Sup Cred Forums, I'm watching Mirai Nikki ep.4

And I have no idea what the fuck is going on. What do you think of it?

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bumping for interest, this has been on my to-watch list for a while

I think the general consensus is that it falls under a similar category as stuff like SAO and SNK, in that it's a modern shonen show with fairly high appeal for the mainstream western audience, but much merit beyond that.
Most people here will say it's shit, and personally so would I, because it just doesn't appeal at all to the local demographic.

>what the fuck is going on
what do you mean by this ? there was nothing hard to understand

Not much merit, excuse me.

Dropped it.
Asked here if I did the right thing or I should give it a second chance. They told me it was the right choice

>it's popular so I hate it


It was good to temple episodes. Everything after was shit

It's popular because it caters to a large audience.
I'm not part of that audience, so I don't like it.

If you like Yuno, continue. If you hate Yuno, quit. The whole series is about best girl.

This. It really is that simple. The show is on Yuno's back, and if she can't carry it for you, or if a one-character show with plenty of Edge bothers you, then don't continue. But if you like her yandere routine, keep liking it.

That said, Minene was best girl.

Generally when something is popular it is shit.

It's popular because the yandere lead is really good. Is Yuno insane? Is she power gaming? Is she fully aware of her own actions and their consequences? The answer of course is all of the above.

There are piles and piles of shit Yanderes. If you don't like Yuno, you don't like Yanderes.

I liked Mirai Nikki, what is a good anime to follow it up with?


Makes me wish i had a yandere.
Probably wouldnt be nice in real life but fantasizing is fine right.

never saw the appeal of yandere, and frankly it seems the hype for it has died on Cred Forums.

yeah I noticed that the only reason I'm watching this shit is that psycho bitch. Also: why the animation in this series is so shit?

I want to know this also, what are the top yandere-series?

Listen this kid and forget that shit.

this. I wish the MC would have been annoyed asshole who just rolls with it. instead we got some bitch who is even afraid of his own shadow.

Are the other yanderes even trying? I haven't seen a good yandere since Yuno.

soo I watch the first 12 episodes and watch that video or watch the whole season and then watch the video? seems kinda stupid to watch that now when I'm in ep.4

Watch that video and understand why you should drop that shit user.
It's a real friendly advice, don't spend any time with this garbage.

but user, I know it's garbage, 90% of anime is. I just want to know why other people think it's garbage or less garbage.

Yukkako from jojo

>sup Cred Forums
those were my first words on Cred Forums too

I actually came back since I started to watch MN. I have no idea what you guys like here now or what is new.

>Watch that video
no, type it out yourself or fuck off if you are interested in talking.

>90% of anime is
You're in the wrong board.

>Are the other yanderes even trying?

the writing in this series is pretty subpar. The characters are written retarded on purpose, with the exception of Yuno and the gay detective (can't remember his name), in the name of the big plot twist at the end.
Basically, if you like Yuno you should continue the series. Also if you want to see that insufferable cunt MC go dark side. The ending is decent although the plot twist is pretty poorly written

>the writing in this series is pretty subpar.
somebody is being a negative nancy