Fullmetal Alchemist

>Fullmetal Alchemist
>Is only partially metal

They mention this in the show. People mistake Alphonse for the full metal alchemist because he's made of metal.

That's why his brother is better.

>is a manlet
I thought he was just like 16 or something. Boy was I wrong.

What would Ed have looked like if his body was entirely automail?

It's a reference to fullmetal jacket you goof.

>Is not an advertisement for Clorox

>The events constitute considerably more than a ruckus

Ony in shitty eng translation

>Concrete Revolution
>not about civil engineering

He's both.

Hagenreno [sic] means something else?

>2009 anime
>inferior to its 2003 predecessor

>VA is female

blew my mind

I forgot how much of a badass Ed was in martial arts

Except it is, the ywach arc made me want several bottles.

>Nothing nichijou about it

That's the joke.

That's the joke

It's just "steel". So a more literal translation would be the Steel Alchemist.

That's the joke.

>kill me baby
>it's not about a Welsh abortion clinic

That's the joke.

I don't know what hagenreno means, but in Finland, he's called "Teräsalkemisti" (literally "Steel Alchemist". Why steel, I don't know.
In Finland, Superman is also called Teräsmies.

Isnt he like 14 and Al is 13?

>keep responding with "that's the joke" to every post
>obviously isn't "the joke"

That's the joke.

It's Japanese for "Steel," but it also means "Stubborn."

That's the sense of humor everyone refers to Bradley having even though the joke makes no sense in English.


Underrated post

But fullmetal is a word and so is metal

Thanks, user.

last episode, watch it ed gives a monolouge at the end

He's actually reffered to as the "Fullmetal" Alchemist because his specialty is transmuting various metals. Thematically, it also helps that he has automail, and it plays into people mistaking Al as him. Also

Ah man 10/10

>Hundred Stories
>Is only 13 eps

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