What's wrong with Evangelion?

No bait, no shitposting, I want to see legitimate complaints.

2deep4u edgy bullshit that only newfag Cred Forumsedditors enjoy

Askua best waifu

The production values gradually decrease as more external problems pile on top of the show.
I suppose people may also find it derivative when comparing it to other older works. A lot of people point to Devilman and Ideon when this comes up, though personally I have not seen either so I can’t comment on that.
The last two episodes can also be very hit or miss depending on the person, the mood their in and what they wanted out of the show. If I was completely uninterested in Shinji and instead was more invested in the other characters, I could see the last two episodes being viewed as just a pile of shit.

Hyping up HIP and then giving us an hour of Shinji with little to no closure for anyone else.

Rebuilds are better

nothing is wrong with evangelion. if u think so ur dumb as shit

The rebuilds.

There is no Pen² spin-off series.

I watched Evangelion and I honestly can't remember it so rated it as average or mediocre on my MAL. Mech shows are hit or miss for me. Robotech really seemed awesome as a child. I grew up I saw it was a mish mash of things and it spiraled opinion wise. I never did care for the whole minmei love interest/arc and singing/love conquers all bit. Sour grapes. Gundam Wing seemed ok in my twenties but again doesn't leave a lasting memory. Grew up on Transformers too (80's old school).

It is overrated trash.

>No bait, no shitposting

Yeah, that worked. You're not going to get critical thinking here, so don't ask for it.

I gave up years ago when even nighttime Cred Forums became a shit hole.

Reminder to take it easy when criticizing Neon Genesis Evangelion. Eva defenders are exceptionally voracious.

They've allowed their personal self-esteem get wrapped up in the show. They believe themselves clever for decoding symbolism on their own for the first time, and they are unable to realize that every one else understands it.

When you attack the show for being simplistic, they perceive it as an attack on them, because they genuinely thought more of themselves for understanding a "deep" show.

So, it's probably just better to let them be, since they won't allow themselves to believe any critique.

24 episodes + EoE were fine. Episodes 25 and 26 were utter trash. Series should have ended with EoE, it was a fun mech series with themes about overcoming social anxiety and becoming closer with other people. Some stuff thrown in about living up to your parents expectations and not wanting to try in life for fear of letting others down.

Then the rebuilds came out because Anno is a greedy fucking jew and anime has changed completely since glory days of Gainax and everything is CGI backgrounds and lazy key framing. Rebuilds are unnecessary and retarded, adding a useless character, creating Zoids that transform into a plane, and giving Asuka an eye patch isn't creativity. It's like an autistic fan fiction from 2004.

It makes db people feel smart when they watch it, instead of actually being smart or fun, it ends up being neither.

I seriously don't see how ANYONE can get any kind of substance or enjoyment out of those last two episodes.

It is autistic waifushit

>What's wrong with Evangelion?
Are you retarded? Or your parents are cousins?

This guy gets it.

Man, who doesn't know Optimus Prime?

It's perfect.

Honestly this chart just makes both categories look dumb. I'd rather watch something dumb that gives me a boner at least. The difference between myself and evafags is that I know it's dumb and can admit it.

It looks to me like you aren't as smart as you thought, because OP asked about the series, not the fanbase :^)

Who cares about the anime? I post on Cred Forums for the forum drama

There's a paedophile in the attack on titan threads. Cash money free entertainment.

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You heard me. Or read me. Whatever.

Evangelion is overrated, to the point where some view it as this god of all anime(which doesnt exist). Because of that, when people watch it after hearing all the hype, they come out very disappointed. Despite that, it is still a pretty good anime. It has a creative core concept. It has a intriguing story, interesting characters, and lore. It does have lots of faults aswell. it's art is shit, art consistency is shit.

tl;dr evangelion is overrated but it's not by any means a bad anime

You do realize it was made to show why waifus (and a shit-load of other anime tropes/cliches) as an idea are dumb? Why do you think Anno made them a sociopathic (her morality is entirely based on personal desires, just not her own) doll and an abusive emotional time-bomb?



Not really. It is deep, but not as deep people think. It's just all a big metaphor about overcoming depression and coming to terms who you are.

That and a man railing against everything anime had become.

Oh, and growing up, yeah.

>no bait, no shitposting
>first post is bait
Never change, Cred Forums

Each character has a personal memento that is nearly always with them and represents their deepest desire.

First 14 Episodes aren't that great. Really slow, not a whole lot happens, although the character development is nice.
Last 15-24 are incredible. Truly some of the greatest animation ever produced.
25 and 26 are trippy and a weird ending which EoE tried to fix. I know people who prefer either ending. I'm alright with both endings.

It's a really good anime, but contrarians have to feel special by saying it's shit because they have nothing else in their lives going for them. They have to start controversy in order to make themselves feel important.

Yeah, and that worked out so well...

Kaji died in an elevator too.

angry teenagers and waifufags such as

And then they made tree movies: 1.0 (what the series was), 2.0 (what the otaku fans wanted), and 3.0 (what Anno wanted to say, but unavoidably so). How do you think 1.0+3.0 is gonna go?

Oh look it's this dumb 'theory' again

Does it not make sense?

This thread reminded me to fap to Misato today. Thanks.

Concurrency of the end of evangelion, a fan edit of both eps 25 and 26 as it happens alongside EoE, is the way it should be viewed and heightens the experience of evangelion overall

Space Runaway Ideon is a masterpiece. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a masterpiece.
Both Asuka and Rei are perfect waifu material.
Now shut the fuck up, everybody.

This'll make a nice pasta.

A big concrete elevator with a ventilation fan in the wall.


It is what you would call pretentious.
It pretends to be deep and it pretends to accurately depict characters.

In all honesty yes, it presented more elaborate characters than your average anime and cartoon by the time presenting more layers and stuff but complex as they where characters where far from accurate to the point everyone forgets all the pilots are supposed to be 14.

Evangelion doesn't portray 14 year old's at all, doesn't accurately depicts a child soldier life either and while it succeeds at showing how children care more about their own worlds than about the world itself their worlds and problems are really over the top.

Not to mention it steals the cool aspects of their mecha part from Teakkaman blade.
Shinji's problem is that his father does not love him, D-boy problem is that he has to kill his whole family. I wonder who has it worse...

It is pretentious because it pretends to be more than what it actually is.
GITS or Akira are actually deep anime that is well executed, evangelion is but a fake.

>Not really. It is deep, but not as deep people think. It's just all a big metaphor about overcoming depression

Pretty much. This in particular it does very well, but otherwise the depth of its characterization is greatly overrated by fans.

But agreeing on things is boring

Can't we all just agree that Kaworu best waifu?


Not even a contender for best gray.

The last two episodes were clearly under budget constraints and the animation (obviously) took a hit.

But, this was remedied by EoE.

Besides that there are no objective complaints.

U wot

Fun at first, and kind of nice.
But it's pretty much just an incoherent mess with a silly a fuck plot and exestential crisis that's lifted directly from a work that was more coherent and influentual.


Really the thing with the mecha being living beings and the angels being the original humans was the only thing I thought was interesting. That they're all technically trannies is kind of unsettling though.

Actually Rei from Evangelion was litterally the first waifu.
She was so popular for some godforsaken reason that it was ridiculous.

Anno got all ass annihilated and made the infamous jack off scene with shinji fapping over an unconscious asuka. Why her instead of an unconscious rei? Fucked if I know.

>first waifu
Wrong. The first recorded instance of it was that one Greek dude who made a statue which Aphrodite imbued with life because he loved her so much. The name escapes me at the moment.

what anime was he in

Imaginary female friends are as old as recorded history you simple cunt.
Secondly, by waifu I mean what we current view as the 2D idol phenomenon. The "waifu".

Eva is supposed to be a "critique of otaku culture" but was otaku culture even around in the 90's?
I'd say it didn't really started until the mid 2000's

>are as old as recorded history
You're repeating what I said.

>Secondly, by waifu I mean what we current view as the 2D idol phenomenon. The "waifu".
Excuse me you dumb newfag cunt, but here's a handful of examples to disprove your mouthbreathing ass

Madoka from Kimagure Orange Road
Any of the Sailor Senshi
Lynn Minmay, Misa Hayase
Eve Tokimatsuri (literally an idol)
Any of the Knight Sabers
Pretty much any Shirow or Sonoda girl for that matter
Roux Luka
Haman Karn
Elle Vianno

Hell, even from Gainax themselves
The Daicon Bunnygirl

Well baited.

And for that matter Lynn was literally an idol too, not that that's entirely relevant.


Human history didn't start in greece stupid. And if you think the masturbatory lies that rome and greece told about themselves is history then you're a fucking doof.

Secondly, none of them were as big as Rei was at her peak. None of them.

>but was otaku culture even around in the 90's?

>I'd say it didn't really started until the mid 2000's

Thanks, there we are.

>shifting goalposts AND lying
Stay blown the fuck out like Rei's soggy asshole you newfag shitter. Lurk for two years before posting, nig. The irony being that Rei was literally named after Sailor Mars.

Get the fuck off my board.

>Eva is supposed to be a "critique of otaku culture"
Lurk more.

>but was otaku culture even around in the 90's?
Lurk more.

>I'd say it didn't really started until the mid 2000's
Lurk more.

Because the clones would be into Shinji cranking himself surrounded by their panoramic terrorquarium, it would take focus off of his disgust with himself. If they hadn't been half-dissolved organs sinking in Faygo by then.


I love Evangelion, but the series would be much better if they actually explained what the fuck was going on. Characters and their motivations/dramas are easy to understand, but the underlying backstory? Not at all. The plot is practically impossible to understand unless you go to EVAwiki or something

>Characters and their motivations/dramas are easy to understand

I'd actually disagree with this, and consider that one of my biggest issues with the series.

Whose were confusing?

I'm not shifting goal posts.
You're just fucking retarded, tried to look more knowledgeable then you actually are, and know fuck all about humanities history and origins beyond what you read about greece and rome.

Secondly, Rei was so fucking ridiculously popular it was a legit cultural phenomenon that every other waifu/2D idol shiller in japan tried to follow. That is reality.

Show me where I'm wrong.

They weren't obtuse actually. They were just fucked up and Anno was writing it all by the seat of his pants while he spiraled into a deep disturbing depression.

All of that deep meta analysis and logical discussion? Just navel gazing and pseudo intellectual nonsense.

There is nothing to get. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

The fact you waited roughly two hours to just repeat what you posted before when I already disproved you. Also the fact you're blatanly lying about shifting goalposts.

See here your assertion was "first waifu"

Then here your assertion was that "none of them were as big as Rei" when you were confronted with other "waifus" which I even chose to use your personal definition of.

You've been outplayed. Rather, you played yourself.

You didn't disprove anything you galloping retard. You're litterally patting yourself on the back by bringing up something you just heard in your college history class or from wiki.

This list?
>Madoka from Kimagure Orange Road
>Any of the Sailor Senshi
>Lynn Minmay, Misa Hayase
>Eve Tokimatsuri (literally an idol)
>Any of the Knight Sabers
>Pretty much any Shirow or Sonoda girl for that matter
>Roux Luka
>Haman Karn
>Elle Vianno

It's just a collection of litterally who's. The only thing those nobodies have in common with rei are the fact that they are female characters in anime.
They are not waifus. They are not disturbingly popular female characters that took on meme status.

They are just...Ah.
You equate litterally any lead female from any slightly popular anime with "waifu" and you were being litteral with the pillow fucking fantasy women thing. That's what you were on about.

You're being litteral and attacking the misuse of the word rather then the content of what I posted.

Is that what's going on?

Agreed. Characters are self-consistent but slightly more complicated than the plot in that they do follow arcs and plot exposition isn't as frequently completely wrong about itself and directly opposed by the events of the very same episode.


>any of those characters
>literally who's
>The Sailor fucking Senshi
>literally who's
I'm done feeding you, you elipses using newfag slime.

>everything about this post
I mean, I knew Reifags were cancer, but holy shit. Do you even watch anime?

Posts like this really deserve a public ban.

>They weren't obtuse actually.

Ok, let's bring up Gendo then. Should we take the idea that, as per his own words, he simply couldn't bear to come out and express affection for his own son? In which case, his motivations are then quite simple, but the excessive coldness and outright hostility he displays throughout the series doesn't quite make sense. Ok then, should we assume that he is deliberately oppressing Shinji because he wants to break him, and for his own purposes (to subvert instrumentality to his own ends, to make them more depending on substitute parental affection from their mothers as Eva units and improve their sync ratios)? You can't really rule that out, but if this is the case that that opens up a ton of questions that don't really have clear answers, but which have massive impact on what was actually going on. Like, to what extent are things as NERV deliberately organized to psychologically help or hinder the pilots and why? Who is in on this and who is not? Different answers to this massively alter why different characters would have acted the way they do, but with no clear reason or way of figuring much of this out.

>"stopping" yourself mid-post because you had a "sudden revelation"

Kill yourself.


Well played, tip toppity bait.

>Should we take the idea that, as per his own words, he simply couldn't bear to come out and express affection for his own son? In which case, his motivations are then quite simple, but the excessive coldness and outright hostility he displays throughout the series doesn't quite make sense.
It makes a lot of sense. He's sure he can only fuck up Yui's son without her, he's trying to minimize his personal responsibility and discourage Shinji's own efforts at pursuing contact with him. And he kinda waffles a little because he isn't any more sure in their interactions than Shinji is. He probably couldn't have said "good work" if they'd been occupying the same hemisphere at the time.

Rei's arc feels incomplete/squashed into the first 6 eps.
It's a real shame that EVA wasn't over 2 seasons, I think with the added time and budget Anno could have done so much more with it.

It makes no sense

>not as big as rei

And contrarianism is retarded.

14 years timeskip.