Monster Musume

>Rachnera will never tie you up and slowly push one of these fingers deep into your skin

Why go on?

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Reminder to kiss the ogre softly like the delicate flower that she is.

Say that to all the male ogres she's fucked.


Fuck off Cathylfag

I want to marry a spider

Do you kiss the upper or lower horn?

>implying I'm him
Cathyl has an attractive design, but she's a cuckcow. Brown cow is much better.

>seriously thinking Tio is a virgin

>Rachnera will never tie you up and slowly push one of these fingers deep into your urethra.
Why go on?

Snek will dominate your heart.

That was fast

Why not? It's not 12 Beast

Always go south

Are you calling the delicious brown cow a slut?

I want her in my swamp.


What would a pregnant Papi look like?

Are you calling the delicious brown ogre a slut?

A plump turkey

She said that Eita's brother did a pass on every minotaur girl of the town but she didn't said anything if she did something with him


Do you think Tio hasn't had dicks in her?

Doppel is the Superior Girl

Nope. It's not mentioned anywhere in the manga. The burden of proof is on you.

You guys made my day with the slut-shaming.

>lay eggs
it does not work like that, user

still think thats retarded

shes clearly mammalian with avian features
why the hell is she laying eggs

Why is Cerea's human half pregnant when we see her thinking about it?

Happy birthday Ms Smith, what ever you are.

I don't know. Ask Crabman. But maybe because pregnant harpies wouldn't fly.

Papi wa Retard

What the fuck
I'd still bang her

Crab knew that his audience was too unfamiliar with pregnant mares to figure it out if he drew one, so he did this instead.

that just makes it cuter

it means that harpy would have to really love and trust you to be grounded until she gives birth

Couldn't you get the same effect by having Kurusu putting his head to the swollen horse stomach?

He can't think his readers are THAT retarded.

She is too pure to know how baby making works.

I want Tio to give me the ogreload. Cerea too.

Remember, he's been one of us.

She's very delusional

Why are the MON girls so much better as centaurs? It's kinda scary.

For guy who asked last thread, and for Spooder OP.

Everyone's better with more legs.

Then wouldn't it make sense for them to have spooder legs instead?

They become bigger girls, so they automatically become better.

... someone should get on that.

Spider legs aren't as good

Delete it!

You speak from experience?

Some do.

We don't have a dopple or bina centaur yet do we? Someone needs to get on that.

Do Smith-lamia

What are monotremes.

No horse pussy though

I don't do these. I just grab them when they go by.

I don't see the issue here.

No because degenerate horsefuckers only care to ruin girls not change them for a different but still good view.

I wish they'd all get hit by a bus and let us be.

Tio is way better as a unicorn girl. I'm sad we don't have one in the series.



normie pls go and stay go

I like where this thread is going.

Tragedy Spooder, is there something better?

She seemed to know during the full moon, user.


But how do we do that?


Kill yourself. You'll never have to deal with it again.

You too.

Well done mix and match mon musume are fun.

t. greg universe



I'm going to marry Draco!

Dear God, I can't resist.

Horse spider is better

All this heresy of horse pussy.
Swear she's having an orgasm.

I want to see centaur Draco.

>Dragon Horse
This sounds like an abomination of science

Would you enjoy some horse pillow?

I like me my chocolate.

Is she, dare I say it, "Our Girl"?

That would be pretty hot

I think spider is the only one that can keep up drinking with me.

>tfw ywn go on a 40k slither with her.

>ywn go centaur tipping with your ____oni waifu

Mix some caffeine into her drinks and you'll beat her easy

I bet centaur Polt would be a great runner.

>40k dogsnek

>no Lala centaur/lamia/mermaid/arachne edit
N-not that I'm curious about it anyways

Yes, because we see women like her in our lives.

Micro-stitches, honest.

Lala wouldn't be a centaur. It would just be her head on a horse body.

One Jaggerbomb later, I now have to carry a 650-800lb spider back home.
Either that or I might be a little tied up.

>you will never shove Lala's head up Cerea's horse pussy
>she will never be unbirthed with a horse body

Spooders are light, user. Read up on her secrets page.

She doesn't weigh nearly that much. She's actually quite light.

82 Kg. spider. Quit possible, if she's not too drunk to hang on and doesn't playfully flip her loin-cloth over your eyes.

what does it says?

Would you make your dominatrix spider into a subby housewife, Cred Forums?

Make her a slave to the pleasure of being fucked in the webhole.


Why I should, when I'm her housewife.

>mfw Papi lays eggs but Miia and Mero don't

"ur a faget"

Yep. Rachs very much a switch.

Is the third game good? Never got around to playing it.

She's not drinking Suu; is she?

I'm only a 1/3rd into the 1st one

Dont dick the spinerette

As long as she stays a dominatrix in the bedroom.

That's just the primal needs talking!

She's an idiot.
Same reason Miia thinks that she will make milk when she has children.

There's a lot of delphinus abominations but that said there's some pretty good stuff as always. It's worth completing if you played part one and two.

>what does it says?
Why does this stupid shirt read, "Incubus (female)?"

Why would Kimihito want all these dumb, starry-eyed monmusu when he could have Rachneesan

I love Draco!
She is the cewtest newt

"A waifu never yields, son."

>it's a Delphinus episode

Is there any other H game that evoked the feels of having multiple artists who put different amounts of effort in their work up to and including the amount of cgs? I loved and hated it.

What would that feel like? Is it kinkier than anal?

>subby housewife
If that means no more BDSM and silks covering the house, then yes.

I assume Miia knows that from experience, given how lamia society works.

I wonder if arachne's lactate...

Do we get to see resolution to Luka and Alice's relationship?

I think that she's talking about this t-shirt but I don't know if she's complaining or not (not my picture)

Bountiful Brown Bovine Breasts

In reality it would probably hurt her severely.

But knowing monstergirls, it will probably make her cum non stop.

A male Belgian Blue Minotaur smacks the ass of your waifu, what do you do?

>YWN bully Miia with satin sheets

I wonder if she's pure...

Yes. Also, don't ask about Paradox. I don't know much about it myself and that's mainly because I'm being too lazy to Google right now. Apparently it's not translated yet? You think it would be by now.

Yes, and thats because I've read her chapter, only black headwings is impure most likely

Unlikely since Eita's brother probably fuck her and some of her people.

Plan a funeral for her

Partially translated, according to VNDB. I'm hyped for a more traditional RPG thing, though I hope the writing remains good.

You're giving contradictory answers, mans.

Buy flowers for the minotaur's family.

Ignore the mino hater, he can't handle big girls and is probably a lolicon

Does this hurt the snek?

Everyone knows women are traditionally gains goblins out to steal your gains. So a girl that gives you all the macros you need to get swole is truly a best.

Nah but it does seem like the snek is in a panic.

Because Spider and Bull are getting married?


He didn't imply. He outright stated you were a lolicon.

He may even be a humie lover

So hating on bimbos, makes a person a lolicon?

>Mfw snek

>that bounce
Shame Miia is so flat.

Even Lala seems bigger than her.

Is Miia even still practicing on her cooking skills?

>So hating on bimbos, makes a person a lolicon?
Nah, I didn't say that. What I took issue with was the implying of implications. It's like he called you a faggot and you asked "Are you calling me a faggot?"

hey! gotta post some Lala too because I didn't posted her in about two days
Miia is slightly bigger than Lala; Mero and Lala have the same bust size

>Reminder Ms. Smith is Best Girl.

perfect bust

> Reminder Suezo is best girl

Guess you were triggered by that autism.

Why does Miia seem smaller than Lala and Mero, then?

Maybe because Crabman is bad at proportions.
Or it's because the frames of each girl. Sometimes Miia looks as big as Rachnee. Mero seems to be way bigger than Lala (as big as Miia) despise having the same size

But Mero and Miia have the same size. Mero often looks way bigger than her, in fact.

Might be because Lala wears a lot of clothing.


Like the Scottish, Welsh have sheep fetish.

He ded

>mfw I'm Welsh
>mfw I want to live a happy life with a fuzzy and aggressive spider

>can only look at her in the eyes

I think something must be wrong with me


Why are his overalls having a rave?

>ywn hear Miia yell out for you when she's trapped on her satin sheets
>ywn stand in the doorway and watch her struggle to get off the sheets


>he's never heard of electric overalls

Kino is THE cute!
>ywn pound her puffy portobello pussy

I just want to lick her to see what she tastes like. I'm a big fan of mushrooms.

>those hands

>to see what she tastes like.
Light blue nose, a middle 'C' dominating the body, and a pins and needles finish.

Best snek

user, think about your Welshman than the spiders.

Tio a best, A BEST.

See those "curtains" below the cap? Shes a type of mushroom that needs to be boiled and washed before it can be eaten. And these mushrooms are all salty. I really don't like their taste, but they're really prevalent here.

I mean, probably. If white goo comes from the curtains after you cut them, then I'm right.

>Rachnera will never tie you upside down and and blindfold you with her webs and slowly jerk you off with a web tied to your dick to keep you from cumming.
Whats the point anymore?

Clarification, the mushroom has to be cut into tiny pieces and then boiled for a while and then washed with cold water before it can be eaten.

>you will never share coke and rum with Rachnera

>all the while she's stuffing her pussy all in your face

Rach was built for facesitting.

So they have something like tannins that need to be reduced because they would be bitter?

Sure thing, user.


She's head patting him so hard I'm getting an epileptic seizure.


It's time to break the sound barrier with a hand.

She's a cutie in that second panel.

is YTMND was still a thing I'd pair this photo with running in the 90s

Surprised his hair aren't on fire from the patting.


>tfw you will never worship her spinneret with your face

I bet it tastes like chocolate milk.

I want to marry this snake.



ah one of those sites that existed between the twilight of an internet that was only used by nerds and researchers and one that became completely mainstream, heard its shutting down.

Have we ever seen Lala naked?

If I fuck her neck hole will my cock come out the other neck hole?


The little bit I censored is just cloud in the original. The nipples were there all along though.


theres a xelvy doujin were a guy is being sucked of by a Futakuchi-onna (a youkai with a mouth on the back of its head) from her back mouth and his dick goes through her head and out her front mouth while making out with another girl. so its like a triple blowjob

would that be something you are looking for?.

Yeah, I don't see how Lala is supposed to be third flattest in the cast. She looks huge.

I was expecting her nipples to be dark purple.

No I want Lala to spit out my dick into Rach's anus

Waiting for translations is hell. Kino is too cute.

It's all relative

She's an E cup, but Cerea's an I, Rach racks up an H, Mero and Miia are F, and boom, she's three from the end.

>Rach racks up an H
are we going to run out of letters trying to go for the upper level girls?

We already have to mind our 'P's and 'Q's with Tio and Cathyl. Dairy centaurs, Trolls, or Gigantes could push us into ZZ top territory.

Here ya go brahs.

"(Happy birthday Ms.Smith)
Ok, who made this "We declare that we
can no longer be satisfied with human women" T-shirt... Is this country gonna be ok?"

Based on t-shirt they has at comiket and that comes with the special edition OAD

>Kaiju Suu will never titfuck your whole body

Keep in mind cup sizes in Japan are different from US. I think I read somewhere that Japan E is like a US C or some shit.

That pleasure is reserved for Papi.

Could Lala fit well in the role of Snake Eye?

I want Cobra Miia to dominate my world.

Considering that Darling said that her cooking was improving and her determination to impress him, yes


Since snakes never stop growing, do you think Miia will reach her mother's size?

I hope so

Just how many pounds of tit-flesh are on this 33 foot tall titan?

Hope she be good at making a burger or barbecue ribs to feed Kimihito if she wants to be better than the rest.
The boy needs meat in his body.

>The boy needs meat in his body
Grandma pls go

her first successful dish will be sushi
on the chapter that mero coincidentally goes missing

>The boy needs meat in his body
Gay as fuck.

That's a body I'd kiss all days


You know, the pregnant Papi thing got me thinking.
Harpy eggs are only about the size of ostrich eggs, if not a bit smaller, right? That means that a newborn harpy can't be more than about 30cm tall, or thereabouts.
And given that harpies practice communal parenting...

SWARMS OF TINY PAPIS!!!!! Somebody draw this....

I want to explore the valley of the jolly green giant musume.

It also occurs to me that their feathers would all be fluffy down as well.

just keep them away from horses

Maybe fertilized eggs get bigger?

she's 85, same as Mero, but she's an E cup and Crabman said that Mero is a F cup
she's not flat at all

her egg looked smaller than an ostrich egg, to the point that Miia mistook it for a chicken egg

Typical crabhack.

Probably this , but not enough that she cant lay it down.

Papi babies are probably very small and grow quickly.

Is there a pastebin or something that sorts the chapters by character appearances? Sometimes I just want to binge on all the rachnee chapters without re-reading the entire thing.

Chest measures arent exactly tit size. Chest measurements also include the size of ribcage.

If 2 people have the same measurement, but one has a ribcage larger than the other, clearly the tits will be slightly smaller.

I wold gladly take on the challenge of making love to her

Zombina is the Superior Girl

>my human edit was used for a centaur edit
Might as well just off myself too


Yes. Snek.

He needs meat so he can become like TTF. That plot armor of his will never last forever and though he's able to pick up two Lamias, he needs more muscle mass.

Why is she handing a cup full of lean?

>That plot armor of his will never last forever
You're not Crabman.

Cute snek.

The cutest

Fast Snek

>Nuclear War in ten years
>Become the last person on Earth
>About to give up
>Suddenly hear rustling from underground
>Monster people emerge from their underground civilization
>I'm accepted into their fold as the last human to educate them and hug my monster fuzzy bug waifu.

Winter Snek.

but wheres the twilight twist?


Do snakes always hibernate during winter or can they stay awake if in a warm enough climate?

Angry snek.

For a dumb ecchi show, it sure had better quality than 90% of tv anime.

Clearly Mero has a smaller ribcage than Lala, meaning that she has bigger tits

I was a monkey who became a human through radiation the whole time


This thread frightens and confuses me.

Waht a tweest


That oneshot includes not-Darling and not-Miia buying heaters to stave off hibernation.

was this war the war that started over which country had possession of Merino? New Zealand and Wales just had to try to get control of the world supply of pan fauns. The war just exploded from that point to the rest of the world.

Horse pussy is still heresy. So Cerea will be mock.

if you need an example of the kind of things that makes the rest of Cred Forums hate us its this.
I'm just saying.


How can a discussion about cute snakes frighten you?

Snakes are shit and so is anyone who likes them.

Hot well muscled heresy that can nibble on your balls every time you bottom out on the in stroke.

Second it.

There is no way TTF has more plot armor than MC. He was already carted off on a stretcher. MC was literally studied at the hospital for his crazy resilience to damage.

Owning both horses and sneks, I can easily say sneks are much less disgusting, cheaper, and made for cuddles and snoot booping
So I beg to differ

You're entitled to your incorrect opinion.

>being wrong
Snakes are cute!

Did I said TTF has plot armor? What I'm saying is that Kimihito needs to build muscle mass by eating meat so he can be more tough. I know he got the resilience to endure damage, but to me it'll be much better if it's to the point he don't need to be going to the hospital and staying there.

>your snek daughter will never play dead to avoid going to school

>your snake daughter will never exist

please bait harder. Jesus christ I don't come to this weebfiesta for your buzzword bait

any spider-bro's got the artbook pic of rachnera's hands and ears? i need it for reasons.

user, Lamias are for bullying. So bully Miia and her species like Monoeyes and Draco.

Lamias are for protecting and/or procreating!

Why are you replying to the resident boor?

What about Miia's mother? Would you protect her despite the fact she tried to force her own daughter to rape Kimihito?

Protect her from her loneliness and rejection

>spider thread
As it should be. My wife deserves to be worshipped.

I finally got around to watching this yesterday.
Here is my takeaway:
Snek is Excel.

>loneliness and rejection
You do know that she didn't care about the father that left her after raping him and that she has drinks full with poison to paralyze people?

Spider is okay, but I prefer a different arthropod

Will this ever happen?

Going to continue watching the anime?

I want MamaMiia to paralyze and ravage me in bed.

>no cuddling in front of the fireplace with cold blooded family


I watched it all in one sitting.

She's so pretty. The eyes are hypnotic.

No, because Suu overpowers all of them

I pity you.
Great to hear that you enjoyed it.

I meant Snek is LITERALLY Excel-chan.

I don't need your pity.

She makes me realize I have kinks I never knew I had.

Now you're confusing me.

Excel with a Snek tail.

From Excel saga?

>never having the perfect family
i guess life never really was worth living


>you will never give your waifu many children

We live to suffer.

Damn, I've heard about this anime but never thought people still remember it.

I want to see snek daughter wear the fish hat.

It was just that good.

So you believe that Miia has the personality of Excel?

I don't know about that user, but I do.
Like seriously, if you haven't seen Excel Saga, IDK what you're doing on Cred Forums

Im not the guy who said so, just a guy who remembers Excel saga fondly.

Personally, there are differences.

Season 3 when?

Is it that good of an anime? Does it have flaws?

This fall season actually. You're right on time.

Every anime has flaws, but Excel is a classic, and watching it reveals a lot about the evolution of anime.

Yeah, but it's a Netflix exclusive now, which is a pain in the neck.

>Does it have flaws?
Nigga, what doesn't have flaws? That said, it's the best of it's time, which is the immediately post-Eva turn of the millennium.

At least Netflix has the balls to green light these shows. Im thankful they keep dragging these things out of obscurity.

We need more girls dressed as maids
they're cute as fuck

Meros maid cafe uniform makes me diamonds.

Might as well watch some of its episode this week to see then.
Going back to monster topic, will Crabman going to add Yukio's wedding once Kimihito decides to marry the harem?


They are always paired.

Yes! its just the right amount of modest, her hair style is GOAT, and her cleavage is cum-onable.

>Lala/her body

Cerea is not happy

Pretty much

>Big body
>Small body

You wouldn't be happy either if you had to deal with Miia.

probably the rest of the girls are pushing her away and maybe Rachnee is on top of her, that maybe why she looks unconfortable

Something is playing around her horse pussy, can you guess who is it?

Sneak does not improves centaur happiness.

suu's tentacles are going in that direction


>probably the rest of the girls are pushing her away
Can't blame them.

Does this monmusu have a soul?

>Lala alone with herself as company
kek, poor girl
I could say that she's paired with darling as friends/rivals, just like the rest of girls

Suu is perfect.

she's a big girl

I wouldn't count on it.

Then why isn't it real?

The rapist has no soul, user.

Because perfect things can't exist in an imperfect world.

The purest soul in the whole cast.

I want to make those two girls into the mothers of my brood.

I want to dump a bucket of salt on her head and throw her in the ocean

I'd recommend the Atlantic or Artic

I would recommend both of you to jump off a cliff

I would recommend kicking suu out in the rain and laughing at her from the window

Why would you do that to such a cute creature?

She deserves to be murdered. It's not like she's an actual character anyway, so it really won't matter

She has the purest character. True, unbridled love for her family.

Also she reads minds and fixes problems.

>bullying pure slime

You think she can cry?

She's a brainless plot device

>I want to dump a bucket of salt on her head
I just imagine thats what turns her into a basement dweller shit poster for a time being.
Maybe she gets chubby but no jello boobs though.
The worst kind of fatty, those with no tits.

She's a plot device because she's capable.

Harpies lay eggs in mythology. I know that's worth the bandwidth that sent this message but it's not an incorrect assumption.

She's just a tool.

You're a tool

Smug Sneks

Which one of them loves giving blowjobs more?

she needs them for sustenance

Music to my ears.

she needs cum for sustenance, she has many ways of extracting it some...weirder than

Wow and suddenly Smith becomes top tier wtf.

Must be the hors pussy.

I volunteer myself to find this out.


They get the characters based on the drinks they ordered?

Damn perverts.


Your suezofag friend is back!!

Gr8 wb 2'

what does suu taste like?

Yes and?

lemon lime of course.

Like the otter pop

I always imagined her tasting like lemonade without the sugar and with salt.

It could also be an avian feature to lay eggs, ya pud.

Adopt burb!

Cute horse is cute.

Any new polt art?

lewd monmusus

>Alice will never call you a Damn pervert while having sex with you
>ywn hear her say hora
It hurts

very lewd monmusus

calm monmusus

VERY lewd monmusus pleasuring at INCREDIBLY hihg speeds


>their faces when you tell them the tragic news.

Centaur a best.

>those fingers

>varying degrees of want

It hurts a lot.

Also, i need someone with skills to make a transparency out of this Papi and Suu.

What a hunk


I wish Kii was in the harem

Someone else can clean it up better

I want to do lewd things to this neet.

Only if it's chubby huge titty Kii who's taken in too many nutrients.

Someone really will have to, since you missed that giant ugly green splotch

she's pretty great

Not wanting a penectomy, for one.

Did the Polt's Gym OVA come out yet?



November 12th

I choose Mother of the Oceans Suu.

I had a mighty need

Fucking spores, man

Imagine how comfortable and warm and humid it would be to be buried under a pile of lamias.

Imagine how soft the same would be except with harpies.

Oh damn. Psychedelic.

Reminder to my Miia fans thinking of ending it all for being in trapped in this cruel 3D world to keep going on.
Miia would want you to live happily.

>Miia would want you to live happily
Why does this make me feel so sad?

make pretend real

its shit

>tfw no kiwi harpy

At least she tried. More than most 3D can say.

That is what heaven looks like

We always clamor about the girls we like and don't like, but surely there's features of those we like/dislike that we don't enjoy. Be it small details or major ones, there's most likely SOMETHING you'd prefer wasn't there, or something that you'd want changed.

Pick one or two of the monstergirls, and tell us what you don't like, no matter how significant or insignificant the detail is. Here's mine;

>Kii's red eyeliner
It's the only red on her body, barring her nipples in the dark. They'd look better either brown or nonexistent.

He cums on sneks.

would you prefer a chubby uggo papi cosplay, like most of the girls who cosplay?

>Half assed claws and eyes
>Literally a chair
it's shit

*cums in sneks

Do you think we'll ever get more sex scenes?

They all collectively hiss at penis

Posting superior spider girl

At least she has big tits.

They collectively hiss at penis

Is that fucking lean?

>a whole tribe of sneks will never hiss at penis

Im wracking my brain, and I cant come up with anything. I enjoy all the designs:

I suppose the button noses are getting a little out of hand.

im not gonna lie that's pretty cute

>he doesn't like the red eyeliner
That's got to be the most textbook example of shit taste I have ever seen

Hell yes, my friend.

3 words:
Bird brain

I mean, I love Papi and everything about her but she just has one problem.
These 3 words:

Bird brain

Because other than that, I love everything about Papi

>collectively hiss at penis

Remember lads, lean will fuck ye up

>using the same joke twice in one post.

It only makes my penis harder

What fresh meme is this?

>Darling gave them 'special candy.'

I think that's the joke m8
unless your post was also a joke


>he hates the eyeliner

That's the hottest thing about Kii.


Cerea should let her hair down more often.

do you know what "lean" is? look it up

What the shit

>liking the animal that made us stray from gods path

Get off the internet before you have another heart attack grampa

Poor Papi

No I get that that's the joke, but the execution was terrible. On top of repeating the punchline twice, he even had to spell it out the second time, word for word, and punctuated it with space. Thats just poor formatting. I mean, I get that thats the joke, but the execution was terrible.

why am I laughing

I'd ice that lil burb, if you know what I mean.

>implying God wouldn't forgive the snake for being possessed
>implying snakes weren't considered wise creatures, which is why Adam/Eve trusted it so much

I'd rather roofie this zombie, if you catch my drift

What if after their banishment adam and eve went on to become the racist couple

>god can do no wrong
>god made sneks
>let lucifer ruin everything
God just wants us to suffer

>Satan takes form of snake
>Blame the snake and not satan

There are species of snake and fish that have live births.

Mero specifically asked darling to fertilize her eggs

Only snake I know that gives live birth are garters

Boas and rattlesnakes do too.

Reminder that snake girls give the best blowjobs

Morning blowjobs.

Morning tonguejobs

Morning prostate milking



Are you me?

Dog not for lewd

Polt is a pupper made for sweet sweet vanilla loving.

I want to play fetch with Polt
But I'd only PRETEND to throw the ball

use reverse psychology

Only if she fills Suu with enough alcohol first

Are we gonna have a problem brah?

I need some drawfag to do this with Polt.

No problem
But Polt might have a problem when I tell her that I have treats for her when I really don't


My waifu.


What would Cerea's milk taste like?

What's your issue?
Polt would have an issue when I ring the doorbell even though there's no one at the door


Refreshing with a taste a little more crisp than standard whole milk.


One of my favorites

I want a divorce

Have you had horse milk?

I mean, I know that mongols frement it into a drink, but I've never heard of people drinking it.

For her to exist

I want to bury my head right into the center fluff and never come back out.


Mein nigga

I want to princess carry her while she nuzzles into my chest.

I ain't eating your slop bitch

This, I'd rather eat out of the trash


But she wants to improve for you.

>here darling, try this toxic substance and die so I can cook better


We desperately need new content because these threads are becoming a teensy bit stale.

Excellent choice.

Not that guy, but I hear its very very sweet.

How about I give you something fresh then?

*unzips dick*

Oh my god, call an ambulance, this mans penis is like a banana

*teleports behind you*


Same size for both, actually.

Which girl would do the best job removing my boner?


All of the above


12beast really is not that popular. It would only be sporty discussion anyway.

Does it even get translated?

So anons, what of it?

It does now! up to chp 17.

A need for Speed?

Cool I'll have to check it out

Just be happy he didn't post P∞lt from that same convention..

Why must you bring up this horrid things.

>these no's

The answer is obviously yes. There doesn't need to be two monster girl generals up on Cred Forums at any given time. It's the same guy with the same subject matter, they all belong in one thread.

Only 45 days left brahs. One new chapter next month then it's full steam ahead to Vol 11 and the OAD.

I just wanted an excuse to post infinity.

ded series
ded general

>New chapters (almost) every month
>OVA coming in out in November
>Cred Forumsnon translator literally a Canon character

I'll grant that the general is ded but the series is still going strong.