ITT: anime that changed your life

ITT: anime that changed your life
I strongly recommend anyone in ther mid twenties to watch Tatami Galaxy


The moral is quite simple user

>tfw dropping out of uni for a second time
>no akashi or goal in life

Glad you admit it then. If a show appears to have a theme of some sort it's pretentious.

You really should lurk for at least 2 years before posting next time since I'm explaining the basics here.

>smug anime grill meme
Does it make you feel important?


Akashi-san is my waifu.


>If a show appears to have a theme of some sort it's pretentious.
You're getting the meme terribly wrong. It's actually, "if a show has an art style which is not moe, it is pretentious."
That's why Ping Pong and Yuasa's anime in general are pretentious.
I'm glad I could educate you on memeology.

This made green my favorite colour and helped me see a bit more beauty in nature.
Not a very big change, but it's all I've got.

I only dropped it once. Only have a year left and am 24... Bruh, what are we thinking? I think I really did to many drugs. Now my drinking is leading me straight to hell.

Which title would you prefer?
> meme teacher
> meme sensei
> Dr meme
> faggot

I am The Meme Whisperer.
Also, Evangelion is not pretentious because Asuka is moe. Rei a shit.

I think Meme Sensei makes logical sense and fits properly in context, but I have to admit Dr. Meme has a really nice ring to it.

It's original and the characters become more and more likeable every episode, but it's slightly overrated. There were episodes I had to drag myself through

Gurren Lagann, probably.
It didn't changed my life but I was angsty teenage when I watched it and it inspirited me to get my shit together for a while and drill my way through the life.

Moral of Tatami Galaxy is unless you got a bitch in your life you ain't worth shit and you're doomed to suffer an endless cycle until you get one.

Akari from ARIA taught me that if you stay positive and always smile, you'll brighten the lives around you and, in many cases, ensure they return the favor some day. She also taught me to notice and appreciate the little positive things in life.

Most "loser getting his life back on track" anime boil down to this.

Remember when she stayed positive and almost got eaten by a ghost?

If you stay positive and always smile, a creepy giant stalker cat will save you when you're in trouble.

I have no money to go to college so I dropped it since I don't think I can relate to it.

You didn't miss anything worthwhile. It just covers the same concept Welcome to the NHK did, only pretentiously.

should i watch it user ? i'm only 18 and i don't read books but i get good marks when it comes to physics and math

I've watched it when I was 17 and it was fun.
At first the narrator is going to be fast so bear with it for a while, he'll get normal soon.

well have you read a book in your entire life ? i've only read one book and i have no fucking idea what happened in the end of evangelion

>Lupin III
Now I am living in Italy
Super comfy t b h

K-On! made me stop being a cynical prick and actually want friends.
Tamako Market made me love people in general.

Hidamari Sketch made me believe in my artistic ambitions

>if a show has an art style which is not moe, it is pretentious
What? No one calls JoJo pretentious.

Loli redhaired girl changed my life.
Thank you loli redhair.

The theme of the show is easy, fear not.
>what happened in the end of evangelion
everyone got tanged

JoJo IS pretentious because it doesn't have moe girls in it, but it's more than enough to simply and accurately call it gay as fuck.

>endless eight dragged to 11 episodes
>changed your life

Precure teached me to never give up on my dreams
Pretty generic message that is everywhere yet only a little girls's show really talked it to me.

This desu. I learned the value of determination and THE BURNING SPIRIT OF A MAN from TTGL can't imagine what I'd be like if I didn't watch it when I did

ghost in the shell motivated me to go into IT as a career

>but foreal it just made me wanna bang hot robots

You have 10 secs to define what pretentious means and how it relates to TG

Not anime however, because of this i started climbing and and found a reason not to neck myself.

precure taught me*
really taught it to me*

For future reference my ESL friend.

I figure that lasted about 5 minutes?
Real people aren't anime people, they're shit.

Pretentiousness is a meme notion carried forth by insecure plebeians throughout the history of the arts. It relates to TG because Cred Forumsutists can only enjoy a series as long as its plot and dialogue is straight forward, has fan service of any kind and a comfy vibe to it. Anything too literary, too original, too unique, the Cred Forumsutist will disregard it as pretentious. Sorry, I exceeded the time limit.

>tfw dropped once
>tfw started again
>tfw graduating at 27

meanwhile my professor is phd at 36
if I could go back in time I'd punch myself in the face

I'll be 28 when I graduate, thanks to my parents fucking up my life. Hope that makes you feel better.

Are you me, OP?

Tatami had a pretty profound impact on me, and I recommend it to all the weebtrash-eating friends I have.

Just gotta learn to stop worrying and love the ride.

Totoro and K-On!

Shakugan no Shana. Made me a big fan of anison.

Take a moment to consider all the people who drop out and never go back in. You might've wasted years but some will waste their entire lives.
You probably will have a better future than a great deal of people, including yourselves if you had never gone back and finished your education.

Eva helped me realize I was in a lot of the same self destructive cycles of depression and poor self esteem and selfishness as a lot of the characters (Shinji in particular) and helped me realize what a strained relationship I had with my parents, mainly because of my emotional distance from them. I was in college at the time, so it sunk in.

After finishing EoE I thought long and hard about who I was and where I was going and had a hard time understanding how a cartoon could make me feel how I was feeling

I get that Cred Forums loves to fuck with newshitters because they watch eva as their first "big kid cartoon" but it really spoke to me when I first watched, it and helped me stop some pretty negative behavior and defeatism in my life.

Still working on the parents though

Currently lagann help me become more motivated and improve my life, I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for that anime

This, except I realized making friends is hard, and now I'm lonely and more miserable than ever.

>Currently lagann

It takes time, but ultimately you have to give a little to get a little and learn to get along with all kinds of people and pick out the ones you're on the same wavelength with

That may require you to wear a mask and get along with mega-normies, but use it as a passport to all sorts of social situation until you find your niche.

My best friends are street-racers, engineers, artists, musicians, and your run of the mill assholes, you gotta try a lot of stuff before you get it right

That's not true.

Thanks, but the realization that being a NEET made me a lot happier than conforming to this dumb system and meeting people I hate everyday isn't helping.

I think I'm literally a misanthrope, like there's something wrong with me. I sometimes throw up after having spend too much time with other people in a room. Probably just gonna get my fucking degree work for a year and then cash in on my NEETbucks for the rest of my life.

I learned that economics isn't just a bunch of numbers and weird mathematical rules that I'm too dumb to understand but is instead defined by human interactions and misdirection/simple tricks from Spice and Wolf. It also convinced me I was a retard in social interactions, since I couldn't understand what Holo and Lawrence were on about half the time or why they acted the way they did.
I guess I also got an idea in my head that adulthood isn't only about having to be a work, deal with shitty people and repress your desires to survive while putting up a good face for the kids, but also about being able to do what you want and fulfill at least some of your dreams, even if you do have to limit yourself sometimes, from Gurren Lagann and FLCL. Yeah, when I was a kid, I thought being an adult was all about the first half.
And I think some Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei morals were huge eye-openers to me in terms of fallacious thinking. Sometimes I stop doing some stupid thing solely because I think "Hey, am I not acting right now just like that time in SZS?" Also, while I was never against negative thinking in my heart, SZS convinced me that it too has its place and is necessary for survival, after countless "ganbare!" animu shook my belief in that fact.

In general, though, while I was a huge believer in "everything can teach you a lesson, and no activity that engages the mind is truly useless" while I was younger, I do doubt how much art in genera and anime or manga in particular, can actually affect people now, and if does, isn't it just a trigger for the changes that have been long time coming anyway. Some things certainly teach you more lessons than others.
Then again, I could come with all these examples, so maybe I'm just being too sceptical about it.

S&W and NHK desu.

Iyashikei shows like these have helped me slowly pick myself up from a very deep hole of arrogance and bitterness.
The mellow happiness this stuff bring me just washes away all the emotional dirt I'm covered in, it's legitimately therapeutic.

It's just an anime? Why are you talking about it like it's some sort of advanced literature?

>dude u should go out more xD
I mean I enjoyed it and all but I fail to see how it can change your life

i thout most of yuasa's anime were considered some kind of literature

Because the human nature is such that certain things can only be appreciated when you are of a specific age. If it's a 'silly' anime, you need to be young or naive enough so that its tone or its employment of tropes doesn't affect your overall enjoyment. Similarly, you can only relate to a story after you've gone through similar experiences, and the mind of a 25yo is not the same as the mind of a younger folk.

Trust me, I'm a wizard.

Is that Mike Fuckn Vinning?!

Akashi G O A T

I still think it okay to watch Tatami before going to college. Though I'm not from US and at 21 we are stopping drinking/smoking, dropping activism stuff and washing off colored hair to be more conforming to the society while you are only starting and having your experimental period.

Why did you post a blank image?

>being able to do what you want and fulfill at least some of your dreams
This is pretty important.

Anime made me a loser autist who'll probably turn into a HikkiNEET any moment now.

Where do you even get a girl like Akashi IRL?
It has been like 3 years since I watched TG and I just feel like it sold me a bunch of snake oil.


K-On kinda made me wish I had friends and specially a club on high school, that after 2nd year I've started to get lonely but didn't care, so I felt that I lost a bit of my life, still I agree with , Tatami Galaxy also made me think a lot about lost chances.

Other than that, Sora No Woto made me feel miserable for never joining the military.

I joined a new college this year and met a girl exactly like her but she's also into anime and video games. So yeah, they do exist but are rare to come by. Gotta call bullshit on tatami though, no way she'd ever date me.

Art school.

That's not what you take away from Tatami. It isn't the promise of a girl in your life, it's the realization that there are many opportunities for happiness that you have .... that you can avoid due to circumstances regarding your own head. No one has a designated cutie for them who's that perfect mix of forwardness and patient behavior. But if you go about life doing what you want to do you're bound to meet people who are similar minded.

Watashi's attempts to do various other clubs to gain a social life was his undoing, in a desperate move to not be alone ... he didn't notice what he could get if he were more honest with his feelings instead of just tricking his own self into believing fleeting emotions or his negative thoughts.

Don't waste your time worrying about whether or not you have a girl. Do what you want to do with life. If you're happy with you're life, you'll be in a better state of mind where you can meet friends and women whom you can form a connection like that.

Honey & Clover and Genshiken helped me to finish uni giving me courage to finish my damn thesis.

It took watching all of Kaleido Star for the "never give up on your dreams because you can achieve anything you set your mind to" message to finally sink into my brain. Sora's smile and determination will always be in my mind.

>If it's a 'silly' anime, you need to be young or naive enough so that its tone or its employment of tropes doesn't affect your overall enjoyment.
God damn, what a cynic you are. Can you really not enjoy silly/typical shit just because you're old and grumpy now?

I spent most of college in my room playing video games and had the time of my life. I cannot relate to these stories of muh rose coloured campus life. Every time I had to interact with others for group projects or my teaching job I felt awful. I'm just glad that there was so much free time for video games.

I'm 22 and never went to college so I found this show hard to relate to specifically but in a broad sense I liked its themes of being true to who you are, tempering your expectations, and enjoying life as a journey rather than a destination.

No, It didn't change your life. You're still watching anime and shitposting on the largest NEET forum in the western world.

Nice, thanks.

I'm currently on medical leave from college that turned into financial leave after failing all my classes one term and having to move back home, and am depressed and pissed at myself for ruining the college experience I dreamed of since I was little. The realization that if I stayed in school I'd be most of the way through my four year degree by now, and yet I have only actually experienced 1 and 1/3 years of college (1 if you don't count the last term I got them to strike off the books for mental health reasons) makes me angry at myself and despondent to a probably irrational degree. From what you're saying, does that mean that The Tatami Galaxy would be a good anime to watch for someone in this situation?

Henneko changed my life. Literally made me become a better person

NHK taught me the very important lesson that real life fucking sucks, so just eek out small pockets of happiness wherever you can and find like-minded people to hang out with, even if you're all losers.

The Tatami Galaxy is not a good anime to watch for anyone in any situation. It is an overly repetitive, poorly paced piece of pretentious dogshit. It is Endless Eight for hipsters.


Evangelion just made me realize that happiness is about perspective.

I don't get what you're supposed to get out of Tatami Galaxy, "try living your life"?

In real life the MC would have no quirky cast of seniors, he'd have no Ozu that bothers and made his life interesting with nothing in return, he'd have no girl waiting for him on a silver platter, he'd have no chance to redo everything he disliked. The reason most people don't want to "live life" isn't because there's too much shit happening in life, but rather that there's extremely little of interest in comparison to the effort it takes.

For any similar theme Mind Game made the situation much more relatable.

Only show I've bothered to kind-of do a pilgrimage for during my moon trabels.

Literally how

22 and I have barely started my core classes for my major. I spent the first two years finishing my general and looking for med major to study because my shitty Asian family pressured me to. They finally gave up on me on the fourth year, and now I'm free but left with empty promises. just kill me already.

26 and just finished med school and working as a doctor now, feels good man.

Hyougemono influenced me in more ways than I can describe.

Watched it, am still a loser who could drop out of uni any second.

Fucking thank you, I feel like this show gets almost no recognition.

Furuta's whole character arc is one of the best in fiction.

this the early 20s blog thread?

>shortly 23
>fucked up college classes so in there for an extra year
>dropped out of comp sci degree and 2 classes to get Ws instead of Fs
>been coasting along for the past ~year for filler classes so i can just get a degree in general studies
>absolutely no prospects or job experience

You should have just stick around with computer science since it's not as heavy handled as many other standard pay science/engineer class. The job exp can wait as internship comes in hand. You can still get an easy government job without past experience if you come to northern state of US, (Ohio for example.) But you have to require to find your own living if you arent.

>You should have just stick around with computer science since it's not as heavy handled
That would require me to not be actual garbage at it.

Even after the coding classes that I somehow got by without ever knowing how to do it I managed to fuck up just memorization classes like assembly.

After a mid term study guide I knew almost literally nothing on and then a repeat of that in the subsequent semester i took at as the sign to drop out of it.

I could probably actually learn it if I did it by myself and actually put effort into it but anxiety, malaise, laziness, etc.

Just hang yourself then

thought about it

probably not going to

I can relate since I got the F because I didnt double check the deadline myself. It was a harsh lesson learned and now I'm basically forcing myself to get all A this semester.

If it make you feel better, my brother took the same major too and now he's graduating at 28 with a job after 3 months of unemployment. He bought a house half a year later too. He was incredibly lazy back in CA and he couldn't decided what he wanted to do. Until my parent kicked his ass to Ohio so he can force himself to study out of misery. sorry for the blog, here's a yotsuba.

>I have better taste than you
Your post is almost as pretentious as Tatami Galaxy.

How old are you lmao


It's more about "don't cling to unrealistic ideals and start appreciating your current life and its possible opportunities you cunt", which can apply to romance

Dropped out of highschool twice, first time after having a false avo thrown against me by my mother, who was an insane drunk at the time which forced me to leave for a different state with a relative. Did a final year equivalence course to finish highschool a few years ago, entered uni, went through multiple anxious breakdowns and episose of severe depression and ended up as a NEET on welfare which just barely covers basic living expenses.

Cute little 2D are the only things which I care about. Would have become an hero a long time ago if not for their pure goodness. They represent the little girl I'll never be able to raise, the loving partner I'll be able to hug, the happiness from just being around people they care about. 3D doesn't have this. Real people are cunts who only care about what they can get from you; you're nothing but a wallet with legs that has a dick on occasion.
Even broken men can find a sense of peace in little girls.

This bait?

EVA obviously and Gunbuster slightly

But OP is totally right, Tatami Galaxy is incredible and fascinating if you're lost in your twenties in the hellhole that is College.
I think i dont identify totally with the MC because i feel like im young enough to still be Shinji and not Tatami Galaxy's MC yet

It's a thread with a simple premise: you post about anime that changed your outlook on life.
Is it really so fucking hard to read?

Yeah, but tatami galaxy was boring and dumb

Has an anime changed my outlook on life? GitS2:I? Tylor? Maybe?

God, this thread is depressing.

Because of shit taste?
Because of people being so easily manipulated that a work of fiction is enough to significantly impact their lives?
Or is it because you didn't realize how fucked up some people are?

>Yeah, but tatami galaxy was boring and dumb
OP was obviously posting his opinion, as you are now. Someone having a different opinion to you is not "bait", you fucking manchild.

People failing and then getting back to it to succeed feels uplifting to me.

>Because of people being so easily manipulated that a work of fiction is enough to significantly impact their lives?
Not being able to be emotionally impacted by creative works designed to inspire an emotive response is a sign of autism.

Not to people immune to empathy.

Not what I said, idiot.

Go cry about it on Tumblr, you fucking sperg.

They speak so fast in that show

Btw, for me, it was Gankutsuou. I remember finishing it and how it had left a huge void in my heart, like so many other great series, but with this one, some kind of premonition was attached to it. I knew that I had to read the original. After finishing The Count of Montecristo I began reading novels non-stop, something I had always done but only for a few weeks in the summer. I was studying Computer Science at the time, but I enjoyed reading more than anything I've studied up to that point. So I dropped out of 3rd year and ended up studying Literature and Philosophy.

>Can you really not enjoy silly/typical shit just because you're old and grumpy now?
Most anime has always been silly desu. Even when I was a naive teen or later in my early 20s I knew it deep down, but now I've seen the same things rehashed so many times I can't seem to enjoy them anymore. Some people have read detective fiction for 60 years and I envy how they were able to keep at it for so long. I'd have dropped such books after a decade at most.

So, sadly, no. To name a couple examples, I tried watching the HxH remake the other day (I watched the original when it aired in my country) and I dropped it after 30 eps because its silliness was way worse than the 'good' parts. I tried Nisekoi but it set off so many alarms I had to stop. How could I enjoy something like that when I watched Seto no Hanayome 10 years ago which has a very similar premise? I've never had anything against SHAFT, but Nisekoi was dull and lifeless (even the SZS reference didn't pull the tiniest of smiles out of my face). I tried Shin sekai yori and the plot was so damn ridiculous I couldn't get past episode 10. It's probably the most retarded dystopia I've ever encountered in fiction. Etc. Etc. Etc. The fact I've watched close to 400 series has also made it difficult for me to pick new stuff, so I end up re-watching things.

Compelling argument.

I didn't say that I couldn't be affected emotionally by anime, just that I wasn't stupid enough for my life to be defined by a piece of fiction.

no anime has changed my life. Death Note would be the only one because it was my first and made me watch more. stuff like NHK and TG are nice but nothing has really changed me. Anime doesn't do mental health well, family drama is extinct because parents are always overseas, romance is often teen love into life long couple, and there's never any other health problems explored. I guess Japan's society is just very cold, it seems like the slightest handicap makes you an invalid.

>S&W and NHK desu.
Yes, NHK is a must watch for everyone in this thread

I don't think NHK made my life better. I was insanely depressed after it.

Yet you are silly enough to wrongly assume things.
I've talked with people (old farts rly) who gotten into aerospace engineering because they loved the mechas in Robotech. I don't see how that makes them stupid.
Engaging emotionally is one side of fiction. Some anime, very few, may carry a meaning or deeper message, like an idea on some aspect of human life. For some people that message triggers a question, and it's all the trigger they need to force some kind of change. This is what this thread was all about.

>Yet you are silly enough to wrongly assume things.
People do this all the time.

I'll admit that your interpretation of the title is probably better than mine was. If anything, my post was a sort of knee-jerk trained reaction to hate the people who say shit like "I was super depressed but then I watched X and it totally changed my life!"

Someone who wants to be a doctor won't watch mecha and then say "Oh shit gotta make planes now"

I agree that fiction can influence the path of your life, but it should completely dictate its direction.

Nothing has ever "changed my life" and it is now permanently ruined because of how badly I fucked up for so long. I wish there had been a book, or a person, or an experience, fucking anything.

>I wish there had been a book, or a person, or an experience, fucking anything.
>depending on outside influence to dictate your life

You lost before you even started.

"someday" will never come. user.

Meant to say shouldn't, I've had a bit too much to drink.

Yeah no shit. I'm just saying that seeing how things turned out without outside influence, it would have been nice if there had been some.

I know that all too well now

>it would have been nice if there had been some.
Boo hoo, bad things happen, get over yourself.

>I know that all too well now

You obviously fucking don't if you still think your life is "permanently ruined" because of something you did.

I fucking killed someone and I got over it, what did you do?

I got sick, it's something I'll have for the rest of my life and I'll probably die from it who know when. Sure, I'll just "get over" it. You're a lucky bitch, you just ended someone else's life with no harm to your own.

>you just ended someone else's life with no harm to your own.
Not gonna get into a pissing contest here, but literally ever single person I knew ostracized me, I had to live on my own at 17 and start over with no connections whatsoever.

Enjoy AIDS or whatever though.

Wow no wonder you have no friends

A pissing contest you started.

And it's not AIDS but I'd take whatever you had to go through rather than lose my health. Something I learned too late and, for your sake, I hope you never have to find out either.

>Sure, I'll just "get over" it.
Dude, this cynic feeling will pass only if you will it so. Constructing meaning out life is tough no matter your circumstances.

Get a psychologist. Read Schopenhauer (or The Myth of Sisyphus if you want babby's first existential philosophy). Fuck off to >>/adv/. You will still die sooner or later and you probably already know all this but you're the only one that can turn things. Your angst or your disposition whenever the clock stops won't matter either way if it's of any comfort.

The wind rises

This is /blog/ thread right?
How can I subscribe to this?

I would like fries with that.

>Dropped out of uni twice
>No akashi or goals in life
>at least found full time work
I won't pretend I didn't get lucky but it's not all bad.

Welcome to the NHK's "work or die" message hits closer to home though.

No one will save you but yourself.

Now get a job or starve to death fucking parasite

Not sure how an anime would really help you with this situation desu. Good show though.

For me, who is actually still in school but i fail a lot of classes even though my grandpa pays for them, i fail because my depression makes me not want to do anything (still take full blame and feel like a sack of shit), I've finally found the thing I really want to do which is to start a business. Don't believe the fuckers who say you have to do x y and z horrible shit before you can do what you want in life. If horrible shit is a rational stepping stone (ex. working shit job to save for a business loan) thats one thing, but dont accept university and that shit as necessities in life.

this is a good point though, i like this

>I fucking killed someone
I think it's storytime user

Probably military