Defend Griffith

Defend Griffith.

As soon as he transformed into Femto he a being who was no longer obligated to adhere to the laws of mortal society. Social mores are nothing to literal god. The only laws that apply to him are the ones he decides to follow and the ones agreed upon by his peers in the God Hand.

moral ideals aren't a theocracy, considering that it's been confirmed that he isn't omniscient. Just because he's more powerful doesn't give him the right to just decide what morals are right and wrong objectively.

the only reason why he raped Casca and made Guts watch is to give them a reason to live, which is through hating him.

I don't have to.

Guts did it for me a chapter or two ago.

That's fucking stupid. Guts had enough ambition to continue living. It clearly stated that he was just lost in a sense of fulfillment. Besides, Griffith is just a cunt. He always had been.

>if Griffith hadn't become Femto nobody would have stopped the power-hungry sadist Ganishka from destroying everything which would most likely include the Band of the Hawk
>by becoming Femto and sacrificing the Band he saved millions of lives at the expense of his comrades

Why did he fuck the kings daughter? He well knew he was gonna get shit for it. He didn't care about his stupid dream and just acted on impulse like the faggot he was and ended up tortured instead of pursuing his goals like usual. Was Griffith really such a moron or am I missing something?

He's not as strong as he likes to think he is. So when his boy toy walked off on him, he had to prove to himself that he still had power over someone. And that someone just happened to be his royal meal ticket.
We see this earlier in the manga, during the flashback where Casca's talking to Guts in the cave. After that little kid with the knight doll joined the Hawks and died, Griffith broke down and sold his ass to that governor for extra cash so his men wouldn't die.
He explains it to Casca and is desperately trying to justify it to himself while he does.
He was always weak. He was just good at putting on a show.
That's how the God Hand were able to turn him.

>Griffith broke down and sold his ass to that governor for extra cash so his men wouldn't die
How is selling your body to someone you're not attracted to for the benefit of your comrades weakness?

You can't. It would probably have been more than possible for Elf King (Queen?) to heal Griffith. Rickert had connections with Puck prior to the eclipse so the Hawks should have tried to get to Elfheim and heal Griffith instead of disbanding.

And what of Ganishka killing absolutely everyone?

Not everyone likes taking dick up the ass as much as you.

Gentle reminder that Femto and Griffith aren't the same person, and that Griffith ceased to exist after the Eclipse

Berserk isn't a Shonen Jump series, if you speedread you WILL miss critical elements

But that's exactly the point. He didn't go prostitute himself because he just felt like it, it was a sacrifice he made for his dream. Could you explain what about that is weakness?

Then why does Femto seem to share Griffith's same ambition/desires?
although it explains why Femto is so based

Seriously? Are you really trying to say it was a moment of strength and clarity for him?
You obviously didn't read the manga or watch the anime. It makes it very clear how.

Healed Griffith would certainly still become king. Midlands full military might with a reborn Band of the Hawk would have no issues against the Kushan.

What do you think he fucked the princess for?

>explain what you mean
>"you're a faggot"
>but what did you mean
>"you clearly haven't read Berserk"
Glad we could have this discussion.

Why should I waste time explaining to an imbecile who has no context on which to base the explanation?

>why would I justify my vague shitflinging when I can just reassure myself that I'm right and move on
Can't argue with that, I guess.

I think what user is trying to express is that having sex with the Governor was one of Griffith's weakest moments. That doesn't necessarily mean that he wasn't right, or that doing something for the good of your comrades is weak. Griffith has always been ambitious, with an ego to match. Selling his own anus destroyed his ego, but it was a willing sacrifice so you can call it "strength".
The true weakness was shown afterwards, when he was very clearly struggling to console himself.

I can't, Griffith is a retard

Griffith felt ownership over Guts, so when Guts walked away something snapped inside Griffith. I don't think he has ever not been the main focus for a person. Either hate, love or adoration Griffith is used to being the center of attention.


>be Griffith
>your army is now the hottest shit in the nation
>literally everything is going right
>out of nowhere your sexy brosky is mad for some reason
>nigga wants to live the quite life or some shit
>fights assholes because he's fucking up the plan
>gets destroyed infront of the entire army
>he leaves
>'find be that way faggot I still got Charlotte'
>tears open some virgin poontani later that night
>coochie feels good but can't even enjoy it because Muh Guts
>the next day
>now this bitch's pops is mad for some reason
>bastard wants to destroy my rep like I destroyed his daughters pussy last night
>calls in his secret weapon
>oh shit who hired Sloth from the Goonies
>yuckmouth fucking flayed you
>literally left a nigga with ashy lips for like a year
>Sexy brosky returns
>faggot cries
>'oh yeah sure because your life had been half as hard as my last year'
>old squad rescues you
>now these fags are crying because you're useless
>well at least there's Casca
>tries to get some pity pussy
>now she's crying because you're too pitiful to fuck apparently
>see Casca frolicking with sexy brosky
>now you're crying
>fuck it suicide is the only option
>magical macguffin to the rescue
>summons the Godhand
>gives you the opportunity of a life time
>sacrifices the dead weight to become demonic batman or die
>nigga you don't gotta tell me twice!
Giving the situation, most would do what Griffith did.

>there are actually people delusional enough to think they wouldn't have joined the Godhand in that situation

Did you just retell the story of the Golden Age entirely through memes?

You said it better than I could, Griffith had two choices at that point.
A. Be the most pitiful of cripples until you either die or manage to kill yourself.
B. Become a living god.
What he did wasn't moral or correct, but it was understandable, which is part of what makes the character so divisive.

You would have done the same in his place. Don't act like you wouldn't.


Make me.

what about the other person that would surely find the crimson behelit

The world is a better place now because of him. Before Berserk world was a shit hole where nobles fought for no good reason and the common people suffered. Now with everyone in Falconia humanity is united against a common foe the monsters that have invaded the real world. Like it or not if Guts kills Griffith which would likely make the barrier around Falconia would disappear and humanity would be fucked. Of course this would all be meaningless if Griffith is actually planning to sacrifice all of humanity but as of now my point still stands.

He sacrificed the band of the Hawk for the greater good. What he did to Casca was undoubtedly wrong, but necessary for him to be born into the new world and to create a united utopia for the world, lest the creatures from the other planes would have devoured everything and everyone.

Worse things have been done in the name of less.

>coochie feels good but can't even enjoy it because Muh Guts

If he just let Guts do what he wanted none of it would have happened. It only happened because he was an egotisitcal pussyboy.

Are you an egotistical pussyboy, user?

thats the same as saying anakin skywalker and darth vader aren't the same person.

>If he just let Guts do what he wanted none of it would have happened. It only happened because he was an egotisitcal pussyboy.

Are you implying that Griffith would have been able to predict the king to be a incestuous bastard? Are you also implying that Griffith didn't let sexy brosky leave on fair and square when he lost the fight? Because you're wrong on both accounts.

He did let Guts leave physically, but his metaphorical cock was still far up Griffith's ass so he had to throw the biggest bitch fit of history and singlehandedly ruin literally everything he had ever worked for


>incestuous bastard

Who the fuck could have guessed?


Hard to say which is worst when fantasia made the world into a living hell.

>muh band of the hawk
>muh caska getting raped
Griffith only killed a group of scum called mercenaries, nothing lost

It was Gut's fault.

If he hadn't chased Griffith down and caught up to him before he killed himself.

if it were me I would have taken the opportunity given by the Godhand. I might not have used it in the same way, but who knows what that shit does to your mind.
Having gotten that out of the way, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Griffith let his sexual attraction towards Guts override his judgement, and he was intentionally holding Guts back from meaningful personal growth. He was so desperate to keep his muscular security blanket that he lost sight of the fact that Guts was his own person and needed to live his own life. When Griffith realized that Guts had outgrown him and made it clear by beating him, Griffith had an emotional breakdown and lost all of his precious composure. So instead of handling it like a mature adult and continuing with the FUCKING PLAN he took out his frustration and grief on Charlotte's sweet virgin puss.
Add on to the fact that he was realizing that Casca was outgrowing him and moving her clinginess onto Guts and that sent him over the deep end. He was so desperate to keep those two under his control that he let them slip away.

tldr Griffith is a fucking child and was never mature enough to run his own kingdom.