ITT: Post the exact moment you dropped a series

ITT: Post the exact moment you dropped a series.

Hes said that since episode one.

problem OP?

Do you mean dropped as in lost all hope in the show or that you stopped watching it. To me it doesnt matter if the anime is shit, i have to watch it till the end or my anime knowledge and collection wont grow.

Though I heard he goes for the harem route in the novels.

Fuck this episode. ;_;7

did you watch after the red credits? he comes back to life obviously

It wasn't him dying, just the build up I suppose. The OST was 10/10 during the credits.

This was the last straw. I waited too much to drop this shit.


I think this was the best episode. Never have I felt such absolute despair even knowing Subaru would come back again.

When he cried into Rems boobs on the market. Was on the brink for about 4 episodes, that fucking whale arc was intensly retarded.


He wasn't wrong here.

i hate this fucking show so fucking much

its worse than sword art online ever was

YES. I can't believe so many people like it. It is so fucking dumb and it is filled with cliches and tropes so fucking hard. I watched up to like ep 5 out of wanting to see what everyone else liked but holy shit was it bad.

I was thinking about maybe giving it another shot, but then I saw what Subaru was doing before he got dumped by emilia and just gave up. I have never hated an MC more in my entire life. He's too fucking dumb

can link some anime similiar to this but better?

Master of Martial Hearts

>get a realistic character for a change

The whale arc was great. Re:Zero does Lovecraftian horror better than any other anime.

Steins;Gate is pretty much the exact same thing done 100% better

It's just that it kept piling up confusion->distress->breakdown as the only way of making Subaru speak his mind. All these forced outbursts feel like a meme, and the fact that each annoying little expression in that sequence has twice the frames made me understand the studio would keep that formula until the end of the series. Fuck that forced drama shit.

It felt like this show couldn't keep a fucking focus jumping from plot to plot without resolving anything.

What do you mean by similar? Isekai? Subtle harem? """""""Mature"""""""? """"""Psychological""""""? Based on shitty literature? At any rate,


This, I had hopes that the Mc would actually move on on a girl that he actually spent time toguether instead of keep persuing a imposible love.

What was his name again?

Still mad.

best girl should have won.

To be fair, a realistic Subaru would've banged the shit out of Rem.

Realistic Ferrari would have fell for her instantly after a speech like that desu senpai

fucking pleb.
that's the first exact point the show got interesting

jesus fucking christ

Jard-kun Saves His Waifu and Jard-kun Protects His waifu. Much deeper show.

Rem a cuck

You do realize that that pic reflects poorly on Emilia?

Slicing Simian

>Watching Re;Zerofags desperately try and fight it's fate of being flavor of the month



best thing to come out of this



But at least she's not a cuck.

Re:Zero is the FMA of our generation. It won't be forgotten any time soon.


>Anywhere near FMA with those shit sales and popularity

reeeeeeeeeetards cant actually believe their FOTM will be remembered, right?


xD rofl haha

>Randomly gets an alliance with the enemy he was training to fight against
Series wasn't even good enough from the beginning and they fucked it up even more.

Heavy Object, the scene with the seatbelt on episode 1

He was supposed to a moron, but I think it went too far and too long.


>neckbeards can't deal with accurate depiction of neckbeards

The story is not over, she still could. It's not like the obvious first pick is always the winner.

People pursue crushes they have no hope of attaining in the face of all reason all the time.

I won't say it's impossible but he's repeatedly passed on Rem despite many opportunities. It's pretty clear he's going with Emilia unless something changes really radically.

He's not a moron, it's an actual realistic isekai situation.

Some fucking NEET thrust into that situation is going to be useless. He blunders around like a dumb ass and largely causes trouble for everyone. He tries to do the "my spirit and willpower will triumph!" thing but in actuality that just fucks things up most of the time.

He has zero skills, zero knowledge, zero understanding of his situation, yet he always charges headfirst into everything. He also just made the standard assumption that he would just automatically get the girl.

It was really refreshing to see those assumptions examined and exploded for once.

It doesn't make sense because S2 was a train wreck and they left out crucial material.

But one of his reasons to fight is precisely to heal Rem from her coma/kill batenkaitos because of what he did to her

>Betelgeus acts very erratically and excitedly
>he's the bishop of "Sloth"
>At one point when he keeps going after Subaru, Subaru says "Wow you just won't quit! You really are sloth!"
>later when Betelgeus just keeps coming back and back for the final time Subaru says "You won't die! You aren't slothful at all!"

What the fuck does this mean


In other words, you dropped it at the first episode. I mean, really, as soon as he saw the knife-ear, any thoughts he might have had about trying to get back to his own home world flew clear out of his head. And every single decision he made from then on out was about keeping Emilia safe.

Did you want him to turn around and go for the side dish?

My Betty comrade

are you sure you've seen more than 5 anime?

Still mad.

Dropped like a fucking hot potato

I dropped it at the last episode. Not watching any S2

Maniac Monkey

Realistic Subaru would have hated her for killing him.

Probably about 5 seconds into God Eater

That CG everything

About 1 minute in reddit zero I closed it immediately and never turned back

That time in Re:Zero in which literally the whole episode was MC and Rem arguing about how much of a pussy he was. That was the whole fucking episode jesus fuck mohammed.

>posts 2nd best girl
What are doing and why are you doing it?

Sword Art Online.



But that's the fucking ending.

Mob Psycho 100

First episode ending, when I realized it wasn't a serious anime

Subaru tried mocking him for only needing to get kicked out once, then immediately regretted it when the fucker just would not die. The Archbishops tend to 'run' from their sin, so to speak, so Pete is the most tryhard out of all of them.

I have a rule that if a show has more than one transfer student then it isn't worth my time.


Dark Souls is basically Re;Zero with more campfires and slightly less edge. I'd give it a watch.

>i stopped watching it when it was over


he said stopped watching, not when you started

But another hot opinion thrown around is that you could only like it if you were a neckbeard.

stopped reading here

hahaahaaa was about to post that.

>mc gotta always be a peffect badass,cause that makes for an interesting story

Unrealistic characters dont geneally make a better story.

>it's okay for the mc to be clinically retarded because he's breaking da trope
Fuck off. It doesn't have to be 2 extremes.


>being a normal otaku is an "extreme"
lmaoing @ ur life

Compared to a normal person it is, retard. At least think before you speak next time.

>he's an extreme compared to normal people
Leave that basement user. Weirdly enough, I know a lot of shut-ins and otakus who are still energetic and fun to be around

You knew that was going to happen the moment the library told about bonobos.

Okay, this is pretty near the end, but it's more to see if anyone will get the reference

All the white whale arc was boring as FUCK.

Dropped Ga-rei zero after muscle smith/bodyguard appeared.
I was too mad after ep1 to let myself shower in any anime tropes.