Kyoukos are the best

Kyoukos are the best.

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All sort of Kyoukos.

I remember when we used to have Kyouko fridays.

Uh-oh, looks like Kyouko's in trouble


Really sexy drawing

Yurus are not for sexual

If it can't make me crum then it aint kyouko's bum

Then why do they look so sexual?

They don't that is just your dirty mind

Yurus are for cuddles only


Retro kyoukos are good too

Yeah, Kyoko is a juicy Apple and nice but she is not the best, because "she" is sometimes Bad Apple .

You know we are talking about Kyouko, not Apple-chan. Stop ruining threads.

How can you possibly say that? For real, this girl is totally disgusting and there is not a single thing about her which is even passable as 'decent', ok? She is absolutely horrible in every way imaginable. She is not 'best' at anything, unless of course you are saying she is best at being a mean bully then you would be 100% right about that. She is totally horrible and disgusting and just plane gross! Seriously, do not support this girl she just deserves to be unloved and unwanted, which she already is by the way. I don't think anyone could ever love this disgusting child.

Why did you think so? You hope my post means that, don't you?


I think so because you are already attempting your erp. No, because you are cancerous for doing so.

Why isn't Kyuubey all fucked up?

Kaijura is still an amazing composer.

lay off the masochist cider pls.

You mean second best, right?

Pretty sure OP meant first best.

Honestly I do not think I should rank them. It is maybe a little mean. I love them all too much to say one is worse than another.

What is wrong with you people? Why can't you see that this girl is just disgusting! She shouldn't be liked, she should be hated. She did nothing but hurt the other characters and cause problems. She doesn't even care about other people and only wants to benefit herself, she doesn't care who she has to step on. There is not a single good thing about her what so ever so stop supporting this heartless beast!

Shut up Lawnchair.