We bara now?

We bara now?

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Bara ?

Oh, yes, pander to a third world country. What could possibly go wrong

I am a Flip and please god, no

>an anime aimed at another country


Filipinos are the most powerful race in the world

How the fuck do you have a team where everyone but one person is under 6'

you play against other midgets

Can we get an anime about Duterte's Land of Peace and Tolerance?

Philippine president is so moe

I find it hilarious that there's an obligatory blonde most probably gaijin dude.
Glasses best bro.

Flipfags a shit.

That's not blonde. That's hair recolor
Delinquents here loves to color their hair blonde or hazel brown...if they are even going for our culture
Hopefully not

So now the Flips want to make an anime Nutshack? Damn name has "bara" and "gay" right in the title too for that extra chuckle.

Nothing new

>bara 'n gay

Duterte is like the tsundere who loves to bash the beta MC

>manlets and monkeys play apeball

Welcome to SEA.


Put your trip back on, MKL

Which SEA shithole do you come from, Cred Forums?
How long have you been here?

Everybody knows all the SEA monkeys are at /m/. They're like the lucky fags who got some classy as fuck shit on their TV during the 90s.

Compared to Toonami, the west is babby-tier.

The most powerful race has an anime

About time

>Everybody knows all the SEA monkeys are at /m/

Really? I never knew of this.

Nigger. SEA kids grew up on fucking obscure mechashit and toku in the 90s.

Most underage apes that didn't get to watch Voltes V and that shit in the past are usually narutards and the like and tend to flock Cred Forums first, then Cred Forums.

/jp/ is mostly SEA and hispanics


Y-you too

Calm down everyone.

Let's see if the Filipinos can try to redeem themselves in animation after The Nutshack.

Would you watch a ghetto gangsta anime Cred Forums?

how could you even possibly know that?

>Everybody knows all the SEA monkeys are at /m/. They're like the lucky fags who got some classy as fuck shit on their TV during the 90s.
Although this is not wrong, you could just watch those shows on the internet right now and could still pretend to be a nostaligafag. There's nothing special on having that kind of privilege and its pointless on envying over that kind of thing. Despite of that i'd like to say that the western audiences are generally more apt and articulate in expressing their opinion and sometimes defending their taste though, the people here are overwhelmingly shallow and treated most mecha anime as some kind turn your brain off action shows, they're the kind of the people who have autism over the robots and never get the general message properly.

>Sports anime
>Bara n Gay


>bara and gay
Filipinos are truly the strongest race in the world™

>Most underage apes that didn't get to watch Voltes V and that shit in the past are usually narutards and the like and tend to flock Cred Forums first, then Cred Forums.
Me in 2009. My fellow indons flocked this place around 2013-2014 though, i remembered seeing them sharing Cred Forums screencaps from /k/, Cred Forums, and Cred Forums everywhere around that year since facebook meme pages are the only way they could feel connected with the rest of the world and exchange comments with westerners in their broken english.

>bara n gay

Wow talk about subtle marketing to their target demographic

Where did the filipino = monkey/ape meme come from?

I mean, I do eat a shit ton of bananas. But I'm just curious because only one island (Mindanao) is still jungle fever

Look at a mirror.

Looked at yourself lately?

Maybe because Mindanao is where a lot of bananas in Japan come from?

Because they're the blacks of asia.

>nips actually trying to make money on flippers

We'll probably just torrent it anyway.

not just probably, unless they sell the bluerays here at bargain prices

>Bara n Gay

sounds about right

i used to play in the local Philippine Basketball Association league

but im a honkey

c/his/ scum, especially those specializing in SEA shit, would know that the word "barangay" isn't exclusive to flips, but still

>Bara n Gay

Well our dictator had to ban subversive /m/ anime because it might inspire an uprising.

I may be Flip but even I think that meme is stupid.


It's all over. Fujos have won again.

No, i bet you revel in that meme.

animated by the most powerful race in the world.


>bara n gay
Fujos and homos

They have a tagalog captcha.

Most gayest race in the world, more like it.

>Bara n Gay

Could you make this shit up, Cred Forums? Could you?

>bara n gay
>143 for "i love you"


>deals with drugs and not terrorists
He's focusing his impressive amount of energy and passion in the wrong fucking place.

Sasuga most powerful race in the world

>takes place in the Philipines
>a bunch of characters have light skin

Will it have that one guy that does tagalig dubbing for every anime being shown on tv?

SEA Thread?


Not just anime but movies too. May as well be the only voice actor in the country at this point

this will be the first and last attempt as nobody will buy this shit, unless local tv will shill it

>Implying local TV stations wouldn't be fawning all over it.
>Implying it won't sell despite being cringe incarnate.
>Implying it won't escalate into facebook meme tier just because its made by nippons for flips.
Kek. Brace you'reself.

my money goes to gma as abs is busy at their yellowturd propaganda and tv5 only has their eyes on sports

Wouldn't be too surprising since a good portion of their population descended from rape babies by spics, amerifats, fucken japs, chinks,and everything else in between.

>anime about basketball
>not about civilians being paid to murder drug dealers

they already blew it

It's like they're trying to live up to the hype that Slam Dunk once had before. It's still popular here in the Philippines, so I'm assuming that they'll try to pander to nostalgiafags

There is. Discussion here /pinoy/15403

If you know where that is.

It could very well be a flip/white hapa god race.

Druglords ARE terrorists

Will it show how 80% of flips are fatties?

that only applies to filipinos in america

>3rd world nation

Mexico is one of the fattest countries in the world, and would be the fattest if not for all the fatties they export to America

>bara 'n gay i love you

They never thought about this, did they?

Mexico's the fatter than USA, but all the top countries are literally who Polynesian islands

>flips are mostly homosexuals
>bara n gay
They really are pandering to them.

So, where's Megumi nowadays aside from some appearances for Macross?

do you see what they eat?

t. Fatso

>Several pork based dishes all day every day

Hum, no thank you

How's the rainy season, folks? Fortunately the typhoons have been sparing us.


We are rice niggers. You can't get fat from rice and bananas

So we have the American that's always the best
The loser who only joins because of his friends
The tryhard short guy

It's common in a country where the average point guard is 5"6-6"0 and centers are really really rare

This is a 100% flip monster girl.

The manananggal separates its body in half at night. The upper half flies off to find pregnant women and devour their unborn child. The lady at the abortion clinic might be one.

>You can't get fat from rice

Lies. I lose a lot of weight when i laid off rice.

Megumi who?

Also what wrong with that bee mascot

The voice of Ranka Lee. Also GUMI.

That bee mascot has battled with Ronald McDonald.

Fat from rice:
.4g per 158g

Fat from bread:
1g per 30g

The only thing that beats rice are potatoes which is barely .1g of fat per 100 g

what's with asians and rabid drug hate?
You can go to jail for years in Japan just for a little weed. Its absurd

So where do you stick the dick?

Also, Carbs from rice:
45g per 158g

Carbs from bread:
15g per 30g

Maybe due to massive fiddy cent butthurt after Opium Wars?

>SEA thread

Oh boy. It's been a while.
I hate each and every one of you fucking island monkeys.

The severed intestine.

I should have saved that rule 34 from mugen.

Thanks. We hate our country too


>That bee mascot has battled with Ronald McDonald.

Yeah, that Bee lost the battle recently because our McDonalds here have Hotel Chains.

I'm getting flashbacks.

That's China
We never cared much about drugs until Duterte came along. Seriously, we are so poor our most common "drugs" is this....a cheap contact cement that you can buy for $1 a bottle

Forgot my link

>all the girls look either 10/10 or shit/out-of-ugly

Just like real life Filipinas

Is that their paralymp.... oh....I see.

How about some Pocahontas.


Body converts unused calories into body fat. You would know this if you didn't have a third world education. If you're active enough to burn 300 calories a day but only eat 2500, it doesn't matter what you eat, it will be burned, just a matter of other health concerns and efficiency.

Fucking made me post, i've got burgers to eat, skinny fucks.

The poor people are the fattest as the most unhealthy foods tend to be cheapest. Go to the supermarket and you'll find that shit like spam is cheap as fuck.

>Culture Crash
>Kubori Kikiam

Those were the times.


Pasig is still ongoing.
Try going to Komikon.

>No Cat's Trail

It's the best!

So anyone going to cons here?


>>Kubori Kikiam
Now that's the best fucking shit.

Living in the US, so I can't go.

Yung kay Yagi Yanahagi kaso mahal

>tfw when I still have all the issues in good condition

*nagi yanagi


Ako'y nakikiusap, ialay mo ang buhay mo para sa kapakanan ng lahat dito. Walang kwentang biyahengbakla.

Oh god. I'm dating a 41 year old American Filipino. Should I tell her about this?

Bara n Gay

How is /asean/ reacting to this?

Will SHiN star in this one?

Scan pls.

Why do those rats always look like they never shower? Why are they exactly like rats and infest everything they can? Why do they often type like they have depression and are fucking retarded?

Region 11 fag reporting

>Region 11
Why are you still alive


>I'm dating a 41 year old American Filipino

Just why?


under the protection of Davao Death Squad of course

Important question
Will they use Kuya for Onii-chan?

But will anime magic work and populate this show with delicious brown girls?

please don't post my waifu you dirty muslim

She's smart, funny, makes more money than I do, cute and looks 30, nice tits, pretty voice, enjoys classic cars and drives stick, works in IT, and wants deepthroat and anal.

>Cred Forums is already having shitposters because of a flip show
>Cred Forums is also going to have shitposting about a flip anime now

I think it's based on this


post pics

>bara n gay
>disorders on the court
My bets are on the manlet and the nigger struggling to keep their broship strictly straight.

We already have shitposting thanks to the chinks shilling their literal chink cartoons trying to be anime clones. This is the next step to the Cred Forumsvasion.


Negatory. She looks slightly hispanic and doesn't have the broad Flip nose. Overweight but she used to be 100lbs so I'm hoping she's serious about getting back in shape.

I already got this shit on lock Cred Forums.

They're just a ragtag group of dysfunctional misfits until one day they're given a chance to rise up to the big leagues. Before a big match, one of the players, probably red bandana-kun, is going to get killed during a drug shoot out.

It's going to be half sports anime/half thirdworld shithole gangster show.

Has your beer appeared in anime?

>half sports anime/half thirdworld shithole gangster show

I'd watch it.

Post the places in PH from Charlotte.

Not that guy, but here.

is this all?

>the alleys are clean

>no P10 Loli Prostitutes

Disgusting degenerate.

How much is P10?!


A quarter more or less.

>when reading throught that book of moe dictators, Marcos appear to be the most benign of them all.



> bara n gay
Of all my years as a flip I only noticed now

No such thing as a 10/10 flip.

You don't know shit racist scum

I'm flip and this looks bad

I'm not a flip and your opinion is invalid.

Even his martial law can't fuck the country over. It took the president after to ruin the country and turn it into the shithole we all know and love.

You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about

That's more Flash-tier animation than anything.

It depends on the overall animation quality. From what I see from both 3D (framerate-starved RPG Metanoia) and 2D (Dayo and Urduja taking several years to complete), the only way for this series to look Japan-made is by outsourcing to other companies locally (Toei Philippines) or abroad or to turn this into full 3D like Sidonia or Arpeggio.

Although the people behind the concept includes a gaming company, we can't easily say if they can make this happen and whether their product can be compared to those in Japan.

Sadly, I know your monkey kind all too well thanks to your little brown kinsmen flooding my country.

i hope this will become successful for the possibility of cute brown lolis doing cute brown loli things

The fuck outta here


Mocha Uson pls

The alleys are too wide.

drawn and animated entirely by flip slaves I assume?

>cute brown lolis doing cute brown loli things
like snatching wallets and stealing side mirrors?

Looks fine for a squatter-born flip like me.


>tfw no pinoy girls volleyball anime made by Kyoani.

would be more popular than this poorfags kuroko/slam dunk.

Even the poster looks unprofessional.
I have no hope on this at all.

Here is the OP

Hey if cute brown loli does that then it's cute.

>shota in flip slang means lover

I didn't know there's a lot of Flip posters here. Please visit sometimes, there's always an /asean/ thread up.

Have you ever been to Japan? Lots of them, especially teenagers and kids, are dark as fuck. Darker than flips even, some look flat out Indian. It's no different to anime.

My nigger


>no Bones or any Nip studio
>it's all animated by flip slaves
We Devil's Legacy 2.0 Electric Bugaloo now bois

Time to stock up on Baygon


That legendary artist that would make them generic-tier kyoanus shonen ai shit to shame

Why do we SEA niggers are still alive, why didnt they just mass genocide us and take all the natural resources.

why would you want that?

1/3 of Filipinos actually have Hispanic ancestry, and around 1/4 have Chinese ancestry. The Philippines is actually pretty diverse.

So this is what they talked about

It's just like my shoujo animu!

Anime should've been about deathsquads though

They're one and the same, user. Drug dealers are notorious for financing terrorism, kidnapping, organ harvesting, slavery, and child labor. They're free from culpability because corrupt politicians are also on their payroll. There's a reason why the people have a very low opinion of drug dealers.

But that thread is shit

Literally worse than My Little Pony: Tomodachi wa Mahou.

No, we Pulis Pangkalawakan Space Sheriff now.

Wtf I hate obama now

I love Japan

dont forget Cats Trail

Putang inas, putang inas everywhere

Where are my crowded internet cafes


I'm a bitter guy with massive inferiority complex.

rip marky-kun ;__;



That's not going to happen here anytime soon, though.

It's an animu, you don't need genetics, you just need "the spirit"

>the spirit

>not PUSO The Heart



Can I get the picture without flags?

Wait, no.
I just found it

I can't wait for the amount of "Le ebin memes XvD" this shit will produce.

Hey guys. What's going on ITT?

n Gay

Flipcentric thread

That explains it. A 10/10 flip would never need to fly overseas for employment.


I bet the girl and the blonde is gonna be on some typical cliche flip romance and everyone is a fucking bystander and half of the show is them running away from the cops.

inb4 Obligatory AlDub cameo

>bara n gay

This can't be real. I refuse to believe it.

>ctrl f "bara n gay" "bara 'n gay"
>14 matches
It's over, the Philippines are finished.

What the fuck is wrong with Flips?

Mark Caguioa better be in this or we riot

Here's some more

Well Sapporo owns Sleemen so kinda sorta


>flip thread
Cool. Does someone have this thing from the past two MIBF? Kinda curious about the contents.