I truly can't wait for the next season of mob psycho

I truly can't wait for the next season of mob psycho

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Everything else is not of level of quality he deserves

You're asking for too much user.
This would be a lot easier if Reign wasn't so perfect

Fuck this show.

Using society as a standard to judge when he's an abuser of people makes my blood boil: he's relegated himself to a worm that feasts off the system and believes that the only possible "growing up" is assimilation with the standards of society. Worthless stain of a character.

t. Ishiguro

With an absolutely disappointing and anticlimatic ending like that? And with these shit sales?

Never ever.

Well Cred Forums?

Is this OPM Season 2?

where the fuck is the episode?
Someone get me the episode.
I'll post gay shit if you're a fujo.

>Animeonlyfags not understanding and hating 1000% Reigen
I knew these people were retarded but wow.

Is this now a copypasta?

>people are retarded for not liking a character
There's someone retarded in these threads but it's certainly not them.

Read the last 10 chapters of Golden Boy for real meaning of how to be a contributing member of society

That's the word I was looking for.

Yeah wtf? I havent seen episode 12 either! WTFFF

If you want good bait then you better have an explanation for why 1000% reigen sucks bruv

>implying there will be a season 2


here's all the episodes

probably after season 2 of opm and after season 2 of this season 3 of opm and so on

>pirating anime
You're the cancer that's killing this industry.

found the trump supporter guys