>time skip
>Goku gets told to go to the World Tournament by Supreme Kai, a special someone will show up
>it's the original DBZ epilogue with Uub

how mad would you all be?


I'd find you and rape you to death

that's really really shitten fanfic bruh but i do agree on one thing.
goku not winning the tournament i also say semi-final except if god of destructions+grandpriest type of people are just spectators then final.


> they actually solve the current issue by themselves

>it didnt solve anything

Do you think for a moment while being deleted Zamasu regretted hated ningens and wished he had just stayed on his comfy planet making tea with Gowasu?

I want to see Whis with his hair down.

Your dick couldn't handle it.

Isn't DBS pretty successful?

So basically the Cell saga?

bulma's mom

That was the best.

when you thought niggastream was bad.



>marron is supposed to be 9 years old here
This is actually worse than Goten and Trunks' not looking like teenagers.

I know, that's why I want to see it.


pretty accurate if you ask me.
what matters is the point got across.

damn krillin genes. it would be funny for dbs marron to grow up to be a noseless midget though.


Plot devices, Whis is the new mentor that help the characters grown, Beerus is the new goal Goku must surpass, there are more Gods of Destruction on other universes, and one of those are probably going to be the final boss after Goku inevitably victory over Beerus.

marron most pointless character?



She shows up more than Gohan.

I'll be honest, i kinda would rather her take more after krillin than just look like a generic blonde girl.
That and i want her to know some basic martial arts. Krillin and 18 are damn near the strongest two fighters on earth. At least teach her to fly or the Kamehameha.

Bra and Marron.

that's buu

>18 doing the mental math to figure out when Goten will legal

Krillin best cuck

18 wants her daughter to be happy, friend

>Piccolo on Pan's shirt

slug babysitter man a best

Kid Goku

he raised gohan so fair enough

He's raising Pan, now, too.

huh? who is the kid in the middle didn't she got written out of existence?

Stop it, user!


She got hakai'd.


>Kid Goku
Best Goku by far. He lost all of his personality the second he became an adult.


Whoever made those "assumptions" is an idiot. SSG isn't artificial, it has its own legend and uses a fucking ancient ritual to activate. If anything SSB is actually the imitation since it's just SS1 with God ki layered on top.

Here lies Bra, she got deleted alongside GT.

>Justice entails bringing balance between good and evil
What the fuck did Gowasu mean by this? That's not what justice is at all.

The writers are gonna have to get Bulma pregnant eventually, they're just dragging their heels for some reason.
I personally hope that the reveal comes at the end of this arc so that Future Trunks will react to it.

>has a ritual, so isn't artificial
>has it's own legend, so isn't artificial

You don't know what that word means, right?

you could say the same thing about god IRL
why doesn't he just solve all our problems instantly? because it wouldn't be interesting

sounds like someone evil would say. that seems to be a recurring dbs theme though.

bulma gets blacked next episode so of course she will now never exist


>sounds like someone evil would say

there is a reason bulma is going back to the future.
Veget fierce battle is actually vegeta fighting netorare.
Next level of jobbing.

>In anime, SSB was stated as the SS form of a SSG.

No, the anime says that SSB is the "Super Saiyan form of a Saiyan with the power of Super Saiyan God". So it's not the SS form of SSG, it's the SS form of someone who has absorbed SSG's power which is godly ki.

It seems that whoever wrote all that just misinterpreted something and then made a bunch of faulty assumptions based on that.

Hello fellow Cell bro.


i'm glad no one pays attention to you anymore

There's nothing that suggests SSG is artificial you fucking headcanon spouting moron.

>that seems to be a recurring dbs theme though.
I've noticed. I dislike it when works of fiction pull the MUH BALANCE card without actually justifying it properly. It sounds to much like the golden mean fallacy.

daily reminder goku black is the first canon villain super saiyan

majin vegeta was merely pretending

Nah fuck you guys vegeta won't job twice to the same guy. This is his time. I bet bra on it.


Goku Black isn't a super saiyan bruh

He's also the best villain since Freeza.

What is the universe 10 God of destruction doing?

Where's that mangafag claiming the dragonball super anime is filler?

Was blatant trolling but it was hilarious watching people take the bait

stabbin vegeta and lookin fabulous

being goku black.

Why didn't they contact the God of Destruction of the 10th universe to handle Zamasu? Isn't that his job? Isn't Beerus walking on a dangerous waters?
Also, Goku is now on good terms with the Omniking, couldn't they bring Zamasu to him for some attitude adjustment? Or would he get mad from all that mortal time traveling?

Probably sleeping

If they showed him fighting in the preview he's 10/10 going to get fucked. Rip in piss mr.jobber

too bad her tits werent out

>a saiyan trains with a god's master and obtain the ultimate saiyan form, the strongest super saiyan god
>a saiyan hold his friends hands and becomes a temporal and weaker super saiyan god which doesn't even seems a SS form
>shitty red god appears before than the blue one, so weaker is the true super saiyan god form

Why did Zamasu waste the Super Dragon Balls on a wish for immortality? He could have used the regular Dragon Balls for that. Why not just wish for a Ningen-free utopia?

Will she ever be canon?

I just want her to be canon so there are more lewds of her

>No, anime says
>(SSG power) Goku + SS = SSB
>SSG Goku + SS = SSB
>It's totally different!

'cuz he's arrogant and wants to do it himself

also he probably didn't know about the regular dragon balls.

because enemies/superiors can just wish them all back

It IS different, retard. Base Goku with godly ki isn't the same as SSG Goku.

He didn't even know about the Super Dragon Balls so why would he know about the regular ones? Also we don't know if the regular ones get grant immortality.

This. SSG Goku had powers like regeneration and an infinitely-expanding ki pool. Regular Goku might be as strong but he doesn't have that shit.

Frieza and also Garlic jr in fillers

Frieza didn't get his wish. Garlic jr isn't canon and so should be disregarded.

It'll be fun seeing how the inevitable Xenoverse 3 adapts the Goku Black arc.

power inconsistencies.Big problem is goku can't do shit in space so making a huge impactful fight is tough cause they don't want to destroy earth.
ssblue>ssg it's just that ssblue drains a lot of stamina.

didn't get his wish for immortality.
>Garlic jr
Non canon.

Chi-chi would be a god tier choice if you could age her back down to a teenager
>so in love with Goku she studied martial arts and entered a tournament to fight him because that's his idea of a fun date
Best fucking girl, what the hell happened

Vegeta, Kuririn, Mr.Satan


Why is beerus so based?

Marriage, not even once.

Wasn't Cell technically a super saiyan?

He was pumped full of saiyan DNA, had a gold aura and later a gold aura with electricity like SS and SS2, and he had zenkai boosts...

doesn't change the fact that the normal dragon balls can grant a basic wish like having an immortal body.

He had saiyan DNA, it doesn't make him a super saiyan. That's like saying Goku is a kai because he learned a kai technique. it doesnt really matter what you call it, he was just strong, leave it at that.

...Super literally says that SSB is just SS1. It's not a "true" SSG just because it comes after it, it's nothing more than an alternate method of tapping into and increasing SSG's power without having to worry about the time limit or ritual.

You're a fucking idiot.

As a kid I loved Vegeta but I was always a bad guy turned good fan so that continued into Hiei. I decided to see what the hype with Naruto was about around 7 or 8 years ago and started reading. I knew right away, this Sasuke guy, he's gonna be my guy. Something changed in me that day, ever since I stear away from that archetype, what a disaster of a character. Kaachan is an exception.

Anyway, prob goes Vegeta, Tien, Ginyu Force for me if they can count.

Yes, it does. They have never been proven to have those powers, in fact we've seen limitations on the dragon balls (couldn't turn the androids into humans, for instance).

It's clearly not SSJ1 considering Goku used SSJ1 in the tournament.

That's not a """power inconsistency""", that's you being in denial of the fact that SSG is a different form than base Goku with god ki.

more people should read this all the way to the end

>contradicting Toriyama interview

Why the fuck do people like Vegeta and kid trunks? Their annoying shit like "MUH PRIDEE!!!!11!!" just fucking gets on my nerves. They're fucking shit tier characters, at least Vegeta is getting some character development in Super, making him care for his family and putting stuff ahead of his pride, but fuck kid trunks. He's such a little shit. Why wouldn't we have more goten?

>inb4 "but user, black goku is goten so we have more goten"

Fuck you, even if that's true I want more kid goten action

You misunderstand.

The golden SS1 is SS1 without god ki. The blue one is SS1 using god ki. This is literally spoonfed to you in the anime when Goku directly says that it's the SS form of a base Saiyan using SSG's power source.

was an editorial idea.
akira doesn't give a fuck.

still a better idea than fucking kid trunks

Jesus you are slow.
Blue is just ssj running with God Ki. Goku and Vegeta are learning how to control God Ki and are running it through their bodies using ssj as the engine for it instead of using normal Ki

Whis makes a big explanation about this shit and about how they are still leaking a ton of energy because they are still shit at it.

vegeta was entertaining


who is goten?

That doesn't contradict Toriyama's interview, are you illiterate?

Toriyama just said that Goku wouldn't use SSG anymore because he had no need to since he absorbed its power. They're still different forms.


fuck off you manchild, vegeta has always been a shit character and it's only in super that he's finally getting some character development

you're trying to bait me and it's fucking working here's your (you)

It'll probably be a rushed and half assed DLC of two missions for XENO 2 like the ROF dlc for the first game

>is just SS1
Yeah, SSB1. So...?

>increasing SSG power
>manga Vegeta increases a power which he doesn't have at all

>in both DBS versions
You're joking, right?

His "development" is what made him a shit character. He was only ever good on Namek.

Trunks bores the shit out of me but he and Vegeta are the only characters in dragon ball with a compelling backstory. Goku is the king of lame self-insert shit tier MC's.

the manga is shit

you guys have shit taste in characters

Surprising amount of Chichifags in this thread. I'm surprised. Shame what Toei has done to her in Super.

Nah, your wrong. He had Saiyan DNA, so he was, at least, part Saiyan. Just like you're part your dad and your mom. However, he wasn't a super saiyan just like you aren't a "superdad" or "supermom (LONDON)"

>Shame what Toei has done to her in Super.
There's only a handful of characters that doesn't apply to in Super.


prove it you dumb fuck

Chi-Chi is cute.

>The golden SS1 is SS1 without god ki. The blue one is SS1 using god ki.
You're totally right :^)

golden one = a SS
red one = a GOD
blue one = a SS + a god (aka, a SSGOD)

Chichi's magic is within her bangs



I'm referring to the anime, not the manga. The manga is an incoherent mess.

SSG's power is just god ki, which Vegeta has. You don't necessarily need SSG to learn how to use god ki.

Holy shit you are stupid.

So you don't have arguments anymore. Good.
You are right, user, congratulations.

I really want Bra to exist in Super on the off chance that we'll get a soundbyte of Vegeta saying "hey brahhh"

EoZ Chi Chi actually looks better than current and Buu saga Chi Chi because of that hairstyle. Bulma on the other hand looks like Hillary Clinton.


if they're being fair, the instant that vegeta stops fighting for his pride, he should become a true equal to goku, or even surpass him

the problem is that without his pride, he may not even want to fight anymore

he's definitely not going to become a braindead goku copy 'I just want to beat up even stronger guys, even though the manner in which reality in arranged means there has to be an upper limit somewhere, and I'm already pushing against all sane limits'

SSJ2 with kaio-ken x11 is stronger than SSBSS3

Nice headcanon, faggot.

The red form is called a SUPER Saiyan God, so that's what it is. The blue form was said to just be SS1 using god ki, so that's what it is.

Not if you are handsome and ripped



the memory of Chi Chi's bangs lightly brushing his thigh as she sloppily forces 9 inches of flesh down her throat

that's what keeps Goku going

the ephemeral beauty of a moment when Chi Chi couldn't speak

I unironically liked the gohan in highschool arc

I hate Gotens hair so much in those last few episodes


He didn't want to look like his dad, leave him alone

coincidentally it's also Toriyama and Toyotar's fave.


best transformation.
don't gimme that fanfic jobber transformation.


>The manga is an incoherent mess.
I stopped reading here

Videl pre-Super lobotomy.


>best transformation.

SSJ2 is right here

You stopped reading when you realized you didn't have an argument.

But user

>that's what you call "a artificial Super Saiyan God" is called "Super Saiyan God" too
Wow... I never realized this, user. You are totally changed my world

why does trunks have toddler hands

What if Zanmasu used his time ring to go back in time and steal Goku as a kid and trained him, while indoctrinating him into his ideology

Glad you were able to come to the realization that the series never implies SSG is artificial and you're making shit up.

We all know Freeza is the best villain.

But who's better out of Cell and Buu?


but then this would mean that goku isn't naturally a good guy. hell, black seems several times more evil than zamasu. I'd sooner believe black was indoctrinating zamasu.

goku is a pretty innovative character actually. it's like if you took homer simpson and made him a mary sue

Buu easy, Cell was boring as shit.
inb4 stale perfection meme

He was raised into a good guy and he isn't a good guy in every standard, its completely possible

1. Jobeta
2. Serious Beerus
3. Pre-Z Krillin


only in 2D

goku was sent with instructions to genocide the fucking planet. grandpa gohan said he was an asshole until he got all Junior Seau'd in a mishap


The Younger One



did dragonball start the whole shonen faggot thing of grrr-ing and clenching fists before doing anything? even bakuman does this and they're just faggots drawing doodles. and their hands would be cramped which would not be good for you.

even fucking Garden of Words did that shit.

why do we let hikki virgin cucks tell tales?


marron tightest girl

His fingers are in her skirt


first loli mai then this



>not rating cell
only guy who made goku surrender next to beerus.
and no he didn't surrender to let gohan fight but because he was truly outpowered.

this guy was there first.






>only guy who made goku surrender next to beerus.
Hit and I don't care he still sucks.



Hopefully vegeta kills black
im expecting him to job tho

damn goku is a fucking jobber.
why do we let him get away with L's but vegeta is getting shit on?

Beats me

>yfw Bra in conceived in the Future because Bulma feels nostalgic her home is destroyed there and Vegeta gets horny over destruction


he's the main character, always the strongest, rarely loses, and no one is actually a gokufag so no one cares

android 18 > bulma's mom > videl > chi-chi > bulma



ring ni kakero

He should get more straight porn


>always the strongest
>rarely loses,
Also wrong
>no one is actually a gokufag so no one cares
Don't you get tired of being wrong?

Goku is is the best shonen protagonist. To this day he remains unique even though everyone tries to copy him

Is it because he doesn't give a fuck about anything?

I can't decide whether I like Goku or Kinnikuman more.

I like how Toriyama just said he likes fighting and then you see all these shonen protags based on him spouting shit about friendship. Are some of these mangakas retarded?

So this image implies comedy and serious
plotlines aren't mutually exclusive?

Goku became a super saiyan due to friendship though. Also the spirit bomb is literally powered by friends

He became a super saiyan because he was mad retard

It's okay that Dragon ball has a stupid plot because Toriyama was winging it day one but why do other manga seem the same even though the plot is supposedly planned out

18 or Mai.

Toriyama is talented while the others aren't

Hey that's pretty good! I love you, user chan.

somebody post that page that without fusion super buu would rape both he and vegeta into pieces

My nigga Gowasu ain't deserve this ;_;

gotchu senpai

Are you dumb?

i want to wish on the dragon balls to make me a supreme kai fruit and make gowasu all the tea he wants ;_;

Literally nobody here likes Cell. He's one of the main reasons his arc is unanimously seen as the worst by everyone who isn't a Toonamifag.

he's as much a saiyan as gohan or pan so yes

I dunno, senpai. Maybe he should have done better job at training and/or finding the right student.

is there a new episode this week or is it on break again?

Old Kai and King Kai are still the best Kais

not in %

toriyama doesn't draw the super manga tho.

>tfw Black turns out to literally be evil Goku
At least Beerus did something cool

Yeah I know

official non biased rankings:

Villain rankings:
Demon King Piccolo > Freeza > Taopaiai > Vegeta + Nappa + Raditz > RRA > Beerus > Majin Buu > Cell > Gold Freeza > Androids > Zamasu > Goku Black > General Rildo > Frost > Dragons > Hit > Super 17 > Baby

Girl rankings:
Bulma > Chichi > 18 > Videl > Bulmas mom > Pan

Side characters:
Piccolo > Tienshinhan > Krillin > GT Pan > GT Uub > Yamcha

Yeah, that's why there's that pic of Toyotaro under the manga pages.


My bad, somehow reminded me of an old toriyama self portrait, which makes sense I guess.

Shit taste


There won't be any breaks until December I think


Leave Black to me.

>Tfw no-one will kill Beerus because all the furfags like him

Beerus is pretty sexy though, you have to admit.

Essentially, yeah. Which is something a lot of people gloss over and generalize in terms of DB's tone.

I dunno, the main story seems to be powering up Goku and Vegeta to maybe become gods of destruction themselves. Would they replace two of the current gods of destruction or is Omniking making 2 new universes that needs some management?

>My daddy says I am a prodigy
Literally me : can enter a big selection of top universities but decide to procrastinate and spend my time with anime meanwhile my dumbass cousin is getting married and already has a well paid job.
Which dragon ball characters represent you

delet this

>fat autistic manchild
I hit the jackpot lads everyone can go home

Everything working as planned


>Which dragon ball characters represent you

Beerus because of reasons

i am black


>manlet with inferiority complex
I just wish I had a bulma by my side

pilaf without any of his good like being able to program


I am tien. I rather chose to spend my time with my lil bro playing vg than my best female friend. I kinda regret it now tho.

Maybe next time. I just toned it down for blue board.

18 didn't do shit except for that biobroly movie which isn't cannon.

They should have given 17 a power boost and make him part of the team.

>fusing with either 17 or 18 for unlimited energy.

Felt like I was really watching Dragon Ball again. Shit gets real without a joke right after it, soundtrack was on point, voice acting was great and, holy shit, Beerus regained his role.

>bump limit
new thread when

then you'd have more redundant characters. super is basically the goku and vegeta show.



>That fucking scream as he is turned to nothing.
You know whats really gonna be shit?
>When they kill Kaio-shin from Goku's world to stop Beerus and thats how they get rid of the most over powered character in the series.

I know its coming, and the moment they get rid of Beerus and Whis I am fucking DONE.

beerus music popping up was just perfect

fucking plebian


I third this.

1. Black
2. Beerus
3. Hit

zamasu being insta killed by beerus was just them being too lazy to animate Zamasu vs Goku again

Could someone please shoop a Gendo Zamasu?

They've given SSJ2 a lot of love lately. Think they're hinting at a SSB2?

I love SSJ2.

In terms of personality, i most resemble Vegito, sometimes i come of as being more like Piccolo though.

In terms of competence in anything? probably more like Hercule (the actual character not the meme) in the sense that i brag and act like i am better then i actually am, which is above average.